AnalysisCoronavirus and SARS: How It Might Affect The Singapore Property Market

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  • February 24, 2020
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The Singapore property market is too resilient to be affected by such an outbreak. A crash really only happens when it wasn’t predicted, and too sudden like the US housing market crash.

Now people are so cautious, waiting for ‘the next recession’ to happen, eagerly waiting on the sidelines with hoards of cash to invest, saying perhaps the virus will cause this crash, or the Trump trade wars would.


When it happens, you wouldn’t have known the reason till the fact!


The situation has changed so much since this was written. We can expect march data and maybe april to be worse than months prior. I pray for everyone to remain healthy and hope crisis comes to an end soon


This not not like SARS, the spread is fast and deadly and it affects the middle and older folks who have the cash to invest. Surely it will affect the property market as Covid-19 unless SARS does not closed companies down and restrict foreign buyers. Foreign buyers and expats have diminish and common sense will speak for itself. Property Developers and Marketing Agencies are trying to talk up the market demand. Don’t be fooled by them. Got the money, wait. You will be rewarded by the end of the year, when the economy is in full recession.

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