Condo Reviews Riviere Condo Review: Luxury Riverfront Living

  • June 1, 2019
  • 14 min read
riviere condo review

Our Verdict: Riviere

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Riviere is poised to benefit greatly from the upcoming Great World station along the Thomson-East Coast line. Its proximity to the tranquility of Singapore's waterfront, as well as the numerous nightlife offerings of Robertson Quay is a huge plus. However, it suffers from being the only leasehold around the area, and while it's centrally located - it's still in district 3, not 9 which is just opposite.

Reviewed by Sean on 01 July 2019

What we like
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About this condo
Project Rivière Condo District 03
Address Jiak Kim Street Tenure 99 years leasehold
Site Area 145,063 sqft No. of Units 455
Developer Frasers Centrepoint Limited TOP Mid 2024

For those born in the 1980s and 1990s, Jiak Kim Street was probably one of the most famous streets in Singapore. To help along those who might not know, the warehouses at the current premises was the location of the old Zouk, which was undisputedly Singapore’s most prominent club. Since then it has been bought by Frasers Centrepoint Limited for quite a staggering $955.4 million, which works out to $1,732.55 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr). Just to give you an idea, at that time it was the highest unit land price achieved on a per square foot basis for Government land sites sold.

So the Riviere condo certainly has big boots to fill, with its high land purchase price and colourful history. Frasers Centrepoint is launching it as a luxury condominium by the Singapore riverside, complete with 80 service apartments and the 2 other conserved warehouses to contain F&B and lifestyle services. Let’s take a tour and see how it stacks up against the rest.

Riviere Condo Review – Location

The Riviere condo takes up a prime spot on the edge of the Singapore river. Most of the circumference of the development is surrounded by the river and as such, you will be able to get picturesque views of the Singapore river. Judging by this, its closest competitor in this vicinity would be the larger Rivergate and River Place as these 2 other developments take up the most space along the Singapore riverfront. Real estate space along the riverside will always be at a premium, and as the Riviere occupies such a long length, its no wonder Frasers Centrepoint had to cough up a pretty penny for it. 

Now the interesting part about the location of the Riviere condo is that although it seemingly looks to be part of River Valley, under the zoning plan it actually comes under District 3. In fact, its nearest neighbour Tribeca by the Waterfront is still under District 9. Well, we cannot comment on how the zoning is being done for that area, but that does not detract away from the central and convenient location that the Riviere condo holds.

With that said, the “brand” of the different districts does play a part in the pricing for projects. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to run away from the fact that consumers are swayed by the prestige of the address. There is definitely a difference in a consumer’s mindset between a District 3 and District 9 property. This can also be seen by how the mentality is always to upgrade to the “better” districts like 9 and 10. So it will be interesting to see how the Riviere is able to hold up in this area.

riviere condo mrt

Now with the launch of the Thomson-East Coast line coming up, this area is set to be further revitalised. The fastest way to get to the Great World MRT station would probably be to cross the Jiak Kim Bridge before cutting through Kim Seng Park. It’s a short and one of the more scenic walks you can take, as you enjoy the river views and greenery from the park. The Thomson-East Coast line connects you directly to places like Orchard, Shenton Way, Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay. You could also walk to Havelock MRT station, but seeing as it is the same line, we would much prefer the scenic route to Great World. 

There is also a bus stop right outside Jiak Kim Street which adds to the connectivity of the location. For a touch of uniqueness, you could also take the River Taxi down the Singapore River. This costs $5 per trip and offers a special way of getting to Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and the Esplanade. Not many people know about this, and we think it is a pretty novel approach to getting around!

Because of its central location, for those who drive and work in the CBD it is a quick and straightforward drive all the way down Outram Road. You do get the best of both worlds here, the development is well connected and yet still offers enough space and lifestyle options. 

Part of the attractiveness of living in this area is the lifestyle that it offers. There aren’t many places in Singapore that offer waterfront living, yet within strolling distance to loads of restaurants, bars and cafes. Robertson Quay is a hotspot during the weekends, where many people just relax and have brunch by the river. During the night, its bustling nightlife is second to none.

robertson quay
robertson quay riviere condo

We do like the idyllic lifestyle that the Riviere condo offers. There is nothing quite like just putting on some comfy clothes and going right downstairs to have a stroll by the river after dinner.

