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Twin Vew Review: Waterfront Views With Great Landscaping

by Reuben
  • October 19, 2020
  • 44 min read

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  • Development Facilities
  • Surrounding Amenities
  • Developer
  • Transport Links
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Twin VEW showflat model
Good facilities and landscaping for own stay

Twin VEW offers a great living environment, with a good set of facilities along with unique landscaping. Plus it does have waterfront views which is rare to come by in Singapore. Best to have a car though.

Project: Twin VEW
District: 05
Address: West Coast Vale
Tenure: 99-year leasehold
No. of Units: 520
Site Area: 176,293 sqft
Developer: CSC Land Group
TOP: 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear the words – ‘Waterfront Living’?

My first thoughts are of the glamorous Reflections at Keppel Bay, and perhaps even some of the D15 Amber/Meyer Road condos facing the East Coast bay area. 

On the flipside, the phrase actually takes on a different connotation altogether for future residents at Twin Vew. 

Isolation and tranquility are the two keywords here, with the project set to rise up alongside one of Singapore’s most sizeable, but least-known water bodies – the Sungei Pandan Reservoir.

It isn’t necessarily the most picturesque, but there’s definitely an undeniable charm to it.

Of course, that isn’t the only news about Twin Vew.

If you’ve followed the project since its launch, you would have heard of the massive take up rate on its opening weekend back in May 2018

442 units (of 520). 85% to be exact.  

For a foreign developer embarking on its first maiden project – it is quite frankly, very impressive results.

Why was this the case?

I’ll get into that (plus a whole ton more) a little later in the review. Before that, let’s have a look at the showroom!

Twin Vew Insider Tour

twin vew showflat

To date, Twin Vew has sold all but a handful of its 520 residential units since its launch in 2018 – right in the midst of the en bloc craze. 

For those wondering about the remaining units, they are a mix and match of 3 and 4-bedders, including a single penthouse unit.  

Seeing how Twin Vew has already sold 85% (or 442) of its units on weekend launch, I’d say you’re not likely to get a hefty discount for these unsold units considering that the developers still have a good length of time before the ABSD deadline hits (now extended a year further because of Covid-19).

twin vew showflat model

In case you were wondering at this point, why Vew instead of View, it’s because Vew actually stands for: Variety, Earth and Water.

True to the word – and further given that it is CSC Land Group’s first project (followed subsequently by the recently launched Verdale), I can see the efforts that the developers have put into jazzing up the project.

twin vew landscaping

Clearly, they have set out their stall to impress from the get go. I understand the apprehension of some people, given they don’t exactly have a track record in Singapore (save for the construction side of things).

But if it’s anything to go by, you can see this as an advantage – they’d certainly have to pull out all the stops if they intend on making their foray into Singapore a fruitful one.

Think of it as a first date – which is obviously the best chance to make a good first impression.

And it shows.

To me, the proposed landscaping here is very well put together. The facade of the buildings isn’t exactly standout (save for the initial pillars that elevate the lowest units 7-metres up, allowing for an integration of flora and common spaces in its place). 

twin vew arrival area

Let’s begin with the entrance.

Termed ‘Foliage Drive’, you might be tempted to chalk it down to marketing speak – but in truth, it is actually quite a nicely designed arrival area for a mass market development (especially with that cascading waterfall).

The car park lies just below, supplying 1:1 unit to carpark lot ratio as opposed to the occasional 80% allocation that has become increasingly common in many new launch condos. 

Again, this is vital given the less convenient location of the condo and the number of ownstay units (ie. 3-bedders and above). 

twin vew view pavilion

Perhaps the most interesting facility here however, is the addition of the childcare centre (with a private playground), alongside 2 currently un-tendered strata commercial shops spanning 550 sqft each.

Like the Penrose, this is smartly placed on the outside for privacy concerns, with an additional (separate) side gate here for non-residents to get in.

twin vew shops
twin vew study alcove

Amongst the facilities at the top deck is a reading lounge, study alcove, and co-working space.

Surely in this case it’s by accident and not by design, but the current work from home trend would certainly bode well for future residents here.

Tired of your working space at home? A jaunt down to a more vibrant workspace with a view would definitely be an attractive proposition.

twin vew forest club room

In place of the usual linear structures we see in many mass-market condos today, the developers of Twin Vew here worked closely with landscapers EcoPlan to harmonise both the land and subsequent Sungei Pandan River/Reservoir adjacent to the project. 

The difference is evident from the numerous undulating curves and multi-leveled platforms that surround the outer perimeter of the buildings. In actuality, the steepled ‘landscaping’ you see here was actually inspired by the timeless rice paddies of Thailand.

twin vew paddy fields

It’s not something that I would commonly associate with a condo – but I do get it. For some reason, it looks strangely comforting to look at, and that variance in layers really does provide something quite different from the norm.

As far as first impressions go, I’m quite sold – the landscaping here looks to be top notch.

twin vew surroundings

In actuality, the development itself spans just 176,293 square feet (that’s 339 sqft per unit), though from the model itself, it does feel a tad bigger.

