New Launch Reviews Parc Clematis Review: An Astounding 400,000 sqft of Facilities At Your Doorstep

  • December 10, 2019
  • 21 min read
Parc Clematis review

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Transportation Links 4/5
Surrounding amenities 3/5
Development facilities 5/5
Price 4/5

Parc Clematis is perfect for those with kids and / or work in the Jurong or One-North commercial district. However, its huge development size can result in more noise within the condo on average.

Reviewed by Reuben on 10 December 2019

What we like
  • Massive lagoon
  • Different themed blocks
  • Useful facilities
  • Can walk to MRT
What we don't like
  • Small units for location
  • Some units have unnecessary entranceway
21 min read
About this condo
Project: Parc Clematis District: 5
Address: Jalan Lempeng Tenure: 99 years
Site Area: 633,644 sqft No. of Units: 1,468
Developer: Sing Haiyi Gold Pte. Ltd. TOP: 2023

When a condo sells 324 of its units on a single launch day, you know that something attractive is up on the market.

Now to most, having over 1,400 units in a single development might be quite a startler. What’s more interesting, however, is how these massive number of units are to be positioned

Spread across 3 distinct zones – all with their unique architectural characteristics (we’ll go more in-depth during the tour), developers SingHaiyi have undoubtedly spent immense effort to set units here apart to ensure solid uptake.

Banking on the ‘variety is key’ theme, there will be strata bungalow and semi-detached units alongside a series of 24-storeyed towers and a whopping 400,000 square feet of space dedicated to facilities alone! 

Yet despite all this, some might argue that the biggest draw of Parc Clematis is really its locale. 

Touted as the 2nd CBD, Jurong has seen and (based on the fresh Masterplan 2019) will continue to see incredible growth in the commercial sector alongside One-North’s astounding development on the media and research front. 

Parc Clematis is situated smack in the middle of these two nodes.

Considering its relatively reasonable quantum, locale and facility offerings, it is really no wonder that demand is so high for key units here. 

Let’s see what the showflats have installed for us!

Parc Clematis Insider Tour

Facilities in Parc Clematis
Car ParkTennis CourtGame Room
GymMulti-Purpose EntertainmentRain Spa Pavilion
Playground24 Hours SecurityReading Lawn
Rain GardenCommunity GardenCabana
Stargazing LawnSky GardenPicnic Lawn
JacuzziAquatherapy PoolReflexology Garden
Hydrotherapy PoolDining Pavilion50m Lap Pool
Courtyard PavilionPet LawnPet’s Playground
Toddler Play PoolKid’s Water PlayKid’s Playhouse
Dance StudioMulti-Purpose Games RoomMain Pool
Camping GardenSports ArenaOutdoor Fitness
Parc Clematis showflat

At 1,468 units and 633,644 square feet of land area, the Parc Clematis is a massive project and the biggest new launch that we’ve covered so far on Stacked Homes.

Parc Clematis model

It’s hard to imagine the scale of this project from the model alone, but for reference even though D’Leedon is bigger it does have somewhat similar characteristics. Where they’ve tried to be different is really through the design and zoning of the development. So 3 zones of products, with different blocks and unit layouts. 3 zones that have different landscape facilities and themes. And finally 3 zones of architectural design (for the blocks). I think that it is definitely a novel concept and it shows effort has been taken to really make full use of the land. In that sense, it is almost as if you get 3 different developments rolled into one at the Parc Clematis.

Parc Clematis blocks
Different block designs

So if you look closely at the showflat model, you can see that there are three different styles here – Contemporary, Elegance, and Signature. In short, Contemporary is aimed at the younger generation, Elegance for families, and Signature for the luxury crowd. To be honest, from the showflat model it doesn’t look like each design is super distinctive from each other. They are all modern looking and in keeping with the design trend of today.

Parc Clematis entrance
Entrance to Parc Clematis

There are two entrances to the Parc Clematis, which is absolutely needed for a development of this size to prevent choking during peak hours. This one here is the main entrance – the other entrance is reserved solely for residents only. From here it’s sheltered all the way to the bus stop too, which is a nice touch.