Another thing we like is that Great World City is just a short walk away as well. With the current upgrading works, you can expect a new food hall concept and more F&B tenants. More importantly, there is a Cold Storage in the basement so you can get your groceries easily. Other than that, there are lots of food options in the area as well. Across the promenade is Zion Riverside Food Centre if you are looking for local food. And for a delicious late-night supper you have the famous Ya Hua bak kut teh at Havelock Road.

Last but not least, for families looking to stay at the Riviere, schools will certainly be a high priority. The closest by is River Valley Primary School which is within walking distance. There are also others nearby like Raffles Girls Secondary School, St Margaret’s Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School, and Chatsworth International School.

Riviere Condo Review – Development Site

riviere condo site plan

The Riviere Condo occupies quite a long frontage of the river, thereby ensuring that most of the units have a good view. However, the 3 warehouses that had to be conserved actually do take up quite a lot of space (16,146 sqft). There are plans to get a good tenant mix in, like a high-end grocery store or yoga studio.

We also like that both towers will be elevated over 18 metres above ground level. This means that even the lowest unit will get unobstructed views of the area.

The Riviere Condo is designed by Mr. Soo K. Chan, who is SCDA Architects’ award-winning Principal Architect. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you have come across some of the other developments in Singapore designed by them. To name a few, Leedon Residence, Echelon, Nassim Park Residences and Twentyone Angullia Park.

riviere condo review

The Riviere show flat showcased one of, if not the largest model we have seen to date. We do think it is money well spent as it does show off the impressive height and scale of the towers. Also, at this scale, you can really see the modern design of the towers and how sleek it actually looks. We are big fans of SCDA and their designs and this one is no different. They always pull off the stylish, understated and luxury vibe and we do think this would be a standout in the skyline of the River Valley area.

We will save our final reservations for when the development is actually complete, but our opinion on the design with the ex-Zouk warehouses is that it does not quite blend with the rest of the development. When the project was first announced we did think that it would have a more heritage look, in line with the warehouses. From the model shown it looks like they are very separate buildings. With that said, we don’t think this would matter much to buyers. If you are looking for luxury, this is very much in keeping with what you would expect.

One other downside to this development is that there is only one entrance to the condo through Jiak Kim Street. As you are sharing the road with the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel there could be a buildup of traffic during peak hours trying to filter out of the road. Particularly as Kim Seng Road can get quite heavy traffic during those hours.

Insider Tour

Facilities in Riviere
ClubhouseGymFunction room
50m Swimming PoolSun DeckBBQ area
PlaygroundRoof Spa
riviere condo swimming pool

The Riviere condo offers all the facilities you would expect of a high-end development, including a 50m swimming pool that would overlook the Singapore River. While the design of the swimming area does look nice, we must say that the Rivergate swimming pool is still more impressive. A rooftop infinity pool here would have really set it apart from the rest of the developments.

Another surprising miss here is the tennis court. With the land size here you would expect to have one at the very least.

Riviere Condo 1 Bedroom Review

Now let us have a look at the 1 bedroom showroom unit at the Riviere.

riviere condo 1 bedroom

The ceiling height here is very normal, but you do get a high ceiling at the highest floors (36 floors). The kitchen area is adequate for simple cooking and has an abnormally small sink. You may also have noticed that the ID has not provisioned space for dining. This was part of the kitchen counter and is sort of a small bar seating area. The balcony is of a not too bad size though, so you could always have your meals outside as well.

riviere condo 1 bedroom living area
riviere condo 1 bedroom study

We like the ID in the show flat. The colours and materials match well together and most of the spaces are smartly designed. Like this small study area incorporated into the living room. Granted, you won’t be able to place a huge desktop computer here but it looks elegant for sure.

riviere condo 1 bedroom

The master bedroom is quite spacious as well, but you will struggle to fit a table in here without the place looking too cramped.

Riviere Condo 2-Bedroom Review

The 2 bedroom unit at the Riviere condo has a nice usable layout. Perhaps the only letdown would be that there is no balcony area for the master bedroom.

riviere condo 2 bedroom review

The living area is actually nicely sized, but it is made to look even bigger due to how small the ID has made the dining table. In some houses, that could actually pass off as a coffee table. Playing around with the finishings in the kitchen, they feel quality and sturdy, which is a plus point.

riviere condo 2 bedroom living

Just to show you the kitchen and dining area from another angle.

riviere condo 2 bedroom toilet

The common toilets here are surprisingly very spacious.

riviere condo 2 bedroom common room

The common room is of an average size, nothing to shout about.

riviere condo 2 bedroom master bedroom

While the master bedroom actually feels quite spacious, with a little space for a small dresser at the side. Again, you’ll be hard-pressed to fit a normal-sized study table here.

