September 19, 2019
September 19, 2019

7 Indoor Plants to Keep Your Apartment Feeling Fresh

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7 Indoor Plants to Keep Your Apartment Feeling Fresh


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The level of haze blanketing Singapore at the moment has hit the unhealthy range of more than 101 PSI. It certainly makes us long for those good old days with clear skies and fresh air. Living in Singapore, having access to good air quality is something that most of us take for granted.

If the haze does persist in the long term, the particulates that we are breathing in can be a long term health issue. Inhaling particulates can lead to a higher risk of dementia and it causes one-third of all deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease.

So what can we do about it?

Especially in Singapore, where most people stay in high rise buildings, they aren’t exactly known for their backyards, spaciousness or fresh air. But one of the best ways to combat the staleness of high-density living is to fill your apartment with plants.

Plants are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors inside. They also just calm the soul, make great decor and are way lower maintenance than keeping a pet. Sometimes a windowsill jungle is just enough to make apartment dwelling bearable, especially if you don’t have a ton of parks or greenery to escape to. 

As a massive bonus, plants literally clear the air for you!  The 1989 Nasa Clean Air Study determined that certain common indoor plants may naturally remove toxic agents such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air, chemicals that come on your furniture and with cleaning products. 

But not every kind of plant works for an apartment. Many apartments don’t have enough light or space for certain types. 

Zoocasa has compiled a list of the top seven plants that are just right for your smaller space:

7 Perfect Indoor Plants

1.Snake plant

snake plant

Snake plant is a succulent that’s easy to care for and looks fabulous in any kind of pot, it is one of my personal favourites as an indoor plant. It clears the air of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.

2. Spider plant

spider plant

The floppy leaves of the spider plant look great on top of a bookshelf and is non-toxic to pets. It battles carbon monoxide and xylene.

3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera doubles as skin care, since you can always cut off a leaf and rub the sap over your face, or a wound. It’s also good at filtering formaldehyde and benzene.

4. English Ivy

english ivy

English Ivy’s cascading leaves mean it’s perfect for a hanging basket or draping over an object. 

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5. Bamboo Palm

bamboo palm plant

A Bamboo Palm is a really easy plant to maintain, even in a north facing light. It is probably one of the more common indoor plants that you’ll notice too.

6.Weeping Fig

weeping fig

A Weeping Fig can grow up to 10 feet so it makes a great decor plant for a corner of a room. It’s good at filtering formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

7. Elephant Ear

elephant ear

Elephant Ear is a tough plant with large leaves that add drama to any room.

Any of these plants are sure to help clear any carcinogenic chemicals from your living space and add some brightness to your day.

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