Selling A 6 Step Guide To Stage Your Home For Sale Like A Professional (A Real Life Case Study)

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Daron Ang

Daron Ang was in the SAF for about 3 years before making the transition to real estate back in 2015. Over the past 5 years, he has helped more than 300 clients with their real estate transactions. In his free time, he serves with his church members at Kingdomcity.

Dy Francisco III
Dy Francisco III

Bottom line: Remove the “clutter”, including personal items like family photos. etc. Better to have a “minimalist” and clean look.

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Well said! It’s hard for buyers to imagine living there with all of your personal items around the home Being clutter-free is super important as it really sets the tone for a peaceful home. As much as we look at the numbers, sometimes it just boils down to the buyers having a good feeling about the place too!

Mary Tan Kwee Hong
Mary Tan Kwee Hong

Excellent article…thumbs up…very down-to-earth heart-to-heart chit-a-chat, and yet laced with specified professional portfolio! I, too, know about decluttering and so forth, and it’s an easy talk for young people or those who relocate their homes frequently. It is a far more serious problem if you have been residing in a place for decades on end till humongous roots have grown and taken steeped into the ground there! I think I would adopt your client’s modus operand who sold their condo in D.15; and that is, to obtain the next home first in order to transfer most, if not, all of… Read more »

Stacked Homes
Stacked Homes

Hi Mary! Thank you for your kind words! Really glad to hear that you found our article to be down to heart I do think it’s a big ask o have someone declutter their home despite having the intention to move out, but we do think it’s worth it if it draws on the emotional aspect of the buyer. It’s not easy to obtain the next home while selling the current home though given the ABSD in play, so the timeline has to be managed really well. We hope that we’ll be able to work together some time too

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