Its closest two competitors Parc Riviera (203,533 sqft) and Whistler Grand (210,883 sqft) do boast bigger land sizes but the devil is really in the details here.

With 752 units, and 716 units respectively, the Twin Vew comes out on top here in terms of lesser unit density.

twin new swimming pool

What I especially like is the shape of its 50m lap pool, or should I say – 50m lagoon. It is a breath of fresh air from the usual rectangular pool layouts that you’d see nowadays (although it still can’t hold a candle to the behemoth at Parc Clematis).

Either ways, I like the steepled nature of it (both on the outside and inside), and the different shades of blue due to the varying levels of depth should be a nice sight from the units above.

twin vew forest cabana

Let’s not forget the orientation of most of its facilities with a view towards the Pandan River.

Arguably, Twin Vew does feature the best location out of the 3 newest developments in the area. It will have unblocked views for the foreseeable future as the site in front of it is zoned as an education plot, plus the location of Parc Riviera does act as a barrier from the traffic noise from the expressway.

And since I’m on the topic of views, the towers are actually purposefully tilted away from Parc Riviera to allow residents views of the Jurong Lake District on one end, and the Mount Faber area on the other.  

twin vew riverfront pavilion

With that, the riverfront BBQ pavilions should offer one of the better views you’d find in Singapore (as far as BBQ pit views are concerned).

twin vew dining pavilion

Same goes for the dining pavilion set on stilts above the “paddy fields”, which should offer better views over the water given its higher vantage point.

twin vew gym

Likewise for the gym, which is smack in the middle of both pavilions. Like everything else, these are all angled towards the river views – it’s certainly a very sensible position to be at.

It’s from here that you can see the elevation of the units too. Level 2 actually starts at around level 5 of a typical condo (15 metres up).

twin vew waterfront villas

The last facility I’d like to highlight here is the waterfront dining villas. It offers a dining facility, couches and a private jet pool area.

Couple that with the views and privacy and this is definitely a great space to entertain friends and family. It’s not something that I’ve seen in many other developments (especially with that view), so colour me impressed.

twin vew tennis court

Of course, there is a tennis court as well – which is pretty much a prerequisite for bigger developments.

twin vew views

Last but not least, are the views from the top. You’ll also find rooftop facilities atop both Tower 91 and 93. Termed ‘Sky Wellness’ and ‘Sky Garden’ respectively, these areas are fitted with additional communal areas that come with spectacular views of the surrounding nature and subsequent cityscape. 

twin vew views

Based on the current level of construction, it is estimated that units on level 15 and above will be privy to these wide-arching views.

Twin Vew 2 Bedroom Review

Coming in at 743 square feet for the 2 bedroom unit, one might describe that as generous in today’s new launch context. At time of writing, the 2 bedders are completely sold out, so you’d have to wait for the resale market should you want to get your hands on one.

If you ask me, I resonate most with the 2-bedder showflat unit here. 

There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest for me is really the pleasant, oriental-like ID that you get here. 

Of course, we should never judge a potential unit based on the ID, but it doesn’t hurt to admire and bring some ID tips back home. 

twin vew 2 bedroom entrance

Heading into the unit, you’re greeted by an open-air kitchen, which immediately leads up to the living and dining areas.

I’ve also always been a fan of walk-in concepts (for smaller units) so it’s nice to see that the developers haven’t forced an entranceway/privacy barrier here.

twin vew 2 bedroom kitchen

What’s clear is the fact that this kitchen isn’t meant for constant heavy cooking – although given the size of the apartment, I would have thought that an enclosed kitchen would be doable.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on doing a lot of cooking, you could still construct one if you have the funds for it.

twin vew 2 bedroom kitchen

Because the kitchen is essentially meshed with the entranceway, you do get quite a sizeable space. So even if you have 2 people working here, it wouldn’t feel cramped at all.

twin vew 2 bedroom kitchen storage

I do also like this little alcove snuggled into the corner of the entranceway.

I completely missed it when walking in for the first time – mainly because it was so well-hidden from the entrance, and that it didn’t feel like any major space had been taken away from the general area. 

As we know, storage space is something that many of the newer condos often lack, so it’s heartening to see the inclusion of these additional storage spaces here.

twin vew 2 bedroom dining

Proceeding to the dining area, you’d see that the small dining table/chair combo already takes up half of the walking width here, despite the table having been pushed deep into sofa territory. 

twin vew 2 bedroom living dining

When I imagine a bigger table here, accompanied by (occupied) external chairs, it feels like there isn’t too much room for anyone heading out the entrance or to the kitchen to maneuver with.  

twin vew 2 bedroom dining

It definitely makes for an intimate experience, but not the most comfortable of dining points. Then again, unless you are going to have people over a lot, it should be adequate enough for most.

twin vew 2 bedroom living

The living area isn’t the most spacious, but again, it’s enough for your usual sofa/table combination, without being seated too close to the TV (if you do choose to get one).

twin vew 2 bedroom balcony view

It’s also long enough to comfortably accommodate a 3-seater sofa lengthwise without obstructing the corridor. I’d say they were pretty brave to include an L-shaped sofa here (which you can clearly see does have an impact on the space).

