Advice We Make $510k Per Year And Own A Landed Home. Should We Redeem Our $1m Loan, Decouple To Buy Another Property, Or Rebuild?

  • August 19, 2022
  • 13 min read
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This makes no sense. They earn 200k+ each and yet they say they expect t to be able to save up another 300k cash within 12 months (ie their cash goes from 600 to 900). How on earth does this stack up? Their mortgage is 7k a month which is 84k for the year. After utilities, tax etc. that means they expect not to eat let alone spend anything else in order to save 300k? Saving 70% of your salary is not remotely feasible. Unless they have some other very substantial income from somewhere that isn’t disclosed in the piece… Read more »


saving 70% is definitely feasible. it all depends on your spending habits.


obviously inflation is not real in this context


Yes, but must be very thrifty.

Ultra Shiny Marines
Ultra Shiny Marines

Agree with you that the information provided is incomplete or untrue.

Typically for a fixed rate mortgage, it would automatically move on to a floating rate after the fixed rate period ends, there is no need to “renew the contract or pay up in full”.

Also, given the current CPF contribution ceiling and their ages, it is highly unlikely for both to have $1,000,000 each in their CPF accounts.

Furthermore, it is rather strange for someone staying in a $7 million landed property to want to rebuild the house, as A & A (Addition and Alteration) would usually suffice.


For fixed rate, at the end of the contract with the bank which is typically 2 years, the mortgagee has the option to renew, jump ship to another bank or just continue with variable interest rate. The owner could jolly well pay up in full if he has the resources. From this case, the owner has the resources but will be stretched. Based on CPF contribution rates and their age, it is more than possible for them to have $1m each in CPF savings. As for $7m landed property, it is up to the owner to decide if they wish… Read more »

Richard Tan
Richard Tan

I don’t think they have 1million in CPF oa. It should be total cpf (oa,SA,ma) 1 million


Technically, it is possible to have $1m in OA as they would have worked for 30 years.

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