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Cairnhill 16 Condo Review: Just 39 Units, Freehold, And With 3.2m High Ceilings

by Cheryl
  • January 28, 2023
  • 31 min read

Our Verdict


Overall Rating
A freehold development within prestigious District 9, Cairnhill 16 is a spacious, new-launch boutique development. The project is located in a central location along Cairnhill Rise, providing fast access to the Orchard shopping belt and the CBD. However, it does seem to be less ideal for those who rely on public transportation, or prefer to have amenities right at their doorsteps. This area is also quite heavily built-up, which may deter those who like green space.

Our Considerations

Unit Efficiency 4/5

Efficient layout with sizeable balcony.

Unit Size 4/5

Spacious, and ideal for those looking for something bigger than the average new launch

Quality of Fittings 4.5/5

Good brands used

Design 3/5

Rather ordinary front facade

Variety of Facilities 3/5

Typical range of facilities for a boutique development

Quality of Facilities 3.5/5

A decent level of facilities

Surrounding Amenities 3/5

While in a central location, immediate access to amenities isn’t the most convenient

Developer 4/5

Tiong Seng and Ocean Sky JV, Tiong Seng has constructed many developments in Singapore

Transport Links 2.5/5

Quite far from the nearest MRT station and bus stop.

Driving Accessibility 4/5

Rather convenient to drive to town. Connected to the CTE.

Price Point 3/5

Decent pricing today for a D9 freehold project.

31 min read
Project: Cairnhill 16
District: 09
Address: Cairnhill Rise 229744
Tenure: Freehold
No. of Units: 39
Site Area: 15,407 sqft
Developer: TSky Development Pte Ltd
TOP: 2023

Launched at the end of 2021, Cairnhill 16 hasn’t enjoyed the best of starts. For those who haven’t yet heard, it is a freehold boutique condominium, with just 39 units offered. As the name suggests, this is within the prestigious private enclave of Cairnhill Rise.

This project offers private lifts with only three units per floor; and being quite deep within the private enclave, it provides a buffer against the residential-dense neighbourhood.

So why has it not been as well-received so far?

This may be due to the lacklustre performance of new launches in the Core Central Region (CCR), which includes other recent launches like Klimt Cairnhill; so Cairnhill 16 may have gotten shorter end of the stick, in terms of launch timing. 

Over the years, it must be said that Cairnhill has also been losing some lustre as a premium neighbourhood, with more popular neighbourhoods like River Valley, and even Bugis coming up as the place of choice for more wealthy homeowners. Back in 2007 when well-known projects like Helios Residences were marketed, one of Cairnhill’s most compelling selling points was its upmarket image. However, the prices have since fallen flat, and have been transacting at prices below their peak since the early 2000s. 

Will there be an uplift to the neighbourhood soon? Let’s take a tour of Cairnhill 16 with its very recently refreshed show flat to see what this boutique project is all about.

Editor’s Note (28 Jan 2023): Included the addition of a shuttle bus service in the first year provided by the developer.

Cairnhill 16 Insider Tour 

Cairnhill 16 4 model

If you aren’t too familiar with Cairnhill, let’s start with the immediate location first. The entrance to the road is a bit unforgiving if it’s your first time visiting, as the traffic flowing down Cairnhill Circle is quite fast. It’s also easy to turn into the first lane up Cairnhill Circle instead of Cairnhill Rise, given how close the roads are to each other. Nevertheless, this is a problem that will only plague first-time visitors, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this.

Cairnhill 16 is located at the end of Cairnhill Rise, which is nearly the last development (besides Cairnhill Arts Centre). It’s a good thing because Cairnhill Arts Centre is a low-rise building, and as it is also on elevated ground, some units will enjoy views of the area despite the relatively short stature of the building. Consequently, you don’t feel as boxed in as some of your neighbours might feel, as the density in this immediate vicinity is actually quite packed. 

cairnhill 16 location

There are just 5 other developments that share the same road, and each is considered to be small development as well (all under 200 units). Because it is at the furthest end (and if you don’t drive) some might consider this to be quite inaccessible. Walking out is okay, as it is on a slope, it’s walking home that might take some effort as it is on a bit more of an incline. It is not sheltered too, although some leafy trees along the way do help shield you from the sun.

The good news is that the developer has arranged to ensure residents are provided with a shuttle service for the first year. In subsequent years, residents can decide if they want to continue with this arrangement.

There are also other positives here to note too. Being further in does mean you are placed away from the noise of the traffic from Cairnhill Circle. It’s a connecting road to the CTE, which is a really busy one at most times of the day. If you’ve ever stayed in a crowded city hotel in Hong Kong, only to get back to a well-insulated room after a busy day, the feeling here would be somewhat similar. 

Cairnhill 16 9 driveway

So the first thing you’d notice about Cairnhill 16 (apart from its simple drop-off point) is that there is no traditional security checkpoint. 

Instead, the developers chose to opt for a smart gantry to maintain security. This is a similar concept to its sister project, Sloane Residences, which would probably translate to lower maintenance fees. This also isn’t a bad thing in itself, as the future is likely going to be one where robots will be maintaining the place, and also taking care of security. No more having to honk sleeping security guards when you visit!

From the entrance of Cairnhill 16, a combination of organic and soothing timber-hued colours, greenery, and neat lines form the general impression of the project. The design is nothing eye-catching, and it is considered quite a safe look. 

Cairnhill 16 1 model

There are just 39 units to be found in this boutique project, and you’d probably have expected it to be a little thin on the facilities front. At a glance, it’s actually quite decent, with a 20m lap pool, kid’s pool, and gym.

cairnhill 16 lap pool

There’s also a sculptured pavilion and a kid’s suspended rope play area. A perimeter of green landscaping is also used as a small buffer against external noise and serves as an effective solution to reduce heat. 

cairnhill 16 lap pool 1

Frankly, I would have to say that the kid’s rope play area is a little bit of a surprise inclusion, given that I wouldn’t frame this as a development for families with young children. 

Cairnhill 16 6 model roof deck

The developers have tried to make the most of the small area though, as there are other facilities distributed across the second, seventh, and the top floor on the roof. 

On the roof terrace, lounge areas can be found, along with a Teppanyaki Pavilion and BBQ area.

cairnhill 16 teppanyaki

Personally, I think that it’s a great idea to place these spots on the highest floor of the development, to reduce noise pollution to other units and create a more private environment. There are also water features to be found here, which should go some way to help create a better sense of ambiance. 

It is quite a nice spot to be in, especially when facing the Cairnhill Road area, as it is a pocket of unblocked space (due to the conserved shophouses). 

PS: For those who are interested in the 3D tours of ALL bedroom types at Cairnhill 16, you can visit our new launch portal below.

Visit our portal here.