Most developers would have placed a smaller (but less realistic) piece to play up more on the available space.

twin vew 2 bedroom balcony

What surprised me about the unit was how big the balcony actually was. You could easily fit nicely sized seating and a coffee table here.

Of course, not everybody appreciates big balconies in smaller units. There’s no hiding the fact that it takes away from the living room space. As always, these are areas that you’ll be paying for, so it’s important to ask yourself if you’ll be consistently utilising this balcony space down the road. 

It’s also worth noting here that the AC ledge is next to the balcony, which is never an ideal spot for it because of the noise while the air-conditioning is on.

twin vew 2 bedroom hallway
Hallway to the bedrooms
twin vew 2 bedroom common bedroom
Common bedroom

As per usual, fitting a single bed here allows for a cozy study-table area that is perfect for families with a single kid. 

twin vew 2 bedroom common bedroom

A queen-sized bed on the other hand, would, (in my humble opinion) make the space a tad squeezy – with perhaps just enough room for one to grab his/her clothes from the wardrobe minus any other installations. 

twin vew 2 bedroom common bedroom

I’m not too fond that the AC Ledge is right outside this bedroom, as you don’t get the benefits of full-sized glass windows.

twin vew 2 bedroom common bathroom
Common bathroom

The common bathroom seems relatively spacious given that it’s a 2-bedroom unit after all. There are also a number of storage spaces for your needs, with a pleasant shade on the porcelain tile finishings which top off the walls.  

twin vew 2 bedroom master bedroom
Master Bedroom

Heading into the master bedroom, you can fit a king-sized bed here, with just enough space for 2 bed-side tables. In here they show a possibility of a dresser with a stool, but I’d doubt its practicality given you’d have to shift the stool every time you want to walk to and fro.

twin vew 2 bedroom master bedroom

As with most modern new launches, the master bedroom comes with a regular 2 panel wardrobe – which is hardly ever adequate storage for most people.

twin vew 2 bedroom master bathroom
Master bathroom

The master toilet parallels the layout of the common bathroom, with the exception of darker-tinged walls which naturally contributes to a more exclusive feel as opposed to the pleasant cream colour in the previous toilet. 

Without the usual addition of a rain shower, there is hardly anything here to indicate that it is the master bathroom.

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Twin Vew 3 Bedroom Review

twin vew 3 bedroom floorplan

At 1,066 square feet, the 3-bedroom deluxe unit is of average size. 

As usual, it comes equipped with a utility room that provides a few more perks as opposed to your 3-bedder compact units (more on that in a bit). 

twin vew 3 bedroom entrance

Entering the unit, you’re greeted by the usual entranceway which acts as your privacy barrier. 

twin vew 3 bedroom kitchen

The kitchen is an enclosed one, which is pretty much indispensable for families looking at an own stay option.

twin vew 3 bedroom kitchen

Included here is a cutaway look-out (or look-in) glass.

I really like the inclusion of this as it mitigates the constricting feeling you often get with enclosed kitchens (when they are of a smaller size).

Intriguingly enough, the look-out point is situated right where the sink is, so those who decide to leave out the dishwashers will be treated to a view when cleaning. That said, just the one sink isn’t too ideal – for those who’ve done the dishes before, you’d totally catch my drift.

twin vew 3 bedroom kitchen

Appliances are by Bosch (which is great) and you also get a nice window that definitely helps with the ventilation.

twin vew 3 bedroom kitchen

With the smaller 3 bedroom spaces, one of the first things to go is usually the yard – which is a pity for families that utilise it as part of their work flow. In this case, the washer/dryer had to be placed in the kitchen instead.

twin vew 3 bedroom utility room

Head further down the kitchen, and you’d see a utility room. I have seen designs with a pullout bed placed over the washer/dryer so with a bit of functional design it could be a workaround solution for you.

twin vew 3 bedroom wc

Along with that is the standard barebones WC.

twin vew 3 bedroom dining

Moving onto the dining area. It’s quite a standard size, but a layout like this will always pose problems in terms of movability through the space.

twin vew 3 bedroom dining

This is because it has to encompass the walkway into the living, as well as into the hallway – so you will be hampered by the size of furniture you can use here. Personally, this size is probably just right for a table of 4, but seeing as a 3 bedroom could also encompass 5 or even 6 members, you can see how this can be a bit of a squeeze.

twin vew 3 bedroom dining

Do think about how functional the space would be for you. I do know of people who find bench seating way too rigid, so something like this would definitely be a no go for them.

twin vew 3 bedroom living

In contrast to the dining, the living area is pretty sizeable.

twin vew 3 bedroom living

Note that the ID has gone with a relatively slim sofa chair and miniature coffee table – which, when replaced by your usual 2/3-seater sofas and full-sized coffee tables, will naturally make the space appear a lot smaller. 

twin vew 3 bedroom living

That being said, you still see quite a bit of room left lengthwise despite the presence of the sofa chair, so lengthwise you should be quite safe.

twin vew 3 bedroom living room
twin vew 3 bedroom balcony

The balcony doesn’t seem all that big, especially when you scale it with the previous 2-bedder showflat unit. 

