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HDB Reviews McNair Towers Review: A Conveniently Located HDB In A Quiet Part Of Boon Keng

  • October 5, 2022
  • 18 min read
McNair Towers 90 blocks

Reviewed by Sean on October 05, 2022

What we like
  • Close to an MRT
  • Good amenities nearby
  • Right next to a park connector
  • Located in quite a private area
  • Multiple link bridges makes it very convenient for residents who drive
  • Certain stacks have good unblocked views
What we don't like
  • Certain stacks faces the carpark directly
18 min read
Project: McNair Towers
HDB Town Kallang/Whampoa
Address: 113A-D McNair Road
Developer: HDB
Lease Start Date: Dec 2017
No. of Units: 861

McNair Towers is a recently-MOPed HDB located along the quiet McNair Road, adjacent to Towner Road in the Boon Keng Area.

And if you’ve been following our reviews so far, you could very well guess how close it is to Bendemeer Light and City View @ Boon Keng.

That said , McNair Towers definitely stands out on its own for several reasons. First, while it does boast proximity to Boon Keng MRT just like the other two, the former isn’t located along a major road. This makes it more exclusive.

Second, its location is enviably right beside a park connector which not only means it’s close to nature, but it’s more tranquil too.

Considering its young age and location, McNair Towers is also one of the most expensive HDBs you can purchase today (as you’ll see in our pricing review). So if you’re on the lookout for a relatively central HDB and are willing to pay for one, should you consider McNair Towers?

Let’s find out in our usual HDB tour!

McNair Towers Insider Tour

McNair Towers 131 driveway

McNair Towers is probably one of the more “exclusive” HDBs I’ve visited considering it’s tucked away in a quiet corner along McNair Road.

In a way, this reminds me of Trivelis and Natura Loft where few vehicles pass through due to the no-through roads at the end.

From the end of the street, you’ll find a small opening into McNair Towers which is the only entry/exit point for this development.

McNair Towers 133 driveway

I must admit that the arrival here was quite underwhelming given there’s no indication from the outside that you’ve arrived at the right development. There is a sign at the front that kinda blends in with the building, and it’s not very visible to drivers.

McNair Towers 130 signage

That and of course, the tower structure whose modern facade clues you in:

McNair Towers 132 blocks

Heading in to the development, you’re greeted with the first of two car park entry/exit points:

McNair Towers 134 driveway

The car park here is of a multi-storey variety (MSCP). There really isn’t anything special about the facade here as it sports the typical grey and white MSCP exterior.

McNair Towers 109 multistorey car park

There are also no planters to help break the concrete facade of this structure which I’ve seen in other HDBs. All in, it’s rather plain and ordinary looking.

McNair Towers 108 sheltered drop off.

In total, there are 459 lots for 861 units which is about a 50-50 ratio. This may not sound ideal, however, McNair Towers boasts decent public transport connectivity, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Moreover, the October 2022 season parking tickets remaining stand at 160 available for sale so I don’t foresee any issues getting season parking here.

mcnair towers season parking

Inside, you’ll find that the car park is sufficiently spacious and well-lit which is expected of new MSCPs today.

McNair Towers 1 parking

It also helps that there are these air wells here that provide more sunlight and natural ventilation into the deeper parts of the MSCP.

McNair Towers 28 airwells

Residents who are into car sharing may also be interested to know that there are 4 lots available here:

McNair Towers 136 car charging station

One issue that’s apparent here is the proximity of certain stacks to the MSCP:

McNair Towers 3 lower units

It’s quite common for low-floor units with an MSCP within the development to have this issue. Residents with such a facing can expect less privacy and more noise, particularly as residents who come back late at night will naturally have to circle up more to find parking.

Of course, not all units are affected equally, some are further from the MSCP but still have a direct facing:

McNair Towers 4 units

Now for those who drive, you’ll be pleased to see that there are link bridges here that connect the MSCP directly to your block.

McNair Towers 10 link bridge

And the link bridge is also available on multiple floors – not just one! This makes it really convenient especially when the first few levels are full.

McNair Towers 107 sheltered drop off.

As with most new HDBs today, McNair Towers features a rooftop garden which is located on the 7th floor of the MSCP.

McNair Towers 38 garden pathway

Coming out, you’ll find the garden to be quite lush and serves quite nicely as an alternative to the park connector right behind.

