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Park Nova Review: Ultra Luxury With Nature In Orchard Boulevard

by Matt K
  • October 15, 2021
  • 36 min read

Our Verdict


Overall Rating
Park Nova is the epitome of ultra luxury living that only few can dream of. Buyers here see money as no object and view Park Nova as part of their trophy possession, very likely as part of a wider property collection. Its biophilic design with planters for every unit stands out in a sea of modern looking condos. Park Nova uses the finest materials and first-rate brands throughout the entire development, making this a real showpiece reserved only for the wealthiest among us.

Our Considerations

Unit Efficiency 4.5/5

All units are single-loading with maximum natural ventilation

Unit Size 5/5

Huge unit sizes with 2 Bedrooms at 1,432 sqft, 3 Bedrooms at 2,207 sqft and 4 Bedrooms from 2,895 sqft

Quality of Fittings 5/5

Top quality furnishings from Molteni&C, Vola, Miele & Laufen

Design 4.5/5

Biophilic design drawing on the form of a butterfly with 270 degree views for all units

Variety of Facilities 2.5/5

Limited facilities due to the small land size

Quality of Facilities 4.5/5

Quality is good for the facilities provided

Surrounding Amenities 4/5

Orchard Road is less than 10 mins away

Developer 4/5

First project in Singapore but is a Hong Kong listed company with diversified interests in shipping, hospitality and properties founded in 1972

Transport Links 4.5/5

3 mins from Orchard Boulevard MRT and 9 mins from Orchard

Driving Accessibility 4.5/5

Centrally located along Orchard Boulevard

Price Point 1/5

At this price point it obviously isn’t for the ordinary man on the street, but this is going to be the least of the concerns of the targeted clientele

36 min read
Project: Park Nova
District: 10
Address: 18 Tomlinson Road S(247858)
Tenure: Freehold
No. of Units: 54
Site Area: 46,084 sqft
Developer: Shun Tak Holdings
TOP: 2023
park nova entrance

Park Nova marks Hong Kong-based Shun Tak’s first development in Singapore and boy did they enter the market with poise and confidence. This site was acquired via a collective sale (en-bloc) in 2018, at a jaw-dropping $2,910 psf, smashing the psf record among all en-bloc sales in Singapore.

When it was launched as Park Nova earlier in May this year, you could say that Shun Tak’s bullish view of the Singapore market was vindicated. On its very first day, the 3 largest penthouses (ranging from 3,229 sqft to 5,899 sqft) were sold. The largest of the lot was sold at a breathtaking $34.4m or $5,838 psf. Unsurprisingly, all 3 penthouses units were purchased by ultra-high net worth foreign investors.

Since then, a further 15 units (33% in total) have been sold at Park Nova, which is not too shabby for a development that has an average psf of $5,000. If it gives you any hope of owning a unit at Park Nova, the cheapest 2 Bedroom unit here starts around $6m, which sounds far more attainable than the $34m penthouse.

I have seen a great deal of new launches (more than 100 to be exact) and Park Nova is the most luxurious and costliest yet. I’ve been writing about product differentiation (or the lack thereof) among new launches and prima facie, price is the most natural differentiator here at Park Nova. 

Ultra-luxury projects such as Park Nova thrive on exclusivity and much like veblen goods, the demand increases as price increases. That’s why the largest 5,899 sqft penthouse was sold at the highest psf and there were reportedly a number of interested buyers – nearly having to get down to a balloting scenario. In a similar vein, exclusivity is also a reason why landmark projects such as nearby Ardmore Park, which has identical 2,885 sqft units across the entire development (barring its 6 penthouses) continue to be much desired even after 20 years.

Therefore, buyers considering Park Nova are a niche group who know exactly what they are looking for (a trophy asset). Most of the buyers are expected to be foreigners, with the current split being 86% foreigners, 7% PRs, and 7% Singaporeans. That’s not surprising given that foreigners are, in general, not allowed to purchase landed properties in Singapore, and ultra-high net worth individuals would thus naturally throng the luxury condo segment instead. It’s the same reason why at these price points most locals would rather much purchase a landed home instead.

Yet, with an average sale price of above $10m, these buyers are spoilt for choice. Purchasing a unit at Park Nova should not necessarily be viewed through the conventional returns on investment perspective, but take into account the intangible benefits of ultimate exclusivity and knowledge that you are living among the who’s who around the world. 

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into what Park Nova has to offer!

Park Nova Insider Tour

park nova model

First up, let’s talk architecture. In the words of PLP Architects, Park Nova’s London-based architect, the development’s “biophilic design was inspired by the context, history, and setting” of the area when Orchard Road was home to nutmeg, pepper, and fruit orchards in the 19th century. In the context of the crowded Orchard precinct, Park Nova is actually surrounded by a fair amount of greenery. 

park nova building design 1

The single tower at 18 Tomlinson Road takes on the form of a butterfly and features “gently undulating floor plates arranged into 3 wings to maximise the potential for natural shading and ventilation”. I really like it. The look is unlike anything out there at the moment, and it looks suitably upscale and posh.

park nova exterior garden

Its biophilic design also means that every unit will be shrouded in vertical gardens all around your balcony and bedrooms, bringing nature right to your very home. The best part? The vertical gardens are all part of the communal areas maintained by the MCST and are not part of your unit’s strata area. If you notice carefully, the balconies feature wood panel-like claddings on the ceilings to ensure that the overall facade looks more pleasant than it already is.

park nova views

Moreover, with every unit featuring a single loading layout, units get plenty of natural ventilation and a 270-degree view of either the Orchard precinct, Botanic Gardens, or the One Tree Hill landed enclave. Of course, that also means maximum privacy for owners as none of the units face each other. 

park nova entrance 3

The entrance to Park Nova will be via Tomlinson Road, just before Regent Singapore. As you enter, you will notice that nature is the overarching design theme here, with the verdant landscaping welcoming you home to a tranquil sanctuary.

park nova drop off

It’s not the largest or grandest of roundabouts but something that is more discreet and understated. The show flat’s drop-off actually gives you a good idea as to how this will eventually look like. 

park nova lobby

Concierge service is a must-have in a luxury development and with Shun Tak’s experience in hotels through the likes of Mandarin Oriental Macau and its own Artyzen Hospitality Group, you can be assured that you are in good hands here. The concierge is situated in the lobby, which, based on the photo renders, looks rather grand and opulent so you can be assured that your needs will be met in a comfortable setting. 

park nova parking

In terms of available parking lots, there will be a 1-to-1 ratio here at Park Nova (54 lots). In almost all cases, this would be a plus point. But here, I feel that this is sorely lacking for an ultra-luxury project where units have been sold at an average price of above $10m. Unfortunately, this isn’t within the developer’s control as the downside to all new launches is the lack of parking lots as part of the government regulations to cut down on vehicle usage.

