Property Stories A First-Time Homebuyer’s Journey: The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Old, Resale Condo With En-bloc Potential

  • August 1, 2021
  • 9 min read
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Hi , Enjoy reading your article though . Would you be able to write an article on those ads that I have been seeing more and more on FB where they said HDB dwellers can sell their flats and upgrade to a Condominium and earn money or not paying down payment, something like that ? Thanks

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Hey Desmond! Yes we’ve actually covered this before:

You can’t buy a property with no money down. This implies you are borrowing money. E.g. set up a business, take a business loan, use it to fund the property.

This is really leveraging, something we wouldn’t advocate for!

Also, it is possible to sell your HDB and buy 2 condos – provided you have the cash and income to support both properties afterwards, with sufficient reserve so that if one or both of you lose your job, you can still sustain the payments.

Hope this helps!


You sound like my kind of guy, so would love to see what you finally end up buying 🙂

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Stay tuned! TJ will be coming up with the final part of the home buying journey

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