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Should You Buy A Resale Flat Or New Launch Condo First?

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Ryan J

A seasoned content strategist with over 17 years in the real estate and financial journalism sectors, Ryan has built a reputation for transforming complex industry jargon into accessible knowledge. With a track record of writing and editing for leading financial platforms and publications, Ryan’s expertise has been recognised across various media outlets. His role as a former content editor for and a co-host for CNA 938’s Open House programme underscores his commitment to providing valuable insights into the property market.

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3 years ago

Hi Ryan, to make the comparison fairer, I think you should factor in the time value of money of the difference in upfront cost. 150K today is not the same as 150K in 5 year’s time.

3 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Hey Karen! Thanks for highlighting that. Actually we were just making a comparison between the profit/loss for 2 methods – buying a resale HDB or a new launch condo, which was why we didn’t take into account the time value of money as the goal was to see which method is better. Both outcomes would have been affected by the same time value of money factor

3 years ago

very useful and informative article. in some ways, an eye-opener. thanks

Stacked Homes
3 years ago
Reply to  sylvia

Thank you Sylvia, we’re glad you found it informative 🙂

3 years ago

Hi Ryan,

the interest calculations for private condo does not seem to tally?

$651,750 (loan) – $597,512.79 (outstanding with principal paid inclusive) = $54,237.21

is less than the $60,512 interest payment only

3 years ago
Reply to  Waaaaaaaaaa

Hey! Thanks for your question. The $651,750 is the total loan amount, and it being reduced to $597,512.79 means that a principal of $54,237.21 is being paid. The $60,512.29 is just the interest (cost of the loan). So the total payments made are the principle of $54,237.21 and interest of $60,512.29, a total of $114,759.50. Since the $60,512.29 is just the interest, it cannot be used to deduct the outstanding loan since that is just the cost of the loan and doesn’t form part of the balance of the loan. Hope this clarifies!

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