On a brighter note, in line with green initiatives, there will also be 3 electric charging stations.

park nova lap pool

At Park Nova, the facilities will be divided across the 1st and 14th floor Sky Terrace. I’ll start with the former and with the 25m lap pool at the back of the development. Park Nova is not on the biggest plots of land so there are limitations to the facilities it can offer. A 25m lap pool for just 54 units is reasonable by most standards but then again Park Nova should not be measured by conventional standards. So I could see some buyers having reservations about this – after all, exclusivity is the name of the game here.

You should also note that privacy might be a small issue here as Cuscaden Reserve is located about 22m away.

park nova poolside lounge

Of course, you could say I’m nitpicking but I’d imagine there would be buyers at this level of wealth having strict requirements. As always, you will also find some pool decks to lounge by on lazy weekends. 

park nova elevation

What I do like here is that the first storey of Park Nova is set some 17m from the ground level. So this means that not just do the units on the first floor get some elevated views, but the privacy that this provides for the residents both at the facilities on the ground floor and the units is exemplary.

It’s not just a practical choice too, as those towering pillars are able to set a grand imposing look as you arrive into the grounds of the Park Nova.

park nova jacuzzi

As for other water features, there will also be a hot spa and jacuzzi close to the main lap pool for your enjoyment.

park nova landscaping

There is also a leisure pool situated at the corner of Orchard Boulevard and Tomlinson Road, which is also close to the water play area and quite a luxurious spread of garden seating. 

If there’s something that is conspicuously missing, it would be the lack of a dedicated children’s play area. I’m not sure if this is down to the small land plot that Park Nova is on or a conscious decision given the buyer profile, but I doubt this would be a big miss anyway – it does seem more like an adult-only type of private estate.

Besides these, there is also the garden pavilion that is situated to the North of the development. It’s a quiet spot for residents to perhaps find some inner peace on their days off from work.

park nova lounge

Rounding up the facilities on the ground floor is the Outdoor Lounge. It’s hard to see from here, but I would imagine that this would look really nice at night with the right ambient lighting around.

park nova gym

On to the Sky Terrace on the 14th floor and this is where you will get to enjoy a better range of views if you’ve bought a lower floor unit. The pillars here may not be as high as the ones on the ground floor, but it is still significant enough that it will feel very open and spacious.

There is a gym that fronts the Botanic Gardens, although I think some parts might be blocked by Regent Singapore and a sky garden with similar views. 

park nova sky terrace 1

You’ll also find a sky terrace fronting towards the One Tree Hill enclave and I presume that it will also be another chill-out spot for residents, similar to that of the sky garden. In terms of dining facilities, there will only be the sky lounge, which features an airconditioned room that can easily fit 10 with full dining facilities. Lastly, there will be an outdoor part with some ancillary water features for those needing a breath of fresh air. 

park nova gym 1

With no dining facilities or clubhouse on the first floor and just 1 dining facility on the 14th floor, you could say that facilities are rather sparse here at Park Nova. 

That said, I am cognisant of the fact that units here are huge so it might actually be more appropriate to host family and friends in the comforts of their own homes instead. After all, Park Nova is also on a small plot of land that limits its facility to pack in many facilities. Rest assured though, that the common areas will be lavishly designed and equipped.

park nova balcony

Let’s also take the opportunity to share a bit more about the features you will find in the residential units. 

As part of the overall biophilic design, all units will feature vertical gardens in the form of communal planters found all-around your unit – beside the balcony and living room for example. These communal planters will be maintained by the MCST and are not factored into the strata area of the unit. 

park nova design 6

This means that buyers get to enjoy nature within their units without necessarily paying for it (although you do so collectively via maintenance fees of course). The planters will offer unobstructed views and will feature auto-irrigation technology for easy maintenance. It’s definitely a very cohesive look, and having that greenery view at all times in the middle of the city is certainly very attractive.

park nova design 5

In order to shield the units away from the road noise, stacks 1 (4 Bedroom) and 2 (2 Bedroom) will have acoustic ceilings installed in the unit balconies to absorb the road noise. As the tower will be elevated some 22m from the ground, the 2nd floor unit will already have some clearance away from the roads. 

As for the interiors of the unit, besides its massive size, you will find top-quality materials and fittings across the entire unit. Park Nova will be the first residential development in Singapore to be supplied by Italian brand Molteni&C Dada, which has also fitted out luxury developments such as New York’s Cartier Mansion and London’s Hilton Tower Bridge. Molteni&C will also fit out the wardrobes in the bedrooms with smoke glass panels in the master bedrooms and matte lacquered laminates for the common bedrooms. 

Kitchen appliances are from Miele and bathroom fittings are from Vola in hairline copper finish. Vola is a Danish brand that has fitted out projects such as Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, Armani Hotel Dubai, and Intercontinental Mauritius. Turkey imported Marble will also feature extensively in both the common areas and the bathrooms, with many of them custom-crafted in exact pieces before being shipped to Singapore. Bedrooms will be decked in engineered timber for easy maintenance. 

With the model tour wrapped up, let’s head straight for the show flat units!  