Parc Clematis second entrance
Second entrance to the Parc Clematis

Because of how big the project is, residents who are staying in the blocks near the second entrance can only go in via this one. This is quite smart because it splits a load of cars coming in equally with both entrances, thus regulating the traffic flow efficiently. Car park zone 1 (main entrance) will serve Blocks 6, 8, 8D, 8E, 8F, and Terrace units. Car park zone 2 (secondary entrance) will be reserved for Blocks 6A, 8A, 8B, 8C, and Bungalow units.

Parc Clematis lap pool

From the number of units and land size, you’d expect the Parc Clematis to have the facilities to match, and it mostly delivers on that front. With 3 50m lap pools, kid’s pools and a giant (no exaggeration here) lagoon, you’ll be almost spoiled for choice when it comes to swimming.

Parc Clematis lap pool

I think the expanse of the land is one of the bigger attractions of Parc Clematis. Yes, it might not be as spacious as older developments like the Maplewoods, but this is going to be the new normal in Singapore – small units and maximum use of land space. So the Parc Clematis actually bucks that trend, which is refreshing as even though the GFA actually allowed for more units, it was a conscious choice from the developer to give a good allowance between the blocks. This means that there is more than 60% of the land dedicated to open spaces and facilities.

Parc Clematis lagoon
Lagoon-like pool

So because of the dedication to the landscape of the estate, the pièce de résistance is this stunning lagoon/beach like pool. It spans a huge expanse of 100m by 38m (certainly rivaling the one at the Jovell). It has a sloped entry into the pool, which is just like a real beach. This would be a totally awesome feature for kids!

Parc Clematis big pool
Massive lagoon pool

Another cool feature is the sand coloured tiles (which forms the sloped entry) that gradually blends into blue tiles, this will truly give off the beach-like feel and I think will be a huge hit once this is completed. One more thing you’ll notice from here is the 15.5 to 16-metre elevation of the towers. This allows even the lowest level unit to have some sort of view. Not to mention, it also provides more privacy for the units (especially the bungalow units).

One more cool thing is the co-kitchens in the clubhouse space. The plan is to host 10 to 12 ovens, which residents can book to use. This is in line with current trends of people not cooking as much at home, but if need be, there are proper facilities in place for it!

Parc Clematis 1 Bedroom Review

parc clematis 1 bedroom floor plan

At 452 square feet, the 1 bedroom unit at the Parc Clematis is definitely on the small side, especially as it isn’t even in the city centre. What makes things worse is that the unit does not make the most efficient use of space, which is frustrating to see.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom living
Living room

The living room is on the small side, so you should just about manage to fit a small sofa and coffee table. The ID of the space is not great, it looks quite gaudy (my opinion), and is over styled which makes the place look even smaller.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom living side
Side view of the living room
Parc Clematis 1 bedroom living room couches

The two couches really make it look cluttered, and the gold shelving really doesn’t help at all to make the space look bigger.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom kitchen
Dining area

It’s a similar story with the dining area, it’s really small and you will have to be creative with the placement and size of the table to make full use of the space.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom dining
Kitchen area

The kitchen is actually decent in terms of counter space, but it’s location which eats into the dining area is just not ideal. The biggest problem with this layout is actually because of the entranceway, it’s really big (for a 1 bedroom unit), and is such a wasted, inefficient space. This caused the kitchen to be pushed down, and thus squeezing into the dining space.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom master bedroom
Master bedroom

As with the rest of the house, the master bedroom is not big at all. Although the floor to ceiling windows certainly help to bring more light in and make the space look bigger.

Parc Clematis 1 bedroom master bathroom
Master bathroom

The bathroom is of average size, but in this ID unit, it is only accessible through the master bedroom. Which is a bit awkward for when you have guests over as they have to go through your room to use the bathroom.

