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HDB Reviews Alkaff Oasis Review: Most Beautiful “Void Deck” With Lush Landscaping And Central Location

  • May 26, 2022
  • 29 min read
Alkaff Oasis 121 top view development blocks 1

Reviewed by Sean on May 26, 2022

What we like
  • Good unit mix (2-, 3, 4- , 5-room and 3-Gen flats available )
  • Close to the upcoming Bidadari Park
  • Bidadari Greenway that lets residents connect to other developments and amenities quickly
  • Central location
  • Presence of ground floor units which is rare for new HDBs
What we don't like
  • Considered dense with 1,594 units even though it's a big development
  • Certain stacks are facing east and west directly, resulting in sun coming directly in most parts of the year
  • Possibly need to deal with construction inconvenience and noise due to the newness of the neighbourhood
29 min read
Project: Alkaff Oasis
HDB Town Toa Payoh (Bidadari neighbourhood)
Address: 111A-B, 112A-B, 113A-B, 114A-B Alkaff Crescent. 107A-B, 108A-B, 109A-B, 110A-B Bidadari Park Drive.
Lease Start Date: Around 2021
No. of Units: 1,594

Alkaff Oasis is a newly-built HDB project that was launched in February 2016, just over 6 years ago alongside Anchorvale Plains in Sengkang and West Plains @ Bukit Batok. It goes without saying which was the most desirable and sought-after launch in that exercise given its mature estate status (it’s officially under Toa Payoh) and centrality.

Despite being under Toa Payoh, it’s common to reference “Bidadari” as the location given the neighbourhood has been featured in multiple headlines so it’s pretty well known, plus it confers the idea that you’re living in a swanky new neighbourhood unlike the older HDBs associated with Toa Payoh.

In a way, it’s sort of synonymous with the Dawson precinct which references the new blocks in the old Queenstown estate.

No review of any HDB development in this area will be complete without a brief mention of Bidadari’s history. The Bid

adari area used to be the site of a large cemetery that was used by the Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sinhalese communities which accepted burials between 1907 and 1972. The area was then earmarked for land use in the 1998 Master Plan and all of the burial sites were exhumed by 2006.

Gates of bidadari cemetry

Considering the site’s history and heritage as a cemetery, you would think that buyers will be fazed – especially considering that many people believe in spirits and ghosts. Well somehow when it comes to public housing in a convenient and central location, all of the fear of “hauntings” and “ghost sightings” just flies off the shelf.

With this area exhumed, the HDB was able to build the neighbourhood in its entirety from scratch, resulting in several initiatives that few HDB precincts have. This resulted in the estate being quite desirable overall, so without further ado, let’s explore Alkaff Oasis!

Alkaff Oasis Insider Tour

Alkaff Oasis road

Make no mistake, Alkaff Oasis is a huge development. With a total of 1,594 units spanning over 600,000 sq ft of land space, Alkaff Oasis is the biggest development in the Bidadari neighbourhood. This is why you’ll be relieved to find that the development has 2 entry and exit points, one along Bidadari Park Drive and another along Alkaff Crescent (which is already pushing it for a project this size).

Alkaff Oasis driveway entrance

From Alkaff Crescent, you’ll find the name of the development displayed on the outside with one ingress and one egress here.

Alkaff Oasis development entrance

The other entrance along Bidadari Park Drive is a lot subtler. Here, you won’t find the name of the development, but from the outside, it’s pretty clear that it’s the same development considering the colour scheme is quite consistent.

Alkaff Oasis driveway entrance

The entrance in may look quite ordinary from the outside, but heading inside, you’ll find that the main drop-off point here is quite imposing:

Alkaff Oasis sheltered roundabout drop off

The drop-offs here have a semi-circle design and I must say that it kind of gives off a pretty grand feel to it. It’s sheltered and can fit around three cars comfortably during wet weather. My only pet peeve here is the lack of any landscaping in the centre which is something I’m accustomed to even for HDBs. That being said, the pros here is that drivers are not completely confined to a narrow inlet – it’s a layout that makes good sense.

Alkaff Oasis roundabout drop off block 113B

Overall, it looks to be very well-maintained, although I’d chalk that up to the fact that it obtained its TOP only in 2021.

Alkaff Oasis roundabout drop off

I also like that there’s some effort in design here. You’ll notice the use of tiles that go up half the pillars that creates that welcoming feel here. It could’ve simply been painted or left alone, so props to HDB for putting in that touch of detail here.

Alkaff Oasis drop off

You’ll find multiple bench seating areas here too – these ones fully integrated into the walls of the drop-off point. It honestly looks quite uncomfortable given its rigid look, but I suppose having a place to rest is good enough, especially for expecting mothers/the elderly.

Alkaff Oasis roundabout drop off block 113B

If you look further in, you’ll also find some seating areas at the void deck – so there really isn’t much of an issue even if the drop-off area is crowded.

Now there are a total of five drop-offs in this development, so for the sake of brevity, I won’t be touring each and every one of them. What’s important is that the drop-offs are well spread out across the development to ensure that every resident is within convenient reach of one.