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Park Nova – 3 Bedroom + Study Type (2,207 sqft) Review

park nova 3 bedroom floorplan

Units at Park Nova are split equally between 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom types at Park Nova, with the exception of the 3 Penthouses, which have all been sold. While there are 2 types of 3 Bedroom units here, both have the same size at 2,207 sqft and vary only in terms of the accompanying communal planters around the entire apartment. Note, these planters are not included in the strata area.

At 2,207 sqft for a 3 Bedroom unit, this is probably the largest among the new launches in the market and befitting of its ultra-luxury segment status. The ceiling height is 3m for all units, which is above average (and expected at the very least at this price point). Turkey imported marble will also feature extensively in both the common areas and the bathrooms, with many of them custom-crafted in exact pieces before being shipped to Singapore. Bedrooms will be decked in engineered timber for easy maintenance. 

park nova three bedroom lift lobby

All units at Park Nova get private lift access to ensure maximum exclusiveness from the moment you park your car right to the comforts of your home. As you step out of the lift, there is a 5 sqm private foyer that greets you. Whilst usually an empty space in other developments, there are 3 doors in this space.

park nova three bedroom powder room

Let me explain – the one directly ahead of you opens up to the powder room for guests, the one to the right is the main door to your apartment and the one to your left leads you to the yard and the back door. 

This will be solely for guest use as all 3 bedrooms in this apartment come ensuite. As far as powder rooms go, this is definitely the most luxurious of the new launches now. As with every other bathroom at Park Nova, it features 2 tone marble finishes, including Grigio Georgina floors and Negro Emilia countertops. Fixtures are from Danish brand Vola with its copper range of products and by Laufen, a premium Swiss brand since its founding in 1892. As this is right smack in the middle of the apartment, there are no windows but mechanical ventilation is provided as standard.

park nova three bedroom living 3

When you step into the unit, you will immediately feel that expanse of space in this apartment. The numbers don’t lie – at 2,207 sqft, there are few new launches that can compare to Park Nova. The living and dining areas blow any competition out of the water at about 8.5m in width.

park nova three bedroom dining 4

Starting first with the dining area, you will notice that an 8-seater dining has been placed here with relative ease. In fact, I do think that a 10-seater would fit in nicely here depending on how chunky your furniture might be. Regardless, it is class-leading in terms of the space this area offers and will certainly be a treat for your privileged friends and family who get to visit. 

park nova three bedroom living 2

It is very much the same story in the living room. While other new launches struggle with just a 3-seater sofa (with insufficient space on the sides to place more accompanying furniture) you don’t face the same issues here. Whether you need one or two seater couches by the side, this space will be able to accommodate that. 

park nova three bedroom living

Due to the undulating nature of Park Nova, the unit, while largely regular, has a curvature in the living room, which adds to the character of the unit. And of course, the use of ducted air conditioning adds to the sleekness of this development. Size-wise, the living and dining areas make up a large 57.8 sqm. 

park nova three bedroom living dining

It certainly has no peers when it comes to that unique layout, and the overall fit and finish are truly luxurious. I’d even go as far as to say the ambiance of this is personally the most opulent I’ve been in so far – it’s something you just have to experience for yourself.

park nova three bedroom balcony 2

As you step out to the balcony spanning 16.7 sqm, the first thing you would notice is the seamless transition from the living room. The tiles from the 2 areas are leveled, making access simple and fuss-free. The balcony doesn’t have the most regular of layouts due to the undulating facade of the development, but that’s not going to matter when you have the luxury of space. As with all things, perspective matters. 

park nova three bedroom balcony 1

On the one hand, this irregular shape means that it is not as conducive for you to actually host a dinner party outdoors, but on the other hand, having an intimate one for 4 should not be an issue. The odd corners also create the opportunity to make it into a cosy corner, just as they have done here. The 3 Bedroom unit, in my opinion, has the best views in the development on the higher floors (likely above #15), as it faces the massive Botanic Gardens in the distance and Nassim Road GCB enclave. The only downside would be the West sun that will hit most parts of the unit. 

park nova three bedroom kitchen 1

Let’s head next to the enclosed kitchen. The first thing you’d probably notice here is how squarish and regular the layout is here – more so, just coming from that alluring curvature on the outside. Here, the kitchen cabinets in high gloss finish are supplied by Italian brand Molteni&C and Park Nova represents the brand’s first residential development in Singapore. If you ever get the opportunity to feel this in person, you will notice the heft and quality of the cabinets.

park nova three bedroom kitchen

There are 2-panel windows in front of the sink to ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated especially when heavy cooking is in progress.

park nova three bedroom fridge 2

With top-end appliances from Miele, including the gas hob, hood, concealed fridge, and wine chiller you can be sure that your cooking and baking journeys will never be hindered by your machinery.

park nova three bedroom kitfchen 3

There’s no doubting the space that you have here, and this is probably as spacious as you can get in a “regular” 3 bedroom condo unit.

park nova three bedroom helpers room

You would naturally also expect there to be a store/utility room in this apartment. This can be found just behind the kitchen, with a self-enclosed w/c as well. This would typically be a place for your helper (and designed as such here), although I noticed that the store itself lacks windows. 

park nova three bedroom yard

Additionally, if your helper does indeed use the store, you will not have a utility room to store your surplus items away. The back door leading to the common lift lobby is also found just beside, where your deliveries are expected to come by, and an alternative exit in case of emergency. There are 2 refuse chutes within the unit, one for recycled waste and the other for general waste. 

park nova three bedroom yard 2

Now, onto the bedrooms.

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 3

First up is Bedroom 3 at 12 sqm. This is the size of the Master Bedroom in mass-market condos but is the smallest bedroom here. Even with 2 single beds in place, there is still a considerable amount of walkway.

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 3 1

This room is perfect if you have 2 young children at home or to accommodate friends who need a room after a late night’s party. If you were wondering, the plants just outside your large panel windows will actually be there when Park Nova is completed, as part of the massive communal planter that all units will get.

