How Do We Keep HDBs Affordable & Accessible? Singaporeans Share Their Opinions On PSP’s Public Housing Scheme

  • February 14, 2023
  • 6 min read
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Ryan J

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9 months ago

A few years ago, SDP comes up with a policy for housing. I spent some time to go through it. I find it logical and reasonable, just take out HDB from open market, sell at the cost, but they cannot earn from it. They can only sell back to government, therefore the supply will always be there. If you want to sell at open market, you need to be willing to buy at open market price. Resident should be fair, if you just want profiteering, do it at open market. If you seriously just need an affordable house to stay, make sense that you cannot profit from it. . More people need to be aware of it.

Stacked Homes
9 months ago
Reply to  lina

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We think that there could be a lot of unforeseen repercussions in the market if drastic action is taken. Policies that benefit buyers likely won’t benefit sellers. Not everyone can win in this situation, so finding a balance is important. It could be argued that it’s better to bite the bullet now, but would an ensuing problem from such drastic policies be worth the fallout? It’s really hard to say, especially when people look to Singapore as a country that’s stable. It’s one reason why Singapore is an attractive place to stay and invest in. So on this topic, we think that a more nuanced discussion is necessary but ultimately, we don’t think much can change unless a drastic policy is implemented and this could make life very difficult for many.

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