McNair Towers 40 garden pathway

I could also see elderly folk and children roaming the garden which is more or less the demographics I’d expect to use this place more since it’s within convenient reach.

McNair Towers 39 outdoor seating

Here, you’ll also find several seating areas. They aren’t fully sheltered since it’s just a wooden trellis, but it does provide ample cover from the sun especially since there are plants running along the top too.

McNair Towers 47 outdoor seating

It’s also here that you’ll find a large and rather active community garden. When I was here, there were people inside chatting away, so it was nice to see some community spirit.

McNair Towers 43 community garden
McNair Towers 44 community garden

As with most rooftop gardens, McNair Towers is not immune from the lack of privacy. Walking around, it’s quite clear that residents facing the car park would also get lesser privacy from those using the rooftop garden. It’s even more apparent at the link bridge:

McNair Towers 60 link bridge

Some units even directly face the walkway, and it’s not just the service yard but the communal areas too:

McNair Towers 62 units

This is quite unfortunate, but nonetheless having a link bridge is extremely convenient for most residents. Perhaps having a sheltered walkway here would have helped.

McNair Towers 65 link bridge.

Before heading back down to the ground level, let’s head over to the common corridor to check out what it’s like.

McNair Towers 67 corridor

The common corridor isn’t the most spacious, but it’s wide enough for people to put small items such as their shoe racks outside.

McNair Towers 23 unit entrance

Each floor has around 6-10 units (depending on the floor), with two units situated along the corridor so there’s lesser privacy for these units. Certain blocks that have studio apartments would have more units per floor. These are blocks 113C and 113D.

McNair Towers 18 storey 03 map

Units on both ends are also not too close to one another, and I’m pleased to say that gate clashing wouldn’t be a thing here. That seems to be more of a DBSS-specific problem.

McNair Towers 21 corridor

Considering McNair Towers has a red accent (you’ve seen this at the front of the development), you’ll find that the walls along the corridor sports this colour, giving the development a little bit more of a pop than the usual grey and white tones commonly found in other HDBs.

Now that we’re done with the common corridor, let’s head back down to check out the rest of the development!

First off, we have the drop-off point. This is the only one within the development here, and while it’s usually a negative, McNair Towers isn’t a big enough development to warrant more drop-off points.

McNair Towers 8 drop off point

Like the car park, this one looks pretty bare, almost as if zero effort was put into sprucing up the landscaping here.

McNair Towers 110 sheltered drop off.

The good thing here is that the drop-off is fully-sheltered right up to every block, so residents are protected from wet weather no matter what.

McNair Towers 141 drop off driveway

It’s also unique in that the drop-off shelter is quite high. I’m not sure if that’s really necessary, but taller vehicles can drive in here safely. The shelter is also long enough so that you wouldn’t get wet during the rain if you alight on either side of the vehicle. I can’t say the same for certain shelters, such as the one at SkyTerrace@Dawson given the shelter is rather short.

McNair Towers 112 drop off

That being said, it’s not a very long drive-in, so the drop-off really fits just one vehicle at a time if it’s raining (two if not).

McNair Towers 114 drop off

Another downside is the lack of a seating area close by. The nearest seat is tucked in one very uncosy and unflattering corner:

McNair Towers 113 sign

Next up, we have the sheltered pavilion. This pavilion is very strategically located right in front of the drop-off, so guests coming here would have no issues finding it.

McNair Towers 106

There’s also a loading and unloading bay right beside the drop-off, so catering companies wouldn’t have to lug their equipment for too long a distance which is great!

McNair Towers 142 outdoor parking

While I’m not able to get a good shot of the place as it was being used, you can expect that the space is pretty decent – what you’d expect of a sheltered pavilion, except that the ceiling height is a little lower than usual.

You should also note that there are units surrounding the pavilion, making it less private. This isn’t much of an issue though, as most event holders would set up tarps to provide cover from prying eyes. The concern is in the form of noise pollution where lower floor units would have to bear with the music, speeches and general crowd ambience.

McNair Towers 120 playground

Next, let’s check out the two activity areas within the development. The first one is located near the MSCP and features a fitness area and a playground.

You’ll find the playground here to be quite a fun one as it comes with a pretty decent slide and a tower bridge!

McNair Towers 125 playground

There are also climbing structures here that would keep the young ones really active.

McNair Towers 124 playground

It also features two spring riders, so children of younger age can also enjoy this spot. I am personally not a fan of the yellow and purple colours though, it clashes quite strongly together.

