5 Condo facilities we wished condos in Singapore would have!

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Condo facilities in Singapore are just so cookie-cutter. Admittedly there are some really luxurious standouts, like the Scotts Square swimming pool, or the resort-like one at the Leedon Residence. But in general, the condo facilities department in Singapore needs some shaking up. It’s always just swimming pool, gym and tennis court. With the odd golf simulator and karaoke room thrown in for good measure. As places like the US and the UK have faced increasing competition, the developers there have really pushed the boundaries in order to stand out with their unique condo facilities. We think that the developers in Singapore can take heed from some of the examples we are about to list, here is our top 10!

5 unique condo facilities we want in Singapore

1. Sky Park

skypark condo facilities

With the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark becoming synonymous as an icon of Singapore, we wonder why sky parks have not become more common among the higher end condos in Singapore. Although the upcoming Amber Park has taken steps to replicating it (we’ll reserve our final judgement for when it launches), it still does not quite come close to the Oceanwide Plaza in Los Angeles. Once built, it will contain a two-acre sky park 30 metres high that comes with two dog parks, a basketball court, lawns, a swimming pool and a running track. We think the rendering looks absolutely stunning.

2. Dedicated Lockers

refrigerated locker

Its no secret that the future is moving towards online shopping, and with that comes the shift towards solutions to better receive parcels at your home. There are some developments in Singapore that already have a locker system like the Parcel Santa, but we are looking for something more dedicated such as a refrigerated one to hold grocery deliveries. This will make it so much easier for people that want to grocery shop online but have no one at home to receive the goods. Enter Parcel Pending. They even have outdoor parcel lockers for properties that do not have enough indoor space!

3. Playrooms For Kids

children playroom condo facilities

For parents with young kids in Singapore, having more condo facilities that cater to young kids will definitely be a huge boon. We have seen the ubiquitous playground that each condo always has, but the truth is that they just do not cut it. Not especially when the outdoor weather is harsh on the equipment. It’s no surprise that after a couple of years, that it gets to a sad state. We like the idea of an indoor playroom for kids, with a trampoline room, mini soccer field and mini basketball court. As space is such a big constraint in Singapore, bringing these indoors will be a huge plus for parents.

4. Arcade

arcade room condo facilities

With retro arcade bars like NINETEEN80 and Level Up getting popular in Singapore, what about an arcade room as one of the condo facilities? Or you could just turn it into a proper lounge, with a billiard table and comfy lounge chairs! Check out the Leeward Apartments for more.

5. Unique Lounges

Having a lounge room is quite standard in most condos in Singapore. But no developer has really tried to set themselves apart by doing something different. Enter the “Island Treehouse” in Sikta, an apartment building in South Lake Union. According to the designer Daniel Mihalyo, the Island Treehouse is supposed to be “an intimate retreat for residents to socialise, relax and converse with one another in a rustic space among the forest canopy.” 

What are some unique condo facilities that you have come across? Let us know in the comments below and we can add it to the article!


Druce mainly writes for Stacked Homes and has a keen interest in condos in Singapore. He enjoys looking at new launches and analysing them.

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