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Jervois Mansion Review: Incredible Attention To Detail In A Lush Garden Setting

by Matt K
  • October 3, 2021
  • 41 min read

Our Verdict


Overall Rating
Jervois Mansion is a unique development that stands out both in terms of aesthetics and features. The developers are a family-run firm who have been closely involved in the conception of the project right from the beginning. It has taken inspiration from the old black & white colonial bungalows in Singapore and produced a well-executed modern interpretation.

Our Considerations

Unit Efficiency 4.5/5

Many are corner stacks with plenty of natural ventilation

Unit Size 4.5/5

Generous unit sizes account for the D10 / GCBA demographic

Quality of Fittings 4.5/5

Thoughtful features throughout the development

Design 5/5

Classic Black & White theme that is charming and timeless

Variety of Facilities 4/5

Plenty of rooftop and dining facilities but lacking in sporting ones

Quality of Facilities 4/5

Meticulously curated by the developers although small pool

Surrounding Amenities 3.5/5

Many amenities close by only if you drive

Developer 4/5

Low profile Singapore developer but real attention to detail

Transport Links 3.5/5

MRT is a distance away but overall location is central

Driving Accessibility 4.5/5

Close to important parts of Singapore

Price Point 4.5/5

Indicative pricing looks attractive in today’s market

41 min read
Project: Jervois Mansion
District: 10
Address: 4 – 16 Jervois Close
Tenure: Freehold
No. of Units: 130
Site Area: 93,182 sqft
Developer: Kimen Realty
TOP: 2026
jervois mansion outdoor

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Jervois Mansion is truly a breath of fresh air in the generally conventional singapore property market. As a real property geek, I’ve been to my fair share of new launch projects, but it’s not often that you get to meet the brains behind a project (more common, I guess, for boutique developments). But I found it fascinating to understand just how much thought has gone on behind the scenes to create a development – especially the commitment to ensure that it isn’t just about looking good, but how do you create something sustainable in the long term as well.

It is a labour of love by the 2 Executive Directors, Arthur and Chye Huat, both of whom hold PhDs – from the Architectural Association School of Architecture and Stanford University respectively. In particular, Arthur is a trained architect who held senior positions at Capitaland including being its Deputy Chief Real Estate Officer, Chief Development Planning Officer, and founder of its flexible workplace business unit Bridge+ so you can be sure that he definitely knows his stuff. Both Arthur and Chye Huat were actively involved in the conception and marketing of Jervois Mansion and it is evident from just how detailed everything has been thought out. 

Inspired by Black & White houses from 19th century Singapore, Jervois Mansion seeks to preserve and bring out that same timelessness in a modern apartment. Even its very name, Jervois Mansion, evokes memories of a luxurious, yesteryear living.

Allow me to elaborate on a little tidbit of history about Black & White bungalows. Built by the British during the 1920s-30s, they served as homes for top government officials and high court judges. They took inspiration from Tudor-styled homes but incorporated features peculiar to the tropical Singapore climate, including stilts inspired by the Malay houses. 

That’s not to say that Jervois Mansion is the only Black & White development in Singapore – 1919 at Mount Sophia and The Verandah Residences at Pasir Panjang are developments which were similarly inspired – but if you have visited the Jervois Mansion show flat, you will be amazed at how meticulously planned this development is, right down to the very plants on site.

So with that, I must applaud the level of detail put into Jervois Mansion. It is unparalleled and for good reason. Jervois Mansion is not a run-of-the-mill development by any large developer out there but more like a family endeavour (passion project?) by the Aw family of Kimen Group. This is a plot of land that they have held on for decades and even after the new Jervois Mansion is completed, they still intend to hold on to several units themselves – which does speak volumes of their intention and belief to create a real asset. 

There’s just so much more to Jervois Mansion than what I can describe in words (but let me try my best). Without further ado, let’s dive straight into what this unique project has to offer!

Jervois Mansion Insider Tour

Let me start by saying that for a small development, Jervois Mansion is just chock full of detail – so be warned this will be a long but interesting read!

jervois mansions review 1

Before going into the development proper, let’s share a little about Jervois Mansion’s green efforts. As part of its conscious push for more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, Jervois Mansion is the first low-rise private development to obtain the BCA Green Mark Goldplus Super Low Energy Residential Building. 

jervois mansion planter

Some of the features that got them the prestigious award include the use of solar panels and smart energy systems for common facilities, extensive roof gardens to dissipate heat, an automatic water irrigation system with rain sensors, and the list goes on. You get my point. And it’s really not just about the awards, but you can tell that they are serious about this being a sustainable development. 

A good example here is even the choice of materials for the tube that carries the rainwater – it’s made specifically of a material that is rust-resistant – which will limit the future maintenance needed.

jervois mansions model 1

Beyond awards, there are many intricate aspects to Jervois Mansion which have left me impressed. I like the attention to detail and deliberate effort in making Jervois Mansion a showpiece for everyone who visits. 

For one, there’s a special scent prepared for Jervois Mansion that will be used at the actual development when completed. It may not be too apparent at the show flat because of mask-wearing but do keep a sniff out for that. In keeping with the green theme, the developers have also been growing various plants (some of the edible nature too), and even to the extent of creating a vegetarian meal with some of the produce! Sadly, with Covid-19 restrictions, this was unable to be served, but you really get an idea of just how much has gone into this project. 

jervois mansion model
The existing Jervois Mansions!

For those of you who have driven past the area, you may know that there is an existing development on the site (with the same name and wholly owned by the family), and the entrance to the current Jervois Mansion is along Jervois Road. For the new development, the entrance would be via Jervois Close instead, which is arguably slightly more exclusive. However, do bear in mind that the small road will also be shared by owners at the neighbouring One Jervois (275 units) and Jervois Jade (45 units).

jervois mansions model 1

Now, let’s talk about the show flat model. First impressions are always important and I was quite taken aback (in a good way) at just how the entire place is nearly engulfed in greenery. You still get to see its classic design but that botanical look is something that will definitely be eye-catching if you drive past. 

jervois mansions design 3

The landscaping has been designed by the reputable (and well-named) Salad Dressing. For those of you concerned about maintenance, the developers have even engaged sustenance curators from Mace Studio. Sounds fancy but they are basically urban advisers that will provide direction on the type of plants that are sustainable with the soil type of the land. 

jervois mansions urban garden

Plus, they will be engaged for a further two years upon TOP to guide and train the gardeners at Jervois Mansion. Again, this really shows how serious the developers are about the longevity of Jervois Mansions. After all, sometimes it can be easy to create something that looks incredible, but keeping it looking incredible for years after is the daunting part. So the thought to include plants that are most suitable for the climate there is certainly fantastic. You could argue this was motivated by the fact that the developers would be keeping some units for themselves, but I reckon that’s more of a plus point than anything else. 

jervois mansions entrance

I found the drop-off at Jervois Mansion to be a real showpiece. There’s something about that cobblestone driveway and cherry blossom trees that makes this aesthetic particularly impressive. Not in a pompous way, but an arrival pavilion that I would imagine could fit seamlessly into a black and white bungalow. It’s a very refined and classy look.

jervois mansions drop off

As expected from a modern new development, there will be a sheltered drop-off and waiting area for residents. 

jervois mansions arrival

Parking wise, there will be a basement car park with 107 lots or 82% of all units. While slightly more than half of the units are 1 and 2 Bedroom units, I would have preferred it if they had at least a 1-to-1 parking ratio instead given the project’s distance from an MRT station and larger units that may have more than 1 car. 

jervois mansions overview

At this juncture, it’s important to emphasise that while Jervois Mansion’s land size of 93,182 sqft makes it one of the mid to larger developments in the Jervois precinct, there are still some constraints with a size like this. Therefore, some facilities (community/dining) have been prioritised and well-executed while others (sports-focused) have been overlooked in light of space constraints – I’ll come more to that in just a bit.

jervois mansions bbq pavilion 1

Let’s start with the strengths of this project. Most of the facilities will be found on the rooftop, which comprises 6 interconnecting quarters focused on different community aspects – Family, Sunrise, Wilderness, Junior, Harvest and Social. The link bridges between the blocks allow residents to access all the facilities seamlessly from their own blocks. Rooftop facilities have always been something I appreciated and I’m happy that residents here get to enjoy them. 

