Condo Reviews Parvis Condo Review: Serene Living At Holland Hill

  • June 30, 2019
  • 13 min read
Parvis Condo

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Overall Rating

Our Considerations

Transport links 2.5/5
Upkeep of property 5/5
Surrounding amenities 4/5
Quality of finishings 4.5/5
Development facilities 5/5
Price 3/5

The Parvis condo is private and luxurious. But that peace and privacy comes at a price.

Reviewed by Sean on June 30, 2019

What we like
  • High quality development
  • Superb upkeep
  • Quiet and private
  • Lots of space
What we don't like
  • Long walk to the MRT
  • Long walk to the bus stop
  • Single lane road at Holland Hill
13 min read
About this condo
Project Parvis District 10
Address Holland Hill Tenure Freehold
Site Area 243,328 sqft No. of Units 248
Developer Calne Pte Ltd TOP 2012

The Holland neighbourhood is an upmarket place that is popular with well-heeled families and expats. With the upcoming upgrades to Holland Village in a couple of years, the location is set to become even more sought after. If you aren’t familiar with condos around the Holland area, the Parvis condo is one that is easy to miss as it is hidden on Holland Hill. In fact, the location is one of its biggest talking points as it can be seen as an asset for some people and a liability for others. Read on to find out more on our full comprehensive review of the Parvis condo!

Parvis Condo Review – Location

From a broad perspective, the Holland area is an appealing one. It has a cosy neighbourhood feel, but yet is close to downtown and Orchard areas. Because there are quite a lot of landed properties, it does not feel as overcrowded like other places. With the exception of the towering D’Leedon, most of the condominiums also do not go up very high in height. This allows the place to feel very homely and with the added greenery from Botanic Gardens, it is no wonder that it attracts so many families. 

Probably the biggest allure here is that Holland Village is so closeby.

As a collective area, there isn’t anywhere else in Singapore that comes close to replicating its charm.

The closest few would probably be the Joo Chiat area, or the Everton Park shophouses. But in our opinion, Holland Village is still the best of the lot. 

holland village

Holland Village will also be the one stop shop for most residents living in the area. There are multiple famous eateries, like Sunday Folk, Oporto, and Tai Cheong Bakery (their egg tarts are a must try). During the night, the road at Lor Mambong is closed to traffic, and tables and chairs from the bars and restaurants will spill out onto the streets. This is when the area gets really happening and the expats will come down in droves. 

There is also a wet market at the centre, which admittedly isn’t the biggest but is still sufficient for fresh produce. This is supplemented by a 24 hour Cold Storage that is super useful for residents in the area. But it is worth noting that the Cold Storage lease runs out in 2020, after it was sold to the owner of Rio Casino in Macau. So as of now, no one knows for sure what will happen to that coveted space. But with the upgrades planned for the Holland district, there will definitely be a major supermarket planned as a holding tenant for the mixed use area. 

holland village redevelopment

The nearest MRT station to the Parvis condo is also at Holland Village which is part of the Circle Line. We do think that the Circle Line is not as convenient as the other lines. In most cases, you will have to change train at Buona Vista or Botanic Gardens to get to the Downtown Line or East West Line respectively. But seeing as most buyers looking at the Holland area will be of the affluent variety, accessibility to public transport is not as high of a priority. 

Which leads us to our next point. The location of the Parvis condo is really not all that great. Yes, because it is located in Holland, it is considered to be in a good location. In terms of the serenity, quietness and a sense of privacy, the development scores full marks. But because it is located on Holland Hill, the accessibility to the development can pose some problems. 

Firstly, Holland Hill is a small road that leads up to the condominiums in the area. It is a single lane road, and to turn out onto the main road you will have to take a little more precaution as the traffic comes by quite quickly and visibility is not great. Another small nitpick would be that the entrance just misses the Farrer underpass so you will have to wait at the junction for the traffic light (this is honestly really a small thing). The bigger issue here is that during peak hours it might get jammed up, as this is the only road out and turning out takes each car slightly longer than usual due to the fast moving traffic on the main road. 