Cairnhill 16 3 Bedroom + Study Type CS (1,292 Sq ft) Review


Located in Stack 1 of the development, this 3 bedroom + Study unit comes in at 1,292 square feet, which is considered to be quite generous when it comes to new launches today. It also features a dumbbell layout, which eliminates any need for any space-wasting long corridors. In keeping with its upmarket image, you do also have a private lift to take you straight up directly into your unit. 

The best thing about the unit though? Each standard unit comes with a ceiling height of 3.2 metres, which is fantastic. This definitely will give a better feeling of spaciousness and luxuriousness to the space. It’s also worth noting that the penthouse units on the 14th floor have a higher ceiling height of 4.275m, which again, is really good to have if you can afford it. 

Cairnhill 16 3 Bedroom + Study entranceway

Starting off with the private foyer of the unit, there’s ample space from the lift to fit in storage for shoes, a sitting stool, and even a console, if you like. 

And although not accessible in the showflat, the door that leads to the common lobby is shown in a birch light wood panel. This isn’t a typical layout, as the door is usually located at the service yard. While I do prefer that orientation for better privacy (you can just keep the other door shut), this isn’t really an issue by any means either. 

Cairnhill 16 13 3 bedroom study kitchen

The dry kitchen is the first thing that will greet you upon entering the space. It looks open and airy, due to the window placement at the back of the wet kitchen. To separate the wet and dry kitchen, there is a sliding glass door that can help prevent the cooking fumes from getting through (and yet still let the light come through). 

It’s also here that you will find the wine chiller and built-in oven. These are provided by V-ZUG, which is a premium Swiss brand that is fast catching on in luxury homes in Singapore

Cairnhill 16 15 3 bedroom study kitchen

Moving on to the wet kitchen, I really liked that in-built seamless double refrigerators were installed as these are so much more practical for families. Also, minimalists like myself would definitely appreciate these details, as it makes the space look less cluttered. 

If you are a serious chef you would also like the addition of gas stoves for heavy cooking, and there’s another built-in oven located here too. Like the dry kitchen, all appliances are also from V-ZUG. 

Also instead of placing the stove and sink together, the sink is located on the other side of the kitchen, in front of the window (which is a much better spot to be if you are washing the dishes). I would have preferred a dual-sided sink though. 

Cairnhill 16 17 3 bedroom study kitchen hood

Storage-wise, there are a decent amount of cabinets and drawers to store all your cooking ware and ingredients, and there are even practical touches that have been installed within. 

Although it’s a simple design that many new launches have already picked up, I like how the drying rack is installed within the cabinets, as this reduces the need for additional space for drying your wet dishes. Plus, it keeps the clutter out of sight. 

Cairnhill 16 18 3 bedroom study kitchen wc

Moving on to the back of the kitchen, we find the water closet and yard space, with the washer/dryer located below the sink. It’s a bit of an iffy spot as if you do need both a yard space and a helper’s room (which most buyers of a unit such as this would probably need), you will have to do some clever space planning to fulfill both.  

Very helpfully, a door has been installed to segregate the kitchen and the rest of the yard area, which can help in terms of privacy. 

Cairnhill 16 21 3 bedroom study bathroom

It’s also good to see a WC here, which will come in handy if you have a helper. 

Cairnhill 16 22 3 bedroom study sink

The basin, on the other hand, is located outside of the water closet to maximise space usage. I thought that this design was rather uncommon but certainly a more practical choice than the usual tiny basin that developers like to squeeze inside. 

Cairnhill 16 24 3 bedroom study decor shelf

The yard space here is shown to double up as a helper’s room with a pullout bed. You could also build a bunk bed with more storage at the bottom, as an alternative. It could probably still work given the higher-than-average ceiling here, even if you had to install something like a Steigen to dry your clothes more efficiently. 

Cairnhill 16 37 3 bedroom study kitchen living dining

Here’s what the view of the living and dining looks like, as you step out of the kitchen. 

Cairnhill 16 40 3 bedroom study dining kitchen

Let’s start with the dining first, as it is of course located right outside the dry kitchen. As you can see, the kitchen counter is built with a little alcove so you can place some bar seats. This is smart as it allows the space to double up as a breakfast counter too. 

In terms of space, it’s decent enough for a 6-seater, any longer and you will start to encroach into the entrance of the master bedroom. One solution is to get an extendable dining table, so when you do need to host more people you can quite easily do so. 

The ID for the show flat has also cleverly installed a mirror on the wall next to the dining, which does help to accentuate the space even more. 

Cairnhill 16 35 3 bedroom study living

The living and dining are situated next to each other, so it does make the space a little more flexible in how you want to place your furniture. Again, the 3.2m ceiling height goes a long way toward making the space feel quite spacious. 

It’s also worth noting that the aircon comes in a ducted form, which is typically viewed as a more luxurious setup. 

Overall, it can comfortably fit a three-seater sofa and coffee table, and they’ve even set the TV on the wall instead of having a console to save on space. 

As for the balcony, it is reasonably large enough on paper as it spans the width of the living and dining. This really helps to bring a lot of light into the space and can accommodate several lounge chairs, or even a coffee table to enjoy the outdoor space. Alternatively, owners can consider installing a Ziptrak to reduce the heat and sun glare, and potentially extend the living area. 

That said, it isn’t exactly wide enough that you can really use it as a proper dining space. 

Cairnhill 16 38 3 bedroom study living dining

It’s worth noting here that the final nook in the living room (at the end) was supposed to be the study area, but the IDs chose to knock down the wall and combine the entire space together. It certainly makes sense if you have no use for the study room, and if you utilise the communal areas a lot. 

I would have preferred the area to be wider than it is long, but on the other hand, because this is a dumbbell unit, the length of the space does give you more privacy between the master bedroom and common bedrooms. Especially if you have younger kids and are more sensitive to noise, this is definitely a good arrangement to have. 

Cairnhill 16 53 3 bedroom study tv console and bath entrance

Lastly for the living area, let’s take a look at the common bathroom. It’s located right outside the study and will be shared between both common bedrooms. 

Cairnhill 16 56 3 bedroom study common bath

The common bathroom also has typical features such as a mirror, storage behind the mirrors, a wall-hung toilet, a walk-in shower, and a smaller sink (as compared to the master bathroom). 

You do have a rain shower here, which is a more luxurious touch but expected today for more luxury-focused developments. 

Cairnhill 16 57 3 bedroom study common bath
Cairnhill 16 46 3 bedroom study common bed

Moving on to the first common bedroom, it is able to fit a queen-sized bed and built-in wardrobe. The advantage of a small development means that this unit occupies a corner for both the master bedroom and common bedroom. The right-angled window plus the high ceiling make this the common bedroom of choice, for sure. If you have 2 kids of similar ages (and old enough to understand the merits of such a bedroom), you’ll definitely be facing a fight for who gets to stay in this bedroom. 

Cairnhill 16 48 3 bedroom study common bed

Do note that the windows in these rooms are west and south facing, which means that there’ll be ample sunlight throughout the day. 