So because every part of the roof is utilised, it’s almost as if you get the entire site plan as usable space – a great move for smaller developments. 

jervois mansions party pavilion

Starting first with the Social Quarter, which seems to be the largest and fronting Jervois Road. As the name suggests, socialising is the name of the game here. Taking center stage would be the party pavilion, which is a dining area that can seem to fit about 20. Hosting parties would definitely not be an issue with so many dining areas across the development. To its left and right, there are 2 small dipping pools, which could perhaps serve as play areas for the kids while the adults are busy catching up.

jervois mansions conference suite

At the corner of this quarter is the Conference Suite, which ensures privacy if you need the space for that very purpose – taking calls or holding private meetings. Take note that this is an open-air space though. There are also small work pods and outdoor fitness stations in this zone if you require. 

jervois mansions bridge

Linking the Social Quarter to the Harvest Quarter would be via this archway that will be filled with creeper plants and definitely a unique feature not commonly seen. 

jervois mansions harvest quarter

The Harvest Quarter will unsurprisingly feature areas that allow residents to showcase their green fingers. They include the community urban farm and sundry garden among others. That said, even if you weren’t born with such skills, the desire for lifelong learning is key. The developers will be organising classes such as gardening, plant appreciation, and farm-to-table cooking to enable residents to acquire green fingers and eventually, bring their efforts to the dinner table. 

jervois mansions sundry pavilion

The Sundry Garden also has a trick up its sleeve, with a commercial-grade washer and dryer. I can’t say I’ve heard of a facility such as this before, and it’ll be interesting to see how many residents take up such an option.

jervois mansions trampoline

I suppose it’s not wrong for me to say that the Junior Quarter will be the liveliest part of this development – with lots of squeals and laughter from the little ones. It’s great that an entire zone is dedicated to the kids and shows that families are definitely an important target market for the developers too. In fact, this area does boast the longest feature list out of all the different quarters. It includes some pretty cute features such as a Jump & Dunk Trampoline. Other fun features include a Treehouse and Sandcastle station. 

jervois mansions suntanning lawn

Leading on from the Junior Quarter would be the Sunrise and Wilderness Quarters, which are mainly ‘chill out’ spots, with various lawns and ‘woods’ features. The Sunrise Quarter features a suntanning lawn, as well as a hammock facility. The views from here are towards One Jervois so I can’t say that they’d be the most spectacular of views.

jervois mansions rain shower

The Wilderness Quarter features a Little Hideout area, along with a Wilderness Spa. As you can quite clearly see from the model, the rooftops of every Quarter will be significantly covered in a very natural layer of lush landscaping.

jervois mansions spa

Going down that path eventually brings you to the Family Quarter, which, similar to the Social Quarter, comprises dining facilities for friends and family to enjoy.

jervois mansions bbq pavilion

There’s also an al-fresco lounge and BBQ pavilion with a small spa and tandem swing by the side for residents and guests to enjoy. 

jervois mansions clubhouse

Heading back to the first floor and I’ll start with the pool area. It resembles a courtyard of sorts with the pool as the central focal point. I’m not sure how it will turn out in terms of noise levels eventually but the photo renders do make the space look rather cosy with a touch of heritage. 

jervois mansions central pool

That said, I was a little disappointed with the length of the pool as it doesn’t seem fit for proper laps or serious swimmers. I understand that as a boutique project land is limited but not having a 30-40m pool at least does mean that Jervois Mansion is somewhat going against the overall market trend. Then again, I do get why it has to be this way. The blocks are placed as sensibly as could be for the size of the land, and again this is just always going to be the limitation for a more exclusive project. 

jervois mansions clubhouse 3

Continuing on that courtyard feel, residents will get to enjoy the full extent of that with a strategically placed Clubhouse that overlooks the central pool. The doors to the clubhouse can be opened fully to present a somewhat seamless integration with the pool. This does remind me of GCBs and larger landed homes where owners sometimes try to achieve the same look of integration between the house and pool. There’s also a small wading pool and sun decks by the side (in case you were wondering).

jervois mansions event lawn

As you might have well realised thus far, the main focus for Jervois Mansion is the green spaces and this includes 2 lawns between Blocks 12 and 16 and Blocks 6 and 8. The latter one is slightly less exciting with just a small lily pond towards the end. At the back of Block 8 however, there is an interesting-looking Cocoon Garden that offers individual pods for families or couples to enjoy. Perhaps even an ideal wedding proposal location?

jervois mansions lawn

As for the former, it comes with an additional lawnside pavilion for you to host parties once again. As you can tell, there are quite a few dining options available for residents within the development and since there are just 130 units here, throwing a party within the condo grounds should not be much of an issue. The lawnside pavilion is also surrounded by bio-ponds which makes this space more aesthetic as well. 

It is a pretty sizeable space, and does contribute to making the estate feel more open and spacious. Personally, I’d have preferred a second swimming pool but that can be completely subjective as well!

jervois mansion gym

It was tough to get a good shot of the gym, so here’s how the gym and yoga/meditation decks are slated to look like. The floor to ceiling windows are definitely stand out as a modern feature compared to the slightly more heritage look of the blocks.

jervois mansion side gate

Towards the tail end of the development, there is also a side gate that leads residents directly to Alexandra Park Connector. You will be able to take advantage of this route to stroll to Great World City in less than 15 minutes, which comes in especially helpful when the Thomson-East Coast Line is up in 2023. The bicycle bay is conveniently located here too, so the Park Connector connectivity will certainly be well utilised.

jervois mansions design 8

Lastly, let me just touch on the design of Jervois Mansion. In short, I really like it. It’s black and white look is very distinctive, and the magnificient lush landscaping around just adds a very homely and private feel to it all.

jervois mansions design 1

Combine that with the design of the balcony, and the planters with overhanging plants on every floor and it’s just a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.

jervois mansions party pavilion 1

So before we head to the show flat units, a quick summary about the facilities once again. There are plenty of dining areas and I love the fact that they have gone with interconnecting rooftop facilities, which are rare because of the cost involved. The only downside would be doing away with a proper lap pool in my opinion and of course, it would be too much to ask for a tennis court in a new condo with just 130 units (the existing development does have one though). 

jervois mansion lift

And just a final touch on just how incredibly detailed everything has been so far. The lift will be a full-glass so that residents and guests will be able to take in the sights of the Black & White design. But what’s especially cool here is the painting specially done for Jervois Mansion, which will be visible from the back of the lift!