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 3 2

Built-in wardrobes are from Molteni&C in matte lacquered finish and I really love how superior these wardrobes feel. You aren’t going to get any much more space in terms of storage though, which is a bit of a letdown.

park nova three bedroom common bathroom 3

Moving on to the attached bathroom, Bath 3 is sized at 4.6 sqm, which is about average in size. The interesting part of this bathroom is the views of the communal planters with large windows, although you would want to remember to lower your shades when you are actually using it.

park nova three bedroom common bathroom 3 1

It is decked out in 2 tone marble with Grigio Georgina marble floors and Negro Emilia marble countertops from Turkey. The bathroom also features the same copper fixtures including tap, mixer, and rain shower from Danish design firm Vola and basin and w/c from high-end Swiss brand Laufen.

park nova three bedroom common bathroom 2

It is very much a similar story for Bath 2, which is slightly smaller at 4.2 sqm and sadly doesn’t come with windows for that lovely view. This is the ensuite bathroom for Bedroom 2 (which I will come to in a bit). It otherwise features the same top-quality marble finishings as Bath 3 and comes with the exact same fittings from Vola and Laufen. 

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 2 2

As for Bedroom 2, it is slightly larger at 13 sqm. I’m not sure if I could actually feel the difference but you can see the expanse of space for yourself.

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 2 3

With a Queen sized bed in place, you could easily include a dresser or a study if you so preferred. In today’s context, the size of this common room is certainly a luxury. Similarly, you get soothing garden feels from the comforts of your own room with the communal planters just outside your bedroom. 

park nova three bedroom common bedroom 2 1

On to the Study, which is located just across from the 2 common bedrooms. At 7.8 sqm, it is a very well-sized space indeed for a private office. It also comes with ducted air conditioning and a small window for ventilation, which probably isn’t very ideal from a natural lighting standpoint.

Note that in the show flat the walls are shown as a bookshelf instead, this would not be included in the actual unit.

park nova three bedroom common

The interior designers have done this place up for that very purpose, and you can fit a good amount of bookshelves right here. However, if you really required the space, this could also serve other purposes such as the storeroom that you never had. 

park nova three bedroom master bedroom

Now onto the largest room of the apartment, the massive 27.6 sqm Master Bedroom. From the door, you can barely make out the grandness of the space because of the walkway. In a unit where you have swathes of space, the privacy that you enjoy here is really exemplary.

park nova three bedroom master bedroom wardrobe

To the right, as you enter, there is the walk-in wardrobe in smoke glass metal finish with bronze metal accents. They are also from Molteni&C and every panel can be opened 180 degrees. Quality is first-rate here and undoubtedly the best ones in today’s new launch market. 

park nova three bedroom master bedroom 2 1

As for the bedroom area, a good indication of how big the space is will be from that large painting on the wall that barely covers half the space.

park nova three bedroom master bedroom 2 2

The windows are huge, allowing you to take in the full extent of the planters and views of Botanic Gardens in the distance (on higher floors only of course).

park nova three bedroom master bedroom 2

It’s an easy feat to have a King size bed here, leaving you additional room for just about anything you want. As always, space is a luxury in Singapore, and it’s clear as day to see that aspect being highlighted here.

park nova three bedroom master bedroom balcony

If you need any reminder that you are the undisputed owner of this home, you will also have a 4.4 sqm private balcony in your Master Bedroom. It’s not a massive space, especially when compared to the rest of the home, but this nice little circular area gives you the opportunity to place a couple of chairs for fresh air and to admire the view. 

park nova three bedroom master bathroom 1

For me though, the Master Bathroom has to be the real masterpiece of this home. Everything feels solidly made to the touch, and the look just screams opulence.

park nova three bedroom master bathroom 3

At 11.7 sqm, you get his and hers basins by Laufen and copper taps by Vola. In what is becoming an increasingly rare find, you also find a good-sized tub by Laufen for when you desire a more luxurious bath.

park nova three bedroom master bathroom 2

If you are in a rush, rest assured that your needs will still be more than taken care of with the separate rain shower stall with fittings also by Vola. The wall-hung w/c is yet another self-contained area, provided by Laufen.

Park Nova – 4 Bedroom – Type 4BR-1 (2,906 sqft) Review

park nova 4 bedroom floorplan

There are 2 types of 4 Bedroom units, varying by just 11 sqft (2,895 sqft vs 2,906 sqft) with slight differences in the shape of the balcony. The show flat unit is the larger of the 2, with a slightly narrower (very marginal difference to be honest) balcony. The accompanying communal planters around the entire apartment vary from odd and even floors but are not included in the strata area of the apartment.

At 2,906 sqft on a single floor, this is probably within the realm of expectations for many of the ultra-rich. Unsurprisingly, the 4 Bedroom has also been the most popular unit at Park Nova, with many of the higher floor units already sold. Of course, if you are after size alone, Shun Tak’s other new launch – Les Maisons Nassim, is a totally different animal. The smallest unit there is a 4 Bedroom at a whopping 6,092 sqft. Just so you know, the project only has 14 units on 66,452 sqft of land.

park nova four bedroom lift lobby

For this show unit, you get the actual private lift experience when you ascend the lift at the show flat. At 6.5 sqm in size, it is a good amount of space to get ready for work or as a holding area for friends.

park nova four bedroom entrance 1
park nova four bedroom powder room

As with the 3 Bedroom unit, there is also a powder room here for guests, as the bedrooms all come with ensuite bathrooms. There is also a side door that leads to the common lift lobby here. 

park nova four bedroom living dining 2

When I stepped into the unit, I must say that was truly the most impressive living and dining experience I have seen so far. I can’t quite put a finger to it, but maybe it’s the combination of the design and the unique shape of the balcony that does give you that wonderful first impression.

park nova four bedroom living dining

At 10m in width, the huge expanse of space was really a sight to behold. I have not seen anything like this among the new launches and Park Nova is truly befitting of its ultra-luxe status. This space is more akin to the living spaces in the large bungalows at the nearby landed estates and perhaps a good option for older couples who prefer easier maintenance in their golden years. 

park nova four bedroom dining 1

With that standout art piece dominating the dining area, you can see that even a table of 10 leaves plenty of room for more if you so wished. At this level of luxury, it’s less about cramming every ounce of space for what it’s worth, but more about enjoying the overall pleasant experience.