Now, when you are going out, it is just a minute drive to Holland Village and turning right on Farrer Road will take you towards Dempsey and town. Doing a U-turn on Farrer Road will lead you down Queensway towards the AYE/ECP and if you were to go straight down Farrer Road you will get to the PIE quickly. In short, everything is within easy reach by car. The problem only surfaces when you are on the way home.

If you are coming home via the PIE and onto Farrer, you will have to drive all the way down to U-turn at the Queensway junction before driving back up again. The same issue happens when you are driving home from town. Of course, if you are driving back from the AYE or Queenstown, this would not be a problem at all. As the traffic can get quite heavy in this area during the peak hour, it can get quite frustrating daily as there isn’t a straightforward way to get back. As such, this is one of the inconveniences you will have to put up with for the privacy of living on Holland Hill.

parvis walking

Secondly, because it is located midway on Holland Hill, walking from the main bus stop on Holland Road can pose a bit of a challenge. It is not far by any means, but if you had to do it daily walking up the hill is not an enjoyable task at all. We have heard that there are talks to build a pathway down, and if so will really improve the accessibility of the development.

One big plus point here is that there is a side gate at the back that allows you to walk through the Chip Bee Estate to get to Holland Village. It isn’t super near, but it is a pleasant walk through the landed housing estate. The same side gate also allows you to get to Commonwealth Crescent. This is fantastic because it’s just a short walk to the famous Two Chefs Eating Place and the Eng Kee chicken wings. There is also Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre. So it’s great for getting some cheap local food and daily groceries. 

Like we said in the introduction, the location of the Parvis condo does not really have a middle ground. You either really love it for the privacy and tranquility it can bring as a respite for busy Singapore, or you would be turned off at some of the inconveniences that living on Holland Hill brings. (We might sound like we dislike the development at this point, but the inside of it really impressed us. Read on more to find out!)

Lastly, the Parvis condo is in a really short walking distance to Anglo-Chinese School (International). St Margaret’s Secondary School and Nanyang Primary are two good schools that are a short drive away as well.

Parvis Condo Development Site

parvis condo site plan

At 243,328 sqft of land size, the Parvis condo is quite a substantial land plot. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, as most of it is well hidden in an almost valley of sorts. You do get to see a hint of it if you drive past on the Holland flyover. So the moment you enter for the first time, you do get pleasantly surprised at how much space there is in the development.

The plot of land is an irregular shape, as parts of it have to follow the curvature of the Holland Hill road. As it is completely surrounded by trees and is nestled on a lower part of the hill, it really gives off that sense of seclusion and privacy within the development. Which is why despite the inconvenient small entry point into Holland Hill we can totally understand why residents staying here are so enamored with the place.

The unit mixes at the Parvis condo is very straightforward.

Unit mix
Unit Type Size (sqft)
2-bedroom 990 – 1,442 sqft
3-bedroom 1,701 – 2,260 sqft
4-bedroom 1,991 – 2,605 sqft
Penthouse 2,293 – 3,229 sqft

As you can see, the Parvis condo offers very generous living spaces that are above average for today’s current market.

Insider Tour

Facilities in Parvis
Junior PoolLandscape Dip PoolLap Pool
Jacuzzi Whirl PoolAlcove SpaSpa Pool
ClubhouseGymMulti-purpose Room
Sun DeckBarbeque AreaSpa Pavilion
PlaygroundFitness StationsTennis Court
Parvis Condo arrival
Parvis Condo arrival court

The arrival area is extensive but yet does not give you a hint of the size of the development inside. We always like developments which have a spacious front, it just feels more upmarket and luxurious.

Parvis Condo carpark

The carpark here in most areas is very roomy and bright. We like that they have covered the ceiling in panelings which again contributes to the higher end feel of the development.