Parc Clematis 2 Bedroom + Study Review

parc clematis 2 bedroom plus study floor plan

The 2 bedroom plus study unit at the Parc Clematis is slightly smaller than average at 689 square feet. Thankfully, the unit here is laid out more efficiently than the 1 bedroom. In the showflat example, the study area has been taken out to provide a larger living and dining space, which is not a bad idea if you require just 2 bedrooms.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom entrance
Entrance to the 2 bedroom unit

Similarly to the problem plaguing the 1 bedroom unit, the 2 bedroom has an entranceway which is totally unnecessary in my opinion.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom kitchen

Putting all that negativity aside, the kitchen is easily the highlight of this unit. It’s a big space, has a long counter which is useful for prep work and storing kitchen equipment.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom dining
Dining area

If you need a study room, naturally this space is going to look a lot smaller. But if you take out the study, it gives space for a proper dining table and makes the unit feel loads more spacious. It also helps the design of this unit is so much cleaner and more minimalist compared to the 1 bedroom unit earlier.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom dining area
Another angle of the dining area
Parc Clematis 2 bedroom living
Living room

The living room is not big, and is quite narrow in size so you’ll have to be very careful about your choice of furniture so as to accentuate the place.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom balcony
Balcony area

Thankfully, the balcony space here is kept to a minimum as the interior space is already quite tight. Still, it is enough for a small set up to enjoy some fresh air.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom hallway

So as mentioned earlier, the study room was taken out in the showflat unit to make space for a bigger dining area. If you have a good imagination, the length of the white ceiling will be the actual size of the hallway. Also, in the showflat unit, the entrance to the bathroom is sealed up (the doorway under the air conditioning unit).

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom common bedroom
Common bedroom

As you’d expect from the total size of the unit, the common bedroom is small and just enough for the bed (single) and a little study table.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom master bedroom
Master bedroom

The master bedroom is smaller than average, but you really can’t expect much of a 2 bedroom plus study unit that only occupies 689 square feet of space. Again, the floor to ceiling windows are a nice touch and really help to brighten up the place.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom master
Entrance to bathroom

Just to highlight (if you haven’t noticed already), there is only one bathroom in this layout.

Parc Clematis 2 bedroom master bathroom
Master bathroom

The master bathroom is fortunately bigger than average, which is handy because of the point mentioned above.

Parc Clematis 3 Bedroom Review

parc clematis 3 bedroom floor plan

At 893 square feet of space, the 3 bedroom unit at the Parc Clematis is on the small side. As with the two earlier units, the entranceway is totally a wasted space.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom entrance

Like I’ve said in previous reviews, the entranceway has its place for bigger units. But for space-constrained units, it really is precious space that could be better utilised.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom kitchen
Kitchen space

There is storage on the left which is always useful. It’s good that it’s an enclosed kitchen!

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom kitchen area
Enclosed kitchen

There’s decent counter and storage space, although it can get quite cramped if 2 or more people are in here at once.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom kitchen stove
Kitchen counter
Parc Clematis 3 bedroom dining
Dining room

The dining room is small, so you can see that the designers had to resort to bench seating to allow for adequate space for you to walk through to the living area.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom dining area
Dining room + kitchen view

The darkened mirror does help enlarge the visual space more, but similarly to the 1 bedroom unit, the ID here doesn’t help its case at all. The additional shelving that lines the top is really impractical and just makes the place look messy and cluttered.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom living
Living room

It’s the same problem in the living room. The space already isn’t big but the overly decorated wall behind the sofa and the lined shelf design really makes the area look extra cluttered.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom balcony

The balcony is not big too, which is great for those who favour indoor space more.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom view
View from balcony
Parc Clematis 3 bedroom hallway

When you look at the hallway down this angle, it is really hard to understand why this was design was considered to be the best representation of the space.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom common bedroom
Common bedroom 1

The common bedrooms here are small, with just about enough space for a single bed and a study table.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom common bathroom
Common bathroom

The common bathroom here is of an average size.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom common room 2
Common bedroom 2

The second common bedroom is bigger, but not by much.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom master bedroom
Master bedroom

The master bedroom is quite narrow in size but is still able to accommodate a king-size bed.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom master bathroom
Master bathroom

An average sized master bathroom.

