Condo11 Considerations To Pick The Best Condo Unit For You

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  • June 13, 2020
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great article. !

for point #1 m unit facing – Sun.
generally, we are refering to the facing of the main door? the living room windows? or the bedroom windows? etc.
my point is , if the living room windows are N-S facing, the bedroom windows mostly will be W-E facing,
so your Living will not get the sun, but your BR will. as they are usually perpendicular in orientation. (not sure if i explain it correctly)

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Yes you are right, well-explained. We refer to the length of the unit in our explanation as that’s where most of the exposure would be at so it does depend on the layout. If the living room and bedrooms for example all share the same view, then it would be having the same orientation and hence get the same amount of sun exposure. But in other layouts e.g. square, the living may face NS but the bedroom may face EW. However we are concerned with the living since it shares the common area with the dining and possibly kitchen, so… Read more »

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