Cairnhill 16 49 3 bedroom study common bed wardrobe

The wardrobe is of the sliding variety which helps to save on the space required to open the doors, and I’m glad to see that it is nearly floor-to-ceiling which does give you more storage space. Of course, this also means you will need to have a stool handy to reach the top space. 

It also features a mirror-finished panel, which does some way to visually help make the space feel more spacious. 

Cairnhill 16 50 3 bedroom study

The next common bedroom has been turned into a study room instead. Otherwise, this room is able to mirror the other common bedroom and accommodate either a queen-sized or single bed nicely, if you so desire. 

Cairnhill 16 52 3 bedroom study

There is only one side of the room that has floor-to-ceiling windows that is in the South-direction. And so out of all three rooms, this one would have the least sunlight. 

Cairnhill 16 25 3 bedroom study master bed

Finally, for the master bedroom. It is located right after the kitchen area and is able to fit a king-sized bed, along with a vanity corner and built-in closet comfortably. 

Cairnhill 16 26 3 bedroom study master bed balcony

What’s special about this master bedroom is the addition of the balcony. Like the living room, it’s not very wide but the length does mean that it really helps to add a ton of light into the room. You can also choose to install a Ziptrak to create a more seamless indoor-outdoor environment as well. 

Cairnhill 16 28 3 bedroom study master bed

There are also huge floor-to-ceiling window panels in the master bedroom in the west and north direction, which means there’ll be plenty of direct sunlight filtering into this room during the day.  

Cairnhill 16 30 3 bedroom study master balcony and bath

Located just beside the bed is a space for the wardrobe and master bathroom. There is quite a large amount of walkway space here, which does contribute to the overall feeling of spaciousness of the room, even if it isn’t quite usable. 

Cairnhill 16 31 3 bedroom study master bed wardrobe

The wardrobe here features the same mirrored finish and has a sliding design to save space. Additionally, there’s more storage area that goes all the way up to the ceiling, to maximise space. It probably still wouldn’t be enough storage for most, so some ways to help would be a platform bed as this can incorporate more storage space (and the high ceilings here will support this well). 

Cairnhill 16 33 3 bedroom study master bath

The first thing you’d notice in the master bathroom is the hugely long sink (which makes you wonder why they didn’t just install a his-and-hers instead). 

It also helps that there’s a huge floor-to-ceiling window here, which isn’t a common feature in most bathrooms. Again, because it adds a lot of light it really does help to make the bathroom feel bigger. The bathroom fittings are all from GROHE, which is a brand that I’m sure many Singaporeans are familiar with. 

Cairnhill 16 34 3 bedroom study master bath

A wall-hung toilet has been installed for easy maintenance and cleaning, and the walk-in shower area has built-in shelves to store sundries that one might use daily. And of course, you get a rain shower here, just like in the common bathroom. Overall, the dark marble look does give off a more luxurious finish to the bathroom.

Cairnhill 16 Location Review

Located in the prestigious District 9, it’s no secret that Cairnhill is one of Singapore’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. Its former reputation was built on holding its value well due to its central location, and the accumulation of freehold properties in the area. 

When looking at Cairnhill 16’s location, those two factors do hold true, but it does not offer the best accessibility nor amenities within 500m of its walking distance. It is situated deep within Cairnhill Rise, a very residential-dense area, which you can expect to be rather busy during peak hours. It is also noted that there’s only one way in and out of the condo. 

Currently, the nearest MRT station is either Newton MRT (on the Downtown and North-South line), about a 15-minute walk away, or Somerset MRT Station (on the North-South line), about a 13-minute walk away. 

Taking the bus might not be a convenient option either. The nearest bus stop is located 1.2km away (about a 14-minute walk) but offers a handful of bus services. However, the routes connect residents to landmarks such as Orchard MRT station, Great World City, and even Tiong Bahru Station. 

For those who have access to private transportation, getting around the island might be more convenient since Singapore’s best shopping district is within a 3-km radius. Additionally, the CTE is accessible after turning out of Clemenceau Avenue North, which connects residents to other heartland neighbourhoods like Toa Payoh and Serangoon. On top of that, nearby Novena is stipulated to become Singapore’s medical epicentre, which would also mean that nearby amenities would adapt to support new demands. 

However, the neighbourhood is known for its busy traffic. Driving out to nearby areas to do shopping, dining or grocery runs might also take longer than necessary due to heavier traffic conditions within the area. 

There is an abundance of superb schools within Cairnhill 16’s neighbourhood for all education levels, including names like Anglo-Chinese School, St. Joseph Institution, and Singapore Management University.  

To wrap up, the distance to other basic amenities might be inconvenient by Singapore standards. One solution could be cycling, with Newton Food Centre being just a four-minute ride away, and Takashimaya just 10 minutes away for quick dining options. 


Public Transport 

Bus Stop Bus ServicedDistance from Condo 
Opp Env Bldg5, 54, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 972M1.2km, 14-min walk 
Env Bldg5, 54, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 518, 518A, 972M1.3km, 15-min walk 
Newton Stn Exit B48, 67, 170, 960, 960e, 972M1.3km, 15-min walk 
Newton FC48, 67, 170, 960, 960e1.3km, 16-min walk 
Newton Stn Exit A5, 54, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 972M1.4km, 17-min walk 
Opp Newton FC 48, 67, 170, 960, 960e1.4km, 17-min walk 

Nearest MRT: 

  • Newton MRT, 1.3km, 15-min walk  
  • Somerset MRT, 1.4km, 18-min walk 


Cairnhill 16 Primary Schools
School Distance from Development (& est. walking/driving time at 8.30am) 
EtonHouse International Education Group 2.9km, 6 – 12-min drive 
Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton 1.3km, 5 – 7-min drive 
EtonHouse International Pre-School Claymore 2.6km, 6 – 14-min drive 
EtonHouse Pre-School Newton 1.9km, 4 – 9-min drive 
Pegasus International Preschool 4km, 6 – 16-min drive 
Lorna Whiston School (United Square) 2.2km, 5 – 12-min drive 
Camberley Pre-School (Balmoral Plaza) 2.1km, 6 – 10-min drive 
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 2.5km, 6 – 14-min drive 
St. Joseph’s Institution (Junior)3.5km, 6 – 14-min drive 
Farrer Park Primary 4.1km, 7 – 14-min drive 
Anglo-Chinese School (Barker) 3.7km, 8 – 16-min drive 
School of the Arts (SOTA) 3km, 6 – 16-min drive 
LASALLE College of the Arts 3.5km, 7 – 20-min drive 
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy 4.2km, 8 – 16-min drive 
Singapore Management University (SMU) 4.2km, 9 – 24-min drive 
Finnish Supplementary School 4km, 8 – 20-min drive 
Dynamics International School 3.3km, 7 – 18-min drive 

