En Bloc En Bloc Fever: 148 little-known freehold property that you need to know about (Part 1)

  • August 25, 2017
  • 30 min read
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Druce is the Chief Editor at the Stacked Editorial. He was first interested in property since university but never had any aspiration to become an agent, so this is probably the next best thing.

Teo Wee Choon
Teo Wee Choon

Hi, is it also possible to provide the plot ratio enhancement figures for these developments?

Linda Chow
Linda Chow

Cherryhills Condominium has 163 units and not as per your write up. Thanks


Hi Linda
How about the Eng Aun Mansion?
Is also near to novena

J Soh
J Soh

Love your write up . You mention that you will write up soon on freehold properties that are enbloc potential but not near MRT. I am still waiting for the write up. Once again, thank you for the wonderful writeup


Highgate Condo is going through a collective sale now


The number of units in King’s Mansion is inaccurate.

J Soh
J Soh


J Soh
J Soh

Hi, The aberdeen at 2 Jalan Taman is currently in the process of enbloc and St Michael’s condo at 19 St Michael Road has already put up for tender for enbloc.

Is Sunville at 20 St Michael Road which is very close to both these condos has potential for enbloc.


Hey Druce, is there an update for 2020?


Hi. Does East View / East Gate located at Brooke Road have the potential for enbloc ? Thanks !

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Hi Andrew, if we’re talking about this cycle, then the chances are very low. However, en bloc is still possible in the long-run, though we don’t think the odds are very high as well for a few reasons. First being that it’s a small plot that’s already built up – so boutique developers would be in play here rather than big developers, and the unit mix would have to be a lot of 1-bedrooms, so the strategy for developers is rather limited as well. Next, we have to see the owner’s willingness to sell – unfortunately, we won’t know this… Read more »

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