It does serve its purpose however, and you can easily fit a number of chairs and a table for the occasional evening alfresco. 

twin vew 3 bedroom hallway
Hallway to the bedrooms
twin vew 3 bedroom common bedroom
Common Bedroom 1

Let’s look at the first common bedroom, which has been equipped with a single bed and a study area. 

There isn’t too much to comment on here save for the well thought-through ID and the full height glass windows that were otherwise absent in the previous unit. 

twin vew 3 bedroom common bedroom storage

The storage space is the standard 2-panel wardrobe, something that buyers will just have to come to grips with given the size constraints.

twin vew 3 bedroom common bedroom2
Common bedroom 2

Moving on to the next bedroom, you can see that it’s been cleverly converted into a baby’s room equipped with the cot and some play toys. 

While that’s a great way to spruce up the variety, it doesn’t really give you a full sense of how cramped the space would look like if one chose to include a bigger bed variation here. 

twin vew 3 bedroom common bedroom 2

In my opinion, it would make things a lot easier for buyers if there was a demarcation of sorts as to how much space the queen sized bed would take up if one was to be implemented here. 

twin vew 3 bedroom master bedroom
Master Bedroom

Moving into the master bedroom, it actually feels quite spacious, with plenty of legroom that could fit a dressing/work table of sorts if required. 

What’s quite cool here is the right angled window at the corner. While it doesn’t really provide any functional benefit, it does make the view seem somewhat more immersive.

You also get enough space on either side of the bed for your bedside furniture. 

twin vew 3 bedroom master bedroom
twin vew 3 bedroom master bedroom storage

Again, the 2-panel wardrobe space is hardly sufficient for most couples – so I’d expect that you would need to invest in some creative storage solutions.

twin vew 3 bedroom master bathroom

Finally, the master toilet doesn’t undergo too many variations as the previous ones. It comes with a half sized window that will come in handy for ventilation.

Twin Vew 4 Bedroom Review

twin vew 4 bedroom floor plan

Our last and final room is quite a spectacle to look at based on the unit layout alone. 

At 1,518 square feet large, it’s more than twice the size of the 2-bedder unit (which in itself is already above average in terms of space).  

Note, there is only one stack of this 4 bedroom units (36 units) with a private lift – which are all sold out at time of writing. With the addition of the private lift coupled with the unblocked views, I can’t say it is too surprising these were all snapped up quickly.

twin vew 4 bedroom private lift

In a mass market development, having a private lift is definitely something special – so while it is great that they’ve provided it for this particular stack, I do wish this special treatment was extended to all the 4 bedroom units as well.

twin vew 4 bedroom entrance
twin vew 4 bedroom entrance

Once you step out into the interior space, the living and dining area does seem quite impressive on first sight. The first thing you’d probably notice is the full length balcony spanning the length of the space.

twin vew 4 bedroom living dining

On a high enough floor (and a clear day), the views out must be pretty incredible. You can see from here quite easily why it was such a compelling point – and to that, why the entire stack is completely sold out.

Dining space wise, you can see that a 6 seater dining table can be easily fit into the space. Something longer like an 8 or even 10 would be doable too, but you do have to watch for the entrance of the junior master bedroom.

twin vew 4 bedroom dining

Something that can be seen better from this angle above.

twin vew 4 bedroom living

I wouldn’t say the living room set up is a good representative of what a typical 4 bedroom family would be looking at. First things first, the couch is definitely not an adequate size.

Secondly, although there is the inclusion of a day bed, I can’t imagine that most people would be placing it in this way on the balcony.

twin vew 4 bedroom living

Let’s also not forget there isn’t the usual television set displayed here. Most people would probably place it on the wall, but that would mean the back of your sofa would be facing the dining table. Perhaps that’s just me, but I don’t find that placement particularly ideal.

twin vew 4 bedroom balcony

As you can see from here, the space afforded to the balcony is positively huge. It spans the entire length of the living room, and could easily be converted into an entire balcony garden complete with its own reading nook. 

That’s just a singular idea of course. The possibilities are endless so I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

If it were up to me I’d move my dining table out to take advantage of the views.

twin vew 4 bedroom dry kitchen
Dry kitchen

If you had a look at the unit layout earlier on you’ll know that the subsequent kitchen almost feels like a miniature unit of its own.

Firstly, it’s been split into both dry and wet areas. 