Retail Outlets 

DestinationDistance from Development (& est. driving time) 
Paragon Shopping Centre 1.7km, 6-min drive 
Far East Plaza 2.2km, 6-min drive 
313@somerset 2.3km, 8-min drive 
ION Orchard 2.4km, 9-min drive 
United Square Shopping Mall 2.4km, 7-min drive 
Plaza Singapura 2.4km, 9-min drive 
Velocity 2.6km, 8-min drive 
Wheelock Place 3.1km, 11-min drive 
Square 23.5km, 8-min drive 
Great World City 3.6km, 11-min drive 
City Square Mall 4.1km, 9-min drive

Private Transport

Key Destination Distance from Condo (Shortest Time at Peak Hour [0830] Drive Time) 
Orchard Road 2.4km, 5 – 12-min drive 
CBD (Raffles Place) 9.2km, 12 – 28-min drive 
Suntec City 4.4km, 8 – 24-min drive 
Bukit Timah Road 4.2km, 7 – 16-min drive 
Harbourfront District 12.7km, 16 – 35-min drive 
Tuas Port (by 2040) 41.1km, 45 – 75-min drive 
Paya Lebar Airbase (by 2030) 10.9km, 14 – 26-min drive 
Changi Airport 19.6km, 18 – 24-min drive 

Immediate Road Exits: 

  • Exit onto Cairnhill Rise and turn right to either Clemenceau Ave N or Kampong Java Tunnel 

Cairnhill 16 Developer Review 

TSky Development 

Cairnhill 16 is a proud product of a joint venture between experienced two experienced developers, Tiong Seng and Ocean Sky. Through sharing their expertise and experience in past projects, TSky aims to build high-quality properties while focusing on using new technology and creating smart spaces. 

Currently, the JV seems to be focusing on District 9, with another boutique condo along Balmoral Road named Sloane Residences under its belt. 


Laud Architects was founded in 2004 with a wide range of projects but is best known for its community and civic projects, especially for their extensive portfolio in designing churches all over Singapore. Their designs aim to foster social interactions and build a sense of community while in harmony with the environment. 

Some of their notable works include The LINQ @ Beauty World, Peak @ Cairnhill, and Fulcrum. 

Unit Mix 

cairnhill 16 unit mix
No. of Bedroom Type Area (Sqft) No. of Units Percentage 
2 Bedroom B, B1755 sqft 1333%
3 Bedroom C, C11,055 sqft1357%
3 Bedroom + Study CS1,292 sqft 9
4 Bedroom D, D11,744 sqft 410%

Like most boutique developments, Cairnhill 16 offers just 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units. As seen from the percentage distribution, the developers chose to focus more on three-bedroom units, which take up 57 per cent of the total number of units. 

Overall, the units at Cairnhill 16 are pretty generous in size for new launch standards. Their smallest units (the 2-bedrooms) are sized at 755 square feet, the 3-bedroom at 1,055 square feet, the 3-bedroom plus study at 1,292 square feet, and the 4-bedroom at 1,744 square feet. 

It can also be noted that certain unit types (B1, C1, and D1) have a higher clear ceiling height than the other units at 4.275m versus 3.2m, which are the top-floor units. 

Cairnhill 16 Stack Analysis

Development Site Plan 

First Storey 

Considering that Cairnhill 16’s land size is only 15,407 square feet and caters to only 39 units, it’s no surprise that they will be limited by the number of facilities. To cope with the lack of land space, the developers decided to divide the facilities vertically across levels 1, 2, and 7. 

The ingress and egress of Cairnhill 16 faces along Cairnhill Rise and subsequently leads to the basement car parks (which go two storeys down). Other amenities that can be found on the first floor include the gym, jacuzzi, a 20m lap pool, a children’s pool, and several lounge spots. 

On the second floor is a fitness terrace, whereas the seventh floor has a reading lounge. 

Finally, on the roof terrace are the BBQ Pavilion and Teppanyaki Pavilion which residents can use for personal parties and gatherings. 

One detail that I do like about the project is that there are only three units per floor, though it shouldn’t make much of a difference seeing every unit has its own private lift for maximum privacy and exclusivity. 

Best Stacks 

Cairnhill 16 Best Stacks

Since there is only one annex available at Cairnhill 16, there’s not much of a ‘best stack’ to choose from. It would lie with the unit type that you’ve narrowed down to suit your lifestyles and needs. 

Starting off with Stack one, it comprises the three-Bedroom + Study units (levels two to 10) and the four-Bedroom units (levels 11 to 14). The balconies of these two unit types are West facing, which means that strong afternoon sun can be expected throughout the year. However, this issue can be easily tackled by installing Ziptraks, which can polarise the heat from the sun and yet still allow it to be private as well. This faces the conserved low-rise houses along Cairnhill, and hence you do have the best-unblocked views available. 

On the other hand, stack two comprises mainly of three-Bedroom units. The balcony is North facing, which means that direct sunlight would not be too strong in this particular stack. Most of the bedrooms have North-facing windows as well, which leads to a more cooling home. However, it does partially face some units at The Vermont, which might mean curtains would have to be drawn for privacy. 

Lastly, stack three comprises of two-Bedroom units with balconies that are South-facing. The bedroom windows are also either South or East facing, which is not bad when it comes to avoiding direct sunlight. Privacy-wise, it does face Cairnhill Rise and the views are of your surrounding neighbours. 

Afternoon Sun

Cairnhill 16 west sun analysis

Stack 01 is the only stack that has afternoon sun – and it’s direct west-facing, so it does bear the full brunt of it. Both stacks 2 and 3 are north and south facing, so there isn’t much afternoon sun.

Cairnhill 16 Price Analysis

Here’s a look at the current prices (as of 22 Jan 2023):

Cairnhill 16MinMedianMaxUnits Remaining
2 Bedroom$2,026,200$2,076,400$2,148,2005
3 Bedroom$2,818,700$2,913,750$3,027,6008
3 Bedroom + Study$3,409,300$3,497,500$3,591,0005
4 Bedroom$5,239,000$5,239,000$5,239,0001

In total, there are 31 units available out of 39 units which makes it over 20 per cent sold as of 26 Jan 2023.