Jervois Mansion – 2 Bedroom + Guest – Type B6-G (818 sqft) Review

jervois mansion 2 bedroom

2 Bedroom units are the most predominant unit type at Jervois Mansion, with its various layouts making up almost 40% (50 units) of the development. The layouts do vary and their sizes range from 678 sqft to 861 sqft, with the larger ones coming with a Home Shelter and /or Guest room. Even the smallest 678 sqft unit comes with 2 Bathrooms so that’s definitely a big plus point. All 2 Bedrooms have an open concept kitchen, which helps to save space for the other areas of the unit.  

For this particular showflat unit, it is the second largest 2 Bedroom unit and is the ground floor type, with a generous ceiling height of 4.57m. They do not charge for the additional void space, so we are off to a good start! The floors are decked out in large slab sintered stone for the common areas with engineered timber for the bedrooms. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom entrance

Even though there is a bit of a walkway as you enter the unit, you will feel the sense of space as the high ceiling in the living room immediately comes into view. It is also helped by the windows right by the entrance, which is a rare feature and only possible because this is a corner stack unit. It helps to not only bring in more light but also ventilate the open kitchen just opposite. The kitchen, living and dining room combined would occupy 26.1 sqm of space.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom kitchen

As for the open concept kitchen, the matching engineered quartz countertop space and backsplash are modern and well-sized.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom kitchen sink

Mixer and sink are also in the black, modern form and provided by Steinberg and Blanco respectively.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom kitchen 3

Contrasting top and bottom cabinets in laminate will also be built-in with the top hung cabinets boasting of a LED light strip as well. In terms of kitchen appliances, premium French brand De Dietrich will be the brand of choice here, supplying the induction hob, hood, oven and washer dryer. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom dining 4

Moving on to the dining area and you will notice that as compared to other 2 Bedroom new launches in the market, the one at Jervois Mansion feels more spacious. Not that there is material difference to the sitting capacity – this area is still most comfortable for 4 – but you will notice that there is actually space behind the seats, which amazingly, should not be taken for granted these days. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom living dining

At this point, it’s important to emphasize that the 4.57 metre ceiling height really helps to accentuate the sense of space here. It also helps that the interior design was clean and uncluttered with a pop of colour from the red sofa set. So while the ground floor unit is definitely one to plunge for for the height, the ceiling heights on the other floors aren’t too shabby either. Floors 2 to 4 will be 3 metres (above average) and the highest floor will be a touch higher at 3.32 metres.  

jervois mansions 2 bedroom living

The overall living area is in line with its market peers, as you can tell from the 3 seater couch, small coffee table and built-in cabinets, which took the place of what would ordinarily be a TV console area. I think it’s often difficult to stand out on the couch-to-TV distance for the smaller units and the real standout in this aspect for Jervois Mansion would be the other showflat, a 4 Bedroom, 1,539 sqft unit. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom living view

Of course, again with the high ceiling it really helps to give a great impression of space here. The cut out glass over where the TV console is normally placed does add to the open nature of the apartment, so do note this is just ID treatment and the actual unit will not come with it.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom balcony

As we head out to the balcony, which is termed as PES for ground floor units, you will notice that the ledge is very classic and retro-themed, in line with the overall Black & White design philosophy. At 4.6 sqm of space, this is a comfortable area for some simple outdoor furniture, suitable for some weekend reading over a cup of coffee. Because this is also a ground floor unit, there will also be a gate that leads you to the rest of the development. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom balcony 1

At this point, if you take a look at the floor plan, you will notice that there are areas marked in green, which are communal planters that will be maintained by the MCST. This is a unique feature that will certainly help to add more colour and character to the development. And as mentioned earlier, even the plants will be carefully curated by the developers in collaboration with their landscape architects Salad Dressing and sustenance curators.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 2

Moving on first to the Guest room, which, at 6.3 sqm, is quite liveable for friends who occasionally stay over. In this showflat however, they have been really ingenious in taking advantage of the double volume ceiling. As you can tell from the photo, the staircase seems to lead to nowhere! 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 2 stairs

Instead of building a loft with just the Guest room itself, they have actually encroached into Bedroom 2 and effectively built a bedroom on top of a bedroom. With this concept, this 818 sqft is effectively a 3 Bedroom one that feels larger than its actual size. This is probably best visualised when you pop by the showflat yourself so do let us know if you are interested! 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 2 1 loft

The effective size of the room has thus doubled or more, with the loft snugly fitting a Queen sized bed. It’s a cosy setup, and frankly I really like the unique nature of the room although it does come at the expense of practicality. And unless you are ultra blessed in the height department, most people shouldn’t have issues with standing here comfortably.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 2 loft 1

Down below, you will then have room for a small study, which has been constructed around a cosy nook here. Even without building a loft, the room is provided with a small built-in wardrobe, which is practical for guests.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 2 details

Note however that this creative way of building a loft is subject to approval from the authorities and will come at an additional cost.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 3 1

Moving on to Bedroom 2, which at 9 sqm, is averagely sized in market. However, due to the loft being built above in the Guest room, you will notice that the ceiling height is compromised in this room. Personally, I don’t actually mind it because I gain a full sized bedroom in the form of the loft and actually find this lower ceiling quite cosy too.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 3 2

It’s designed in more of a wildlife/explorer kind of theme, with a world map pin board on one side and some wildlife/nature backdrop on the other. With a Queen sized bed in place, you still have some room for some shelving as they have done here. A big plus point to this layout, is its full length windows in all bedrooms as the a/c ledge is behind the wardrobes in the Master Bedroom instead (an underrated but important point).

jervois mansions 2 bedroom bedroom 3 storage

Another point to note is that all built-in wardrobes will come with an accessories compartment as opposed to many projects which only provide them for Master Bedrooms, if at all. Talk about attention to detail.. Although storage will be provided with the usual 2-panel variety – which is the usual limitation of storage spaces in any new launch today.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom common bathroom 4

Now to Bathroom 2, which will be shared by Bedroom 2 and guests. At 3.4 sqm, it is smaller than average and you should be able to feel it when you visit the showflat. I think it’s personal preference here, some do like a larger bath (because of the time they spend in it) but I personally don’t mind a smaller one.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom common bathroom 2

It’s still a very practical place to be, especially because it comes with large panel windows that can help with ventilating the space. You’ll also notice the framed windows here, something which is deliberately designed to ensure you get a good picture of the greenery view around Jervois Mansion.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom common bathrom

You get unoffensive grey-tone porcelain tiles as the materials for the floor and wall and racks provided for toiletries in the shower stall and basin area as well. Bathroom fittings are from Geberit and come in the more modern matte black finish.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bedroom 2

Now to the largest bedroom in the unit – the Master Bedroom. At 15.3 sqm, it is of a comfortable size and its visuals are definitely helped by the double volume ceilings. First up, the windows. You can get windows on 2 sides of the room instead of the usual 1, all thanks to its corner stack status.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bedroom 4

And for the usual side with windows, you can tell that the windows are very large framed ones, which makes the whole room and development feel more premium. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bedroom 3

Here’s another shot, just to give you an idea of the space available here.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bedroom storage
jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bedroom storage 1

As for the built-in wardrobe, it is slightly larger than the ones found in the common bedroom and once again, comes with a purpose-built accessories compartment but this time with a slide out mirror. It’s been clear so far that a lot of emphasis is placed on the details and that is something I really appreciate. 