McNair Towers 126 playground

Parents would be pleased to know that there are benches here if you get tired from standing too long. I wasn’t able to spot a sheltered seating area though, but that isn’t much of a concern.

McNair Towers 119 playground seating

The fitness area here also looks quite decent. It comes with some static exercise machines that can really help break a sweat.

McNair Towers 118 fitness station

One downside that’s immediately apparent here though, is that certain lower floor units can be seen from here. While it’s not as bad as the ground floor ones at City View @ Boon Keng, residents on these lower floors can expect a lower level of privacy regardless.

McNair Towers 117 fitness station

The next activity area is located on the north side of the development right next to the Park Connector:

McNair Towers 103 playground

The playground here is also pretty impressive. While there isn’t an overarching theme like the one we saw at Woodlands Glen, there’s a slide, a few climbing structures and a tower bridge. Which is really all that you could ask for in a playground. Honestly, all HDB playgrounds should at least have these features.

McNair Towers 101 playground

Unlike the first playground, this one has a fully-sheltered seating area nearby:

McNair Towers 102 outdoor seating

There are also two fitness areas just around the corner. One is right next to the playground, while the other is just slightly further away.

McNair Towers 97 fitness station

Both fitness areas are pretty much standard fare, so there’s nothing really noteworthy to highlight.

McNair Towers 99 fitness station

Do note that these activity levels are quite close to the residential blocks surrounding it, so lower floor units facing these facilities should be wary of noises in the evening when the children come out to play.

Overall, having two activity areas with 2 pretty substantial playgrounds is sufficient for the 861 units here.

McNair Towers 127 hospital

Finally, let’s touch on the amenities within the development. First off, there’s an integrated day care and service centre for seniors located on the first level of the MSCP.

This is highly appropriate considering the number of studio apartments here.

Next, there’s also a childcare centre. This one is operated by MY World Preschool. Do note that infant care is not offered here, and Nursery 1 is already booked out with waiting times of more than a year.

McNair Towers 128 preschool

That said, there are 3 other preschools within walking distance:

Screenshot 2022 10 04 at 1.46.38 PM

Unfortunately, there are no more commercial elements in the development. However, it’s rare to expect shops and food centres at your doorstep in most centrally located developments. This is especially irrelevant in a mature estate, especially one that’s close to Boon Keng MRT! So let’s find out more about the locality around McNair Towers.

McNair Towers Location Review

McNair Towers shares the same locality as Bendemeer Light and City View @ Boon Keng. Both of which I’ve done (co-incidentally, they were the last two reviews too). As such, the pointers are the same:

Bendemeer Market & Food Centre (hawker) is closeby – about a 5-7 minute walk through the old HDBs opposite.

City View @ Boon Keng DBSS Bendemeer Market
City View @ Boon Keng DBSS food court
City View @ Boon Keng DBSS market

There’s also an NTUC FairPrice next to it, so residents are also within sort of convenient reach of a major supermarket.

City View @ Boon Keng NTUC
City View @ Boon Keng DBSS market

On the southwest side, residents can take a bus down to visit the numerous conserved shophouses along Serangoon Road and Jalan Besar.

Bendemeer Light city top view

Unlike City View and Bendemeer light though, residents at McNair Towers have to deal with the inconvenience of being located further in from the main road. The upside is clear: less road noise.

But the downsides is apparent: residents looking to get to City Square Mall, for example, would have to walk for around 18 minutes compared to the 10 minutes from Bendemeer Light. Moreover, it still requires a walk out to the bus stop, and after alighting, you’d still have to walk to the mall.

The HUGE advantage that McNair Towers has over City View and Bendemeer Light is its proximity to the Whampoa Park Connector.

McNair Towers 82 river

Okay, HUGE is subjective, but I’ve been a big fan of the Park Connector because of the lifestyle benefits so this is a pretty big deal for me.

McNair Towers 83 sheltered linkway

McNair Towers is located right behind the Whampoa Park Connector, so residents can simply head downstairs to hop onto it:

mcnair towers pcn

From there, residents can head north towards Ang Mo Kio or North-East towards Punggol.

McNair Towers 85 wallkway connector

Those who enjoy swimming will also be glad to know that the Jalan Besar Swimming Complex is nearby too. Residents can reach the swimming complex in 13 minutes by bus.