It is certainly a privilege but also something we should all aspire towards. Air conditioning is ducted, as with every other room in this development, and should be expected of a premium development. 

park nova four bedroom living dining 6

As for the living room, our conventional standards of reviewing new launches do not apply here. The living and dining areas (and corridors) make up 77.3 sqm (832 sqft) of space and for context, that is the size of some 3 Bedroom compact condos out there.

park nova four bedroom living 2

Just look at the sheer distance from the TV to the sofa set, with space for a huge coffee table as well. It’s perhaps difficult to actually estimate how many people this place can accommodate but in my opinion, this is the piece-de-resistance of the entire apartment and one that friends, family, and business associates will certainly be impressed with.

park nova four bedroom balcony 1

Of course, the extravagance continues into the balcony, which is substantial at 25.8 sqm. Having leveled-up balcony tiles makes the transition from the interior to the balcony so smooth and seamless.

park nova four bedroom balcony

Despite the curvatures, you will notice that the overall shape is actually functional with no odd unusable corners. Frankly, with this amount of space, you can just about do anything here. If you want to dine al-fresco, you can quite easily place an 8 seater or more here. Otherwise, keeping the balcony sparse with some outdoor furniture works well too, just as the developers have done here. 

park nova four bedroom balcony 2

The view that you get from the 4 Bedroom units would be that of the Orchard city skyline on the higher floors or the greenery found along Orchard Boulevard on the lower floors. Based on the drone shots, I do actually quite like the lower floor views. 

park nova four bedroom dry kitchen

As with most larger units, there is also a dry kitchen here in Park Nova’s 4 Bedroom show flat. It’s a curved, modern-looking standalone piece with very functional fittings such as the copper Vola tap and a bar fridge. Both will come in handy especially when you have guests over and want quick access to a pint. That said, this area is actually not marked as the dry kitchen, as that is found to the left of this bar countertop instead. 

park nova four bedroom kitchen

The dry and wet kitchens are adjacent to each other but remain separate spaces. The space is split between dry (14.3 sqm) and wet (7.6 sqm) areas with differentiated hobs for both areas.

park nova four bedroom kitchen 5

Starting with the dry kitchen, it comes with top-grade Miele induction hobs and an abundance of built-in cabinets (including one for your condiments) by Italian brand Molteni&C Dada in a high gloss finish. If you actually get to fiddle with these cabinets, you will know that the quality is exceptional. The L-shaped countertop also gives you plenty of areas to work up when your private chefs come by to prepare a feast.

park nova four bedroom kitchen 6
park nova four bedroom kitchen 1

There is also a Blanco sink and windows for practical purposes. Miele will also supply the wine chiller (which is taller than me), coffee machine, oven, and separate integrated fridge and freezer, which are both pretty substantial. No expense was spared here.

park nova four bedroom kitchen 4

As for the wet kitchen, it is a smaller space but a very complementary and functional one nonetheless. It’s a U-shaped countertop with even more cabinets by Molteni&C Dada. I don’t think you will ever run out of space here.

There’s a 2 bowl sink to complement the 1 found in the dry kitchen and 1 in the living room. Rounding it up is a gas hob, hood, and dishwasher by Miele provided here. For ventilation, there is a window to air the kitchen after a feast and once again, it opens up to the beautifully curated communal planters just outside. 

park nova four bedroom yard

The yard, store, and backdoor are found on the other side if we were to use the bar countertop space outside as a point of reference. While the yard is seemingly large at 7.4 sqm, the biggest downside to this zone is the lack of any natural ventilation. There’s a separate washer and dryer by Miele here, so you would likely have to rely entirely on them for your laundry.

park nova four bedroom yard 1

There are 2 refuse chutes here, 1 for recycled waste and the other for general waste. The backdoor leading to the common lift can also be found here, which means there are 2 ‘emergency exits’ to this apartment – 1 in the yard area and the other just beside (although you can’t see it in the actual unit) at the private lift foyer. 

park nova four bedroom helpers room

Besides the yard, there is also a store (3.9 sqm) and w/c (2.4 sqm) found in this space. They have it in murphy bed style, presumably for the helper with an ensuite toilet. However, do note that using it for this purpose would mean that you do not have a storeroom for your surplus items. 

park nova four bedroom living

As we move on to the bedrooms, let’s talk a little about some of the common features.

As with the 3 Bedroom, all 4 Bedroom units come with ensuite bathrooms for each bedroom. In this case, Bedroom 4 is situated away from the other 3 Bedrooms, providing added privacy especially in instances where the apartment is meant for multi-generational living.

park nova four bedroom common bedroom view

All the bedrooms have views of the communal planters and it is really one of the best things about Park Nova in my opinion. Engineered timber floors, ducted air conditioning, and Molteni&C wardrobes are also standard across all bedrooms. 

park nova four bedroom planter 4
park nova four bedroom common bedroom 1

Starting with Bedroom 4, which at 15.8 sqm, is the largest of the 3 common bedrooms. The door leads you straight on to Bath 4 with a bit of a walkway before you get to the room proper.

park nova four bedroom common bathroom 1 1

The room size is very comfortable by today’s standards and the large panel windows also help to accentuate the space.

park nova four bedroom common bedroom 1 2

I really like large panel windows and there is really a distinct difference between high-end and mass-market projects (if you need an example of this, just check out how the windows look at Midwood. Add the communal planters you get on every single floor and it will be akin to living in a garden in the city. 

park nova four bedroom common bathroom 1

As for Bath 4, it is averagely sized at 4 sqm. There’s a window here for natural ventilation and is decked out in the same premium 2 tone marble found in the other bathrooms. All the marble selections were carefully curated and imported from Turkey. Features-wise, all baths feature a rain shower, tap, and mixer from Danish brand Vola and w/c and basin from Laufen, which needs no introduction. 

park nova four bedroom common bedroom 2 1

Moving on the other side of the apartment to Bedroom 3, which at 12 sqm, is the smallest among the common bedrooms. Yet, having 2 single beds here looks effortless. Of course, if you only have one child staying here, you could have a Queen bed instead, with room for a study.

