Condo Reviews Rivergate Condo Review: Best riverfront condo in River Valley?

  • April 5, 2019
  • 13 min read
Rivergate Condo Review

Our Verdict


Overall Rating

Our Considerations

Transport links 3.5/5
Upkeep of property 3.5/5
Surrounding amenities 4/5
Quality of finishings 3.5/5
Development facilities 5/5
Price 4/5

Rivergate is the best positioned condo on the waterfront, there is a good unit mix for all family sizes and the facilities are top notch. If you want peace and quiet, its best to look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Stanley on April 05, 2019

What we like
  • Great location
  • Big land space
  • One of the best swimming pools
  • Lots of carpark space
  • Very near MRT
  • Close to food and good nightlife
What we don't like
  • Can get quite crowded on weekends
  • Some parts could be better maintained
13 min read

Development Overview

About this condo
Project Rivergate District 09
Address Robertson Quay Tenure Freehold
Site Area 27,408 sqm No. of Units 545
Developer Riverwalk Promenade Pte Ltd TOP 2009

If you are looking for a condo along the Singapore riverfront, the Rivergate condo is probably the biggest that you will find. There are only so many condos that can be situated on the Singapore riverfront, so no doubt staying here will cost you a pretty penny. Admittedly, we had our reservations about the attractiveness of staying by the river, but there is something very appealing to be able to take a morning or evening stroll by the river. It is definitely a rare thing to be able to do in Singapore, and not to mention being located in District 9 which is one of the premium districts. So if this is the lifestyle that you are looking for, the freehold Rivergate condo could be a very viable option. Let’s check it out.

Rivergate Condo Review Location

The Rivergate condo is located at Robertson Quay. If you are not familiar with this area, it is an extremely popular location amongst expats and has great nightlife especially during the weekends. Unsurprisingly, this place can get pretty crowded as people will come for brunch by the river, and again at night, for the many bars that have chairs and tables that spill out on Robertson Quay. Which means if you are looking for a quiet, idyllic life by the river you are probably not going to get that here. 

Rivergate Condo River Valley Primary School

In terms of location, we are big fans of the location of the Rivergate. If you look at the map, we feel that it is the best location out of all the riverfront condos as it is right next to the river, and is also in a quieter spot yet still close enough to the action at Robertson Quay itself. It is also very near to River Valley Primary School and offers the right blend of living for both families and expats that want some nightlife. There are other schools nearby like Raffles Girls Secondary School, St Margaret’s Primary School, Anglo-Chinese School and Chatsworth International School. But really, for ultimate convenience, River Valley Primary School will be your best bet. Your kid will thank you for it. After all, at that age, there is nothing better than being able to wake up 10 minutes before the start of school and still being able to make it on time. 

So for food options, you are almost spoilt for choice here being situated at Robertson Quay. You have your western options like Three Buns, Porta, Lucca’s Trattoria and Japanese ones like Yumeya, Plum & Toro and Shin Minori.

The Rivergate has its own Italian restaurant, Limoncello located within its compound.

Rivergate Condo Limoncello

It’s just around this corner!

And if you need groceries on-demand, there is even a little grocery shop right next to it. If you are after cheaper hawker fare, you will have to travel further a little to the Havelock area.

Rivergate Condo Havelock Road Food
Rivergate Condo Havelock Food Centre

Great World City is the nearest shopping centre, and with the latest revamp it will be even more attractive to visit. Of course, one reason why River Valley is so popular is that it offers close convenience to Orchard but yet being a residential enclave it is a lot more liveable.

Rivergate Condo Robertson Quay

As you would probably know by now, we value condominiums that have multiple entrances to the development. Although in this case, the Rivergate condo only has one entrance, but its location along River Valley Close is great because there are different ways that you can access the development. Essentially River Valley Close/Martin Road/Saiboo Street connects the two major roads, River Valley Road and Havelock Road. So this means that whether you are coming back from Orchard or the Outram side you will be able to get back home very quickly.

