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Building a House in 8 Hours - A MasterCraftsman's Legacy

In this episode, Reuben speaks with MasterCraftsman Sam Vedanaigam on his incredible creation and learns about the man's colourful past.

EP. 15 31 MAY 2021 | 40:10


Maximising your Living-Space + 'Liberating' Architecture to the Masses

To kick off the new month, we sat in with NY-Registered Architect, Adrian Emanuel to discuss how architecture and the interior of our homes can actually impact us on a deeper level - and how we can tweak our modern-day homes to get the most fulfilment out of them.

EP. 14 30 APR 2021 | 49:00


Singaporean Turned New York City Real Estate Agent

For this month's episode, we find ourselves smack in the middle of the Big Apple where Reuben gets in conversation with Chester Yow - a Singaporean son who's rubbed shoulders with some of New York City's biggest Real Estate Agents to date.

EP. 13 27 MAR 2021 | 43:55


A Young Graduate's (Unexpected) Career Start in Real Estate

Today's episode is catered for the young (at heart). Finding that 'perfect' career path is perhaps one of the hardest things to tie-down early on in life.

EP. 12 27 FEB 2021 | 42:43


What Makes a Good Investment Property + Property Course ‘Scams’?

Ever wondered what makes a good investment property? We speak to Dawn Cher (aka the SGBudgetBabe) to determine some of these factors in today's episode. Along the way, we address the trend of so-called 'property guru courses', with one in particular, taking center stage.

EP. 11 18 JAN 2021 | 47:54


Getting to know the Japanese/Singapore YouTuber

We speak to Ghib Ojisan, Japanese/Singapore YouTuber to learn more about his life here in the Lion City after cementing his move from Japan.

EP. 10 20 DEC 2020 | 21:41

Lauren and Lloyd

Newlyweds Moving into Their New Home

We got together with newlyweds Lauren & Lloyd as they share the process of moving into their new home for the very first time earlier this year.

EP. 9 06 DEC 2020 | 30:17


More Singaporeans Buying Homes in the Alps?

We get in touch with Russell Collins of Andermatt Swiss Alps to learn more about the recent uptick in Singaporeans purchasing mountain homes abroad.

EP. 8 17 NOV 2020 | 32:27


Building a Mirrored House atop a Mexican Volcano

Prashant shares his story right from the time he bought a one-way ticket to Mexico to actually purchasing a piece of volcanic land, building his house atop of it, and then making it to the New York Times and the cover of Architectural Digest.

EP. 7 31 OCT 2020 | 33:24


Upgrading from a HDB Flat to a New Launch Condo

We catch up with Ryan Huang on his recent New Launch Unit purchase, and we uncover some of the hidden fees that come with selling and buying a residential unit here in Singapore.

EP. 6 10 OCT 2020 | 27:13


What Living in a Shophouse is Really Like

We get in touch with Singaporean shophouse expert, Fang Low - and we find out what the shophouse residential experience is really like.

EP. 5 12 SEP 2020 | 30:52


Opening Our Doors to Vulnerable Communities in Singapore

We speak to Kenneth of Solve n+1 on his recent project, The Open Home Network - and we find out how we can make a difference.

EP. 4 29 AUG 2020 | 36:35


What do Singaporean Architects actually do?

We explore the life of an Architect in Singapore.

EP. 3 15 AUG 2020 | 40:20


Life of a Real Estate Content Writer + Tips for Landlords/Sellers during Covid-19

Exploring the life of a Property Content Writer.

EP. 2 01 AUG 2020 | 42:48


Property Tips + Life Advice for Real Estate Agents

Exploring the life of a Property Agent in Singapore.

EP. 1 18 JUL 2020 | 30:52

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