park nova four bedroom common bedroom 2 3

Similarly, you get views of the planters just outside and have your built-in wardrobes by Molteni&C, which are of great quality. 

park nova four bedroom common bathroom 2 1

Bath 3 stands at 4.6 sqm and also comes with windows to ventilate the space. This bath also has views of the planters just outside as you can see from the show flat. You can see quite a bit copper pieces throughout the entire bath and they will all be provided by Vola and the ‘white’ goods such as the basin and w/c will be supplied by Laufen. Luxe is the name of the game here, with marble finishings found in the whole bathroom.

park nova four bedroom master bedroom entrance

As for Bedroom 2, this has been converted into a Study as part of the Master Bedroom instead.

park nova four bedroom master bedroom study 2

Its original size is 13.4 sqm, which means that you can exercise a great deal of creativity in case you need it for other purposes. In this case, they have a huge feature wall with different species of butterflies – perhaps in tribute to the butterfly-inspired wings of Park Nova. They have made this space rather sparse to enable you to have a good sense of how an empty room would look like. 

park nova four bedroom master bedroom study 1

If you do require it to be a proper bedroom, you will still have your ensuite bath attached. At 4.2 sqm, it is of average size but does not come with windows in this case.

park nova four bedroom study bathroom

Otherwise, features are similar to the other common baths, with top-notch fittings from Vola and Laufen and decked out in Turkey imported marble. 

park nova four bedroom master bedroom 1

Saving the best for last – the Master Bedroom, which is 37.4 sqm large. Master Bedrooms are where you retreat to after a long day’s work or simply where you enjoy many of life’s pleasures so developers often spare no expense in this space. It’s no surprise that at Park Nova, this has gone up a notch with buyers all expected to be UHNW individuals or families.

park nova four bedroom master bedroom wardrobe 1

Starting with the huge walk-in wardrobe you get here, which is u-shaped and way more generous than almost any other new launch project in the market (bar Les Maisons Nassim, which is also by Shun Tak).

park nova four bedroom master bedroom wardrobe

The smoke glass metal finish by Molteni&C speaks of class and elegance and you can proudly display your designer goods and clothing here. The panels also allow you to open 180 degrees for easy retrieval of your items. 

park nova four bedroom master bedroom

As for the bedroom itself, this place is very sizeable, to say the least. With windows stretching all the way to your private balcony, you will get plenty of light coming into the unit. Natural light is something magical – it instantly makes the space feel larger.

park nova four bedroom master bedroom 4

In any case, you have room for lots more besides the King bed. If you needed another couch in the room, that is certainly doable. 

park nova four bedroom master bedroom balcony 1

Stepping into the private balcony, and you will be surrounded quite literally by nature. To your left and right, you will find the communal planters maintained by the MCST.

park nova four bedroom planter

With this, you will definitely get a bit of the garden in the sky feels. While it is circular in nature, the balcony is practical enough to have a couple of chairs placed to enjoy a morning coffee.

park nova four bedroom master bathroom

Finally, the Master Bath, which is at 13.3 sqm, is slightly larger than the one found in the 3 Bedroom unit. It is often the crème de la crème in the larger units, where developers showcase to potential buyers their very best of furnishings.

park nova four bedroom master bathroom 3

It’s no surprise here that the bath is decked extensively in marble, with separate stalls for the w/c, rain shower, and bathtub. This is a very generous area and even has planters that you can look out to. His and hers taps are also included, which means no fighting for space in the mornings.

park nova four bedroom master bathroom 1

Fittings are once again by Danish design firm Vola, who have fitted out high-end hotels such as Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and Armani Hotel Dubai. Laufen provides the sanitary wares and is a renowned Swiss brand in the higher-end market. 

Park Nova Location Review

The upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line will bring about greater connectivity to residents of Park Nova, although buyers in this price range may not hanker over it anyway. Of the new stations set to be completed between 2022-2023, Orchard Boulevard is one of the most prestigious of the lot, and buyers who do happen to rely on the MRT will be pleased to know that it is just 280m or a 3-minute walk away. You really can’t get much closer than this. If you do require access to the North South Line at Orchard MRT, you could either take 1 stop from Orchard Boulevard or have a leisurely stroll to Orchard in 9 minutes (700m).

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping options because the start of Orchard Road (Wheelock Place in this case) is just 550m or 7 minutes away by foot. Drive distances are also good because of Park Nova’s central location although peak hour timings are always slightly longer due to the congestion expected. For the well-heeled buyers among us, Tomlinson Road certainly needs no introduction.

The only downside to this location is the lack of primary school options within the 1km radius. In fact, there are none at all. The ones listed below are all within the 2km range, although their respective walking distances are slightly above 2km. This means that local buyers would either need to enroll their kids in an international school or rely on alumni links should you yearn for your child to study in a local primary school. 

Nearest MRT: Orchard Boulevard MRT (280m, 3 mins), Orchard (700m, 9 mins)

Public Transport 

Bus StationBuses ServicedDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Bef Tomlinson Rd
Stop ID: 09121
7, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 132, 174, 174e, NR8110m, 2 mins
The Regent Singapore
Stop ID: 09191
36160m, 2 mins


Park Nova Primary Schools
SchoolDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Alexandra Primary School 2.8km, 23 mins
ACS (Junior)2.4km, 30 mins
ACS Primary2.8km, 35 mins
River Valley Primary School2.3km, 29 mins
SCGS Primary / Secondary2.6km, 33 mins
Chatsworth International School1.7km, 22 mins

Retail Outlets

MallDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
Start of Orchard Road Shopping Belt550m, 7 mins