Alkaff Oasis sheltered roundabout drop off block 110A

In terms of their design, it’s similar to the main drop-off but just on a smaller scale. However, unlike the main drop-off, these smaller ones do have some form of landscaping in the middle.

Alkaff Oasis sheltered roundabout drop off block 110A

If you look closely, this one here still looks really raw – the seating area is just cement at the moment, hinting at just how new it is. Perhaps it was due to the construction delays from COVID, but it does still look unfinished currently.

Alkaff Oasis drop off block 110A seating

There are also seats provided and all of the drop-off points are adequately sheltered.

Alkaff Oasis roundabout drop off point

Now let’s move on to the carpark at Alkaff Oasis which is a multi-storey variety. This is the most common type of carpark in newer HDBs, however, the one at Alkaff Oasis is a little unique for four reasons:

  1. The ground level of the carpark is split into two zones, one that caters to the south of the development, while the other caters to the north.
  2. There are facilities located right in the middle of the ground floor carpark separating the north and south side of the development.
  3. Level two and above of the carpark connects both the southern and northern parts of Alkaff Oasis.
  4. The carpark is up to 4 to 5 storeys high, but it’s not up to 5-storeys across the development due to the hilly terrain (higher on the north side)

Point three is the most peculiar. To understand what I mean, here’s a look at the site plan:

Alkaff Oasis Site Plan

Notice how the service roads do not form a loop? You’d think that given it’s just one development, the service roads should actually connect all the blocks together, right?

Alkaff Oasis sheltered walkway

But that’s not the case here. In fact, the northern entrance at Alkaff Crescent caters specifically to the northern blocks (blocks 111A-114B), while the southern blocks are catered by Bidadari Park Drive (blocks 107A – 110B). The indication that both developments are one is through the upper levels of the multi-storey carpark that connects both sides.

If you look at the land boundaries, you’ll see that this plot is also split into two:

Alkaff Oasis Land Lot

Considering how dense the development is, perhaps the split helps ensure that only a maximum number of cars are likely to use each side. I can’t say if this is a deliberate design, but I thought this point was worth mentioning considering its peculiarity.

The multi-storey carpark sports a clean white look with some planters on the side. I like that planters are commonplace among new HDB projects as it really breaks the concreteness of the structure.

Alkaff Oasis 95 multistorey car park

The multi-storey carpark here also blends in very well considering how it runs through every block and takes up the entire centre of the development. However, do not that certain lower floor units will inevitably face the carpark – and at quite a close distance too!

Alkaff Oasis multistorey car park

In total, there are five entry and five exit points from the carpark which is adequate, and the carpark has a total of 4/5 storeys. As of May 2022, there were 463 season parking lots available for a total of 959 lots. Even though it’s not a 1-1 carpark lot to unit ratio here, the high number of season parking lots is a good sign showing that lots here are not lacking.

Alkaff Oasis car park entrance

Inside the carpark, you’ll find that the area is quite well-lit and ventilated due to the air wells here:

Alkaff Oasis car park air wells
Alkaff Oasis parking

And due to the design of the development, the carpark is seamlessly integrated with the blocks so residents would not have to head down and walk over to their block to get back home which is always a pain on grocery days or if you have young children.

Alkaff Oasis block 114B lobby entrance

Now before we head up to the rooftop garden to talk about the rest of the facilities, I’d like to share more about the ground level facilities which we briefly mentioned earlier.

Alkaff Oasis playground

These over here are found in the centre of the development within the carpark – and it effectively splits the carpark into two such that you cannot cross over from one development to the next without heading up to the second level.

Over here, you’ll find a good range of playgrounds and considering how it’s inside the carpark, you can be sure that this playground is evergreen be it rain or shine!

Alkaff Oasis playground

Judging from the looks of it, the playground seems to be pretty well-lit too! This is due to the multiple air wells located above that lets more air and light in:

Alkaff Oasis roof garden

I really like the overhanging plants here. It’s certainly not unique to Alkaff Oasis as we’ve highlighted them in other developments such as Waterway Woodcress, however, this is the first time I’m seeing it used for a facility area.

If this “underground playground” look seems familiar to you, then it’s probably because you’ve seen Skyline I & II @ Bukit Batok which also features a playground in the middle of an overhead structure. In that case, it was below a flyover which is frankly unattractive considering the potential health implications.

Alkaff Oasis playground

Having a playground here is also not too ideal considering the lack of an open feel. However, I do think it’s a great place to be when the weather gets too hot (as it is now) or if it’s raining heavily.

Alkaff Oasis playground

One thing to note is that these playgrounds aren’t traditional. They seem to be the more “unleash your creativity” type of playgrounds than one with a set structure. Personally, I think the traditional playgrounds work best. It’s pretty straightforward. You see stairs, you climb. You see a bridge, you run across it. You see a slide, you go down. Rinse and repeat.

With these ones, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Although given I’m obviously not at the targeted age, what do I really know about how good these playgrounds are, right?