McNair Towers 91 top view river

Public Transport

Bus stationBuses ServicedDistance From HDB (& Est. Walking Time)
‘BLK 107 (50349)’139, 2150m (1 min walk)
‘BLK 7 (60191)’13, 125, 133, 140,147, 23, 31, 64, 65, 857, 985200m (4 min walk)

Closest MRT: Boon Keng MRT (4-min walk).

While McNair Towers is hidden in the corner of a small road along McNair Road, it is still quite convenient in terms of public transportation. For one, Boon Keng MRT is just a 4-minute walk away.

Bendemeer Light Boon Keng train station

In terms of buses, there are two options. First is along Boon Keng Road which offers plenty of services:

bus routes mcnair towers

As you can see, residents would have convenient access to the south, northeast, and east. You’ll notice that buses to the west side are lacking here. The good news is that the bus stop along Lavender Street on the southwest side passes through Bukit Timah to Choa Chu Kang.

The closest, however, is the one located along Towner Road. This one only has two bus services:

mcnair towers

There aren’t a lot of options, but if you’re travelling to the west frequently, perhaps McNair Towers isn’t quite suited for you.

Private Transport

Key DestinationsDistance From HDB (& Est. Peak Hour Drive Time)
Raffles Place5.8 km (12 mins drive)
Orchard Road5.7 km (12 mins drive)
Suntec City4.8 km (10 mins drive)
Changi Airport19.4 km (28 mins drive)
Tuas Port40.4 km (57 mins drive)
Paya Lebar Quarter4.6 km (10 mins drive)
Mediapolis13.5 km (19 mins drive)
Mapletree Business City12.7 km (22 mins drive)
Tuas Checkpoint36.8 km (49 mins drive)
Woodlands Checkpoint24.7 km (33 mins)
Harbourfront Cluster11.8 km (19 mins)
Punggol Cluster12 km (24 mins)
Source: OneMap. Based on driving times during peak hours.

Immediate road exit:
McNair Road

Drivers here can easily hop onto the PIE or CTE from here given it’s just a few minutes’ drive away. This allows quick access to all parts of the island. And given how central it’s located, getting to either end would not take very long.


Name of Grocery ShopDistance from HDB (& Est Time)
Sheng Siong Supermarket (24-Hours)108 McNair Road
NTUC FairPrice30 Bendemeer Road, 13-min walk
Sheng Siong Supermarket (24-Hours)108 McNair Road


Educational TierNumber of Institutes
Primary School (Within 1KM)2
Secondary School3
Junior College1
Other Tertiary Institutes
My World PreschoolWithin the development
Star Learners @ Boon Keng700 m (8 mins walk)
Caleum Junior @ Bendemeer700 m (8 mins walk)
Hong Wen School400 m (4 mins walk)
Bendemeer Primary School1.1 km (13 mins walk)
Northlight School600 m (7 mins walk)
Bendemeer Secondary School800 m (9 mins walk)
St. Andrew’s Secondary School2 km (16 mins via bus)
St. Andrew’s Junior College2.5 km (22 mins via bus)

McNair Towers Development Site Review

McNair Towers Site Plan

McNair Towers is made up of 4 towering blocks that are either 28 or 35 storeys high which is not as high as Bendemeer Light or City View @ Boon Keng.

McNair Towers 87 blocks

Despite this, it does have more units – 861 units compared to both City View and Bendemeer Light. This is due to the number of studio apartments – 270 in total. There’s also 115 3-room and 475 4-room flats.

McNair Towers 57 blocks

The exterior looks like any other typical new HDB – it has a white and grey facade with three quarter height windows. It also features a red accent that can be found on shelters, the common corridors and some parts of the exterior walls.

McNair Towers 56 blocks

Certain portions of the development also have a red accent as we’ve seen from the common corridor as well as the walkway shelter.

McNair Towers 140 walkway

The development was launched in 2012 alongside Bendemeer Light and was completed in 2016, having a lease start year of 2017. It reached its MOP in late 2021 making it newer than City View @ Boon Keng.

McNair Towers 76 garden

The site itself doesn’t really have a lot of common areas to walk around in since it’s a generally small plot, but the landscaping is quite decent and there are benches and other seating areas provided here, so it’s pretty homely.

McNair Towers 75 garden
McNair Towers 74 void deck seating

Do note that certain lower floor units would also face some privacy issues, however, this is a pretty common occurrence for most low floor units.