2-Bedroom Price Comparison

2 BedroomTenureMedian ($)Size RangeSegment
Pasir Ris 899 yrs from 05/07/2021$1,504,000710 – 721 sqftOutside Central Region
The GazaniaFreehold$1,551,000635 – 700 sqftOutside Central Region
The LiliumFreehold$1,677,800699 – 742 sqftOutside Central Region
MoriFreehold$1,726,000883 sqftRest of Central Region
Forett At Bukit TimahFreehold$1,763,000764 – 947 sqftRest of Central Region
Kopar At Newton99 yrs from 22/04/2019$1,792,000614 sqftCore Central Region
35 GilsteadFreehold$1,838,000700 sqftCore Central Region
Neu At NovenaFreehold$1,906,000646 – 657 sqftCore Central Region
LIV @ MB99 yrs$1,928,500624 – 850 sqftRest of Central Region
The Landmark99 yrs from 28/08/2020$1,940,160678 – 764 sqftRest of Central Region
Peak ResidenceFreehold$1,968,800776 – 808 sqftCore Central Region
Irwell Hill Residences99 yrs from 13/04/2020$1,991,000614 – 764 sqftCore Central Region
Hyll On HollandFreehold$2,001,100570 – 710 sqftCore Central Region
The M99 yrs from 03/07/2019$2,010,000592 – 980 sqftCore Central Region
Haus On Handy99 yrs from 07/05/2018$2,018,000689 – 926 sqftCore Central Region
10 EvelynFreehold$2,020,000732 – 753 sqftCore Central Region
Cairnhill 16Freehold$2,076,400775 sqftCore Central Region
One Pearl Bank99 yrs from 01/03/2019$2,084,000700 – 840 sqftRest of Central Region
Leedon GreenFreehold$2,090,000614 – 926 sqftCore Central Region
Pullman Residences NewtonFreehold$2,104,000667 sqftCore Central Region
Wilshire ResidencesFreehold$2,143,500743 – 797 sqftCore Central Region
Meyer MansionFreehold$2,144,600689 sqftRest of Central Region
One Bernam99 yrs from 10/12/2019$2,174,000700 – 872 sqftCore Central Region
IkigaiFreehold$2,200,000969 – 1087 sqftCore Central Region
1953Freehold$2,251,0001130 sqftRest of Central Region
The Reef At King’s Dock99 yrs from 12/01/2021$2,331,500883 – 980 sqftRest of Central Region
Van HollandFreehold$2,376,210657 – 1001 sqftCore Central Region
Grange 1866Freehold$2,519,500710 – 1012 sqftCore Central Region
The AtelierFreehold$2,544,000872 – 915 sqftCore Central Region
Perfect TenFreehold$2,564,550753 – 797 sqftCore Central Region
AtlassiaFreehold$2,596,8861270 sqftRest of Central Region
Riviere99 yrs from 07/03/2018$2,678,000818 sqftRest of Central Region
Midtown Bay99 yrs from 02/01/2018$2,708,320732 – 1152 sqftCore Central Region
Klimt CairnhillFreehold$2,830,000829 – 893 sqftCore Central Region
Cuscaden Reserve99 yrs from 14/08/2018$2,845,000807 – 926 sqftCore Central Region
15 Holland HillFreehold$3,958,5701292 sqftCore Central Region
Boulevard 88Freehold$5,111,2501313 sqftCore Central Region
Park NovaFreehold$6,080,0001432 sqftCore Central Region
2 Bedroom Price Comparison

Based on available units today, Cairnhill 16 is straddled somewhere in the middle for a 2-bedroom development.

It’s both within the CCR and it’s also freehold – two highlights of the development, so let’s compare them with other projects with similar traits.

Lower-priced 2-bedders do include other Core Central Region freehold condominiums such as Hyll on Holland and 35 Gilstead, so even though it is freehold and within CCR, its pricing does leave buyers with several other serious competitors in the market.

Looking purely at size, this seems to make sense – Cairnhill 16’s 2-bedroom unit is on the slightly bigger side as it’s 775 sq ft in size.

You can see that while Hyll on Holland is more affordable, its unit sizes are less than the 775 sq ft Cairnhill 16 has to offer.

35 Gilstead is also smaller at 700 sq ft in size, however, it is within a more convenient reach to the MRT than Cairnhill 16.

10 Evelyn is quite close in size and is also priced similarly to Cairnhill 16, but it is closer to the MRT.

However, the reason why Cairnhill 16’s size is bigger is largely due to the private lift and foyer space. In terms of liveable space, it’s pretty comparable with the nearby 10 Evelyn.

Cairnhill 16 2-bedroom 775 sq ft floor plan $2,043,700 #4

Cairnhill 16 2 bedroom 775 sqft floor plan 2043700 4

As you can see, a lot of space is taken up by the private foyer and lift as the remaining part of the home doesn’t look too different from other 2-bedroom new launch units. The master bedroom can fit a king-sized bed and two side tables, and there’s even room for a study. 

10 Evelyn 2-bedroom 753 sq ft $2,052,000 #4

10 Evelyn 2 bedroom 753 sqft 2052000 4

Based on the floor plan, both look to be quite similar with the most notable difference being that 10 Evelyn has a household shelter that doubles up as a wardrobe instead of the private lift that Cairnhill 16 has. This layout does seem less common and I cannot attest to how popular having a bomb shelter in a common bedroom can be. However, future buyers could see this walk-in wardrobe as a bonus.

Between the two, it does seem like Cairnhill 16 has a more spacious master bedroom and I like that the dining area has its own corner as compared to 10 Evelyn’s dining which is in the middle of the living and kitchen.

However, the private lift is something that not many buying a 2-bedroom unit might want to pay for, so this is something to really mull over.

Hyll on Holland 700 sq ft 2 bedroom unit $2,002,200 #11

Hyll on Holland 700 sqft 2 bedroom unit 2002200 11

You’ll find Hyll on Holland’s 2-bedroom unit to be very familiar – it’s got a dumbbell layout, so it’s more efficient, a long kitchen at the entry as well as a rectangular living cum dining area. Both bathrooms as well as the kitchen are naturally ventilated – a big plus in our books.

This particular layout can be found on the 11th floor and currently goes for $2,002,200. It’s certainly more affordable as an 11th-floor unit at Cairnhill 16 currently goes for $2,285,300.

Even though it is 75 sq ft smaller, Hyll on Holland’s layout does seem more spacious (with the exception of the master bedroom) and it’s likely due to the efficiency and lack of a private lift. 