Alkaff Oasis playground

And if you’re asking why on earth would anyone put a playground in the middle of a carpark, the unit next door is telling:

Alkaff Oasis empty daycare

Here, you’ll spot the development’s one and only childcare centre. As of now, the childcare centre remains vacant which can be troubling considering there are 1,594 units here – two-thirds of which are 4 and 5-room flat types! That being said, it’ll be quite exciting to see this open considering it consists of two levels, so the capacity should be quite large, unlike many other childcare centres that feature just one level.

I wouldn’t be too fussed up over the existing situation given that the neighbouring blocks have a childcare centre. Hopefully, with the one open at Alkaff Oasis, things would be more convenient for residents there.

alkaff oasis preschools

Nearby on the same level, you’ll also find a sheltered seating area – a very modern-looking one indeed!

Alkaff Oasis sheltered seating

Right next to it is an Elderly Fitness Station. While the space is pretty tight, I do like that it comes with a wide variety of modern equipment.

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

You’ll also find another set of equipment that’s also classified under the Elderly Fitness Station, but it sure does look like an Adult Fitness Station to me!

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

And my goodness, if I thought the playground was confusing, then I’m even more baffled by this Adult Fitness Station. I wouldn’t even try to break down what I think it is for fear of ridiculing myself, but I do see some illustrations on the side on how to use it.

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

Personally, I would prefer the more traditional type, but perhaps through feedback, residents have indicated an interest in more modern interpretations so I could be the odd one out here.

Nearby, you’ll see that there’s a space allocated for a hard court too. This is great for residents who need an open space to play sports like badminton.

Alkaff Oasis hard court

There are also some sheltered seating areas here for spectating or just resting.

Alkaff Oasis sheltered seating

One downside to this facility is its proximity to the units – but more so for residents. Should this facility be frequently used, residents nearby would have to deal with privacy and/or noise issues that come with a court.

Alkaff Oasis Hard Court Noise

It’s even worse since the living quarters of the home directly face the court. Moreover, considering how the blocks surround the Hard Court, the noise does seem to echo around and upwards which worsens the noise issue.

Alkaff Oasis lower floor units

Now that we’re done with the ground-level facilities, let’s check out the main highlight of the development – the rooftop garden:

Alkaff Oasis top view rooftop garden

The car park rooftop garden is the focal point of Alkaff Oasis which houses numerous playgrounds, fitness areas, landscaping and social spaces. Apart from providing all that, it serves as a form of visual interest for inner-facing stacks too.

You can think of the garden area as split into two parts too – the south side and the north side.

On the south side closer to block 109, you’ll find a pretty unique playground:

Alkaff Oasis playground

These colour structures here aren’t just seating areas, you can actually rock in them too! This is the first time I’m seeing such a structure and I can imagine it to be lots of quality fun for families since adults can sit on it too (yes I tried it). I really like the uniqueness of this playground and hope to see more of this since parents can be more involved in their children’s playtime.

Alkaff Oasis playground

There’s also something for toddlers so the whole family can have some fun!

Alkaff Oasis playground

Nearby, you’ll also find an Adult Fitness Station which doesn’t come with a lot of equipment:

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

While it is noticeably small, it isn’t the only fitness area. Further north, you’ll find another area that has more status equipment – this one with a pull-up bar.

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

There are also two more playgrounds located on the south side:

Alkaff Oasis playground honey bee

I really like the treehouse and the insect theme going on here. While it’s not like a traditional playground, it certainly feels like one given the steps you can climb plus the slides.

Alkaff Oasis playground honey bee

Moreover, it’s more aesthetically pleasing – not an important trait for kids but I’m sure adults can appreciate it.

The ant playground does remind me of the one at Woodlands Glen with its grasshopper and ant playground structure! Perhaps we’ll be seeing more of these types of playgrounds in new HDBs.

Alkaff Oasis playground ant

Nearby, you’ll also spot more seating areas – perfect for parents who are in need of shelter from the sweltering heat.

Alkaff Oasis shelter

Next, let’s head on to the north side to check out what the facilities are on offer.

Alkaff Oasis top view rooftop garden
North side facilities

On the north side, you’ll find two pretty distinct playgrounds. Here’s the first one, can you guess what it is?

Alkaff Oasis playground jellyfish

This is supposed to represent a jellyfish and I think it is pretty accurate. The climbing structure looks a little scary too considering the lack of support should you fall, so lots of parental supervision is recommended. Props to the creativity of the space though!

Alkaff Oasis playground

The second playground is another set of climbing structures quite similar to the one we saw earlier on the ground level between the carpark. It looks a lot safer, but I’m not sure just how fun this is. I suppose the lack of stability is what makes this interesting?

Overall, I do like that the playgrounds here have a really fresh concept and look. It may not be the type of playground that you are more commonly used to, but at least these do promote some form of physical workout!

Just like the playgrounds on the southern side, there are also some seating areas here for parents to take shelter.

Alkaff Oasis playground

The northern side also features some fitness areas:

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

These ones look a lot more traditional. You have your pull-up bars and sit-up station – all sporting a really modern look!

Alkaff Oasis fitness station

There’s also an Elderly Fitness Station here with some static machines. You’ll be pleased to find that there’s also a fully-sheltered seating area here in case you need to rest!