On one end, you have your L-shaped counter/bar-top overlooking the living area. This means you get a ton more storage, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t consider it as a true dry kitchen as there isn’t a sink or a cooker here.

twin vew 4 bedroom kitchen

Go deeper in and you’ll arrive at the wet kitchen – which again, comes in a L-shaped countertop style with sink and hob on either end. Again, storage space here is rather plentiful as the countertop spaces are quite long.

Note the window here which is a key ventilation ingredient when it comes to the heavy-duty cooking. 

twin vew 4 bedroom kitchen

So while the elongated layout of the kitchen does mean you have enough space, it doesn’t actually feel especially spacious either.

twin vew 4 bedroom kitchen

At the back of the kitchen, you’d find the second entrance (which is usually meant for deliveries), yard, and utility room.

twin vew 4 bedroom yard

While on paper the area is described as a yard, I wouldn’t classify it as a proper yard space as it isn’t actually outdoor. So if you are used to hang drying your clothes, you might still have to resort to the balcony.

twin vew 4 bedroom yard
Second entrance/exit
twin vew 4 bedroom utiltiy room
Utility room

The utility room has a window, which is great ventilation wise. Given that this is a 4 bedroom unit, you can bet your dollar that this would be used as a helper’s room.

I know the ID fixtures isn’t included here, but I would certainly take notes here – it’s bright, cheery and looks to be a cosy space in this setup.

twin vew 4 bedroom junior master bedroom
Junior master bedroom

Perhaps the most accessible of rooms from the lift entrance, the room comes fully equipped with a toilet of its own and can easily fit a queen-sized bed with enough room on either end for bedside furnishings.  

You’ll also notice the extended balcony here. 

twin vew 4 bedroom junior master

I do like that this bedroom is cordoned off from the rest. This gives the bedroom additional privacy and is great flexibility for those multi-generational families or even as a guest room for occasional visits.

I could see some people even considering as a master bedroom instead given the privacy plus access to the balcony.

twin vew 4 bedroom junior master bathroom
Junior master bathroom
twin vew 4 bedroom hallway
twin vew 4 bedroom common bedroom

Both common bedrooms are of similar sizes. You do get full height windows for both as the AC ledge is positioned around the kitchen instead.

twin vew 4 bedroom common bedroom

Frankly, I’m not too sure why they decided to showcase this as a dressing area – I sincerely doubt anyone would be using an entire bedroom for this.

twin vew 4 bedroom common bedroom 2

The second common bedroom is shown in its more traditional layout, with a queen sized bed to showcase the space available.

twin vew 4 bedroom common bedroom

Clearly, space down the sides are a tad tight with a queen sized bed fitted in here.

twin vew 4 bedroom common bathroom

The common bathroom is pretty much standard fare. All you’d really need to know here is that it is shared between both common bedrooms, and will have to double up as the default bathroom of choice for guests.

twin vew 4 bedroom master bedroom

On to the last stop for the 4 bedroom unit – the illustrious master bedroom. Entering into this space, you again feel like you’re stepping into a whole new unit section of its own. 

The extended mini corridor stretches past the door and opens firstly into the master bath. 

twin vew 4 bedroom master bedroom

By all accounts, the master bedroom is definitely a spacious one. You have easily enough walk around space even with a king sized bed.

twin vew 4 bedroom master bedroom

You could fit a small dresser or study table here as well, but that isn’t really the highlight of this room.

twin vew 4 bedroom master bedroom

The real highlight are the dual wardrobe spaces that span nearly the entire length of the room. It’s been a common gripe of mine so far, so to see that they’ve made allowances to create proper storage spaces is a win in my books.

twin vew 4 bedroom master bathroom
Master bathroom

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed to not see a more decked out master bathroom. His and hers sinks would have been a welcome addition, but I guess the size of the bathroom was a real constraint here.

Twin Vew Location Review

The biggest downside to the Twin Vew is probably its immediate location – there really isn’t a ton of amenities in close walking distance. I would go so far as to say that having a car here would definitely almost be a need.

It is also surrounded by 2 neighbouring new launch condos in the form of Parc Riviera and Whistler Grand, but as I mentioned above, it arguably is situated in the best spot.

Ultimate convenience aside, what is probably a key feature is its relative proximity to the impeding Jurong Lake District – a 10-minute drive away.

There is also a plot of land adjacent to Twin Vew that has been set aside for an educational institute.

Public Transport 

Bus StationBuses ServicedDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
‘The Infiniti’97, 154, 197, 198, 201300m, 4-min walk
‘Opp Angliss Bldg’30, 51, 143, 176, 655550m, 7-min walk 

Closest MRT: Clementi MRT – 2.2km, 29-min walk

Transport convenience for RCR developments is always going to be an interesting topic.

For our property enthusiasts, you’d know that many RCR condos command a strong price premium solely because they have incredible public transport accessibility.

Sadly, the closest MRT station here is almost a half hour walk away – and the upcoming Pandan Reservoir MRT along the Jurong Region Line is still a distant away with completion slated for 2027. Still, it is at least a 15-minute walk, one which I wouldn’t quite classify as a nearby transport link.