3-Bedroom Price Comparison

3 BedroomTenureMedian ($)Size RangeMarket Segment
North Gaia99 yrs from 15/02/2021$1,252,000958 – 1076 sqftOutside Central Region
ZyanyaFreehold$1,875,900893 – 1044 sqftRest of Central Region
Royal HallmarkFreehold$1,975,000797 – 936 sqftRest of Central Region
Bartley Vue99 yrs from 13/04/2020$1,994,000947 – 1066 sqftRest of Central Region
Baywind ResidencesFreehold$2,042,000969 – 1055 sqftOutside Central Region
MoriFreehold$2,120,5001098 – 1184 sqftRest of Central Region
Sky Eden@Bedok99 yrs$2,280,0001087 – 1302 sqftOutside Central Region
Pasir Ris 899 yrs from 05/07/2021$2,302,0001023 – 1302 sqftOutside Central Region
Lentor Modern99 yrs$2,313,800969 – 1130 sqftOutside Central Region
AtlassiaFreehold$2,319,4141098 – 1141 sqftRest of Central Region
Ki Residences At Brookvale999 yrs from 23/03/1885$2,428,000936 – 1313 sqftOutside Central Region
Piccadilly Grand99 yrs from 02/08/2021$2,524,0001356 sqftRest of Central Region
The LiliumFreehold$2,550,3001227 sqftOutside Central Region
Haus On Handy99 yrs from 07/05/2018$2,688,000947 – 1141 sqftCore Central Region
Peak ResidenceFreehold$2,846,4001066 – 1088 sqftCore Central Region
The Landmark99 yrs from 28/08/2020$2,868,0001076 – 1141 sqftRest of Central Region
Midtown Modern99 yrs from 10/12/2019$2,892,000904 sqftCore Central Region
Hyll On HollandFreehold$2,952,400936 – 1055 sqftCore Central Region
The Reef At King’s Dock99 yrs from 12/01/2021$3,007,0001076 – 1345 sqftRest of Central Region
EnchanteFreehold$3,008,9501001 – 1270 sqftCore Central Region
Cairnhill 16Freehold$3,010,8001055 – 1292 sqftCore Central Region
One Pearl Bank99 yrs from 01/03/2019$3,198,5001098 – 1281 sqftRest of Central Region
LIV @ MB99 yrs$3,210,0001119 – 1453 sqftRest of Central Region
Mayfair Gardens99 yrs from 26/09/2018$3,261,0001647 sqftRest of Central Region
IkigaiFreehold$3,301,9001496 – 1915 sqftCore Central Region
10 EvelynFreehold$3,318,0001227 – 1238 sqftCore Central Region
Van HollandFreehold$3,391,2751130 – 1152 sqftCore Central Region
The AtelierFreehold$3,486,0001173 – 1281 sqftCore Central Region
Pullman Residences NewtonFreehold$3,572,0001163 – 1281 sqftCore Central Region
Riviere99 yrs from 07/03/2018$3,665,0001141 – 1711 sqftRest of Central Region
One Bernam99 yrs from 10/12/2019$3,740,0001421 – 1948 sqftCore Central Region
Kopar At Newton99 yrs from 22/04/2019$3,918,0001615 sqftCore Central Region
Perfect TenFreehold$3,933,6001227 – 1281 sqftCore Central Region
Meyer MansionFreehold$4,078,3001109 – 1496 sqftRest of Central Region
Cuscaden Reserve99 yrs from 14/08/2018$4,307,5001152 sqftCore Central Region
Midtown Bay99 yrs from 02/01/2018$4,841,6001324 sqftCore Central Region
Klimt CairnhillFreehold$5,080,0001432 – 1496 sqftCore Central Region
3 Bedroom Price Comparison

Again, Cairnhill 16 does rank somewhere in the middle, so it’s pretty much the same story as with the 2-bedroom. However, you’ll notice that there are only 3 freehold CCR condos that are more affordable for this bedroom type. And this comes on the back of a pretty decent size of over 1,000 sq ft.

Let’s consider the 1,055 sq ft 3-bedroom unit on the 6th floor at Cairnhill 16 ($2,943,500):

Cairnhill 16 3 bedroom floor plan

Not only does it have a private lift foyer area, but it’s also got a pretty decent living cum dining setup. There is also a dry and wet kitchen (ventilated), 2 average common bedrooms, and a pretty sizeable master bedroom that has space for a king-sized bed with two side tables, as well as a dresser/study area. This layout is similar to a compact unit since it lacks a yard with the extra space taken by the private lift.

The downside to this layout? For a 3-bedroom unit, you would probably expect space for a helper and there really isn’t any utility room for such a purpose here. 

Now compare this to 10 Evelyn’s 3-bedroom unit ($3,276,000):

10 Evelyn 3 bedroom unit 3276000

This one is the penthouse located on level 5. It’s got a pretty small kitchen for a 3-bedder, however, it does have a long bomb shelter that could house a helper. Average bedroom sizes for the bedrooms, but where the size really kicks in is at the open terrace.

In terms of practicality, both have their shortcomings. 10 Evelyn’s is a penthouse with a sizeable area dedicated to an open space – however, there is a possibility to have a helper here while fully using the 3 bedrooms.

Cairnhill 16’s regular 3-bedroom is not practical for families with a helper, and they’d perhaps be better off with the 3-bedroom + study:

Cairnhill 16 3 bedroom study

The most affordable is a unit on level 2 at $3,409,300 which is about $100K more than the median price of the 3-bedroom unit at 10 Evelyn, though it is much more practical as it has a yard and a pretty decent study area that could be partitioned into a room since there’s natural ventilation there.

4-Bedroom Price Comparison

4 BedroomTenureMedian ($)Size RangeMarket Segment
North Gaia99 yrs from 15/02/2021$1,671,0001313 – 1389 sqftOutside Central Region
The Watergardens At Canberra99 years leasehold$1,951,0001302 sqftOutside Central Region
ZyanyaFreehold$2,222,2001195 – 1313 sqftRest of Central Region
Royal HallmarkFreehold$2,284,4501130 – 1163 sqftRest of Central Region
MoriFreehold$2,366,0001259 sqftRest of Central Region
Bartley Vue99 yrs from 13/04/2020$2,453,5001356 sqftRest of Central Region
Pasir Ris 899 yrs from 05/07/2021$2,602,0001464 sqftOutside Central Region
AtlassiaFreehold$2,612,7131163 – 1432 sqftRest of Central Region
Sky Eden@Bedok99 yrs$2,679,0001302 sqftOutside Central Region
Piccadilly Grand99 yrs from 02/08/2021$2,901,5001378 – 1744 sqftRest of Central Region
Lentor Modern99 yrs$3,092,6001528 sqftOutside Central Region
The LiliumFreehold$3,110,8001291 – 1969 sqftOutside Central Region
The GazaniaFreehold$3,452,0001259 – 1970 sqftOutside Central Region
EnchanteFreehold$3,508,0501281 sqftCore Central Region
Wilshire ResidencesFreehold$3,550,0001270 sqftCore Central Region
Neu At NovenaFreehold$3,553,0001195 – 1302 sqftCore Central Region
Peak ResidenceFreehold$3,629,7001389 sqftCore Central Region
Kopar At Newton99 yrs from 22/04/2019$4,013,0001528 – 1604 sqftCore Central Region
One Pearl Bank99 yrs from 01/03/2019$4,039,0001399 – 2788 sqftRest of Central Region
LIV @ MB99 yrs$4,117,0001518 – 1668 sqftRest of Central Region
Van HollandFreehold$4,143,6901345 – 1593 sqftCore Central Region
Pullman Residences NewtonFreehold$4,424,0001378 sqftCore Central Region
Midtown Modern99 yrs from 10/12/2019$4,430,0001442 – 1808 sqftCore Central Region
The AtelierFreehold$4,446,0001496 sqftCore Central Region
Parc Clematis99 yrs from 08/08/2019$4,530,0003466 sqftOutside Central Region
Leedon GreenFreehold$4,648,0001615 sqftCore Central Region
Meyer MansionFreehold$4,740,5001722 sqftRest of Central Region
Cairnhill 16Freehold$5,239,9001744 sqftCore Central Region
Canninghill Piers99 yrs from 03/09/2021$5,560,0001959 sqftRest of Central Region
AMO Residence99 yrs$5,728,0002293 sqftOutside Central Region
The AvenirFreehold$6,722,0002067 sqftCore Central Region
Klimt CairnhillFreehold$6,950,0002056 sqftCore Central Region
Irwell Hill Residences99 yrs from 13/04/2020$9,452,0002228 sqftCore Central Region
cairnhill 16 4 Bedroom Price Comparison

The 4-bedroom at Cairnhill 16 ranks as one of the more expensive options in the market now.

