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My Search For A Better Alternative To Old Folks Homes In Singapore: Are Overseas Retirement Homes Better?

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TJ’s interest in property was sparked after returning from the UK- where balconies are not counted in one’s square footage!- and finding that the Singapore property had totally changed in the 7 years she was away. When not reading and watching articles & videos about property, she is busy cooking and baking for friends, family & her blog Greedygirlgourmet

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1 month ago

Thinking the same. Can you do a series? What about Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia..? Keen to know your thoughts. Thanks for above

Joshua Sng
Joshua Sng
1 month ago

Thanks for your article. What visa can a retiree get to stay in the UK long term? I used to live in Bristol and really love Bath too.

1 month ago

I live in the US and I’m not too far from retirement age. Seniors in the US are definitely more independent and there are
many retirement communities somewhat similar to the UK. Singapore definitely need to think about expanding the types of retiring homes as the size of aging population increases. Depending on the children is not the way to go. It will burn them out in no time especially people are having less kids nowadays. I hope to retire back in Singapore and will be interested to find out the options available as I’ve no kids. Even if I’ve kids, I do not hope to burden them with my aging problems.

Lynette Lim
Lynette Lim
1 month ago

This is a brilliant article. Thank you for posting it as it reflects a very real concern for me and my friends. We are all single, childless and wondering if we should get together to find a place to stay. We have siblings who are married and have children, but we don’t want to be the old batty auntie who has to depend on them for care.

There’s Red Crowns Senior Living here and it’s the closest thing I have seen to the Bath project. Love the idea of being able to rent the guest rooms for visiting friends in the latter example.

1 month ago

Hi what you described is also available in Taiwan. Actually Taiwan has been doing retirement village concepts since 1990s.. and the market seemed matured. I have watched many documentary and news stories on such developments in Taiwan albeit all in mandarin. Check them out as options for myself too. But long term visa is an issue I hope Singapore government would look into these as a springboard for crafting out living options for very active young or old seniors ! Thanks for the article i really enjoyed reading it being a child free young senior 🙂

1 month ago

Are there any private developments in the works for the boomers and gen-zs that will be entering the elderly bracket?

1 month ago

Great article and good to have more of these especially as seniors have savings to invest in these. We don’t just need financial planners who plan your income streams after retirement but aging planners too who can show you options for aging at different stages, tgeir costs and how we can seamlessly transition from independence to greater dependency without major upheaval and paperwork.

28 days ago

Great article. Am on the lookout as well. Theoretically a group of friends can cash out, buy a leasehold landed with elevator together and take half/one floor each. Hire their own nurses and helpers to live in the ground floor. Rounding up that group that can get along and agreeing on how to split maintainence etc. when you’re old and cranky is a challenge. 相处好,同住难。

Still seeing what the private sector will provide in due course. Thinking out loud, some large scale mixed use developments with a lot of small unit sizes (e.g. DUO?) can sell multiple units to a REIT that converts into senior apartments at some point when they hit the 40 year mark and investors exit.

Getting married with kids is expensive and often unless both spouses earn around the same and you never have to deal with divorce you’re financially worse off than being single. Tuition + board for US universities is now $100K per year. Well, parenthood is a sacrifice.

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