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bathroom

On to the Master Bath, which is very averagely sized at 4.8 sqm. Just like the common bath, this also comes with a large panel window, which is always appreciated and serves a very practical purpose. Bathroom fittings are from the reputable Geberit.

jervois mansions 2 bedroom master bathroom 1

Compared to the common bath, you will find a rain shower and a special feature that will be found in every Master Bath at Jervois Mansion – an elegant slab of Sintered stone with natural vein variations to serve as the centrepiece of the bathroom, giving it an understated touch of luxury.

Jervois Mansion – 4 Bedroom – Type D2  (1,539 sqft) Review

jervois mansion 4 bedroom floorplan

4 Bedroom units make up about 20% of all unit types and range from 1,475 – 2,271 sq ft with some of the units part of the Premium Collection. Several layouts in the Premium Collection will feature private lift access too. Make no mistake, 1,539 sqft is huge compared to most new condos but not quite at the level of Meyer Mansion or 15 Holland Hill

That said, do remember that this is a non-premium unit and 4 Bedroom units here go up to 2,271 sq ft, which is almost 50% larger than this showflat unit. In line with its eco-focus, units come with large slab Sintered stone floors in the common areas and engineered timber in the bedrooms. Ceiling height for standard units (levels 2 to 4) is 3 metres, which is slightly higher than the ~2.8m average in the market. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom entrance

I’m very pleased that there is no entrance foyer when you enter the unit so there’s no wasted space to speak of. Of course, the purpose of the foyer is also for privacy purposes but you do get an additional gate on top of your standard main door for every unit at Jervois Mansion so that might help to shield your unit away from prying eyes.

jervois mansion gate

The smart lock will be positioned here so you can safely keep the door closed, but still enjoy the breeze from the cross ventilation. Some people may not like the fact that their privacy may be compromised here, but you could also argue that’s part of the charm of living in a smaller development.

The developers are looking to foster a community spirit through a future portal, so this could very well be a moot point!

jervois mansion 4 bedroom dining living

The living, dining and dry kitchen areas combined make up 37.2 sqm of space, which, for context, is almost the size of some Studio / 1 Bedroom units around. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom dining

Naturally, you will then be able to fit more in this area. The dining area here has a 6 seater set comfortably placed and depending on your eventual choice of furniture, should probably be able to fit 8 easily too. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom living 3

As for its adjacent living area, TV-to-couch distance does definitely feel much better than the smaller units but still, don’t expect it to be overly spacious here. Choosing the right furniture is still key and will do the job for most families.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom living

Seating capacity is pretty standard at about 3-4 width wise with another 1-seater couch by the sides if you would like with room for a coffee table and TV console. Also do note that the wall where the TV console should be is slightly constrained by the presence of the dry kitchen counter.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom balcony

Moving then to the Balcony, which at 11.3 sqm, is big. It has a nice, rectangular shape which makes it versatile for multiple uses. If you prefer to have a nice cosy setup, you can have a 2-seater bar counter just as they have done here.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom balcony 4

Having that leaves you with room for a sofa couch of sorts. If you do prefer to have a small coffee or dining table here instead, this space would probably be ideal for a group of 4.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom planter

Its’s worth mentioning here too that the balcony will be flanked by AC ledges on both sides, which means you will be hearing the hum of the compressors if all the air-conditioning is on. On the bright side, you get the lovely planters on the outside here, so your views from the bedroom will be quite pleasant, to say the least.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom dry kitchen 1

Back to the entrance, where you can find the dry kitchen counter just by the left. It comes with an engineered quartz countertop complete with a wine chiller below. There’s also a good amount of built-in cabinets here, with an integrated fridge by De Dietrich here in the dry kitchen area as well. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom dry kitchen
jervois mansion 4 bedroom kitchen 5

As for the wet kitchen, there’s also another similarly sized integrated fridge there so having 2 fridges would definitely be sufficient for you to stock up for your elaborate Christmas party.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom kitchen 1

As for the other appliances, they will similarly be supplied by French luxury brand De Dietrich and this includes a 3-burner gas hob, hood, oven and washer cum dryer. As expected, this is an encloseable kitchen with some large window panels for light and ventilation to come in. Countertop space is L-shaped and generous, as with the top and bottom cabinets. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom kitchen

I really like the large framed windows used here too. Other than giving you the luxury of taking in the greenery view, it does the job of making the space look bright and a lot more open.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom wc

However, one shortcoming of this unit is definitely the lack of a proper yard space. While there’s a small window just outside the w/c, it definitely doesn’t cut it as a yard so you will have to rely completely on the dryer to do the work (that’s probably where the commercial washer/dryer will come in handy). 

Additionally, the home shelter is usually placed at the end of the kitchen, just beside the w/c for easy accessibility for your helper. In this unit however, the home shelter is located a distance away and opposite Bedroom 3 instead. Not that it matters much, but just highlighting it here in case you were wondering. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom home shelter

On that note, let’s talk about the home shelter, which is sized at 4.1 sqm, a decent size for you to store away your barang-barang. It’ll most probably be used as a helpers room, so it’s good to see provision for that here.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master

Now, the overall layout of this unit is not in dumbbell form but takes on more of an L-shaped layout, with the Junior Master on one end and Master on the other. I’ll start with the Junior Master. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master bedroom 4

At 15.7 sqm, this Junior Master is actually larger than the Master Bedroom in the 2 Bedroom unit review earlier. This is unsurprising of course, since this unit is also way larger and consequently, costlier.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master bedroom

I really love that huge window pane they have here, which gives out a grander vibe for all occupants and guests alike. Maybe it’s a toast to how perfect the showflat is but just looking out at nature and greenery out of the window just gives off a very comfortable and homely feeling. 

It’s also very worth pointing out here that the left window has been made specifically to cater for an easy installation of a mosquito netting. Since Jervois Mansion is catered almost like a garden home, residents may want to enjoy feeling one with nature (without the mosquitoes and bugs). While (sadly) not provided for, it again goes to show the thoughtfulness at play here.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master bedroom 5

So because this is a corner stack (most units at Jervois Mansion are, to be fair), you get another set of windows, albeit smaller than those huge floor-to-ceiling ones, just to the right of the bed.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master storage

Because of the sheer size of this room (it’s only the Junior Master), you can afford a couch by the side and some loose furniture with ample walking room to spare. As standard, you get a built-in wardrobe with an accessories compartment for all bedrooms.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master bathroom

As for the Junior Master Bath, which comes ensuite, it is below average in size at 3.5 sqm. It’s still practical nonetheless and comes with a design that is classy yet understated.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom junior master bathroom 2

There’s a wall-hung w/c, some useful racks as standard and a matte black shower head. The fittings are all from quality European brands such as Geberit so you can be assured of its quality. There’s also a window for this bathroom so all’s good for natural ventilation. That said, there’s no rain shower included here, which some may feel it’s a surprising miss.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bathroom

Since we are on the topic of bathrooms, we can move first to Bathroom 3, which will be shared between Bedrooms 3 and 4 as well as with guests. While this is 20% larger than the Junior Master Bath, it does not come with windows, so you will need to rely on the mechanical ventilation system.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bathroom 1

Can you actually feel the size difference? I’m inclined to say yes, although whether the added space adds any practical purpose is subjective. Regardless, it will still come in the same quality fittings from a host of European brands with a more modern looking matte black finish. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bedroom 2