What further compounds this worry is the fact that it takes over 40 minutes to head to either town or the CBD.

For those heading to Orchard, you’ll have to board 154 at the ‘Opp Infiniti’ bus stop, before switching over to 106 a couple of stops after. The journey takes almost 50 minutes on average.

As for those heading to the CBD, one of the faster ways would be to board either 154 or 201 at the aforementioned ‘Opp Infinit’ bus stop, before boarding the train at Clementi MRT toward Raffles Place MRT a couple of stops after. 

The journey takes just above 40 minutes.  

On the bright side, the Jurong Gateway Precinct is just a 15-minute bus ride away if you board the 97/197 at ‘The Infiniti’ bus stop. 

Private Transport

Key DestinationsDistance From Condo (& Est. Peak Hour Drive Time)
CBD (Raffles Place)15.1km, 25-min drive
Orchard Road11.7km, 30-min drive
Suntec City19.8km, 30-min drive
Changi Airport 33.4km, 32-min drive
Tuas Port (By 2040)32km, 25.5-min drive
Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030)27.8km, 33-min drive
Mediapolis (and surroundings)9.6km, 19-min drive
Mapletree Business City8.3km, 17-min drive
Tuas Checkpoint 15.3km, 21-min drive
Woodlands Checkpoint21km, 27-min drive
Jurong Cluster (JCube)3.4km, 12-min drive
Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point)21.5km, 30-min drive
HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City)11.4km, 22-min drive
Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point)34.6km, 42-min drive

*Note that Drive Times are calculated during Peak Hours

Immediate Road Exit(s): One exit along West Coast Vale

Summary: One of the biggest ‘counters’ to adjacent highway noise is really the convenience that these highways bring to condo residents. Unfortunately, there isn’t an immediate vehicular exit point onto the AYE. You would have to undertake a 2km roundabout, starting from the initial West Coast Vale exit, before heading on to West Coast Road and West Coast Way, and then finally joining up with the AYE.  


Name of Grocery Shop Distance From Condo (& Est. Walk Time)
FairPrice – Teban Gardens1.9km, 6-min drive
Sheng Siong – Teban Gardens2.4km, 7-min drive


Educational TierNumber of Institutes
Preschool (within 1km walk)2
Primary (3km-drive)1
Secondary (3km-drive)3
International School (3km-drive)2
Junior College (5km-drive)0
University (5km-drive)2
Polytechnic (10km-drive)2

Additional Pointers

  • Lacking Amenities

I have to highlight that there really aren’t many immediate amenities for residents on the Twin Vew side of the Pandan River. 

Of course, this should change in time, but for the initial moving-in phase, I do feel that a personal vehicle is quite a necessity for residents here. 

On the other side of the Pandan River, you do get a number of coffee shops and eateries, as well as the Ayer Rajah Community Club for recreational purposes – though this is either a 4-min drive or 14-minute walk away. 

A direct river connector would definitely make things a lot more convenient as opposed to the current detoured crossing to get here via West Coast Road.  

The closest mall is the NEWest shopping mall along West Coast Drive. It hasn’t seen all that much consumer traffic as yet, but with these new developments popping out in the area, I can foresee a distinct increase in visitors. (It is located a 15-minute walk from the condo or a 5-min drive away). 

Of course, if you do drive, the cluster of shopping malls (JEM, Westgate, JCube) will definitely be a frequent area for weekend haunts.

  • High Speed Rail (HSR)

One of the biggest excitements about the Jurong Lake District comes from the High Speed Rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur that is set to hit completion in 2026.

high speed rail

Spanning 350km, the journey will take just 1.5hrs from one city to the next, and is situated a 4-minute drive from Twin Vew.  

Again, this would bring with it a ton of opportunities, which would naturally increase the rentability of the area. 

  • Plenty of Nature Spaces

Apart from the massive influx of infrastructure and convenience set to hit the JLD area in the coming years, we do see a sizable chunk that’s been designated for greenery. 

Touted to span over 90 hectares (9.6 million square feet), the Jurong Lake Gardens is set to be Singapore’s first national gardens in the heartland. 

What’s more, there are also plans to revamp a new waterway/waterfront district that will include plenty of space for recreation (and gastronomy), as well as another 10 hectare Central Park set to rise up above the underground HSR terminus. 

Even right now with the Pandan Reservoir Fitness Corner just opposite. Plus you could use the entire reservoir for a scenic run if you wanted to as the place does provide a unique opportunity if you wanted to indulge in nature.

Twin Vew Development Site Review

twin vew site plan
Facilities in Twin VEW
Barbeque Area Children’s Playground Fun pool
Function room Game room Gymnasium room
Lounge Multi-Storey Car Park Pavillion
Playground Reflexology Path Roof Terrace
Sauna 24 hours security Sky Lounge
Steam bath Tennis courts

In my opinion, the developers have positioned the towers very tastefully. 