Rivergate Condo upcoming great world city mrt

With the addition of the Thomson-East Coast Line, the value of the Rivergate condo has also been boosted because Great World MRT station is now within walking distance. It’s hard to tell from the map, but you can actually walk via the river and cut through the back of the utility station to reach the MRT station. We estimate it to be just a 2/3 minute walk, which is really awesome. In the future, it will lead you to Great World City itself so it will be really convenient. If you like to get to the Downtown line instead, Fort Canning MRT station is walkable in under 20 minutes, but it’s definitely not something we would want to do every day. 

proximity to great world city mrt

Perhaps the one downside to the development is the proximity to a bus stop. The closest is right in front of the Tribeca at the Waterfront, which is opposite the river. There are two bridges you can cross depending on which block you are living in, but it’s still a bit of a loop. It’s not a far walk by any means, but if you rely on the bus a lot this could affect your decision. Ultimately, the clientele of this condo would most probably not see this as much of a downside and will rely more on Grab or the MRT. 

Rivergate Condo Robertson Quay
Rivergate Condo walking along Robertson Quay

Probably one of the more interesting aspects of the Rivergate condo is that you can actually take a water taxi! There is a stop right in front of the condo and you can take it to other spots like the Asian Civilisations Museum, Merlion Park, Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer. It costs $5 per person and you can hop on one every 20 minutes during the service hours. Admittedly, this is not something you would be doing frequently and is more of a touristy thing to do. But it can come in handy if there is a traffic jam and you would like to get to the shopping centres in the Suntec area for example. Not many people in Singapore can boast of this as a transport option!

Development Site

rivergate condo site map

As we said earlier, Rivergate condo is one of, if not the biggest piece of land on the riverfront area. That means what you get is a good sense of openness despite being located in the city centre. The nearest developments are some distance away and so you do not get that overcrowded feeling at all. The whole length of the river like swimming pool spans the length of the waterfront, so you always get fantastic views from the swimming pool no matter what. 

The unit mix of the Rivergate condo is broken down as such:

Unit mix and maintenance costs
Unit Type Maintenance Costs (monthly)
2-bedroom $300-$430
3-bedroom $492-$708
4-bedroom $700-$900
Penthouse Unknown

The numbers you see at the side are the maintenance costs per month for each unit. They are quite reasonable if you were to benchmark against other condos of this size, and with the number of facilities available. 

Insider Tour

Facilities in Rivergate Condo
Basketball CourtFitness CornerGymnasium
Sky GymnasiumPlaygroundSwimming Pool
Wading PoolReading RoomFunction Room
Barbecue AreaJacuzziSpa Pool
Tennis Courts

Now, Rivergate despite being 10 years old now is still a very much modern-looking condo from its facade.

Rivergate Condo building

To some, it might look quite messy, but we think the design should stand the test of time.

Rivergate Condo entrance
Rivergate Condo water feature

Huge water feature upon entering the development.

Rivergate Condo entrance

It is a bit of a walk-in, but its flanked by some lovely greenery. Also, it’s not sheltered at all so it will be a problem on a rainy day.

Rivergate Condo roundabout

Here you get to the roundabout where most Grab drivers will drop their passengers off.

Rivergate Condo roundabout
Rivergate Condo water fountain

Thereafter, if you walk straight through you will be greeted with this view.

Rivergate Condo water fountain

Here’s a shot from the second level, you have two access gates that lead out to the riverfront.

Rivergate Condo Robertson Quay

It must be really relaxing to be able to go on walks at the riverfront during off-peak hours.

Rivergate Condo carpark

There are 2 levels of car park here at the Rivergate condo.

Rivergate Condo carpark

The floor of the car park is unlike the newer developments now, where the smooth surfaces make it look a lot more premium. Which is understandable, given the age of the development.

Rivergate Condo carpark

One of the best things about this development is the amount of carpark space. As you can see, there is an ample amount of space probably due to the high number of rentals here. If you are a car lover, this would be the right development for you.