On to the common bedrooms, starting with Bedroom 4, which is just beside the Junior Master. At 8.4 sqm, it is marginally smaller than Bedroom 3 but remains averagely sized in the market. It’s been done up as a Study/Studio of sorts and presumably kept as sparse as possible for would-be buyers to better visualise the actual floor area.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bedroom 2 1

Practically speaking, it will still fit a Queen sized bed but you will have little room left to place much else. As always, all built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms feature an accessories compartment, a feature that is usually reserved for the Master Bedroom in other developments, if even at all. One shortcoming of this layout is that there are aircon ledges in several places, including 2 just outside Bedrooms 3 and 4, causing both to only have half-length windows. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bedroom 3

Moving on to Bedroom 3, which is marginally bigger at 8.7 sqm. This room has been designed more like a little boy’s room with more practical features. Now, I’m not referring to the skateboards on the wall but more about having a study table to do their homework.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom common bedroom 3 3

Of course, that will mean that you will have to do with a smaller Single bed instead, which is still alright especially when the kids are younger. As mentioned above, there is an a/c ledge outside so the windows here are not full length. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom

Finally, the showpiece of this house has got to be the Master Bedroom! At 22.6 sqm, this room is absolutely massive. You can feel it the moment you enter the room and its sheer size even makes the King bed feel kind of small, especially when you compare it to the other common bedrooms. It’s also helped that you do get light flowing through the room with windows on 2 sides and even a private balcony here.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom study

On the wardrobe side, the built-in portion is already larger than those provided in the other rooms, but you can definitely add to that with space that is currently designed as the dresser. New condos often suffer from the lack of wardrobe space but this layout allows you to seamlessly extend it to suit your needs. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom 4

The size of the Master Bedroom just means that you have plenty of choices when it comes to what you wish to include in your room. Bedside table? Sure. Arm chair by the side? Why not. Suffice to say, it’s a space that is up to your imagination. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom balcony

In true celebration of how far you have come, there’s even a private balcony here. It’s a nice, cosy space that can fit 2 chairs and a coffee table. Looking at their choice of furniture and the classic Black & White ledge, it is certainly a modern interpretation of bungalow living in apartment form. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom 7

Overall, the future occupants of the Master Bedroom will probably be very happy at the current layout. Having a walk-in wardrobe here would have probably been the icing on the cake, but really, you can’t always have it all.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bedroom view

On that thought, the layout does allow you to build a faux walk-in wardrobe. So yes, you do get that walk-in feel but not necessarily the added functionality of it.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bathroom 1

To cap it off, the luxury does not quite end there. The Master Bath is 8.2 sqm, more than double the size of the one in the Junior Master.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bathroom 2 1

Cognisant of the need to cater to both the Mr and Mrs of the house, you will find his and hers wash basins and mixers here. There’s also the usual wall-hung w/c, some useful racks as standard. The fittings are all from quality European brands such as Geberit so you can be assured of its quality.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bathroom 2

Additionally, you will find a bathtub, which although is on the small side, is becoming a unicorn in the new launch market these days. It’s definitely a lifestyle product that i’m sure buyers in this segment would appreciate. You do get a rainshower here too, so all grounds are covered.

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bathroom bathtub

That said, the overall theme of the bathroom have been pretty understated but with that touch of luxe through the large slab of sintered stone with natural vein variations. 

jervois mansion 4 bedroom master bathroom

Jervois Mansion Location Review

Location is one of Jervois Mansion’s selling points, but not necessarily in the conventional way. Unlike many new launches, MRT access is not its strength. It’s a very different story if you drive – Dempsey, Orchard, Chinatown, and Tiong Bahru are just some places you can get to in less than 5 minutes, during non-peak hours of course. 

Beyond its transport accessibility, the area Jervois Mansion is located in also has to be highlighted. Located in prime District 10, there is no doubt that Jervois Mansion is in a highly coveted and desirable area. If you had any doubt about that, take a drive or stroll around the area and you will notice that Jervois Mansion is on the fringe of the sprawling Chatsworth Park Good Class Bungalow Area (GCBA), which is the largest GCBA in Singapore. 

Home to not only some of the fanciest homes in town, Chatsworth Park GCBA also houses several embassies, including the Malaysia High Commission just opposite Jervois Mansion. If you are familiar with the Malaysia High Comm, there is always a snaking queue outside on weekdays and taxis waiting outside its entrance (pre-Covid at least) so it’s not exactly the most homely sight. Thankfully, the entrance is along Cable Road and away from the Jervois Close entrance for Jervois Mansion. 

Beyond its GCBA status, Chatsworth Park is also a conservation area, with 27 conserved bungalows built in Art Deco and Black & White styles. Jervois Mansion thus hopes to build on the heritage and prestige of this area and recreate a modern interpretation of it in apartment form. And what a brilliant product they have here!


Public Transport 

Bus StationBuses ServicedDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Opp Valley PtStop ID: 1305114, 32, 65, 139, 970230m, 3 mins
Valley PtStop ID: 1305914, 32, 65, 139, 970240m, 3 mins

Nearest MRT: Great World MRT (1km, 12 mins walk) and Tiong Bahru MRT (1.1km, 15 mins walk)

Jervois Mansion Primary Schools


SchoolDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Alexandra Primary School650m, 8 mins
Zhangde Primary School1km, 12 mins
River Valley Primary School1.8km, 23 mins
Gan Eng Seng Primary School2.2km, 28 mins
Radin Mas Primary3.3km, 42 mins
Crescent Girls School1.1km, 14 mins
Queenstown Secondary School2km, 25 mins

Retail Outlets

MallDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Valley Point350m, 5 mins
Great World City1.1m, 14 mins
Tiong Bahru Plaza1.2km, 16 mins

Private Transport 

Key DestinationsDistance From Condo (Average Time at Peak Hour [0830] Drive Time)
CBD (Raffles Place)4.1 km, 14 mins 
Orchard Road2.0 km, 8 mins
Suntec City4.7 km, 18 mins
Changi Airport 24.1 km, 27 mins
Tuas Port (By 2040)35.8 km, 50 mins
Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030)13.9 km, 24 mins
Mediapolis (and surroundings)5.3 km, 16 mins
Mapletree Business City5.6 km, 19 mins
Tuas Checkpoint 25.6 km, 34 mins
Woodlands Checkpoint21.0 km, 30 mins
Jurong Cluster (JCube)13.7 km, 28 mins
Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point)21.5 km, 33 mins
HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City)4.0 km, 14 mins
Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point)22.7 km, 30 mins

Immediate Road Exits: 1 – Jervois Close, which can either take you on to Delta / River Valley Road to the right or Tanglin Road to the left.  

Unit Mix  

1-Bedroom 495 46 15 15% 5 $485
1-Bedroom + Guest 646 60 5 6 $582
2-Bedroom 678 – 786 63 – 73 25 19% 6 $582
2-Bedroom + Guest 797 – 861 74 – 80 25 19% 6 $582
3-Bedroom 1001 – 1023 93 – 95 20 15% 6 $582
3-Bedroom Premium 1249 – 1378 116 – 128 10 8% 7 $679
4-Bedroom 1539 143 5 8% 7 $679
4-Bedroom DK 1475 137 5 7 $679
4-Bedroom Premium 1539 – 2271 143 – 211 15 12% 7–8 $679 – $776
5-Bedroom DK 1808 168 5 4% 8 $776

Jervois Mansion has a good mix of both smaller (2 Bedrooms and below) and larger units, with the line drawn between them at about 50/50. The larger units, especially the 4 Bedroom ones, are very generously sized and signals the clientele that the developer wishes to target. 