Parc Clematis 3 Bedroom Elegance Review

parc clematis 3 bedroom elegance floor plan

At 1,076 square feet of space, the 3 bedroom Elegance unit at the Parc Clematis is just about average in today’s context. The layout is most efficient, with the same issue as having an unneeded entranceway.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance entrance
Entrance to the 3 bedroom Elegance

As with the other units that you’ve seen, the entrance to the 3 bedroom unit takes up quite a bit of space and is really just not needed in my opinion.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance entrance storage
Additional storage space by the entrance
Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance entranceway

Once you turn in you are greeted by the sight of the kitchen and a partial view of the living room.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance kitchen

The kitchen in this 3 bedroom unit is a great size with long countertops and lots of storage. Plus it is enclosed which is always more convenient for proper cooking.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance kitchen counter
Long kitchen counter

Because it’s an Elegance unit, the kitchen counter gets special treatment with its smooth matte black finishing. The final effect is quite nice, it feels suitably premium and high quality to the touch.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance kitchen stove counter
Kitchen stove top counter
Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance store room
Store room

The back of the kitchen is a store/helper’s room. You could also use it as a utility area, or in this case, a study room.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance living
Living room

The living room in this 3 bedroom Elegance unit is actually very decently sized.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance living room alternate view
Living room alternate view

The design in this ID unit does live up to its “Elegant” billing. But personally, there is way too many decorative pieces that make the place look more cluttered than it has to be.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance dining room 1
Dining room

The dining room is not a bad size too. But in this case, they’ve decided to only show one side of the seating of the dining table to make the room look more spacious. You could also use the balcony as an alternate dining space, as it is quite big.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance balcony

As you can see, the balcony is a big space. So using it as a dining room instead is not a bad idea at all, especially if you are on a high floor.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance hallway

Now let’s move on to the bedrooms.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance common bedroom
Common bedroom 1

Both of the common bedrooms are quite similar in size. They are on the small side, to account for the more spacious common areas.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance common bedroom 2
Common bedroom 2

Depending on your lifestyle, the smaller bedrooms here could be an issue.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance common bathroom
Common bathroom

The common bathroom is of average size.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance master bed

The master bedroom is just okay in size, with barely enough space for a study/dresser table. There are floor-to-ceiling windows too, but unfortunately, this doesn’t stretch the whole width of the bedroom.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance master bedroom storage
Master bedroom storage

Storage is just adequate, but at the very least it extends all the way to the top.

Parc Clematis 3 bedroom elegance master bathroom
Master bathroom

The master bathroom is just about what you’d expect for an apartment of this size too.


Sandwiched between the AYE and Regent Park condo, you wouldn’t go as far to say that Parc Clematis has incredible immediate surroundings. 

Still, given its size, the condo is pretty much an estate of its own. Without any in-condo shopping amenities, however, the closeby NEWest shopping mall is bound to receive an immense increase in human traffic.


Bus StationBuses ServicedDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
‘Opp Newest’97, 154, 154B, 197, 198, 201450m, 7-min walk
‘Regent Pk’154, 154B, 188, 196, 201, 963, 963R250m, 4-min walk

Closest MRT: Clementi MRT, 1km, 14-min walk

Unfortunately, both walking and public transport times to the MRT seem the same. To save time on the walk, however, you might still be able to cut through the piece of land that is located right across Regent Park (on the same side of Clementi Town Secondary) when the project is completed.

Clementi MRT

Yes, it will not be shaded, but it definitely helps if you are in a rush (we’ve all been there).

Also, do note that both bus stops listed here are on the same side as the condo. Be sure to factor in the overhead bridge crossing (over the expressway) time should you need to frequent the respective opposite bus stops.