Rivergate Condo lobby

Thankfully, the lobby areas are air-conditioned. You will require a keycard to access the blocks, which provides an additional layer of security.

Rivergate Condo swimming pool

Once you get to the second level, you get to what is probably the most attractive part of the development, the swimming pool.

Rivergate Condo swimming pool
Rivergate Condo swimming pool

It’s huge and really stunning. During the weekday, it is relatively quiet and peaceful as well.

Rivergate Condo swimming pool

Rivergate Condo swimming pool

As you can see, it is an infinity-edged swimming pool. It is without a doubt one of the nicest condo swimming pools in Singapore.

Rivergate Condo swimming pool
Rivergate Condo river

We love that it meanders around a bend, according to the curve of the development, mimicking a “river”.

Rivergate Condo river

It is truly very unique, and despite the age of the development we have to say that the swimming pool has been maintained very well. Not an easy feat at all, judging from the size of it.

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Rivergate Condo river
Rivergate Condo deck

Once you get to the back, it is even quieter here, and there are many spots to just sit and chill by the river.

Rivergate Condo walkway
Rivergate Condo walking

From the deck, you can easily access the riverfront as well.

Rivergate Condo access gate

Just one of the many entry gates into the development. This is another aspect that we really like, there are lots of convenient entry points. So unlike many other developments where you have to walk around the perimeter, you can easily get in whenever you please.

Rivergate Condo jacuzzi

As if the massive swimming pool isn’t enough, there is a secluded jacuzzi situated slightly off. It looks tiny in comparison.

Rivergate Condo open space

Lots of empty space about the development as well.

Rivergate Condo open space
Rivergate Condo kids pool

There is also a shallow area, for little kids to frolic about.

Rivergate Condo gym

Of course, there is a full sized gym at the Rivergate condo. The variety of equipment is above average and you do have a nice facing of the swimming pool. It’s a pity the glass is not kept very clean though. There is also a sky gym which we will come round to later.

Rivergate Condo fitness corner

There is also your typical fitness corner.

Rivergate Condo playground

And a playground for the kids.

Rivergate Condo bicycle area

There is also an area to store your bicycles, that leads in straight from the main entrance.

Rivergate Condo basketball court
Rivergate Condo basketball court

There is a full sized basketball court in the Rivergate condo, which is pretty impressive. There are even stands at the side to spectate.

Rivergate Condo tennis court

There are two tennis courts as well. They must have been recently refurbished, as they look to be in great condition for a 10-year-old development.

Rivergate Condo home theatre

A home theatre and also reading rooms round up some of the facilities available on the development.

Rivergate Condo sky garden

Every couple of levels, there is a sky garden. One downside to note is that 4 lifts serve every floor. If you are staying on the higher floors at peak periods it could take quite long for the lift to come.

Rivergate Condo view

Which leads to picturesque views such as these.

Rivergate Condo view of the pool

You also get to look at the “river” from up here.

Rivergate Condo view of the courts

And just to show how near the upcoming Great World MRT station will be.

Rivergate Condo sky gym

The sky gym offers a fabulous view of the city skyline. We can think of no better motivation while you run. There are also viewing decks at the front, and two others at the side that are mainly used for yoga sessions. Unfortunately, the sky gym only has cardio equipment, and the gym on the ground floor only has weight training equipment. Which means that if you want to use both you will have to travel up and down, and they are located in 2 different blocks!

Rivergate Condo Best Stacks

Of course, as the Rivergate condo is not a new launch you do not get the luxury of picking your units. But as there are a number of units for sale, it would be wise to choose carefully. So if you are looking for a unit here how do you identify which stack is the best in the development?

rivergate facing

First, take a look at the facing for each stack. In general, you want to look for a North South (NS) facing unit as this means you would not get direct sun and it is usually more breezy as well if your unit is unblocked. The next recommended would be the South East (SE) facing units as you get some morning sun, and no afternoon sun at all. Which is a huge relief in Singapore’s hot climate. If you are a foreigner reading this, trust us on that.

rivergate best facing

In our opinion, stacks 5 and 9 will be the best option if they are available. If you are not after the riverfront view, these stacks get the Marina Bay city view. Stacked 5 is SE facing, so no afternoon sun plus if you are looking at the higher floors, there is not much competition as your neighbours like the M Social hotel are all low rise buildings. Which means you get an unblocked view plus additional privacy.