Being a family office themselves, Kinmen Realty is cognisant of buyers in the District 10 Jervois segment. They may be successful professionals, offspring of GCB owners close by, or perhaps older couples wishing to downsize to a more fuss-free lifestyle in a new apartment. Many do lament how small new developments are these days so catering to them with larger units in excess of 1,500 sqft is definitely ideal.

Jervois Mansion Developer Review

Developer Notes

Kimen Group is an investment holding and operation group with interest in real estate, equities, and other asset classes. It is part of the Aw family, which derived its wealth from rubber before its founder Aw Kim Chen diversified into real estate. A low-profile boutique developer, the Aw Family was the original developer of Jervois Mansions in 1985 and Nassimville in 2015. They have since held these properties for investment holdings. The Aw Family’s portfolio also includes residential properties in London, Hotel Soloha, The Offshore, and a row of shop houses at Teck Chye Terrace.

Architect Notes

Serie Architects is a London based practice founded by Chirstopher Lee with overseas offices in Mumbai and Singapore, the latter in partnership with Multiply Architects. The work of Serie is known for its spatial intelligence, formal elegance and contextual engagement. They have been rather active in the Singapore market, having also designed the iconic One Pearl Bank, State Courts, 5 Science Park and NUS’ SDE4 building. I would say that they aren’t exactly famous in Singapore but their works have been rather eye-catching and modern. Jervois Mansion is yet another testament to their good work of keeping the heritage alive with a modern twist. 

Stack Analysis

Jervois Mansion Site Plan

Jervois Mansion Site Plan

Best stacks

Jervois Mansion Best Stacks

There are 6 blocks at Jervois Mansion and if you needed a model example of what exclusivity should look like without costing a fortune, this is a prime example. Unlike many other developments with many units in a single block, only Block 8 has 9 units while the other 5 blocks have 4 units or less. That not only means more exclusivity for residents but also more windows for light and wind to come through for every unit. 

The most exclusive block? Block 12, with just 2 units and unsurprisingly, the only one with private lift access. They are 4 Bedroom Premium units that range from 1,722 sqft to 2,271 sqft. If exclusivity is something for you and budget is not an issue, Block 12 would certainly be worth a closer look. 

The 1 and 2 Bedroom units are mostly at Block 8, which has 9 units. The exception to that is Stacks 23 and 26 at Block 16, which are 2 Bedroom units measuring 785 sq ft. Although it is a dumbbell layout, it does have a slightly less efficient entranceway. My choices would be for Stacks 9 or 10 if you are going for a compact 2 Bedroom unit for its efficient dumbbell layout without any wasted space or stacks 11 or 12 for its potential ability to create a loft for the Study on top of the Bedroom (as seen in the show flat but subject to regulatory approvals).

As for the 3 Bedroom units, the standard units have a dumbbell layout albeit with a rather narrow kitchen for Stacks 1 and 4. Stacks 14 and 17 would consequently look more regular in terms of their layout. The premium collection, on the other hand, does have a dumbbell layout but is about 20% larger and comes with an additional dry kitchen, yard, and utility, which may be more practical for larger families, especially those with a live-in helper. 

Jervois Mansion is a low-rise 5 storey development, after all, so you will not have much panoramic views to speak of. Picking the best stack will eventually come down to the number of bedrooms you are looking for (for example, there is only 1 stack of 1 Bedroom units), the facing (some units will face North West), and ultimately, your budget (standard and premium collections will differ in price by quite a bit). 

Afternoon West Sun Analysis

Jervois Mansion Afternoon West Sun

Stacks with the most afternoon sun here are those that are facing north-west. Those with the least afternoon sun are those facing the south-east direction.

However, I must add that the layout is important. While Stack 24’s boundary looks like it faces the north-west, the balcony/living, as well as the master bedroom and junior master, faces either the north-east or south-west, with only 2 bedrooms facing the north-west direction. Its service yard also faces north-west which is great for drying clothes.

The same can be said for most of the north-west facing stacks – while the effects of the afternoon sun on concrete can be felt, it’s not nearly as bad as direct sunlight through the window.

With its clever layout, most of the living areas would not have direct sunlight penetrating despite its north-west facing.

Price review

If you are considering Jervois Mansion, you will undoubtedly compare it against its neighbouring developments. So here is how it stacks up!

Development UnitsPSFTOPTenurePrice Gap
Jervois Mansion130$2,450*2026Freehold
Petit Jervois55$2,8592022Freehold+17% 
Jervois Treasures36$2,2712022Freehold-7%
One Jervois275$1,8782009Freehold-23%
Valley Park 728$1,8521997999 Years-24%
Indicative pricing

The indicative psf for Jervois Mansion starts at just $2,271 psf for the 2 and 3 Bedroom units but I am assuming an average psf of $2,450 instead. Even at this price point, it still looks attractive compared to its peers. 

First up, against its 2 new launch Jervois peers. Do note that both Petit Jervois and Jervois Treasures are both boutique developments with way fewer units than Jervois Mansion. Consequently, they do have fewer facilities and presumably, higher maintenance fees as well. At $2,450 average psf for Jervois Mansion, it is still 17% cheaper than Petit Jervois close by and just 7% more than Jervois Treasures, which is a much smaller project. Notwithstanding the SC Global branding that has undoubtedly put Petit Jervois at a premium, Jervois Mansion shines well against its new launch peers with an attractive price point. 

Even against its older and more recognisable peers, Jervois Mansion’s 23 and 24% premium against One Jervois and Valley Park looks reasonable. This new launch has the makings of an iconic project with its attention to detail and distinctive architecture so to be paying less than a quarter more for a new launch definitely makes this project seem rather attractive. 

Now let’s take a deeper look at its pricing compared to surrounding condos and other new launches in Singapore.

Jervois Mansion is located in the Tanglin planning area which is part of district 10.

Tanglin Area

The area is known for its GCBs and embassies, which is indicative of how prime the area is. While it is located in district 10, its location is found on the boundary of District 3 which houses the Alexandra Linear Park Connector – giving Jervois Mansion direct access to this amenity. 

So how have prices fared in the Tanglin area? Based on data from August 2020 to September 2021, there were 121 projects transacted. Here’s a look at their $PSF:

Project NameMedian $PSFProject NameMedian $PSF
Holland Mews$1,231Palm Spring$1,821
DLV.$1,252Martina Mansions$1,826
Queensberry Lodge$1,253One Jervois$1,830
Mutiara Crest$1,331Proximo$1,831
Clydesview$1,417Pinewood Gardens$1,832
Jervois Meadows$1,424Stevens Suites$1,834
Seven Holt Road$1,458Rv Suites$1,835
Gisborne Light$1,460The Montana$1,841
Dalvey Court$1,476Jervois Lodge$1,842
Villa Delle Rose$1,495Tanglin Hill Meadows$1,847
Chateau Le Fame$1,508Tanglin Residences$1,848
Duet$1,520Honolulu Tower$1,855
Jade Garden$1,535Fifty-Two Stevens$1,858
Rich Mansions$1,564Garden Apartments$1,858
Spanish Village$1,573Nathan Place$1,876
Robin Regalia$1,574Gardenville$1,888
Jervois Regency$1,585Orange Grove Residences$1,889
Chelsea Gardens$1,593Regency Park$1,913
Pinetree Condominium$1,603Three Three Robin$1,926
Holt Residences$1,605Rv Edge$1,930
The Legend$1,621Jewel Of Balmoral$1,944
Stevens Loft$1,626Hallmark Residences$1,953
Parc Stevens$1,629Jaya Tower$1,953
The Balmoral$1,646The Holland Collection$1,956
Wing On Life Garden$1,649Loft @ Stevens$1,961
Nathan Residences$1,650Gallop Green$1,965
Kellock Lodge$1,651The Orange Grove$1,991
The Princeton$1,656The Mercury$2,000
Lien Towers$1,657Tanglin Park$2,005
The Capri$1,657Balmoral Hills$2,016
The Levelz$1,661Madison Residences$2,064
The Aston$1,663Belmond Green$2,070
D’ Dalvey$1,666Cyan$2,077
Regency Lodge$1,671The Ladyhill$2,099
Ewe Boon Regent$1,672The Solitaire$2,119
Sheares Ville$1,675Beverly Hill$2,160
Signature At Lewis$1,684Latitude$2,187
Shanghai One$1,706St Martin Residence$2,211
Sutton Place$1,716Beaufort On Nassim$2,221
Jervois View$1,727Botanic Gardens View$2,246
The Legacy$1,730Jervois Treasures$2,271
Ventuno Balmoral$1,730Jervois Mansion$2,300
One Robin$1,732Nassim Jade$2,323
Dormer Park$1,738Robin Suites$2,337
Ferrell Residences$1,739One Balmoral$2,358
Three Balmoral$1,742Cluny Park Residence$2,409
Stellar Rv$1,743Wilshire Residences$2,425
Sommerville Park$1,74538 Jervois$2,576
Avalon$1,770Juniper Hill$2,651
Chatelet$1,770Grange Residences$2,699
The Equatorial$1,777Sloane Residences$2,798
Bellerive$1,787The Hyde$2,843
Waterfall Gardens$1,787Petit Jervois$2,855
Studio 3$1,796Gramercy Park$3,065
Sommerville Grandeur$1,798Dalvey Haus$3,080
Cliften$1,799The Nassim$3,252
Mutiara View$1,806Nassim Park Residences$3,309
Gallop Gables$1,811Bishopsgate Residences$3,682
Loft @ Nathan$1,821Les Maisons Nassim$5,858
Source: URA. Freehold non-landed projects for all transactions in the Tanglin area from Sep 2020 to Aug 2021.

Given the number of projects here, it is a little hard to put it all into a graph without disrupting the reading experience, but if we assume the indicative $PSF of Jervois Mansion to be $2,300, you’ll see that it’s not quite near the top of the $PSF chart which I would normally expect for a freehold luxurious development in District 10. The median $PSF during this period is also $1,858 – and this includes many freehold projects that are very old (D10 is a really mature district).

This does bode well for Jervois Mansion so far, so how does it fare against its neighbours?

There aren’t many condominiums surrounding Jervois Mansion, let alone large ones (without encroaching into district 03). Hence, due to the smaller transaction volumes, I would take the pricing here with a pinch of salt – nonetheless, this is what we’ll have to go with:

ProjectTenureBuilt Year1BR Price2BR Price3BR Price4BR Price
Dormer ParkFreehold1993$2,900,000 ($1,738 psf)$4,050,000 ($1,726 psf)
Holt ResidencesFreehold2000$3,300,000 ($1,605 psf)
Jervois LodgeFreehold1997$1,750,000 ($1,260 psf)$2,240,000 ($1,913 psf)
Jervois RegencyFreehold2003$1,639,500 ($1,662 psf)$1,880,000 ($1,480 psf)
Jervois ViewFreehold1982$4,275,000 ($1,727 psf)
Mon Jervois99 yrs from 07/05/20122016$3,069,000 ($1,320 psf)$4,104,700 ($1,550 psf)
One JervoisFreehold2009$1,280,000 ($1,699 psf)$1,838,000 ($1,792 psf)$2,697,000 ($1,838 psf)$3,075,000 ($1,866 psf)
Sheares VilleFreehold2003$2,440,000 ($1,655 psf)
Jervois MansionFreehold2026 (Est TOP)$1,212,750 ($2,450 psf)*$1,593,300 ($2,350 psf)*$2,302,300 ($2,300 psf)*$3,462,750 ($2,250 psf)*
Source: URA. Data from Sep 2020 – August 2021.
*Indicative $PSF only

If you look at the surrounding developments, you’ll immediately see that Jervois Mansion has an extremely compelling price at its indicative pricing. Given the age of the developments around, surrounding 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms tend to be larger, and hence, have a higher overall price as compared to Jervois Mansion. The only exception is the 4-bedroom here, where surrounding 4-bedders have gone for below $3.4m.

If the indicative pricing holds, you’ll immediately see the appeal of paying just around $1.6m for a 2-bedroom unit in the Tanglin area as compared to a similarly priced development that’s about 20 years older (such as Jervois Regency).

Of course, with a lower $PSF but higher quantum means that old projects like Jervois Regency are much bigger as mentioned earlier, so you’ll need to see if the more efficient space and newer project is preferred over the cheaper ($PSF-wise) unit that has large amounts of space that may be considered excessive.

For reference, here’s what the neighbouring sizes from actual transactions look like:

ProjectTenure1BR Size2BR Size3BR Size4BR Size
Dormer ParkFreehold1668 sqft2347 sqft
Holt ResidencesFreehold2056 sqft
Jervois LodgeFreehold1389 sqft1109 – 1238 sqft
Jervois RegencyFreehold947 – 1033 sqft1270 sqft
Jervois ViewFreehold2476 sqft
Mon Jervois99 yrs from 07/05/20122325 sqft2626 – 2669 sqft
One JervoisFreehold753 – 753 sqft990 – 1066 sqft1292 – 1959 sqft1496 – 1841 sqft
Sheares VilleFreehold1475 sqft
Jervois MansionFreehold495 sqft678 sqft1001 sqft1539 sqft
Source: URA. Data from Sep 2020 – August 2021.

In terms of overall quantum, here’s how the 3-bedroom of Jervois Mansion compares (at its indicative $PSF):

3 Bedroom Prices Jervois Mansion

This is a really rare outcome for a pricing review for new launches. With new launches, we may not have to expect the overall price to be high (since new launches are smaller), but with Jervois Mansion’s low indicative $PSF, the overall quantum is ranked in the bottom 3, making it very attractive for buyers to own an efficient 3 bedroom unit with new facilities in a prime area.

Now that we’ve looked at projects in the vicinity, let’s take a look at how Jervois Mansion compares to CCR projects. For simplicity, I’ll be looking at the $PSF of units less than 500 sqft in size (1-bedders) and comparing it to the indicative 1-bedroom $PSF of Jervois Mansion (around $2,450 psf).

This makes it more accurate as a measure of how expensive/affordable a new launch is since different unit sizes may have transacted over the past year, and would serve as a proxy for how prices of the development are relative to each other.

I have also grouped the data into freehold and leasehold.