Alkaff Oasis 159 fitness station and sheltered seating

And with that, we come to the end of the facility tour on the carpark rooftop garden. Now, let’s check out the three Precinct Pavilions at Alkaff Oasis.

The first Precinct Pavilion is integrated with the multi-storey carpark and has a direct link to the drop-off area which makes it really convenient for guests:

Alkaff Oasis void deck

First impressions are obvious – it’s very unwelcoming. The pavilion here is placed awkwardly in a corner as if it was a void area but turned into a shelter just to make it more useful. As such, I believe this would be the least popular of them all. You’ll also see that there’s a lack of fans and seating area here, so those holding events would need to ensure these are catered for.

Alkaff Oasis void deck

The advantage here is that it’s quite private since it’s in one corner. However, I would add that this is usually not much of an issue since privacy fencing can be done, a common occurrence for funerals.

The second shelter is located at block 110 and is pretty unique as it has a cascading landscape and stairs that lead up to an “integrated” seating area above the pavilion:

Alkaff Oasis event space

Inside the shelter, you’ll find some privacy barriers erected at the top to shield you and your guests from the lower floor units opposite.

Alkaff Oasis event space

Just like the first shelter, there aren’t any seats or fans here, but this isn’t a big deal since these are usually catered for when holding major events.

Heading up the landscaped cascading stairs, you’ll find the outdoor seating area. I think this concept is pretty fresh as it allows guests to enjoy the evening breeze while having some food if the event is held at night!

Alkaff Oasis greenery

The seating area here is quite spacious too, so I can imagine this pavilion to be more popular than the first one. One downside here is the lack of privacy for residents around though. You can see how close the lower floor units are to this area:

Alkaff Oasis outdoor seating

That said, I do like the effort put into the landscaping here which helps turn a supposedly-mundane area such as an open seating space into something that could be visually pleasing from above.

Alkaff Oasis outdoor seating

The third and last shelter is located at block 107. This one is decently-sized, but it does feel really closed-in as it’s just beside a block, so it’s not as open as other shelters such as the one at block 110. Do also note that some stacks here would be facing the pavilion directly. It’s more of an issue for the unit than those using the shelter given the noise and privacy concerns, so residents staying near shelters should take note of this.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a good shot of the place since it was in use at the time of visit.

Now let’s head up to see what the common corridors look like!

Alkaff Oasis greenery pathway

Going into the block, you’ll notice something really special about Alkaff Oasis:

Alkaff Oasis void deck seating

Just look at this area. Would you suspect that this is the “void deck” of the HDB? Definitely not in my case, but it surely is!

Alkaff Oasis void deck seating

And if you think it’s just one block, think again! Every single block features a “void deck” like this. It’s hands down the best void deck I’ve seen, and it’s surely not worth the title “void deck” because there’s nothing void about it at all.

Alkaff Oasis letterbox

I’d rather call it the HDB lobby area given how lush it looks. The wood-looking tiles, semi-circular, organically-designed seating area and planters along the walls and columns certainly give that sort of vibe, and I seriously hope that all HDBs in the future look like this if it doesn’t cost that much more. It really takes away that raw look in most HDB blocks that creates an unwelcoming feel of the development.

If anything, it does make you wonder why it took so long for us to see such upgrades to an HDB. It does make a whole lot of difference to the coming home experience!

With all that said, my only pet peeve here is the lack of a backrest. You’ll see that all the seats do not have any back support, so those looking to relax here for a longer time may find it unsuitable.

Alkaff Oasis void deck seating

Moving in, you’ll find that the lift lobby here is pretty decently-designed and similar to other new HDB projects. I like that the lift has a modern look with its metallic facade. It’s common for new HDB projects and is something I wouldn’t take for granted at all because it does contribute a lot to the feeling of “newness” to the place!

Alkaff Oasis lift

The common corridor here looks sufficiently spacious – leaving room for residents to leave their shoe racks outside.

Alkaff Oasis corridor

Considering the number of units here, it’s no surprise that this is a long corridor style and with that, comes the usual drawback:

Alkaff Oasis corridor

As you can see, certain stacks will have their service yard facing the common walkway – although it’s not a big deal at all since it’s a service yard. We have seen units where the kitchen faces the common corridor which isn’t as nice since it’s a place where most people spend quite some time in. However, it’s still a point to take note of if this is one of the stacks you’re looking at.

Alkaff Oasis corridor

Not all blocks are created equal though! Certain blocks such as 108A have 11 units per floor, while other blocks like 108B only have 4 units per floor. This is a world of a difference since lesser units mean more privacy. For block 108B, it also means that every unit is a corner unit.

Alkaff Oasis corridor

Overall though, I find that most of the unit doors are sufficiently far apart even for the long corridor types, and while some are facing one another, the distance is pretty acceptable.

Alkaff Oasis unit entrance

Since we’re on the upper floors, I’ll just highlight one final “facility” at Alkaff Oasis: the Sky Terrace.