But if you’re looking for one with a private lift in districts 9, 10, and 11, then you only have these 12 types (as of 22 Jan 2023) to choose from in today’s market – and it’s not a lot of options.

One of the more affordable options in the CCR is Enchante. You can purchase a 4-bedroom for $3,460,000 – more affordable than most of the 3-bedroom + study in Cairnhill 16.

Its median price of $3,553,000 is also 33% less than what Cairnhill 16 is asking for. However, there are some shortcomings, most notably one of the bedrooms being smaller, and the living/dining area is not as big as you would come to expect from a 4-bedroom unit:

enchante 4 bedroom

What Cairnhill 16 does offer is a full-fledged 4-bedroom layout with a junior master, 2 common bedrooms that can minimally fit a queen-sized bed, a service yard, a powder room, and a spacious master bedroom with double-vanity sinks in its attached bathroom.

cairnhill 16 4 bedroom 1

For all of this, the price tag is higher, but I reckon this layout caters to a largely different crowd. In Enchante’s case, the smaller quantum caters to the budget conscious who are willing to make some sacrifices (which does mean the private lift is a strange offering as I think buyers would care more about indoor space). In Cairnhill 16’s case, it’s a full-fledged 4-bedroom with a private lift.

Resale Comparison

No review of any Cairnhill new launch property is complete without looking at the resale transactions around. For those who recall our biggest losses articles, you may have noticed names like Helios Residences appearing. The cluster of Cairnhill new launches back in the late 2000s saw many buyers getting burned as the hype surrounding the area didn’t materialise in the secondary market.

DevelopmentUnitsAverage PsfTOPTenure Price Gap 
Cairnhill 16 39$2,7272023 Freehold 
The Peak @ Cairnhill I52$2,0642014Freehold -24.3%
The Vermont on Cairnhill 158 $2,5342013Freehold -7%
CityVista Residences 70$1,9332010Freehold -29.1%
Cairnhill Residences 97$2,5272009Freehold -7.3%
The Edge on Cairnhill 46$2,3462002Freehold -14%
Vida 137$2,1002009Freehold -23%
Orchard Scotts 387$1,729200899-year Leasehold -36.6%
Hilltops 240$3,7462011Freehold +37.4%
Casa Cairnhill 72$2,079 1991 Freehold -23.76%

Reviewing the average psf prices for the condos in the surrounding area, the projects mainly average above $2,000 psf, apart from CityVista Residences ($1,933 psf) and Orchard Scotts ($1,729 psf). Orchard Scott’s performance is no surprise, seeing that it is one of the few leasehold properties within a freehold-centric neighbourhood. 

In fact, Cairnhill 16 commands one of the highest average PSF prices along with Hilltops, The Vermont on Cairnhill, and Cairnhill Residences, with each project performing at $2,727, $3,746, $2,534, and $2,527 respectively. The higher price tag of Cairnhill 16 is probably owing to its new launch prestige.

For projects that have been on the market for a longer time (TOP from 1991 – 2010), the average price ranges from $1,729 to $2,527 psf. On the other hand, projects that have a more recent TOP date (2011 – 2014) have an average price that ranges from $2,064 to $3,746 psf.

Here’s a deeper look at the resale transactions of 2-4 bedroom units in the past 6 months in the area:

Project NameTransacted Price ($)Area (SQFT)Unit Price ($ PSF)Sale DateAddressTenureCompletion DateBedrooms
HELIOS RESIDENCES$3,000,0001,313$2,2845 Aug 202217 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #11Freehold20112
HELIOS RESIDENCES$3,058,0001,313$2,3299 Nov 202217 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #18Freehold20112
HELIOS RESIDENCES$3,220,0001,313$2,4521 Dec 202217 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #19Freehold20112
ORCHARD SCOTTS$1,910,0001,012$1,88810 Nov 20227 ANTHONY ROAD #0199 yrs from 08/11/200120072
THE LIGHT @ CAIRNHILL$2,900,0001,238$2,34311 Jan 202319 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #02Freehold20042
VIDA$1,730,000840$2,06131 Aug 20225 PECK HAY ROAD #10Freehold20092
CAIRNHILL RESIDENCES$2,938,0001,163$2,52723 Sept 202233 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #12Freehold20093
CASA CAIRNHILL$3,200,0001,539$2,07915 Sept 20221 PECK HAY ROAD #14Freehold19913
HELIOS RESIDENCES$3,700,0001,668$2,21828 Jul 202215 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #09Freehold20113
HELIOS RESIDENCES$4,200,0001,701$2,47016 Sept 202217 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #14Freehold20113
HELIOS RESIDENCES$3,980,0001,701$2,34014 Nov 202217 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #16Freehold20113
HILLTOPS$6,619,0001,550$4,2706 Jan 2023101 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #16Freehold20113
HILLTOPS$6,480,0001,733$3,73919 Aug 2022101 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #16Freehold20113
ORCHARD SCOTTS$3,120,0001,873$1,6667 Nov 20227 ANTHONY ROAD #0299 yrs from 08/11/200120073
ORCHARD SCOTTS$3,400,0002,174$1,56422 Jul 20227 ANTHONY ROAD #0699 yrs from 08/11/200120073
THE LIGHT @ CAIRNHILL$3,680,0001,518$2,4258 Aug 202219 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #14Freehold20043
THE VERMONT ON CAIRNHILL$3,390,0001,335$2,54023 Sept 202212A CAIRNHILL RISE #05Freehold20133
CITYVISTA RESIDENCES$4,950,0002,626$1,88519 Jul 202221 PECK HAY ROAD #12Freehold20104
CITYVISTA RESIDENCES$5,200,0002,626$1,9807 Nov 202221 PECK HAY ROAD #11Freehold20104
HILLTOPS$8,460,0002,099$4,03110 Aug 202299 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #02Freehold20114
HILLTOPS$8,529,0002,379$3,58511 Oct 202299 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #01Freehold20114
HILLTOPS$7,930,0002,390$3,3191 Sept 2022101 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #03Freehold20114
HILLTOPS$8,566,0002,390$3,58514 Sept 2022101 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #06Freehold20114
HILLTOPS$12,126,0002,874$4,21914 Sept 202299 CAIRNHILL CIRCLE #13Freehold20114
ORCHARD SCOTTS$4,100,0002,282$1,79720 Oct 20227 ANTHONY ROAD #1399 yrs from 08/11/200120074
THE EDGE ON CAIRNHILL$5,000,0002,131$2,34630 Sept 2022130 CAIRNHILL ROAD #10Freehold20024
THE VERMONT ON CAIRNHILL$4,350,0001,711$2,54217 Nov 202212 CAIRNHILL RISE #07Freehold20134

Looking at the table, you’ll find that unit sizes in the Cairnhill area are huge!

