Property Stories An Introvert Buys Property: Finding A Property Agent To Trust (Part 2)

  • November 24, 2021
  • 8 min read
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Dan is a diehard introvert, freelance writer, first-time property owner, and backseat interior designer. He posts pictures of his home and writes about an odd combination of interior design, lifestyle, and self-development on his Instagram channel @stayingonthehill.

Dy Francisco III
Dy Francisco III

When employing licensed real estate agents property sellers and buyers should be aware of the following: 1) Section 2.1 of CEA’s Code of Ethics for Professional Client Care (CEPCC) that licensed real estate agents have to follow. This states, inter-alia, that licensed agents are NOT allowed to give advice on valuation issues like “fair price”, “fair value”, market price vs fair price, valuation methodologies, etc. Clients are likely to be misled by agents by keeping silent on this issue. 2) Agents are “transaction-driven” – no sale, no commission. As a result, there is an inherent conflict of interest for property… Read more »

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts on this! On point 1 – sellers should do their homework no doubt, but should also make use of the agent’s resources that are paid for. There are databases out there that only paying users can access. As such, to leave the agent out of this completely would not be the most efficient use of available resources – particularly since it’s free. On point 2 – This is something we would have to disagree with. Competition may seem good, but because the agent knows others can clinch the deal before them, they could be… Read more »

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