Alkaff Oasis sky terrace sign

The Sky Terraces here are just pockets of outdoor spaces where residents can visit to get a view of the estate:

Alkaff Oasis sky terrace

Not every block has a Sky Terrace, though I can’t imagine that these would be such serious perks for people (those that have it are on varying levels). Here’s a shot from the 4th storey facing Alkaff Lakeview towards the north:

Alkaff Oasis entrance top view

There really isn’t much in these open areas – just some seatings. I do like the idea of having open spaces throughout the development though!

Alkaff Oasis sky terrace seating

Before ending this tour, I’d like to highlight one drawback of this development – the lack of any commercial outlets here. There’re no eating houses or any other F&B options. No medical clinic, hairdresser or dental clinics. For a development with close to 1,600 units, this does come as a surprise to me especially since it is the biggest development in the area.

However, while there’s this immediate downside, its location does mitigate this point which we’ll touch on next.

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Alkaff Oasis Location Review

There are certain HDB enclaves that, when mentioned, elicit a “wow” response, and Bidadari is one of them. Bidadari is not an estate of its own, in fact, it’s a neighbourhood under the Toa Payoh estate which is probably the most mature estate in Singapore alongside Queenstown.

A quick look at Alkaff Oasis on Google Reviews shows that most comments have to do with how central the location is, and they’re right.

  • Alkaff Oasis Review 1
  • Alkaff Oasis Review 5
  • Alkaff Oasis Review 4
  • Alkaff Oasis Review 3
  • Alkaff Oasis Review 2

The HDB is straddled between Potong Pasir and Woodleigh MRT along the North-East Line with a host of amenities in between. For starters, there is a Prime Supermarket at block 106 Bidadari Park (In Alkaff Vista) which is just a couple of minutes’ walk away. Residents can also find Ang Mo Supermarket at block 115A Alkaff Crescent (Alkaff Lakeview) which is also just a few minutes away. As such, even though there’s no supermarket within the development, it’s still pretty convenient for residents here.

Alkaff Oasis amenities

In terms of other amenities, residents can easily walk over to Alkaff Lakeview. Block 115 features several commercial outlets such as the usual hairdresser, medical and dental clinic.

Alkaff Oasis amenities

When it comes to eateries, residents can choose from several stalls located in Alkaff Vista which is the nearest eatery to Alkaff Oasis. There are also more F&B options in the older HDB block west of Potong Pasir MRT which is about a 10 minute walk away.

For those who are looking at restaurant offerings, there are also restaurants that you can choose from at The Venue, a residential development with commercial units on the ground level:

Alkaff Oasis Bidadari The Venue

Just around the corner, you’ll find a row of shophouses with some eateries below. Here, you’ll see the famous River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodle too – perfect for that morning breakfast on the weekends.

But that’s not all – north of Alkaff Oasis, you’ll find Woodleigh Village @ Bidadari, an integrated transport hub and residential project that comes with a full-fledged hawker centre! This really brings huge convenience to residents here as it’s only a few minutes’ walk away (depending on your block of course!).

Residents looking at nature options can not only look within the development (due to its lush landscaping, which we’ll get to) but northwards at the new Bidadari Park too! This park is not just any neighbourhood park – it’s a “regional” park that is 10 hectares in size and will feature “a lake, open lawns, a 700 metre heritage walk and six kilometres of wooded experiential trails for nature lovers to observe flora and fauna.

Alkaff Oasis renovation

The lake is still currently under development, however, here’s a shot from an illustration:

alkaff lake oasis

Believe it or not, this once-sleepy area was home to a garden since 1929 where families rowed boats and dating couples frequented the surrounding man-made hills. That was nearly a hundred years ago, and the idea of this new neighbourhood rejuvenating this lake is simply exciting!

And while it’s not officially near any Park Connector, you should know that there’s a wide pathway to be shared by both pedestrians and cyclists called the “Bidadari Greenway”. This conveniently connects all of the developments in the estate with the facilities/amenities in the area which is a huge convenience for residents at Alkaff Oasis, especially since it doesn’t have its own commercial units.

Alkaff Oasis driveway

The Bidadari Greenway also connects residents up to Bartley MRT on the Circle Line, so cycling to the MRT is a convenient option too! You should also know that the Bidadari Greenway is seamlessly connected to Alkaff Oasis – something you’ll see in our site review below.

With all that said, you can see how much thought has gone into ensuring the new Bidadari estate stands out among other HDB enclaves. The large Bidadari area has allowed the HDB the flexibility to plan well-thought-out green spaces and pathways to ensure that each HDB project is not its own silo but part of a bigger, integrated estate. This in turn raises the desirability of the area and is another reason why projects in this enclave are and will continue to be sought after just like the Dawson precinct.

Public Transport

Bus stationBuses ServicedDistance From HDB (& Est. Walking Time)
‘BLK 107A (61111)’107, 107M1-4 minutes (depending on your block)
BlK 103B (61119)’107, 107M1-4 minutes (depending on your block)

Closest MRT: Potong Pasir MRT (North-East Line) – about an 8-12 minute walk. Woodleigh MRT – about an 8-12 minute walk. Time to the MRT depends on the block you stay in.