Highway/Major RoadDistance From Condo (& Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)
Clementi Ave 6 400m, 2-min drive
Commonwealth Avenue550m, 3-min drive
Clementi Road2km, 6-min drive
Jurong Town Hall Road3.1km, 6-min drive
Bukit Timah Road4.4km, 10-min drive
AYE1.2km, 4-min drive
PIE2.3km, 4-min drive
BKE6.2km, 7-min drive
CTE9.4km, 9-min drive
KJE11.3km, 10-min drive
KPE14km, 17-min drive
SLE14.9km, 14-min drive
ECP17.1km, 16-min drive

Private transport accessibility: Very Good

Despite its immediate proximity to the AYE, drivers here will have to first undertake a U-turn at Clementi Ave 6 before entering the highway. Thankfully, this is a double right-turn lane so those heading onto Commonwealth Avenue will not be affected as much.

Still, it could spell some incredible jam times at peak hours given the number of developments already in the area.

All things considered, however, the AYE does provide a solid and swift avenue to the CBD for residents here.  

Further considering the incredible number of amenities in the area, we highly doubt that most would need to frequently venture out of the west for daily necessities. 


Name of Grocery Shop Distance From Condo (& Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)
FairPrice Finest – The Clementi Mall1.4km, 6-min drive
FairPrice – Clementi Ave 32.2km, 9-min drive
Cold Storage – Clementi Arcade2.9km, 9-min drive
Cold Storage – West Coast Plaza2.9km, 9-min drive

Another downside to the condo’s locale is the lack of immediate grocery options. For those without a car, lengthy walks/public transport downtimes could prove tedious in the long run. Of course, there is always the option for grocery delivery – though there is nothing like picking your own fresh produce. 

Clementi Tower Centre

A very interesting fact however is that NEWest (the nearest mall to the condo) has only witnessed an approximate 20% total shop uptake thus far despite its 3-year lifespan – citing low crowds as the biggest reason for this. While we aren’t promising anything, the injection of (massive) new life into the area could just be the spark that the mall has been looking for. 

A spark that could potentially result in the surfacing of a new grocery outlet in the mall – fingers crossed. 

Shopping Malls

Name of Shopping MallDistance From Condo (& Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)
The Clementi Mall/Cityvibe Mall1.4km, 6-min drive
321 Clementi2km, 8-min drive
NEWest2.2km, 6-min drive OR 600m, 8-min walk
West Coast Plaza2.9km, 9-min drive
IMM (Cluster)3.3km, 8-min drive
Beauty World Plaza (Cluster)4.8km, 11-min drive

Surprisingly, despite NEWest being the ‘closest’ shopping mall in terms of pure distance, it requires a relatively long time to reach than some of the other surrounding malls given the presence of the ‘AYE barrier’ in between both developments

Clementi Mall

Still, there are quite a number of accessible malls and food joints in the area to add diversity to your perusals – all this assuming that you have a personal vehicle for easier transportation.  


Name of SchoolEducation LevelDistance From Condo (Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)
Lorries N Berries Preschool (NEWest)Preschool 1.4km, 6-min drive
Sparkletots Preschool (Clementi Ave 6)Preschool 1.5km, 6-min drive
PCF Sparkletots Preschool (321 Clementi) Preschool 1.6km, 6-min drive
Maplebear West Coast Pre School (NEWest)Preschool 2.2km, 6-min drive OR 600m, 8-min walk
Big Foot Pre School (West Coast Road)Preschool 2.2km, 6-min drive OR 600m, 8-min walk
Nan Hua PrimaryPrimary500m, 2-min drive OR 550m, 7-min walk
Pei Tong PrimaryPrimary1.3km, 5-min drive
Qifa PrimaryPrimary2.7km, 7-min drive
Bukit Timah PrimaryPrimary3.9km, 10-min drive
Cambridge PrimaryPrimary4.5km, 9-min drive
Fairfield Methodist SchoolPrimary5.2km, 8-min drive
Clementi Town SecondarySecondary2.2km, 9-min drive OR 650m, 8-min walk
New Town SecondarySecondary2.5km, 9-min drive
Shibuya Makuhari Senior HighSecondary2.6km, 6-min drive
NUS High School of Math and ScienceSecondary3.3km, 7-min drive
Kent Ridge SecondarySecondary3.4km, 10-min drive
Tanglin SecondarySecondary3.5km, 8-min drive
Yusof Ishak SecondarySecondary3.5km, 10-min drive
Commonwealth SecondarySecondary4.1km, 8-min drive
Crest SecondarySecondary4.7km, 7-min drive
Waseda Shibuya Senior HighSecondary4.8km, 10-min drive
Fairfield Methodist SecondarySecondary5.4km, 9-min drive
Singapore PolytechnicTertiary3.3km, 11-min drive
Ngee Ann PolytechnicTertiary4.3km, 12-min drive
Eunoia Junior CollegeTertiary4.4km, 12-min drive
Anglo Chinese Junior CollegeTertiary5.7km, 10-min drive
German Institute of Science and Technology Tertiary3.4km, 8-min drive
SUSSTertiary3.4km, 9-min drive
SIMTertiary3.7km, 10-min drive
SITTertiary5.7km, 10-min drive
NUSTertiary6.5km, 13-min drive

