we are
A real estate collective built to help homebuyers make the best decision through objective and comprehensive content.
we are
A real estate collective built to help homebuyers make the best decision through objective and comprehensive content.
In 2017, three real estate enthusiasts struggled to find objective advice in a fast moving world due to the slow-moving real estate industry.
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Property agents were saying all the things to get a sale through, but did little to address questions using objective facts and data.
At Stacked, we are a real estate consultancy that puts your goals and research at the forefront.
what you can expect
Our Buyer’s
Consultation Programme
We believe everyone has their unique objectives and circumstances, so our recommendations are fully-tailored.
Initial Consultation
Our journey begins with either a video call or a physical meet-up where we do an introduction to the basics of real estate in Singapore. Think of it as an educated friend telling you all about real estate. In addition, we aim to understand your objectives and how we are able to fulfill your real estate needs.
Proposed Shortlist Discussion
After understanding your objectives, we'll present a list of shortlisted properties that we think fit you best and get feedback from you.
Closing The Deal
Once the shortlists are done, we'll conduct the viewings with you - sharing our thoughts about the place and also assisting with the negotiations. We'll also guide you through the paperwork and timelines to ensure the deal goes through smoothly.
Initial Consultation
30 min - 1 hour
Understanding Your Present Situation And Needs
Singapore Property Market Trends & History
New Launch vs Resale Condo vs Resale HDB
Understanding Investment vs Own Stay Factors
Our 3-Point Macro Guide On Picking Properties
Micro Analysis On Shortlisted Properties
How Stacked Can Help You
By the end of the call, you’ll understand whether we’re the right fit for you, our working style and your best way of moving forward.
Proposed Shortlist Discussion
1-2 hours per session
Detailed property pathway based on financial situation
Review of Shortlisted Projects/Areas
Comparative Analysis Of Shortlisted Projects
Unit & Floor Plan Layout Analysis
At the end of this session, you should get a good idea of what options you can take based on your present situation, our top picks based on your situation and why we chose them.

This session can happen multiple times depending on the number of shortlists throughout the buying journey.
Closing The Deal
Duration Varies
Physical Viewings & Guided Tour (Pros + Cons Of Units)
Due Diligence Checks
Timeline Management
Negotiation Strategy
Finalising The Paperwork
By now, you would have gained a lot of exposure and experience in viewing homes, giving you extra confidence to pull the trigger. The paperwork is also handled by us.
Book Now
We can’t wait to connect with you over video to discuss your real estate needs. The consultant will guide you through our approach to real estate, understand your needs and answer any questions that you may have.
30min - 1 hour
Case Studies
Read How We Guided Our Clients Through The Consultation
A Singaporean living abroad for 20 years planned to move back permanently. He needed a place to call home for the long-term that’s also large enough to accommodate his family. The home also needed some upside potential as the property will be part of their overall investment portfolio.
A Singaporean in her 30s reached out looking for a first home that should also have investment potential. She was afraid of pushy agents and wanted more hand holding as this was her first purchase.
We were approached by a working couple in their early 30s seeking a home for the medium term (10 years) and was used to staying in the Bukit Timah/Holland area. They were unsure of their exit strategy and didn’t know how to decide between future appreciation and liveability.
Client Experiences

“Before consulting with Stacked, we met hard selling agents who didn't seem to want to consider our concerns, just want to make a sale quick. So after reading the informative articles on Stacked, we decided to work with them. I was really pleased with my decision as Grady from Stacked took the time to share with us data from the areas that we were interested in, shortlisting properties for us to consider, and patiently listened to our questions. There was no hard selling and he was not pushy for sales.”

1:1 Consultation
Grady, Stacked consultant

We’d highly recommend Ryan from Stacked Homes. In our experience, most agents would try and sell us anything and everything; apparently, every development was a good development, and all projects had a good chance of being profitable since “property prices will only increase in Singapore”. We didn’t believe that. It was difficult to find agents who would only recommend us developments they believed in - but Ryan was one such agent. There were numerous times we’d send Ryan links of developments we wanted to consider, and the reply we’d get something to the tune of “Bro this one hard to make money leh”, or “Bro…you buy this one pls don’t tell people I’m your agent ah”.

Needless to say, we’re glad we found Ryan - we felt that we always got open and honest advice from him. He would always run through the numbers, the upside/downside and his forecast of the development’s potential. True to Stacked Homes’ mantra, if he felt that the apartment was overpriced and/or would not likely be profitable, he’d tell us that directly, no matter how keen we were. Indeed, on numerous occasions, he’d recommend us alternative developments, even though his commission would be lower - simply because he believed that it would be a better fit for us or that it would be a better buy.

We’re now happy homeowners, looking forward to the next stage of our lives together. We’re so grateful for having Ryan’s counsel in our search for a new home. We felt that we made the best choice possible, and we have no hesitation recommending Ryan to our friends and family. Ryan made the whole complicated home-buying process a pleasure - smooth from start to finish. Thank you, Ryan!

J and A
1:1 Consultation
Ryan, Stacked consultant

“I can share that I had the best experience chatting with your team member. He explained your company views comprehensively, and the most impressive part is his passion in doing so. It was a discussion rather than a set of customized questions: “how much your budget? Can I show you other projects around this price?” I have enjoyed our first discussion and am looking forward to more.”

1:1 Consultation
Ameer, Stacked consultant

We didn’t know quite what to expect when we first contacted Stacked Homes. All we knew was that their detailed condo reviews had blown us away. Our initial interactions with Ryan reinforced our impression that Stacked Homes was exactly what we were looking for – detailed, evidence-based and most importantly, honest.

When he was giving us his shortlist of properties, it was evident that he had internalised our situation and our considerations and was very clear in articulating the ways in which the different choices did or did not meet our needs. We particularly appreciated his candour as well as his willingness to educate us on how various things worked, so that we could make an informed decision. Throughout the entire process, we always felt that he had our interests at heart.

The strongest proof is that even though the seller’s agent for the unit that we were considering only offered him 0.5% commission, he never once tried to dissuade us from buying it. Selling our HDB flat was also remarkably fuss-free. The photographer that he hired made our house look so beautiful that we wanted to buy it!

Ryan took care of everything and we didn’t have to lift a finger except to sign the documents.

LK and SW
1:1 Consultation
Ryan, Stacked consultant
Our consultation is an ongoing process over multiple sessions. In the first session, we share our buying framework, the scope of our services and how we work. We’ll also gain an understanding of your present situation and goals so that we can move forward to the next stage - shortlisting recommended projects based on your objectives.
We do not charge for our consultation services. Our consultants work on a co-broke basis, so there is no charge for the purchase of private property. For the purchase of resale HDBs, it is 1%+GST subject to the successful purchase of the property.
Yes we do! Please inform our consultants of your needs once you’re in touch with them to find out more.
We’re huge fans of taking an objective view when it comes to real estate, and there’s nowhere that says this better than our editorial with over 1,000 articles written by us. Our consultants provide the research and on-the-ground experience that makes this possible, so you can ensure that you’re getting the most objective advice when you work with us.

It's absurd how little thought is given to one of the BIGGEST PURCHASES IN ONE'S LIFE.

It's time we step it up a notch.

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