Private Transport 

Key DestinationsDistance From Condo (Average Time at Peak Hour [0830] Drive Time)
CBD (Raffles Place)5.2km, 16 mins
Orchard Road1km, 2 mins
Suntec City4.5km, 16 mins
Changi Airport 22km, 27 mins
Tuas Port (By 2040)40.1km, 50 mins
Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030)11.6km, 22 mins
Mediapolis (and surroundings)6.2km, 14 mins
Mapletree Business City6.6km, 24 mins
Tuas Checkpoint 25.8km, 34 mins
Woodlands Checkpoint19.1km, 27 mins
Jurong Cluster (JCube)15.3km 28 mins
Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point)19.7km, 30 mins
HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City)6.2km, 19 mins
Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point)19.7km, 29 mins

Immediate Road Exits: 1 – Tomlinson Road, which can take you on to Cuscaden Road and Tanglin Road 

Unit Mix

Park Nova Stacks Layout
Unit TypeSizeNo. of Units
2 Bedroom + Study1,432 sqft17
3 Bedroom + Study2,207 sqft17
4 Bedroom2,895 – 2,906 sqft17
Penthouses3,229 – 5,899 sqft3

For ultra-luxury projects such as Park Nova, less is more in my opinion. Not less in terms of the actual unit size, but in terms of the complexity of the layouts. 

They have kept it simple with 1 stack each for 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom units, all of which are all way more generously sized than possibly every other new development in town. That is very much in line with the target group of buyers for Park Nova – ultra-high net worth individuals from abroad who may be used to larger floor plates back home and where money is never an object. 

Personally though, I feel that they’ve missed a beat with the inclusion of the 2 bedroom units here. Ultra-luxury projects work the opposite of mass market ones, where the most expensive units tend to go first (as with what happened during launch). At these price points, buyers would certainly be able to afford – and would minimally require a 3 bedroom unit or want the size for it.

All stacks have a single loading layout i.e. to say they have windows all around the unit and do not share a wall with the neighbouring unit at all. All units also have a dedicated private lift, which is in line with the price tag of this development.

Park Nova Developer Review

Developer Notes

Shun Tak is an established name in Hong Kong and Macau, having been listed on the HKSE since 1973. It has interests in property, transportation, hospitality, and general investments. However, its late founder Stanley Ho, is most well known to have made his billions from his initial monopoly over the Macau casino industry up till its liberalisation in 2002. Shun Tak ventured into property development with projects such as Nova Grand and Nova Park (yes, this is a very similar sounding project) in Macau. Since 2016, they have purchased 3 land plots in Singapore – 9 Cuscaden Road, 18 Tomlinson Road (Park Nova), and 14 Nassim Road (Les Maisons Nassim), with each being purchased at record prices. Park Nova’s launch in April 2021 marks its first development in Singapore, with Les Maisons Nassim being second.

Architect Notes

PLP Architecture is a London-based firm founded in 2009 by the former President, Senior Partner, and Partners from Kohn Pedersen Fox. They have an extensive portfolio of clients across Europe, Middle East, and Asia, with more than 500 projects ranging from office, residential, education, and civic and cultural use under its belt. Some of their landmark projects include 22 Bishopsgate, One Bishopsgate Plaza / Pan Pacific London, Sky Central, Chiltern Place, and the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island. 

Stack Analysis

Park Nova Site Plan

park nova siteplan

Best stacks

As there are only 3 stacks here at Park Nova, with each representing either a 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, or 4 Bedroom layout sans the penthouses. In short, there is no best stack per se, and will come down to which unit type you are purchasing. 

That said, the strength of this development is that all units will get 270 degrees of views. The 2nd floor is already 22m elevated (about 7 storeys) but do take note that the Orchard area is rather packed with developments so the actual views might not be great on the lower floors. 

Starting with the 4 Bedroom units (Stack 1), you will front neighbouring condos such as Four Seasons Park, Cuscaden Residences, and Boulevard 88. That said, there is a significant distance between the condos (more than 100m) with some strips of greenery in its immediate surroundings. The greenery is best enjoyed on the lower floors in my opinion while the higher floors get more of a city view towards Orchard. 

The 3 Bedroom units (Stack 3) do seem to get the best views in the development, especially on a high floor unit that can clear Regent Hotel (110m away) and Hana condo (30m away) nearby. On the higher floors (above #15), you can get almost unblocked views of Nassim Road estate and the sprawling Botanic Gardens. If you were wondering why these views were not reserved for the 4 Bedroom units instead, I’m guessing that might be due to the North-West facing of the units. As we know, the sun can be unbearable in Singapore at times. 

Finally, the smallest unit at Park Nova is the 2 Bedroom unit (Stack 2). It faces Kum Hing Court opposite but has a good distance of 60m from it. It also has the best directional facing (South), with no morning or afternoon sun at all. Kum Hing Court aside, you do also get pocket views of the One Tree Hill landed estate, which makes this facing rather desirable in my opinion. 

The developer has consciously avoided any stack directly facing towards Cuscaden Reserve, which is also in the midst of being built, to ensure maximum privacy for all units.  Ultimately, it comes down to whether you are purchasing a 2, 3, or 4 Bedroom unit and you will have to accept the facing that comes along with it. 

Afternoon West Sun Analysis

Park Nova Afternoon West Sun Direction

Unfortunately, the stack with the best views in this case would come with a fair bit of afternoon sun – about half of the year. Stack 2 would receive the least afternoon sun given its south-facing orientation, while stack 1 would get some morning sun all year round.

Price review

If you are considering Park Nova, you will undoubtedly compare it against its neighbouring developments. So here is how it stacks up!

Development UnitsPsfTOPTenurePrice Gap
Park Nova54$5,0002023Freehold
Boulevard 88154$3,7142023Freehold+35%
Cuscaden Reserve192$3,539202299 Years+41%
3 Cuscaden96$4,0422022Freehold+24%
New Futura124$4.0222017Freehold+24%
3 Orchard-By-The-Park77$3,4332017Freehold+46%
Nouvel 18156$3,1582017Freehold+58%
Tomlinson Heights70$3,2682014Freehold+53%
Cuscaden Residences286$2,3262002Freehold+115%
The Tomlinson29$2,2802002Freehold+119%
Four Seasons Park 358$2,8811994Freehold+74%

The pricing of Park Nova is eye-popping to say the least, although not unexpected given the record en-bloc price ($2,910 psf) and its focus on the ultra luxury segment. 