When it comes to proximity to the MRT, Alkaff Oasis cannot boast of being within quick walking distance (that’ll be under 5 minutes).

In terms of bus connectivity, there aren’t many options since the road here just services residents in the area and serves to conveniently bring residents to the MRT.

However, residents who work in the CBD will be happy to see that the bus services provide a direct route to Shenton Way!

Alkaff Oasis Bus Service

You’ll also be glad to know that the bus stop is fully-sheltered to blocks 114A and 114B, providing residents with comfort whether it’s rain or shine.

Alkaff Oasis bus stop

Private Transport

Key DestinationsDistance From HDB (& Est. Peak Hour Drive Time)
Raffles Place9 km (13 mins drive)
Orchard Road6.7 km (11 mins drive)
Suntec City6.5 km (13 mins drive)
Changi Airport18.5km (26mins drive)
Tuas Port40.5 km (55 mins drive)
Paya Lebar Quarter4.8 km (8 mins drive)
Mediapolis14.6 km (19 mins drive)
Mapletree Business City13.8 km (22 mins drive)
Tuas Checkpoint37 km (49 mins drive)
Woodlands Checkpoint24 km (32 mins)
Harbourfront Cluster12.5 km (18 mins)
Punggol Cluster9.5 km (19 mins)
Source: OneMap. Based on driving times during peak hours.

Immediate road exit:
Bidadari Park Drive, Alkaff Crescent.

Drivers can hop onto the CTE or PIE very quickly within 2 minutes, allowing residents to reach Raffles Place in 13 minutes and Changi Aiport in 25 minutes.


Name of Grocery ShopDistance from HDB (& Est Time)
Prime SupermarketAlkaff Vista, 1-5 min walk
Ang Mo SupermarketAlkaff Lakeview, 1-5 min walk


Educational TierNumber of Institutes
Primary School (Within 1KM)3
Secondary School2
Junior College2
SchoolDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
My World Preschool200m (3 min walk)
Little Seeds Preschool240m (4 min walk)
Artemis Preskool @ Woodleigh270m (4 min walk)
Maris Stella High School1.6 km (19 min walk)
Cedar Primary School600m (7 min walk)
St. Andrews Junior School1 km (12 min walk)
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School400 m (5 min walk)
Saint Andrews Secondary School1.1km (13 min walk)
St. Andrew’s Junior College 1.2 km (13 min walk)
Nanyang Junior College3.1 km (24 min by bus)
Raffles Institution4.1 km (11 min by bus)

Alkaff Oasis Site Review

Alkaff Oasis SIte Review

Alkaff Oasis is made up of a whopping 16 blocks with 1,594 units comprising a varied mix of 2, 3, 4, 5-room flats and 3Gen flats. It was launched back in February 2016 and reached its TOP in 2021 meaning its first batch of resale buyers will be seen in 2026 (more million-dollar HDBs here by then?).

Alkaff Oasis facade

The development sports an earthy colour palette which is streamlined with the nature and garden design of the project and estate.

Alkaff Oasis blocks

Now a tour of Alkaff Oasis is never complete without mentioning just how wonderful the nature and landscaping features are here.

Alkaff Oasis top view development blocks

Walking inside the development, you’ll come to notice tons of greenery that’s very well-manicured, giving residents a very welcoming feel here.

Alkaff Oasis link bridge pathway
Alkaff Oasis outdoor seating

The pathways here are sufficiently wide for residents to take a nice stroll/jog without having to ever leave the development.

Alkaff Oasis garden

You’ll also find numerous open spaces and seating areas that are surrounded by more greenery, making this development feel extremely open despite stacks facing each other.

Alkaff Oasis sheltered seating

What’s interesting to note is how the carpark rooftop garden connects to some of the blocks here in a semi-circular fashion, consistent with the organic design that we see in the benches as well as the drop-off point shelter.

Alkaff Oasis top view rooftop garden

Many people say that “all HDBs are the same”, so it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the HDB injecting fresh ideas and creativity into new developments to spice things up. I’m always a fan of this since it helps create a unique identity for the development, something that residents can be proud of.

In certain places, you’ll also find large seating areas in the form of a gigantic pebble:

Alkaff Oasis outdoor stone seating

Again, this is really novel to me. How often do you see seats like this in HDBs?

Even the shelters here are different from the usual I’d see in other HDBs. To be honest, I’m not really a huge fan of this design, it actually looks like a UFO but at least it’s fully-sheltered!

Alkaff Oasis sheltered seating

Just like the inside of the development, the perimeter of the development is also lined with nice pathways and lush landscaping:

Alkaff Oasis greenery

What’s really interesting is that these pathways are actually very seamlessly integrated with the “Bidadari Greenway”. Following on with the path here, you’ll actually be able to connect to the next development very easily!

Alkaff Oasis landscaping

As such, Alkaff Oasis is one of the nicest (if not, the best) sites I’ve seen so far. It’s very open, full of lush landscaping, modern facilities, the most beautiful void decks I’ve ever seen, and the pathways here are connected to other parts of the estate. Honestly, this makes me quite excited to review the upcoming Tengah estate!