Here’s what the data looks like:

Project NameTenureMedian Unit Price ($ PSF)
3 CuscadenFreehold$4,213
RV AltitudeFreehold$2,921
Pullman Residences NewtonFreehold$2,893
The HydeFreehold$2,761
35 GilsteadFreehold$2,682
Dunearn 386Freehold$2,608
Wilshire ResidencesFreehold$2,601
Leedon GreenFreehold$2,599
Midtown Bay99 yrs from 02/01/2018$3,023
One Holland Village Residences99 yrs from 13/08/2018$2,990
Midtown Modern99 yrs from 10/12/2019$2,990
The M99 yrs from 03/07/2019$2,859
Irwell Hill Residences99 yrs from 13/04/2020$2,674
One Bernam99 yrs from 10/12/2019$2,593
Fourth Avenue Residences99 yrs from 07/03/2018$2,391
Source: URA. CCR New Launches <500 sqft units. Data from Jan 2020 – Sep 2021

Based on an indicative psf of $2,450, Jervois Mansion would rank as the most affordable new freehold CCR project based on the past 1 year’s worth of transactions. And $2,450 psf is still around 5% cheaper than the next cheapest project ($PSF-wise), Leedon Green.

Even if I compare this to leasehold projects in the CCR, Jervois Mansion’s $2,450 psf is still the 2nd most affordable, with only Fourth Avenue Residences ranking lower.

Next, let’s take a look at how it compares to new launches in the RCR:

ProjectTenureMedian Unit Price ($ PSF)
Meyer MansionFreehold$3,122
Sky EvertonFreehold$2,649
Amber ParkFreehold$2,479
Coastline ResidencesFreehold$2,451
The Linq @ Beauty WorldFreehold$2,348
Forett At Bukit TimahFreehold$1,997
Rezi 24Freehold$1,634
One Pearl Bank99 yrs from 01/03/2019$2,694
The Reef At King’s Dock99 yrs from 12/01/2021$2,223
Stirling Residences99 yrs from 18/08/2017$2,207
The Landmark99 yrs from 28/08/2020$2,153
Margaret Ville99 yrs from 13/03/2017$2,153
Park Colonial99 yrs from 11/10/2017$2,096
Parc Esta99 yrs from 12/07/2018$1,907
The Antares99 yrs from 14/08/2018$1,845
Kent Ridge Hill Residences99 yrs from 10/11/2018$1,796
Verdale99 yrs from 05/12/2018$1,782
Normanton Park99 yrs from 22/07/2019$1,757
Penrose99 yrs from 03/07/2019$1,752
The Tre Ver99 yrs from 27/03/2018$1,741
Source: URA. RCR New Launches <500 sqft units. Data from Jan 2020 – Sep 2021

Compared to freehold RCR projects, Jervois Mansion would also rank 5th place after Amber Park at an indicative $PSF of $2,450. It’s much to my surprise that it isn’t even in the top 2 position for a CCR project located close to the Good Class Bungalow Area and embassies in district 10.

So far, the indicative prices for Jervois Mansion look really promising, but there’s one more point that I would like to touch on – the supply of small units in the area.

Between September 2020 – August 2021, there were only 67 resale transactions for units (including new and resale) that are 786 sqft and below. 786 sqft is the size of the biggest 2-bedroom unit at Jervois Mansion.

Out of these 67 resale transactions, only 19 were for units less than or equal to 500 sqft (1-bedroom units, in general).

In contrast, there were 417 transactions for units over 786 sqft. This means in the past 1 year, only 16% of transactions were for units that are of the same size or smaller than the largest 2-bedroom in Jervois Mansion.

If we take this as a proxy to the availability of small units in the Tanglin area, then Jervois Mansion does look to fill this niche quite well – a more affordable (due to its $PSF and size) yet luxurious home in a prime area that is close to nature.

Overall, I am honestly surprised with the indicative $PSF pricing at Jervois Mansion. At this price point, I would be baffled if units do not move quickly on launch day. That is unless prices are staged fairly quickly upwards (like Pasir Ris 8). But even then, I do see quite some buffer for it to move considering its strong offering.

Appreciation Analysis

jervois mansion masterplan

Jervois Mansion is situated in a residential enclave, flanked by the Good Class Bungalows in the sprawling Chatsworth GCBA, which includes areas such as Mount Echo Park, Bishopsgate, Chatsworth, Cable, and Rochalie Drive. In that sense, because the area is already well established and developed, price appreciation will come from increasing demand from Singaporeans who constantly desire an upgrade in status in their lifestyle. 

That said, its location close to Great World City should help. With the upcoming MRT due to be completed in 2023, residents at Jervois Mansion will have another option on the MRT besides the existing Tiong Bahru station. Both, however, will likely take you more than 10 minutes on foot. The Great World transformation will likely not stop there – we have already seen Great World City mall being significantly upgraded to better accommodate the lifestyles of residents nearby and I do expect to see the vicinity liven up as we approach the completion of the Thomson-East Coast line. 

Beyond that, I do that the unique design and attention to detail at Jervois Mansion will allow this development to stand out for many years to come. Its classic Black & White design is timeless and inspired by the colonial bungalows of yesteryears, helped by aesthetic link bridges with an abundance of greenery throughout the entire development. Buyers in Singapore have a good eye for beautiful homes so I am confident that if the landscaping is well maintained, Jervois Mansion will remain a desirable home for many potential buyers considering the areas. 

What we like
  • Thoughtful details throughout
  • Rooftop facilities
  • Efficient unit layouts
  • Modern yet heritage design
  • Sustainable and green
What we don’t like
  • Small swimming pool
  • Less than 1:1 car park lots
  • Distance from MRT

Our Take 

jervois mansions design 6

If you have always dreamt of living in a Black & White bungalow but are aware that prices are way out of reach, you are not alone. Jervois Mansion’s aesthetic and indicative prices mean that this dream may not be a faraway one after all, albeit in an apartment form. 

To sum it up, Jervois Mansion is an impressive development – one that has set the bar high for boutique developments in Singapore. The distinctive architecture and thoughtful aspects all around the project are points that are sufficient for one to have a serious look. Its District 10 freehold status on the fringes of the Chatsworth GCBA and attractive indicative prices further add to the attractiveness of Jervois Mansion. 

That said, MRT accessibility is definitely not its strongest suit, and the smaller than usual swimming pool is a point to note. Although if you drive and have a country club membership, those points will be inconsequential. 

Personally though, I’m a huge fan of the project. Many people want exclusivity and privacy, but want strong facilities and Jervois Mansion has managed to capture both. I really like how everything has been carefully thought of, how the details have been curated to fit the lifestyle of someone looking for a home with an eye for design, luxury, and exclusivity. It’s truly a project that has been designed with their target market in mind, and they’ve absolutely nailed it.

In addition, the fact that the developers are keeping units for themselves, with a keen eye for future sustainability is a major plus point in my books. Add the current indicative prices to this already impressive roster and it’s nearly a no-brainer choice for me on this one.

What this means for you

You might like Jervois Mansion if you:

  • Appreciate the Black & White aesthetic:

    Inspired by Colonial bungalows of the past, Jervois Mansion has done a brilliant job of recreating that experience in modern form

  • Have an eye for detail:

    Every aspect of this development has been meticulously curated by the developers and you will see touches of that all across Jervois Mansion

You may not like Jervois Mansion if you:

  • Require convenient MRT access:

    Jervois Mansion is definitely more suitable to those who drive as the closest MRT is about 12 minutes away which may not be ideal for all

  • Are an avid sportsman:

    There is neither a 30m-50m lap pool nor a tennis court within the development although there is direct park connector access via the side gate

End of Review

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Matt K
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2 years ago

It’s an apartment, not condo. There’s a difference. Better off buying one jervois next door.

Stacked Homes
2 years ago
Reply to  caseyaff

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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