Condo With Basketball Court: 52 condos to choose from!

condo with basketball court

Basketball might not have as big a following in Singapore as football, but it is nevertheless one of the top 10 most widely played sports in schools. If you are a big fan of basketball you might be intrigued to know that amongst all the common swimming pools and tennis courts in Singapore, there are actually some condos with a basketball court as a facility! Now, having a basketball court might not swing your decision to buy a particular property but it certainly does help in making the decision to buy a lot easier! Here are 52 condos with a basketball court to take your pick from! And we promise that they would not be as difficult to find as this one right here 😉

52 Condos with Basketball Court in Singapore

Condo NameDistrictTOPTenure
The Sea View152008Freehold
One Amber152010Freehold
Blossoms @ Woodleigh132007Freehold
Riverfront Residences19202499 year 
Baywater16200699 year
The Rivervale19200099 year
Queens03200299 year
Grange Heights091975Freehold
The Lakeshore22200899 year
Meadows @ Peirce262012Freehold
Mackenzie Regency092007Freehold
Nicon Gardens23198499 year
The Mayfair22200099 year
Bartley Ridge13201699 year
The Chuan192007999 year
The Calrose262007Freehold
The Pearl @ Mount Faber04200599 year
Kew Green16199799 year
The Springbloom19199999 year
Orchard Scotts09200899 year
Oasis @ Elias18201199 year
Rosewood Suites25201199 year
The Brownstone27201799 year
Lake Life 22201699 year
The Infiniti052008Freehold
Residences @ Evelyn112007Freehold
Kerrisdale08200599 year
Northvale23199899 year
The Quartz19200999 year
Amaranda Gardens192004Freehold
Landmark Tower03198599 year
Ris Grandeur182005Freehold
Horizon Gardens20198699 year
D’Grove Villas101992Freehold
Carabelle052009956 year
The Shaughnessy25200699 year
The Gale172013Freehold
The Treeline152008Freehold
The Quintet23200699 year
Vista Residences122013Freehold
Principal Garden03201999 year
Centro Residences20200799 year
D’Leedon10201499 year
Botanique at Bartley19201999 year
Double Bay Residences18201299 year
The Trillium092010Freehold
Cavenagh House091971Freehold
Foresque Residences23201499 year
Pine Grove21198499 year
Yong An Park091986Freehold

If you must know, there are about 3200 plus condominiums in Singapore, of which 52 have basketball courts as a facility. Which means only 1.6% of all condominiums in Singapore have a basketball court! Current residents in these developments must be feeling pretty smug right about now. To be frank, most of the developments here are sizeable ones as these usually have the space to be able to include a large range of facilities. 

So here comes the end of our 52 condo with basketball court list! If you found this helpful and would like to know more about other unique facilities feel free to leave a comment below or you can reach us at hello@stackedhomes.com. Looking for a smaller condo? Here are 10 boutique developments that you might be interested in!


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