When compared against its new launch peers Boulevard 88, Cuscaden Reserve, and 3 Cuscaden, Park Nova is still at least 24% more expensive. Do bear in mind that 3 Cuscaden has many smaller units which can command a higher psf due to the lower quantum involved. Cuscaden Reserve is located just beside Park Nova and is developed by SC Global, who is known both for their premium quality and exorbitant prices, and yet Park Nova is 41% more expensive, albeit with a Freehold tenure that should provide better price support in the longer term. 

I would say Boulevard 88, which we also wrote a comprehensive review on, is the closest rival to Park Nova. Boulevard 88 has a larger land plot and more units but their unit sizes are relatively similar (2 Bedroom at 1,313 sqft, 3 Bedroom at 1,776 sqft, and 4 Bedroom between 2,766 sqft to 2,799 sqft) to Park Nova’s. Yet even Boulevard 88 isn’t an apple to apple comparison to the sheer opulence at Park Nova. Make no mistake, Boulevard 88 is no shabby proposition, with an infinity lap pool and MBS-like structure designed by the very man himself. Whether Park Nova’s opulence justifies the 35% premium over Boulevard 88 is subjective to each individual.

When compared against the resale condos in the vicinity, the numbers do vary by quite a bit. The premium is as low as 46% when compared to 3 Orchard-By-The-Park but more than double when compared to Cuscaden Residences and The Tomlinson, which were both launched during the property doldrums of the early 2000s. Interestingly, the oldest project of the lot, Four Seasons Park, actually has a higher psf than the former 2. I’m guessing that comes down to the more extensive facilities at Four Seasons Park and better floor plates, which makes the project often cited as a bellwether for the area. 

As you can see, Park Nova is catered to a select group of buyers who are looking for ultimate exclusivity and appreciation of the vast greenery in the project. It is a beautiful project that is well-curated with planters across the development. In the ultra-luxury segment, buyers are less conscious about price but more about how much they appreciate the project. Therefore, if we take away the investment mindset typically held by local buyers in their property purchases, Park Nova would still be a worthy consideration for buyers looking for a place that is exclusive yet aesthetically pleasing. 

Appreciation Analysis

  1. Return of the High End Condo Market

Ryan actually wrote a piece recently on the possible pick up of CCR properties this quarter. In August, Les Maisons Nassim (Shun Tak’s other project) saw a transaction at $35m or $5,786 psf while Park Nova is 30% sold at an average price of $5,000 psf. This is tied hand in hand with the return of foreign investors in the Singapore market, which has long been viewed as a safe haven given our political, regulatory, and currency stability. While not necessarily in the same playing field, Park Nova could potentially benefit as investors and locals alike switch their eyes from the already vastly appreciated OCR market to the more central options in the RCR and most importantly, CCR.

  1. Good Class Bungalow Sales

Unless you haven’t been reading the news (if you’re on this site, you’re likely not in this category), you would already know that GCB sales are surging. In statistics by List Sotheby’s, there were 68 GCB sales from Jan to Aug 2021 with a total value of just above $2bn. This is up 392% year-on-year, where there were just 21 deals worth $416m. Personally, I see this as an opportunity for the ultra-luxury condo market to step in to fill the void. These GCB sellers might be cashing out on some very attractive profits (I know of a couple of buyers who bought theirs for only ~$5m back in the 2000s) and would still like to live luxuriously, albeit with less maintenance in their golden years. Park Nova fits the bill well for these buyers, especially if they are looking for a new launch condo. The continued and sustained upswing of the GCB market will bring about more liquidity for many families, who may choose instead to move to a showpiece condo. 

  1. Orchard Boulevard MRT

While many condos stand to gain upon the MRT’s completion in 2022, Park Nova’s location just 3 minutes away means that residents have public transportation options at their doorstep. Convenience is always key for many investors and homestayers alike so having an MRT close by is always a good option to have. 

What we like
  • Absolutely spacious units
  • Green planters on each level
  • Unique design
  • Top notch fittings
What we don’t like
  • Variety of facilities
  • Car park lots

Our Take

park nova penthouse

It won’t be wrong to say that Park Nova is a collector’s item, to be seen in the same light as marquee projects such as The Marq on Paterson Hill and Le Nouvel Ardmore. For developments of this stature, the more exclusive the project is, the better. At Park Nova, the prices present a natural barrier to entry and are really only reserved for those who see money as no object. In fact, money is probably the least of the concerns – the issue is finding a suitable development that just ticks all the boxes. 

Park Nova aspires to be such a development – exclusive, low density, and a biophilic design that offers buyers the opportunity to have a garden in the sky. Their strong emphasis on quality throughout the units with branded kitchens, wardrobes, and bathroom fittings speak to the clientele Shun Tak is targeting. In my mind, the developers have really set the bar in terms of ultra-luxury projects in Singapore, there’s no question that they really know how to do luxury.

At an average of $5,000 psf, it will undoubtedly be a privilege to be able to afford a unit here at Park Nova. We expect buyers in this category to be sophisticated investors with a keen appreciation of nature and its Orchard Boulevard location and most importantly, an unlimited budget. 

What this means for you

You might like Park Nova if you:

  • Value exclusivity:

    With just 54 units and all coming with private lift access, Park Nova is the project for those who value privacy and exclusiveness

  • Looking for large unit sizes:

    With 2 Bedroom units starting from 1,432 sqft and 4 Bedrooms up to 2,906 sqft, there aren’t many new launches that can rival Park Nova

  • Desire luxury with convenience:

    With Orchard Boulevard MRT just 3 minutes and Orchard MRT 9 minutes by foot, residents have options when it comes to transport, food and shopping

You may not like Park Nova if you:

  • Have a budget:

    Park Nova’s asking price means it is really only reserved for ultra-high net worth families (usually defined as >US$30m in assets)

  • Require extensive facilities:

    Exclusive as it may be, Park Nova is on a small plot of land which limits it to just a 25m lap pool and no tennis court.

End of Review

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