Given the proximity of the Kent Ridge Education Belt, it comes as little surprise that there are these many educational offerings in the area – especially on the secondary school tier. 

Top universities like NUS, SIT, SUSS, and SIM are also within a 10-minute drive radius from Parc Clematis. 

For parents looking to have their kids study in top mission schools, there is also the option of the Bukit Timah School belt further north-east from the condo – though be warned that peak hour jams in that area are often and uncompromising. 

Parc Clematis Additional Pointers

  • Presence of Top-Notch Hospitals

For most of us, having some source of medical care close by is an important aspect when choosing a new home. In the case of Parc Clematis, it is surrounded by a string of them.

The closest would be both the Jurong Community and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital – a mere 9-min drive from the condo. Other nearby top-end medical offerings include the National University and Gleneagles Hospital.

  • ‘Triple-Polis’

Those who frequent the One North area will be familiar with the Mediapolis, Biopolis, and Fusionopolis – a three-tiered implementation that contributes to their respective fields in providing both employment and industrial/economic frontliners. 

Located just an 11-min drive away, residents will have easy access to the area at most points of the day. 

  • Parc Clematis’ one-of-a-kind Tri Factor 

Zoning in a little closer to home, developers SingHaiyi have increasingly emphasised variety and diversity – an important factor that has given the massive unit offerings here. One of its biggest implementations involve ‘splitting’ the condo into 3-themed areas for the various demographics:

Contemporary – For the young at heart, a modern and expressive feel steeped with international glamour and brighter colours. 4 towers (8B-8E) with a couple of dining pavilions, outdoor fitness stations, and easy access to sports facilities. 

Elegance – For families, a welcoming yet warm feel that conveys a high-end Asian-themed home (think Shangri-La). 3 towers (8, 8A, and 8F) with a picnic lawn and children-based facilities like a toddler play pool and a kids’ playhouse.

Signature – For the premium professionals, a dark/earthy wooden-themed enclave that emphasises class and serenity. 2 towers (6 and 6A) with duo pavilion studies as well as a community and rain garden for relaxation. 

A brilliant initiative that the developers will no doubt hope to enhance like-minded community building. 

  • Emphasis on Inter-condo Community Building

Speaking of community, large developments have always presented opportunities for new friendships (and even relationships) to blossom.

SingHaiyi has tapped on this and introduced co-living, co-kitchen, and even co-play spaces that will include music, game console, and even AV rooms for the movie-lovers. 

As for their whereabouts, you’ll find these facilities present in Clubhouses 2 and 4 respectively. Here, you’ll encounter plenty of common spaces with various themes that will hopefully bring like-minded individuals together on a community level. 

Development Site

Having already covered the floor area and entrance/exit situation in the tour, let’s touch a little bit more on the facility offerings. 

Divided into either ‘active’ or ‘relax’-themed facilities, the equipment is further divided into their respectively coloured zones. With the variety and number of units here, it is nice to see that the developers have thought to cater to the various demographics on this end. 