You can see how they’ve been well-angled with sufficient space in between each block to ensure both privacy and good views for residents here.

For a 176,293 square foot development, it again feels like the developers have managed to squeeze a number of facilities into the project without making the space extremely cluttered. 

Given the amount of implementations here (including exposure to the nearby waterbody), I do feel that the level of maintenance is going to be crucial in ensuring that these nature-etched amenities don’t go into disrepair just a couple of years down the road.

All in all, I personally really like the layout, the planning of the facilities and how it would be used in relation to its environment. It shows the thought and sensible planning behind it, which bodes well for future residents of the development.

Afternoon Sun Movement Analysis

Twin VEW Afternoon West Sun
Twin VEW sun movement analysis

Stacks 02, 03 and 09 are the only stacks to have afternoon sun all year round, so do avoid these 3 stacks if the afternoon sun is a concern. Your utility bills will thank you.

The next stack to avoid is 10 which sees afternoon sun coming in for about 3 quarters of the year with the sun being blocked by stack 09 towards the end of the year.

Stacks with the least afternoon sun

Twin VEW Least Afternoon Sun
Stacks 11, 12, 13 and 14 are great for those who want to avoid the afternoon sun

The best stack with absolutely no afternoon sun (direct or indirect) is stack 14. Shielded by stack 13 and 15, this south-east facing stack would benefit from the morning sun all-year round, with direct morning sun coming in between October to March, allowing you to dry your clothes naturally while enjoying a cool home.

Stacks 11, 12 and 13 manages to avoid the afternoon sun all-year round, with just a tad bit of sun coming in at the end of June when the sun is in its most north-west position. It gets to enjoy the morning sun between May to August too.

Unit Mix

Unit TypeNo. Of UnitsSize of Units (sqft)
1-Bedroom34484 sqft
1-Bedroom + Study35570 sqft
2-Bedroom137710 – 743 sqft
2-Bedroom + Study34818 sqft
3-Bedroom Executive34904 sqft
3-Bedroom Deluxe691,055 – 1,066 sqft
3-Bedroom + Study681,141 – 1,184 sqft
4-Bedroom Executive351,238 – 1,249 sqft
4-Bedroom + Study341,378 sqft
4-Bedroom Deluxe341,518 sqft
Penthouse61,442 – 2,088 sqft
Shops 2549 – 560 sqft

Twin Vew offers a well-balanced unit mix that supplements both the homeowner and investor demographic. 

It’s also not surprising how the 1 and 2-bedder units were quickly snapped up at launch in anticipation of increased rentability when the JLD eventually surfaces. 

Twin Vew Maintenance Fees

Unit TypeEST Maintenance Fees
1 Bedroom$250
1 Bedroom + Study$300
2 Bedroom$300
2 Bedroom + Study$300
3 Bedroom$300
3 Bedroom + Study$350
4 Bedroom$350

Maintenance fees are a little higher for the smaller units. But considering the facilities plus private lift for the 4 bedroom units you could say that those maintenance figures look quite reasonable for the bigger units.

To date, just a handful of the larger units are still available for purchase (excluding all but one of the penthouse units).

I’ve taken the initiative of listing out the units below (note that this table is temporary and will be removed when respective units are sold out):

Unit TypeNo. Of Units LeftSize of Units (sqft)
3-Bedroom + Study11 1,141 – 1,181 sqft
4-Bedroom Executive41,249 sqft
4-Bedroom + Study221,378 sqft
Penthouse11,927 sqft

As you can see, they are made up entirely of the larger units, with the majority coming from the 4-Bedroom + Study units

twin vew 4 bedroom study
1,378 sqft

To give you more details, these 22 units range from #02-03 to #34-03 between $1.86m – $2.1m (or $1,353 – $1,529 psf). 

They are all members of stack 3 in tower 91 (river-facing). 

Comparing this to the sold out 4 bedroom stack, and it is easy to see why that was pretty much snapped up so quickly. That larger space, better view, plus private lift are quite major differentiators for those looking at units such as these. Not to forget, the price point it was launched at as well.

twin vew 3 bedroom floorplan
1,141 square feet

As for the 3-bedroom + study units, they are split into 3 C5s units in stack 5 of block 91 that range from #31-05 – #34-05 between $1.68 – $1.71m (or $1,473 – $1,502 psf)

To show you a price comparison

Twin VewParc RivieraWhistler Grand

twin vew 3 bedroom study
1,184 square feet

And 8 C4s units in stack 9 of block 93 that include #25-09, as well as #27-09 to #34-00, with prices ranging between $1.79 – $1.83m (or $1,469 – $1,551 psf).

Best Stacks

twin vew best stacks

As mentioned in the tour section, the bottom most unit actually starts at 15 metres above ground (or 5 storeys). So even in lowest level unit at the Twin Vew does offer some semblance of views of its surroundings.

What’s great here though is that both blocks were positioned such that no unit directly faces another within the site – an issue that plagues many mass market developments.