Alkaff Oasis garden

If you are looking to purchase a home in Alkaff Oasis in the future, I wouldn’t blame you if the site and surrounding features play a big part in your decision, after all, there aren’t that many sites and neighbourhoods that offer these advantages.

Alkaff Oasis blocks

Finally, I’d like to touch on something interesting I’ve spotted here:

Alkaff Oasis trash bins

What you see here is part of the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS). The PWCS brings about multiple benefits such as a reduced reliance on manpower as well as streamlining the refuse area. It’s part of HDB’s green initiative, and It’s pretty commonplace in new projects today. Still, considering its relative rarity, it’s still worth highlighting it here!

Alkaff Oasis Additional Pointers

5-Room and 3Gen flats can be found here

5 room 3gen flat alkaff oasis

The Bidadari neighbourhood has a lack of supply of 5-room and 3Gen flats, so it’s nice to find them here. There are a total of 12 projects in the Bidadari neighbourhood, but only six have 5-room/3Gen flats: Alkaff Oasis, Alkaff Vista, Alkaff Breeze, Bartley Beacon,  Woodleigh Hillside, Parkedge @ Bidadari – and even fewer for 3Gen flats.

Unique presence of ground floor units

Alkaff Oasis landscaping

Newer HDB projects tend to lack ground floor units. You may or may not be a fan, but there’s no denying the extra space afforded to owners of these units that allows them to do some gardening if that’s their thing!

Moreover, the ground floor units here face the quieter side too (the school), so that’s quite pleasant!

Stiff competition for sellers, great choices for buyers

Bidadari Neighbourhood

Buyers of Alkaff Oasis would be spoilt for choice due to the over 1,500 units here. In addition to this, most of the Bidadari projects will reach their MOP around the same time, allowing buyers to pick from multiple projects in the area. Regardless of the competition, we do expect prices here to be high considering its desirable location and neighbourhood.

Not all blocks are within 1KM of the popular Maris Stella High School

Alkaff Oasis Primary Schools

Alkaff Oasis is within 1KM to 3 primary schools which is great – especially since one of them is a popular school (Maris Stella High School) so for parents who value this, then Alkaff Oasis could be a consideration. However, do note that not all blocks fall within this radius, particularly the southern blocks such as block 108B. For more information, visit the MOE’s website.

Upcoming shopping mall: The Woodleigh Mall

Alkaff Oasis road

Residents of Alkaff Oasis can look forward to the upcoming The Woodleigh Mall. The mall will feature “alfresco dining, retail, health and wellness and enrichment centres“. From the looks of it, the mall should be completed quite soon!

Alkaff Oasis Stack Analysis

Alkaff Oasis Bidadari Best Stacks

Given how big Alkaff Oasis is, you can be sure that many stacks differ greatly from one another – each offering its own upsides and downsides. For starters, the orientation of stacks here varies a lot, so those who want the least sun (both morning and afternoon) should consider the north-south facing stacks.

Those who are looking for great views can consider the outer-facing stacks on the east and south side. On the east side, residents are treated to landed views over Cedar Girls Secondary School.

Alkaff Oasis top view.

You wouldn’t need to be very high up to get an unblocked view too since the school is located on lower grounds.

Alkaff Oasis landscaping

The views are also great for the 5-room flats facing Wan Tho Avenue as there isn’t any building immediately in front of it.

Blocks on the northern side that face Alkaff Lakeview would have to deal with privacy issues since the opposite block is just around 27 metres away. Moreover, the road in between means that residents on lower floors will face privacy issues, and noise issues for all levels.

Alkaff Oasis city view

West-facing stacks on the outside face the Bidadari Greenway directly which can be quite pleasant considering the greenery. However, residents here would also have to deal with the noise and privacy issues stemming from facing the main road. It has a pretty good distance of around 60 metres from the opposite development, Alkaff Courtview:

Alkaff Oasis blocks

Those looking to get the inner-facing stacks should be mindful of how close some of them are. For example, stack 190 is really just around 12 metres from the opposite stack! Most of them range between 20+ metres to 40+ metres, however, those that face the short side of the carpark rooftop garden get a treat of the vast garden and its landscaping with the opposite block being a whopping 270+ metres away!

Alkaff Oasis top view development blocks

This does remind me of the Midwood condo where we mentioned the impressive 120 metres distance between both towers. So 270 metres is just beyond impressive!

Alkaff Oasis Layout Analysis

2-Room Flat Type 1 (38 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 2 Room Type 1
Good sized kitchen areaTight living and dining area
Neatly tucked wardrobe space
Alkaff Oasis 2 Room Type 1 Pros & Cons

2-Room Flat Type 2 (47 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 2 Room Type 2
Good size kitchen areaTight Bedroom area
Spacious living and Dining area
Alkaff Oasis 2 Room Type 2 Pros & Cons

3-Room Flat (68 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 3 Room Flat
Good size kitchen areaTight common bedroom
Belvia DBSS 3 Room Pros & Cons

4-Room Flat (93 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 4 Room Flat
Spacious living, dining and kitchen areaProtruding column between bedrooms hence walls could not be hacked fully.
Separate Living and Dining area
No wasted bedroom walkway
Alkaff Oasis 4 Room Pros & Cons