The number and separate distinctions of fun (for kids) and more professional (for adults) water features will also allow for separate aims/desires to be fulfilled and potentially even secluded water-based exercise spots away from the hustle and bustle that a 1,468 unit condo will naturally conjure. 

Unit Mix

Parc Clematis Unit Mix
Unit TypeNo. Of UnitsSize of Units (sqft)
1-Bedroom136452 – 624 sqft
1-Bedroom + Study68506 – 710 sqft
2-Bedroom355689 – 893 sqft
2-Bedroom Dual Key46700 – 861 sqft
2-Bedroom + Study44743 sqft
3-Bedroom267829 – 1,076 sqft
3-Bedroom Dual Key46969 – 1,216 sqft
3-Bedroom Premium1801,044 – 1,475 sqft
4-Bedroom 461,238 – 1,475 sqft
4-Bedroom Premium1571,292 – 1,765 sqft
5-Bedroom281,636 – 1,970 sqft
5-Bedroom Premium691,711- 1,981 sqft
Penthouse81,991 – 2,669 sqft
Corner Terrace43,466 sqft
Inter Terrace82,659 sqft
Bungalow63,832 sqft

Given the number of units and diversity of layouts, we’ve decided to offer a more ‘concise’ outlook on the unit sizes and numbers in the table. Should you require the full-sized table (or any other information for that matter), do feel free to reach out to us at hello@stackedhomes.com.

Unit sizes here are definitely above average on all ends – though not massive to the extent that the Parc Clematis’ units command a considerably heavier quantum as a result.

The presence of dual-key units alongside the incredibly favourable work-life locale has undoubtedly appealed to many investors who will now look to lease out units here in the near future – especially when the Jurong Innovation District pops up. 

Sadly, however, SingHaiyi doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to engineering new developments. While most of its past Singaporean-based projects went off mostly without a hitch, its inaugural Pasir Ris One development suffered major outcry from the public on various fronts, a disaster-in-the-making that has been carefully mitigated through its responsive and favourable troubleshooting process. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for us on this is the importance of garnering as much transparent information from credible sources on new projects as possible before making a purchase decision.

Best Stacks

Parc clematis best stacks

Here in this image, we have highlighted those that we think are deserving of the best stacks title. These are away from the expressway (less road noise) and feature either unblocked views or a good distance away from other blocks.

What’s different about the Parc Clematis is actually how the blocks have been laid out. If you noticed, it’s in a diamond shape which is really smart as this is an optimal layout for the best facing and space between blocks. So yes, although there are better stacks to go for still, the truth is that most units are quite well positioned.

Price Review

Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)
Parc Clematis99-years2023$1,614
Regent Park99-years1994$966
The Trilinq99-years2018$1,322
Clement Canopy99-years2019$1,551

Now before all pandemonium breaks loose, it is our duty to bring to light SingHaiyi’s successful appeal and upgrade of Parc Clematis’ leasehold (initially from March 1982). This, following its collective sale acquisition of the land here. 

Its ‘new’ 99-year period has since kicked off from 8th August 2019.

Also, due to the obvious impact that the AYE has on accessibility, we’ve chosen to keep the condo comparisons based on projects located on the same side of the highway as Parc Clematis. We’ve also included the recently launched Clement Canopy for novelty-factor quantum comparisons. 

Unsurprisingly, Parc Clematis is at the top of the quantum range amongst the developments on its side of the AYE – no doubt due to its novelty and facility offerings. 

When comparing the newer launches, however, one important highlight that we should not miss is that The Trilinq took over 4 years to sell a majority of its units while Clement Canopy only required 1. 

Based on this trend and judging based on location alone (as well as the size of Parc Clematis), one would expect quite a bit of leftover units in the long run.

On the contrary, however, unit sizes of Clement Canopy and Parc Clematis are relatively similar, a factor that could boost uptake as opposed to The Trilinq’s more spacious (and hence pricier) units. 

Our Take

While it remains to be seen how strong the uptake will be, developers SingHaiyi can take heart in knowing that a solid 22% of its massive unit offerings were snapped up on its first day of launch with 8% following in the two months. 

