Rent “My HDB Landlord Is Threatening To Kick My Family Out” How High Rents Have Created Greed And What Tenants Can Do

  • October 22, 2022
  • 7 min read
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Ryan J

Ryan is an old school print journalist gone digital. He's lived in almost every type of housing in Singapore, from flats to landed homes. Over the past 18 years, he's been a content developer for companies large and small, a co-founder in an education business, and sometimes a voice on the radio. He also spends too much time and money on painting little plastic soldiers.


Hi Ryan,
Would like to ask if TA is signed between landlord and tenants already and suddenly discovered the ethic quota forbids the rental to foreigners, is the TA still valid? Or the TA can be voided straightaway? Kindly enlightens, thanks.

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Hey Peter! Since the ethnic quota was not met, the TA wouldn’t even be applicable to the tenant, so it’s not valid. Hope this helps!


The level of greed is disgusting and throw in rental racism and what does this make for Singapore’s global reputation? It is unbelievable that the government are not putting rent caps or enforcing laws to protect renters, including families with children and newborns. No doubt visitors will take their experiences beyond the tiny red dot and even seek better opportunities in neighbouring countries in the years to come. Singapore is a great place but the renting part is a huge part of living here. it’s daily life. It’s not a one-off event. People will not forget how they were made… Read more »


Yes, ‘rental racism’ is alive and well in Singapore! I’ve had agents ask me ‘what’s your race as their first question in response to an inquiry which had all relevant information.
Truly appalling for a so-called developed country.


we didn’t even know rental racism happened here so it was a shocker. It’s also the racist agents (and they are racist because they certainly aren’t anti-racist!). One even told us how fortunate we are to be from Europe despite our skin colour/race! Then they have the nerve to charge a month’s rent for racist business activities. This is not just happening in the private market but also HDB market. It’s truly sad and we have no words now. Singapore has no idea the terrible reputation they have been building.

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