5-Room Flat (113 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 5 Room Flat
Good size kitchen, plenty of space to do cabinet on both sides.The unit opens straight to the living area, and lacks privacy.
Spacious living and dining area
Decent sized bedrooms
Alkaff Oasis 5 Room Pros & Cons

3Gen Flat (120 sqm)

Alkaff Oasis 3Gen Flat
Good size kitchen, plenty of space to do cabinet on both sides.Unit open straight to living area, lack privacy
Decent sized bedrooms
Alkaff Oasis 3Gen Flat Pros & Cons

Our Take

Alkaff Oasis blocks

Alkaff Oasis is a development that has lots to offer. It’s located in a central location with amenities nearby – all within minutes’ reach, especially with the Bidadari Greenway in place.

Residents can also look forward to the upcoming regional park that’s soon to be completed which will bring families here a host of fun and free activities.

Many of the outer-facing stacks offer pretty decent views, with a handful that offers the “grand” view of the carpark rooftop garden.

Of course, with such a big development, some people may not like how dense it may seem. It also doesn’t have its own commercial units, so residents have to cross over to other developments to enjoy them – though this can be quite quick thanks to the Bidadari Greenway as mentioned earlier.

Overall, I think the neighbourhood is extremely desirable and if anything is holding me back, it would likely be the steep price that future buyers have to pay – a topic for several years later when the first MOP is reached!

What this means for you

You might like Alkaff Oasis if you:

  • • Are looking to live in a central area:It’s within about 8 minutes walk to Potong Pasir MRT/Woodleigh MRT, depending on the block you live in. This puts you just around 30 minutes to Raffles Place by bus.
  • • Want to be near nature:The new Bidadari Park that features a lake will put residents close to nature. Moreover, the site itself has a lot of landscaping.
  • • Want decent views:While several inner-facing stacks are not as desirable, those facing the school on the east and the landed homes down south are offered unblocked views. Residents can also find stacks that face the short side of the carpark rooftop garden which offers expansive views of the landscaped garden with over 270m frontage to the opposite block.

You may not like Alkaff Oasis if you:

  • • Do not like crowds:While the development is very big, there are still 1,594 units in total with the majority being 4-room flats (800 units).
  • • Want to be close to an MRT:Even though it’s in a central location and there’s a very decent pathway to reach the MRT, it’s still more than a 5-minute walk to one. As such, those who want quick access to an MRT may want to look elsewhere.
End of Review
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Sean has a writing experience of 3 years and is currently with Stacked Homes focused on general property research, helping to pen articles focused on condos. In his free time, he enjoys photography and coffee tasting.

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1 year ago

It’s inaccurate to say that most of the Bidadari blocks will MOP at the same time. Vista will MOP first in 2024, followed by Lakeview and Courtview (the latter possibly only in early 2025). Oasis will only MOP in 2026, which makes it two years after the first Bidadari flats go up for resale purchasing. These four estates are the only ones which are complete. The next few would only TOP in 2023 and after—with delays, they might only be completed after Vista MOPs. The timeline matters. Please provide more precise information in your articles instead of making sweeping statements.

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Holly

Hi Holly, thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

While we understand that the MOP is not exactly at the same time, the implications are the same with any new neighbourhood where the BTOs are sold within just a few years from each other. When the MOP is hit, while many flats are sold on the 5th year, they continue to sell on the 6th and 7th since sellers can take time to sell or choose not to sell immediately on the 5th year.

Regardless, buyers would still have a lot of choices to pick from as they’re all relatively new. BTOs that reach their first MOP within 1-2 years are still considered quite near. Moreover, Alkaff Oasis itself has 1,594 units which is already pretty stiff on its own. Add on Vista/Lakeview and Courtview and we add another 2,000 units in the mix – if 15% choose to sell within the 5th year, that’s already 300 units outside of Alkaff Oasis before it hits MOP. We hope that this clarifies. Thank you 🙂

Thomson LIM
Thomson LIM
1 year ago

Alkaff Oasis development landscape was themed and conceptualized to be Living in the MYSTERious greenFOREST which besides the lush green and plants choice. All the Fitness, playSCAPE, Shelter design should be feature towards the nature elements from the forest. Unfortunately the Forest Canopy(Tree Shelter) Shelter was being simplified and did not details according to the original design, otherwise the shelter should be an interesting feature not only from the top view but the user should be able to enjoy the effect of the tree leaves canopy shadow within the shelter. To emphasize and enhance the landscape concept, all the pavement, fitness & play equipment including the EPDM graphic design suppose to be design into what I name as “playSCAPE” with a series of story about Forest & Nature elements.

The Void Deck design was intentionally to have the continuality and seamless design with the MYSTERious green FOREST deck, which technically we called it as the Community Cozy Corner.

Hope to read your review on TENGAH by end of the year… there is few developments is having the carpark on the ground floor which the Level 2 will the Landscape Deck that public access directly by the stairs next to the common green.

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomson LIM

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We’re very excited to be able to tour and review Tengah when it’s done!

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