February 16, 2023
February 16, 2023

7 Chic Home Decor Items To Refresh Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Space

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7 Chic Home Decor Items To Refresh Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Space


7 Chic Home Decor Items To Refresh Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Space
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Maybe it’s the itch from the new year, but if you’ve been living in your bedroom for a while, it’s inevitable that you’d be thinking about a refresh.

There are a ton of things you could do too, from a new coat of paint to building new cabinetry or buying new furniture to really overhaul the space. But if you don’t have the appetite to undertake a proper renovation, or can’t bear to commit to a big budget, perhaps just adding a few decorative items could help alleviate that itch (for a while, at least).

Here are 7 picks from our store that would help elevate the look of your bedroom:

1. This Dami Throw to add a touch of rustic charm 

Made by Bloomingville in Denmark, this throw has that rare combination of avant-garde, but still down-to-earth. A perfect touch of contrast in a room with too many sleek modern surfaces, or a perfect blend for more organic, cottage-type themes. 

It’s also recycled cotton, and sustainable.

2. Light up the whole room (aesthetically) with this Porta Table Lamp 

Designed by master-of-curves Simon Legald in Denmark, the Normann Copenhagen Portable Table Lamp is light and easy to carry. Bring it camping, bring it to the kitchen during a midnight snack, or bring it to the coffee shop downstairs while you have your Hokkien mee to really make that statement. 

This beauty will also add interest to any nightstand or desk, to make your surfaces less boring. 

3. With the Omnioffre box, it’s not just what’s inside that counts

Designed by Hachiman in Japan, this stackable storage solution will hold anything from magazines to kitchenware (15.5 cm in height!) Get them in different colours so you can make everything easy to find. And when you don’t need storage, these neatly stack away. 

These boxes are made of Thermoplastic elastomer. It’s almost a little rubber-like to the touch yet it is still hardy – they won’t crack or warp even under extreme weather conditions, because Japan builds boxes like we want to build our NS Men.

4. A room looks as good as it smells, with the Alps Candle

Created by Pass It On, the Alps Candle is a celebration of nature. These candle materials are sustainably sourced, and every purchase of a Pass It On product funds reforestation efforts. Not to be dramatic, but you’re literally helping to delay the end of the world here okay?

The Alps Candle is inspired by Alpine forests and the scent of wildflowers in the meadows. If this candle could speak, it’d be yodelling. 

5. A soothing Asleep; Adrift print, to remind your relatives it’s time to go home  

Do you dread Auntie Evelyn spending three hours showing you her vacation pictures from Bali? Or are the children at the CNY reunion slowly fracturing your sanity? 

You need this suggestive and relaxing print by local artist Dirty Doodies. Make it clear that your home is for relaxing, and that maybe those visitors are keeping you up. 

Alternatively, put it in your bedroom and let those surreal, wave-like doodles lull you to sleep faster than a Ryan Ong article. 

Asleep; Adrift is by homegrown talent Lauren.  

6. Make drinks in style with this Ripple Carafe Set

From ferm LIVING in Denmark, this simple yet elegant carafe set will have you feeling like a professional sommelier. Just looking at it makes us want to start explaining the difference between a vineyard and a winery.

Or you can, you know, just pour your Milo Peng in something more presentable than your old NS green mug. 

In any case, this is a sure hit at dinner parties and the like. It’s high-quality mouth-blown glass, dishwasher safe, and surprisingly light for its sturdy look (less than half a kilo). 

7. Make it cosy with the ferm LIVING Kelim Rug

The easiest way to really make a big impact on the look of a bedroom would be to add a rug. Especially if you have a flooring material like concrete or marble that can feel rather cold, a rug would go a long way to making your bedroom feel a lot cosier.

Or if you’ve been a bit monochrome all your life and want to add a splash of colour without going over the top, this ferm LIVING Kelim rug with its more muted colour can be a good complement.

For more elegant ways to make your home look great, check out the Stacked store; we have something for every look and mood you want to create.