Interior How To Prevent Renovation Nightmares: 9 Key Details To Look Out For In A Renovation Contract

  • July 24, 2022
  • 10 min read
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Ryan J

Ryan is an old school print journalist gone digital. He's lived in almost every type of housing in Singapore, from flats to landed homes. Over the past 18 years, he's been a content developer for companies large and small, a co-founder in an education business, and sometimes a voice on the radio. He also spends too much time and money on painting little plastic soldiers.

Francisco Dy
Francisco Dy

Construction and renovation work in Singapore is done basically by unskilled foreign workers. As a result, SHODDY WORKMANSHIP is the norm. Renovation contracts therefore only offer partial protection for those using renovation contractors. For tiling work, the problem is not limited to the selection of tiles. The more serious issue is tile installation. Any tile is only as good as its installation. Many of those doing tiling work do not have the proper tools, knowledge, and/or experience. To make matters worse they try to minimize the cement used to fix the tiles. It is easy to check tiling work. Just… Read more »

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Really good pointers raised Francisco. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps we’ll do an article to highlight what to check for to ensure your renovation is sound.

Mary Tan Kwee Hong
Mary Tan Kwee Hong

Tuesday 26 July 2022 Many thanks for a well intended cautionary advice, but I can tell you that one can have all the right ingredients as those proposed in your article in place, and yet, ended up in nightmares! What you suggested will not act as safeguards not prevent nightmares for the house owners because they are not the core/ root cause of renovation woes in Singapore. I have travelled through the house renovation road before, in similar manner /fashion as what is being prescribed in this article and still hit the wall. Contract was written out by the contractor… Read more »

Phua Chu Kang
Phua Chu Kang

Wow. Rant has taken a whole new meaning for me.

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