McNair Towers 78 garden

At least in this case, they face the park connector so constant road noise and air pollution isn’t a concern!

Unit Mix

BlockStoreysStudio (Type A)Studio (Type B)3-Room4-RoomTotal

McNair Towers Stack Analysis

McNair Towers Best Stacks

Unlike City View @ Boon Keng and Bendemeer Light, the best views for McNair Towers isn’t so straight forward. This is due to the taller buildings surrounding it – namely the old HDBs. As such, the best views are the southeast facing ones at blocks 113B and 113D. 113C is blocked by two tall HDBs opposite.

McNair Towers 72 top view.

Those looking for unblocked views should also consider the higher floors with the north facing at block 113A.

McNair Towers 138 top view

The east-facing stack at block 113B is pretty decent too, however, there is a new HDB St. George’s Towers that do obstruct some of the views, although it is some distance away.

McNair Towers 139 top view

None of the stacks here face any busy roads unlike City View @ Boon Keng and Bendemeer Light which is great. Moreover, certain stacks that face the Park Connector may find the greenery to be quite pleasing!

McNair Towers 137 top view

McNair Towers Layout Analysis

3-Room (68 sqm)

mcnair towers 3 room flat
Separate living and dining areaProtruding column between bedrooms hence walls could not be hacked fully between the living and common bedroom
Good service yard layout allows for both a separate washer and dryerLiving room wall is quite short so the TV placement is restricted
Kitchen walls are not structural, allowing for an open kitchen conceptThe main door opens straight to the living room, reducing privacy
McNair Towers 3-room flat pros and cons

4-Room (93 sqm)

  • mcnair towers 4 room flat 2
  • mcnair towers 4 room flat 1
No wasted entryway space which makes it more efficientMain door opens up to the master bedroom and dining area, lacks privacy
Good amount of space on both sides of the kitchen for cabinetryLiving room wall is quite short – placement of a large TV could be difficult
Regular kitchen layout
Good service yard layout allows for both a separate washer and dryer to be put on both sides
Strategically placed household shelter allows for it to be an extended pantry area
Decent dining space – possible to extend to the kitchen counter due to lack of structural walls there
McNair Towers 4-room flat pros and cons

McNair Towers Price Review

ProjectLease Start Year3 Room4 Room5 Room
101 – 107 Towner Rd1984$484,250 ($608 psf)$700,000 ($625 psf)$947,444 ($629 psf)
22, 24-43 Bendemeer Rd1974$512,500 ($541 psf)
4 – 6 Boon Keng Rd1996$700,000 ($612 psf)$935,000 ($689 psf)
Bendemeer Light2017$675,000 ($922 psf)$900,000 ($899 psf)
City View @ Boon Keng2011$641,000 ($851 psf)$870,500 ($851 psf)$1,116,000 ($937 psf)
McNair Towers2017$680,000 ($929 psf)$905,000 ($904 psf)
Towner Heights2005$738,000 ($722 psf)$838,550 ($708 psf)
Source: HDB Median prices from Jan 22 – Sep 22 (incomplete).

McNair Towers takes the cake for the most expensive HDB in the vicinity. With the median price of a 4-room flat going for $905,000, McNair Towers ranks within the top 2.4% of all 4-room flats in Singapore in terms of price. Most 4-room flats around this price are found in Bukit Merah, Queenstown, Toa Payoh and Central Area – and they’re all generally newer flats.

Why the premium though?

  1. It’s newer than City View @ Boon Keng
  2. It’s situated in a quieter and more exclusive area than Bendemeer Light
  3. It’s close to the MRT as well as amenities
  4. It’s right next to the Park Connector

As such, McNair Towers does present buyers looking for a newly-MOP HDB in a central location that’s exclusive and has decent views – but it comes at a premium.

If you were willing to fork out cash for McNair Towers, then I would also seriously consider City View @ Boon Keng.

City View @ Boon Keng DBSS 58 blocks

It’s got more or less the same amenity offering as McNair Towers (less the proximity to the Park Connector), but it does come with a gated lobby. Its pricing is reflective of the difference in age, however, it shouldn’t depreciate too differently from McNair Towers since it’s only 6 years apart by lease tenure. That’s if you don’t mind the pretty tight corridors when heading and leaving home.