Parvis Condo carpark
Parvis Condo fountain

There is a roundabout with a fountain in the middle of the carpark. The ceiling height here is really low and even with the light coming in it is quite claustrophobic feeling.

Parvis Condo carpark

One thing that we are super impressed with is the upkeep of the development. For a condo that was built in 2012, the maintenance of the place is utterly fantastic. It could easily pass off as a newly launched development. This shows that the finishings of the place is really top-notch, and is a super plus point especially if you are looking to stay for the long term. You would want your house to still look good in 10-20 years time.

Parvis Condo lobby

All the lobby’s here for each block are clearly and brightly demarcated and require keycard entry to gain access to the block.

Parvis Condo lobby

Not all blocks have the same sized lobby, but they are all air conditioned and is a very comfortable way to be welcomed home.

Parvis Condo common area

The back of the Parvis condo faces the landed houses along Holland Road. Its full of greenery and is quiet because of the distance from the main road.

Parvis Condo platform
Parvis Condo playground

There is a small playground here too, with quite a big spread of grass patches for kids to run around.

Parvis Condo greenery
Parvis Condo pavilion

Close to the playground is a sheltered pavilion, with rows of chairs facing each other which is quite a strange placement if you think about it. We would imagine this could be used for gatherings, but without fans this could get quite uncomfortable in the afternoons.

Parvis Condo fitness station

To round of the facilities at the back, there is a small fitness station corner.

Parvis Condo outdoor lobby

To get to the main area, there is this large outdoor lobby which has a staircase to lead you to the next level.

Parvis Condo fountain
Parvis Condo fountain

The surroundings of the area is covered with water features. It is a bit over the top, but its relaxing to walk along for sure.

Parvis Condo main pool

This leads you to the main pool, which is lovely. It’s wide and long enough for proper swimming. Again, the maintenance of the place is exemplary.

Parvis Condo

We also like that even though the pool is surrounded by the 3 blocks, only 2 of them have a direct facing. And even then because of the space afforded by the development, they are not close enough that it feels constrained. Unlike many of the smaller condos, it feels open, and almost valley like.

Parvis Condo infinity pool

Of course, it is an infinity pool.

Parvis Condo swimming pool

Just to give you an idea of the size of the swimming pool. The deck is also really wide and has a lot of space for the many deck chairs lined alongside it.

Parvis Condo clubhouse

The clubhouse at the Parvis condo is really impressive looking, at three levels in height it is one of the biggest that we have seen. Particularly when you consider the development only has 248 units.

Parvis Condo swimming pool

Along the sides are lots of feature pools as well.

Parvis Condo seating area

Just below the clubhouse, there is a barbeque area with lots of seating.

Parvis Condo seating area
Parvis Condo function room

The first floor of the clubhouse is a large sized function room that comes along with a kitchenette as well.

Parvis Condo gym

It’s a proper gym at the Parvis condo. There is an adequate amount of weights and cardio machines for the number of units in the development. Being on the second level, the floor to ceiling windows allow for a good view of the estate and makes the gym a lot brighter during the day too.

Parvis Condo view
Parvis Condo viewing deck

Right at the top of the clubhouse is a viewing deck which offers a good vantage point if you would like to observe the surroundings around you.

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Parvis Condo water feature
Parvis Condo walking

There is a walking path that wraps around the swimming pool. The variation of greenery and trees in the development is very well done and really adds to the modern resort ambience.

Parvis Condo swimming pool
Parvis Condo water

Everything here is just so immaculate, it is really first-rate.

Parvis Condo pavilion

Next to the swimming pool is another pavilion with more comfortable looking seating than the one at the back.

Parvis Condo staircase

Other than the clubhouse, which has a lift too you can access the lower level carpark here.

Parvis Condo trees

The tall trees are not just to add to the ambiance, but they are useful to add some form of privacy between the blocks.