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by Sean

Riviere Condo 3-Bedroom Review

At 1,216 sqft we must say that the 3 bedroom layout at the Riviere condo is efficient and mostly well planned. There are bigger units that go up to 1,711 sqft but these are in the Premium Collection. To quote from the brochure itself:

Each residence comes with its own private lift, which opens to a foyer for utmost exclusivity and privacy. To complement the magnificent views, the homes are designed with luxurious finishes and fittings, including large marble pieces for the floor, an island kitchen from Poggenpohl, a walk-in closet, and stunning Italian marble vanity in the master bathroom

riviere condo 3 bedroom entrance

This is the entrance to the smaller 3 bedroom unit. There is a walkway, and provisions for storage at the side.

riviere condo 3 bedroom study

On the right side, they managed to squeeze in a small study area, that leads to the yard. Alternatively, you could also use this as a helper’s room.

riviere condo 3 bedroom kitchen

You do get an enclosed kitchen in the 3-bedroom so it’s much more usable. There is a window just behind the sink which leads to the AC ledge so you can air the kitchen when you are doing more heavy-duty cooking.

riviere condo 3 bedroom living

There is enough space for a proper living area and dining table.

riviere condo 3 bedroom living
riviere condo 3 bedroom living

Again, the ID here really highlights the luxurious aspect of the place.

riviere condo 3 bedroom common room

The common rooms here are big enough for a queen-sized bed.

riviere condo 3 bedroom common room

The third bedroom is regular sized as well. The only complaint is the long corridor to get to the room. It’s not really wide enough to add storage so it is quite unusable and the only blimp in the layout of the 3 bedroom unit.

riviere condo 3 bedroom master bedroom
riviere condo 3 bedroom master bedroom

While the master bedroom is quite spacious and looks to have a lot more space to move around. It’s a pity you do not get a balcony outside the master bedroom but all in all the 3-bedroom is rather well done.

Riviere Condo 4-Bedroom Review

riviere condo 4 bedroom layout

The 4 bedroom unit at the show flat is part of the Premium Collection and as such will have more luxurious touches and a private lift and lift lobby.

riviere condo 4 bedroom living

Note that for this particular show flat 4 bedroom unit, it also comes with the high ceiling that is only available to the top floors on each block.

riviere condo 4 bedroom dining

The dining area also has space for a kitchen island and of course a proper dining table.

riviere condo 4 bedroom kitchen

There is also space at the back for a wet kitchen and yard, as well as a utility room that can be used for storage or a helper’s room.

riviere condo 4 bedroom common room

Once you come in through the foyer, there is the 4th bedroom which is set aside from the other bedrooms. This is great as it can be used for elderly parents for more privacy.

riviere condo 4 bedroom common room
riviere condo 4 bedroom common room

The other common rooms are slightly smaller and do not come with an ensuite like the 4th bedroom.

riviere condo 4 bedroom master bedroom

We like the master bedroom here as it is nice and spacious.

riviere condo 4 bedroom master bedroom toilet

The master bedroom toilet is luxuriously well-sized and comes with a bathtub. There is even space for a walk-in closet. Finally, the master bedroom comes with its own balcony as well.

Our Take

The Riviere condo is luxuriously designed, it looks fantastic on the outside and the units are mostly well laid out. We like that the location is close to the MRT station, near Great World City, central and has lots of food nearby. Basically, it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to location. The downsides are that it is the only leasehold condo in the immediate area and its address as District 3.

The tough part for the Riviere is that it has many competitors in the area. In terms of new launches, it’s just the Martin Modern but we do think that the Riviere has the edge there in terms of location. For resale condos like Rivergate, Tribeca by the Waterfront, Centennia Suites, and Trillium they are all freehold and have the facilities and location to match. At the end of the day, the biggest stand out for us is the sleek modern design of the Riviere. The question is, would that be enough? We shall see when the pricing is officially out.

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