Take the 2-bedroom at Helios Residences. These are 1,313 sq ft in size and come with typical features that you’d expect of a bigger 3-bedroom unit. Currently, you can purchase a 3-bedroom unit at Cairnhill 16 for this price ($3m). It may not have the practical household shelter/yard, but it does allow you to have an extra bedroom which is the dealbreaker.

Helios Residences 2 bedroom

This ultimately translates to the price positioning Cairnhill 16 has relative to the surrounding resale developments – its prices are quite near these resale prices – and in some cases, even less than what others are offering.

Take Cityvista Residences 2,626 sq ft unit that transacted at $5,200,000. This is about the same price as the 1,744 sqft 4-bedroom unit at Cairnhill 16. Granted their sizes are completely different, but let’s take a look at Cityvista Residences’s floor plan:

cityvista residences 4 bedroom 2626 sqft

The common trappings of the late 2000 condo layout are shown here – bay windows. Lots and lots of bay windows.

But it’s not just the bay windows – the layout also has a large indoor area outside the lift lobby that not many may find efficient (perhaps a study?). The good thing is that there are 4 bathrooms here, unlike Cairnhill 16’s 3 bathrooms.

Still, it begs the question of whether resale buyers in the future might appreciate this layout versus Cairnhill 16. In the secondary market, Cairnhill 16 would have a similar price point, and while it is smaller, it is more efficient and is over a decade newer.

As such, I think Cairnhill 16’s value proposition here is in its smaller size – yet sufficiently practical layout that can allow it to compete with its resale competitors. In this sense, while it doesn’t have as big of a competitive edge when compared to other new launches in the CCR that are freehold, it does make sense when compared to Cairnhill projects. And perhaps that’s just it – for those looking to stay in Cairnhill, perhaps Cairnhill 16 would be seen as the preferred development once it hits the resale market for its newness and relatively palatable quantum.

Cairnhill 16 Appreciation Analysis 

  • Green Corridor Along Orchard to Singapore River 

URA and NParks announced the ‘Bring Back the Orchard’ initiative in 2020, which aims to improve and enhance the green spaces in Singapore’s city centre. 

With the surge in skyscrapers and traffic, some of the key issues that our city centre has been facing are urban heat and noise pollution. This initiative would be crucial in solving those issues while adding more character to Singapore’s core central areas.  

The goal is to transform Singapore’s most iconic shopping belt into a six – kilometre-long green corridor that connects historical spaces like the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Istana, Fort Canning Park, and the Singapore River together. Since these spots are within Cairnhill 16’s vicinity, residents can expect to enjoy more greenery in future years. 

Image Credits: URA 
  • Historical Significance to Emerald Hill and Cairnhill 

Historic areas like Cairnhill and nearby Emerald Hill were famed for being key spots for residences for the wealthy, resulting in the erection of many two-storey homes that have been earmarked for strict preservation under URA’s guidelines. 

Residents of Cairnhill 16 would be able to enjoy a variety of architectural styles ranging from Transitional to Art Deco within the vicinity of the neighbourhood. Furthermore, it adds to the vibrancy and dynamics of the skyline of the area, making it unique only to District 9. 

What we like
  • Private lift for every unit
  • Only 3 units per level
  • Freehold
  • Proximity to Orchard Shopping Belt
What we don’t like
  • Residential-dense environment with deep roads – might have busy traffic
  • Not convenient for those who rely on public transportation
  • Lack of general amenities around 500m of the development

Our Take

If anything, choosing a boutique development over a bigger development is really much the same as deciding between a large hotel with many rooms, or a small one with few rooms. 

For a large hotel, you have the advantage of more space and economies of scale. This means that you can have more facilities like a bigger swimming pool, gym, and more dining options. You can also have more frills like 24-hour room service, and perhaps even small shops. Breakfast in the morning is often a more lavish spread as well, just because of the number of people they are serving. 

For a smaller hotel, you’ll typically expect to find a small swimming pool (or perhaps even none at all), and dining options will often be limited as well. If you have something like just 20 keys, it generally doesn’t make sense to run an entire dining operation. 

But what sets it apart is often the service levels and exclusivity. Bigger hotels can feel busy, impersonal, and just very crowded at times. A smaller hotel means that you’d rarely see other guests, and it will just be a lot better in terms of privacy. 

This brings me back to Cairnhill 16. 

Overall, it’s hard to say that it is really a standout in terms of design, or facility offerings. As a development on the whole, it offers what you may expect from condo living, but you get the sense that it is quite ordinary from the outside. 

It’s always been hard for boutique developments on that front. With just 39 units, how many facilities or features could you build, that it would make sense financially both on the construction end, and the monthly maintenance for so few units? 

Where it does better is really on the inside. With a higher-than-average 3.2m ceiling, private lifts for all units, and generally better fittings and larger unit sizes, it would appeal to those who value exclusiveness and are homebodies who don’t see the need to go out often. 

So yes, like all boutique developments, this definitely attracts a niche audience. But if you are someone that likes to stay centrally, has a car and prefers to drive rather than walk, and above all, prizes privacy, exclusivity, and quiet (and are only looking at freehold), then Cairnhill 16 could start to make some sense for you.

What this means for you

You might like Cairnhill 16 if you:

  • • Enjoy exclusive living within the condominium:

    To provide an exclusive lifestyle at Cairnhill 16, the developers have been very thoughtful with their designs and offerings. Not only is a private lift available in every unit (including the 2-bedrooms), there are only three units on each level.

You may not like Cairnhill 16 if you:

  • • Rely on public transportation to commute:

    One major downside to Cairnhill 16 is its lack of accessibility to public transport. The nearest MRT is about a 15-minute walk away and the nearest bus stop is 14-minute away. On top of that, the condo is deep within the Cairnhill neighbourhood, making walking out to the main roads quite a hassle. These pedestrian pathways are not sheltered either.

  • • Like to have condominiums with many facilities:

    A common drawback to boutique condominiums like Cairnhill 16 is the lack of land size which translates to the lack of facilities. For those who prefer to have a variety of amenities within the condo, Cairnhill 16 might not be the one for you.

End of Review

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Reviewer: Cheryl
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1 year ago

Why this emphasis on 3.2m ceiling height? Don’t all condos have this?

Stacked Homes
1 year ago
Reply to  Puzzled

3.2m? Not all, it’s definitely above average!

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