In terms of pricing, Bendemeer Light and McNair Towers are the same. The main differences between the two for me are:

  1. Bendemeer Light is definitely less exclusive. It’s situated at a busy junction with lots of lorries and trucks plying along Boon Keng Road.
  2. Bendemeer Light has the better views, particularly those facing the city and the sea.
Bendemeer Light 48 blocks

For those who prioritise the area and don’t wish to pay top dollar for something new, yet don’t want to buy an HDB that’ll have less than 50 years left when you sell a couple of years down the road, you can go for the older blocks at 4 – 6 Boon Keng Road.

The 4-room flats here still go for below $700,000 and they are huge! Records show that they are about 107-108 sqm. These are even bigger than some of the new 5-room flats!

So now that we’ve considered the various aspects of McNair Towers, should you be paying top dollar for this HDB?

Our Take

McNair Towers 86 blocks

Like City View @ Boon Keng and Bendemeer Light, McNair Towers is quite an attractive HDB. This explains its high pricing, and so buyers should carefully consider its pros and cons.

It’s got decent views, proximity to both the park connector and eateries, is close to Boon Keng MRT and is rather exclusive (quiet). The carpark is even very well-connected to every block, so drivers wouldn’t have to worry about having to go up and down each time they return home. Moreover, there’s more space outside your unit as compared to City View @ Boon Keng.

The downside is its further distance to the shophouses at Serangoon Road/Jalan Besar, as well as major malls like City Square Mall. This is the tradeoff for exclusivity.

Overall, McNair Towers is a strong contender for anyone looking to stay in a relatively central area close to nature and having decent unblocked views. The only question is whether the alternatives are better given the price, and this is really down to personal preferences.

What this means for you

You might like McNair Towers if you:

  • • Want to stay near an MRT:

    Residents are within walking distance to Boon Keng MRT.

  • • Want a good view:

    Depending on the block, certain stacks have nice unblocked views towards the city/sea.

  • • Want a more peaceful place to stay in while still being quite central:

    It’s tucked in the corner of McNair Road and borders the park connector, making it quite peaceful.

You may not like McNair Towers if you:

  • • Are on a tight budget:

    With so much to offer and having a relatively young age, McNair Towers comes at a premium. For this price, there are many options out there.

End of Review
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Sean has a writing experience of 3 years and is currently with Stacked Homes focused on general property research, helping to pen articles focused on condos. In his free time, he enjoys photography and coffee tasting.

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1 year ago

Hi, the development is actually sheltered to MRT if you walk through the old HDB blocks!

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Chance

Hey! Sorry we missed it out. It was through the old blocks as you said

1 year ago

You missed the 24h sheng shiong that is along mcnair road which basically means there’s a 24h grocery option

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Kay

Thanks for highlighting it, we’ve added it in!

1 year ago

City Square Mall is just one MRT station away from Boon Keng MRT. So can get to the Mall without needing any umbrella on rainy day if we walk the sheltered path at Blk C that links to other HDB that leads to the Boon Keng MRT.

1 year ago

One small correction to your article.. it’s actually sheltered all the way to mrt

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  John

Thanks for highlighting!

1 year ago

Thanks for the awesome analysis once again! If possible, pls do a review of Blks 11-15 Farrer Park Road which is also nearby this estate! Wondering what your thoughts are, especially given that the government announced redevelopment (including new BTOs) earlier this year at Farrer Park field in the near future, and the (somewhat) recent launch of Piccadilly Grand. And also how these blocks stack up against some of the older flats in the vicinity. Thanks a lot 🙂

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Raylene

Noted! We’ll check out those blocks 🙂

High ses warrior
High ses warrior
1 year ago

Lol at the butthurt McNair Towers residents who are quick to correct any discrepancy so the prices of their properties remain sky high!

Hope the cooling measures eat into your profits~

4 days ago

Went to view one unit about 1.5 years ago (lower floor, at BLK113C I think), felt it was too close to the adjacent HDB block, and people can easily see what’s happening in your bedroom… basically need to user curtain 24×7, didn’t like it.

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April 4, 2024
5 Cheapest Freehold Condos With A Private Pool To Beat The Heat Under 2.2M
Units Of The Week 5 Cheapest Freehold Condos With A Private Pool To Beat The Heat (Under $2.2M)
April 4, 2024
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Property Stories How This Singaporean Homeowner Transformed A 1,818 Sqft Maisonette Condo
April 4, 2024
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April 2, 2024