Parvis Condo path

Again, just look at the amount of space that is afforded to a pathway and water feature. In fact, this water feature is easily bigger than some other condominium’s swimming pool.

Parvis Condo area
Parvis Condo block

We know we’re beginning to sound like a broken record, but just look at how new the blocks still look.

Parvis Condo pathway

The end of the path leads to a secluded barbeque area.

Parvis Condo barbeque pit

Where if you’d like more privacy for your gathering, it would be a better option than the one by the swimming pool.

Parvis Condo swimming pool
Parvis Condo swimming pool

On the elevated level, there is another pool.

Parvis Condo jacuzzi

And a jacuzzi area by the corner.

Parvis Condo deck
parvis condo sitting area

By the side is another seating area.

Parvis Condo feature pool

Coming back down to the first floor, there is another shallow swimming pool with couches by the side.

Parvis Condo security

Going down this side leads you to the arrival court at the entrance, where the security is situated.

Parvis Condo side gate

Going round the back leads you to the side gate, where you can access Commonwealth Crescent and Chip Bee/Holland Village from here. The only downside is it is not sheltered from here to the main building.

Commonwealth Park

This leads you towards Commonwealth Crescent, where there is a wet market and hawker centre. We also like that there is a big park open space where kids can come to ride their bikes or just to play. Many residents bring their dogs for walks here too.

Parvis Condo walkway

The pathway to the back of Chip Bee is not the widest and in other countries, it would seem a tad dodgy. Thankfully we live in Singapore and it is just a short path.

Parvis Condo tennis court

Last but not least, the Parvis condo has a tennis court tucked away at the end of the carpark. If you aren’t the best tennis player it does look like you could smack a ball into the neighbouring Estoril (which has gone en bloc).

Parvis Condo Review – Prices

Parvis Condo prices
Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)
De LenteFreehold2002$1,486
Holland PeakFreehold1994$1,503
Viz at HollandFreehold2008$1,556
Warner CourtFreehold1985$1,604
Leedon 2Freehold1996$1,685
The CornwallFreehold2005$1,781
Holland ResidencesFreehold2012$1,810
Loft at HollandFreehold2014$2,291
Leedon ResidenceFreehold2015$2,514

Looking at the surrounding prices, we have to say that the Parvis condo is on the high side especially considering it’s in a not as convenient location. If you are looking for a development on Holland Hill in particular, the Parvis is probably as good as it gets in terms of upmarket living and the price premium is reflective of that. As most buyers looking in this location will be more impervious to high prices, you can expect to pay top dollar to stay here.

Our Take

Parvis Condo Pool 3

If you were to judge the Parvis condo on its location alone, we’d say it will fail on most counts. But if you were to pay a visit, the living environment and quality of the development is really top-notch and you can see why people are prepared to pay to stay here. As long as you drive, you really can’t go wrong with the Parvis.

What this means for you

You might like the Parvis if:

  • • You prioritise a high quality development.The finishing and overall quality is fantastic and looks like it would age very well.
  • • You really like peace and quiet.As Holland Hill is not as readily accessible, you do get massive amounts of peace and quiet here.

You might not like the Parvis if:

  • • You want convenience.If you drive, staying here has its quirks but it is livable. If you need direct access to public transport, look elsewhere.
  • • You prioritise indoor living space.The balconies for all units here are large, and if you do not enjoy that type of living, you will not like the outdoor space allocated to each unit.
End of Review
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Sean has a writing experience of 3 years and is currently with Stacked Homes focused on general property research, helping to pen articles focused on condos. In his free time, he enjoys photography and coffee tasting.

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2 years ago

Did any other condo in the singapore/ area that come close to the feel of parvis!

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  lim

Hey! Sorry we missed out your comment! The pearl @ mount faber comes to mind. It has a similar vibe, location wise also. However the landscaping is perhaps not as nice.

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