Personally (and I’m sure a couple of you would agree with me on this), I’ve never been a big fan of high population developments. 

This is why I am considerably impressed by the fact that SingHaiyi has taken this into account and opted to allocate its residents over 63% of the development’s 633,644 square feet of land area for facilities and common space.  

Of course, the diversity in units plays a huge role in allowing them to do so. But hey, unit diversity gives a development colour, and kudos to them for upholding the positive on both ends. 

Perhaps the only thing I would be concerned about is potential traffic noises that lower units here would receive from the AYE. That, and the slight lack of immediate grocery options – though I’m sure the latter will soon be a worry of the past. 

Given the condo’s strategic locale on work and education fronts, I can see it as a popular investment development, though the massive amount of units present here will only serve to make lease prices more competitive. 

This, unless demand is heavily increased as a result of high-end job placements/opportunities from the future Jurong Lake and Innovation Districts. 

What this means for you

You might like Parc Clematis if you:

  • • Work in the closeby commercial nodes:The presence of the nearby Jurong and One-North districts will greatly cut down traveling time to and from work.
  • • Have kids:Large unit varieties, solid education options on various tiers as well as large spaces designed for the kids to enjoy and grow in makes the Parc Clematis a very family-friendly condo.

You might not like Parc Clematis if you:

  • • Are not a fan of massive developments:Larger projects can sometimes result in greater-than-average volumes of noise and traffic within the condo itself.
  • • Dislike living next to a major highway:Once again, noise (and air) pollution from the nearby AYE might be a turnoff to those looking for a unit here – even if the ‘deeper’/higher units might remain unaffected. 
End of Review
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Reuben is a digital nomad gone rogue. An avid traveler, photographer and public speaker, he now resides in Singapore where he has since found a new passion in generating creative and enriching content for Stacked. Outside of work, you’ll find him either relaxing in nature or retreated to his cozy man-cave in quiet contemplation.

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4 years ago

2BR + study = 700+ sqft 🙁


[…] we know, District 5 has observed quite the number of New Launches over the past months (Parc Clematis, Whistler Grand and Twin Vew come to mind – as well as the newly TOP-ed Parc Riviera and to a […]

3 years ago

Q1: why do building 8A have no best stacks? It seems far away from others and noise?
Q2: which do you prefer, if to choose between stack 46 and 48? Why – layout, facing , or other factor?
Many thanks

Stacked Homes
3 years ago
Reply to  Austin

Hey Austin! Actually when we did the best stacks, we were more focused on the overall view. 8A is also OK.
With regards to Q2:

Both 48 and 46 has an entranceway, but 48 looks directly to the living area – so there’s less privacy, whereas 46 has more privacy as it opens up to a wall. So it would depend on your preference here, some people like opening the door and looking into living area as it feels more spacious. Others prefer more privacy.

Bedroom 4 is separated from other bedrooms by the living/dining in stack 48, but no nearby toilet poses a huge inconvenience to the occupant there. Better for those who want more privacy since going to the washroom means having to traverse past the common area.

46 has a more traditional layout, where 3 common bedrooms share 1 bathroom along the hallway.

Stack 48 master bedroom bathroom is located on the right of the entrance.

Some would prefer this as it feels more separated and has greater privacy than the one in 46, as opening the door gives a partial glimpse into the master bedroom toilet. This is up to one’s preference again.

Both have a good view of the lagoon and the next blocks are quite far away.

3 years ago
Reply to  Stacked Homes

Thank you for the great review! I have a follow up question on stack 46. Do you think this stack will be impacted by the noise coming from AYE and the nearby tennis court and basketball court? Wonder how bad the sound bouncing will be. Thanks much!

Stacked Homes
3 years ago
Reply to  Hans

Hey Hans! Given that it faces away from the AYE and doesn’t face the tennis courts directly, we don’t think this would be much of an issue

3 years ago
Reply to  Stacked Homes

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate that.

6 months ago

How does Parc Clematis compare to Trilinq?

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