Stack 9 has Stack 1 in the diagonal left so that is a slight downside, but we do prefer the layouts available there.

3 bedroom floorplan

Rivergate Condo Review – Prices

Rivergate Condo
Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)
Gambier Court99 years1999$1,212
The Quayside99 years1998$1,394
Oleanas ResidenceFreehold1999$1,553
Waterford Residence999 years2010$1,661
Mirage TowerFreehold1996$1,774
Yong An ParkFreehold1986$1,792
The MorningsideFreehold1992$1,874
Robertson BlueFreehold2006$1,880
8 RodykFreehold2011$1,956
Robertson Edge999 years2008$1,964
The Pier at RobertsonFreehold2006$1,987
Attitude at Kim Yam999 years2011$2,055
The Wharf Residence999 years2012$2,093
Martin Place ResidencesFreehold2011$2,190
Martin No 38Freehold2011$2,557
Centennia SuitesFreehold2013$2,712
Martin Modern99 years2021$2,719

Looking at the prices of the nearby condominiums, the Rivergate condo is definitely priced higher other than Martin No 38, Centennia Suites and Martin Modern. If we were to compare directly to them, particularly to Martin No 38 and Martin Modern as these are the nearest, the price PSF that Rivergate is commanding at this point in time still seems like it is good value. Also, Riviere at Jiak Kim Street which is a new launch 99-year leasehold project is slated to be launched at $3,000 PSF. At this point in time, the project is yet to be launched so it could be premature to judge, but we think that at those prices, the Rivergate is actually a much better buy.

Our Take

Rivergate Condo

River Valley has many condominiums to choose from, but the Rivergate is quite the standout in our opinion. Hopefully our pictures were able to communicate that across, but the swimming pool is really a sight to behold and really solidifies this development as one that is all about the lifestyle. There aren’t many places in central Singapore that has such spacious grounds with the waterfront at your doorstep and yet enjoys such a convenient location.

Rivergate Condo weekend

However, we do have to point out that as with many of the city developments, if you are after peace and quiet this would not be the condominium of choice for you.

We took the time to come down on a weekend (for the benefit of our readers), and as you can see the swimming pool is very much more crowded and noisy. As a tip, it is always good to pay a visit at different times of the week so you can truly judge yourself on how living at the development would truly be like.

So if you feel that you can deal with the increased activity and noise over the weekend, and enjoy the respite during the weekdays, this could be an option for you. But if you are after the modern and hip lifestyle, this is one place that we can thoroughly recommend.

What this means for you

You might like the Rivergate condo if:

  • • You like big grounds.For a city central development, the grounds are actually rather spacious
  • • You value waterfront views.The river views are not world class by any means, but a waterfront view is always relaxing.

You might not like the Rivergate condo if:

  • • You prefer to keep to yourself.With the number of units, you can be sure that there will be ample activity especially on weekends.
End of Review
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Stanley loves crunching numbers in excel and analysing them. Naturally, he helps Stacked Homes generate articles based on his analysis as much as he can. When he’s not using Excel, he enjoys watching movies and eating chocolates.

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3 years ago

yes its nice , price also nice. at 2.5m for a two bedder: that’s almost a landed terrace pricing.

Stacked Homes
3 years ago
Reply to  caseyaff

Hi! We suppose that if someone was willing to pay for a unit at such a price, it would mean there’s a subset of buyers who value this over a landed terrace home. Especially so as foreigners cannot buy landed homes – one reason why condos generally have more buying power. Landed homes tend to attract a much smaller subset of the market.

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