Clearly, the best stacks here are the ones facing the unblocked education plot and towards the reservoir – mainly Stacks 2, 1, 6, 9, 8, 7, and 15.

Stacks 3, 4, and 5 offer a view towards the JLD, but some might find the view hampered by Parc Riviera. That said, the gap of 71 metres between them should be more than enough privacy wise. If you’d like a further gap, Stacks 10, 11, and 12 are at a 93 metre distance.

Price Review

Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)Total Number of Units
Twin Vew99-year Leasehold2021$1,495psf520
Parc Riviera99-year Leasehold2019$1,377psf752
Whistler Grand99-year Leasehold2021$1,527psf716

To give you some context, these were the respective land bid prices for the above 3 projects. 

Twin Vew: $592 psf ppr ($292m for 176,293 sqft)

Parc Riviera: $551 psf ppr ($314.3m for 203,351 sqft) 

Whistler Grand: $800 psf ppr ($472.4m for 210,881 sqft)

We see how the land bid prices for the individual projects eventually translate to their average psf figures. 

(Of course, unit pricings differ per tier, and purchase decisions are ultimately made on total quantum value as opposed to psf-values, so we will get into that later) 

Parc Riviera was the most affordable of the lot, mostly due to the fact that it faces the AYE in its immediacy, with Twin Vew ‘sheltered’ to a degree behind it.  

Another important point worth noting is that Whistler Grand was actually secured in early 2018, deep into the en bloc frenzy, whilst the land parcel for Twin Vew was secured a year before that just as the market was beginning to heat up.      

That would explain the big price gap between the two. 

Speaking of gaps, just to show you again the amount of condo space ‘allocated’ to each unit based on scale alone –

Twin Vew: 176,293 sqft / 520 units = 339 sqft

Parc Riviera: 203,351 sqft /752 units = 270 sqft

Whistler Grand: 210,881 sqft /716 units = 295 sqft 

You’ll see how Twin Vew has lesser unit density in this trio based on face-value alone. 

So while Twin Vew seems to come in between the 3 new developments in the area in terms of psf, it does also have bigger units on average, which means its final quantum will be higher as a comparison among the trio.

Layout Comparisons

Now that we understand a little more about the average land pricings, let’s dive into unit comparisons, starting off with the smallest 1-bedders:

twin vew 1 bedroom
    Twin View (484 sqft, average sold price ~ $1,528 psf – $739,552)
parc riviera 1 bedroom
Parc Riviera (463 sqft, average sold price ~ $1,262 psf – $584,306) 
whistler grand 1 bedroom
Whistler Grand (441 sqft, average sold price ~ $1,526 psf – $672,966)

Again, we see the translation of land bid prices to the overall quantum for these 1-bedder units. 

Thankfully for Twin Vew, it was launched at a point where Parc Riviera had successfully sold most of its units – because naturally if you had to compare both price points there was no competition there if you were price sensitive.

It’s also quite clear that Whistler Grand was sized to undercut the Twin Vew offerings, as such even though it was launched later the smaller size does mean the overall quantum is more attractive.

If we were to hone in on unit layouts however, we do observe a number of fixed differences between the three. 

For one, we see that there are no entrance barriers in both the Parc Riviera and Whistler Grand units as opposed to the one at Twin Vew. 

And if you were to look at the AC ledge, you observe how both AC ledges are outside the master bedroom for the former two projects, which would result in half-windows here – as opposed to the full windows you’d get with the 1-bedder at Twin Vew.

Finally, the kitchens in both Parc Riviera and Whistler Grand are in plain sight when you walk into the apartment, as opposed to the one at Twin Vew which is hidden away in a little alcove of its own. 

This is especially useful when doing heavy-duty cooking, and the separate space could be cleverly sealed up to make it an enclosed kitchen. 

Let’s move on to the 3-bedders:

twin vew 3 bedroom
Twin Vew (904 sqft, most recent asking price ~ $1,548 psf – $1.4m)
parc riviera 3 bedroom
Parc Riviera (904 sqft, most recent asking price ~ $1,391 psf – $1.258m)
whistler grand 3 bedroom floorplan
Whistler Grand (958 sqft, most recent asking price ~ $1,445 psf – $1.384m)

In a complete role reversal, AC ledges are now hidden behind the kitchen and the toilets for Whistler Grand and Parc Riviera respectively. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for executive 3-bedder at Twin View. The AC Ledge is located just behind one of the common bedrooms, so it’ll mean half-height windows here. 

In terms of entrances, I think the executive 3-bedder at Parc Riviera has the best layout. It opens up immediately from the main door to the dining/living room area without wasting unnecessary space. 

On the other hand, the executive 3-bedders at Twin Vew seem to have a very long entranceway corridor which isn’t very efficient in my opinion.

As for the executive 3-bedders at Whistler Grand, the initial entranceway does provide a bit of privacy that is lacking in the previous 2 units (which could be a boon/bane depending on how you look at it). 

Regarding kitchens, we find them to be of the enclosed variation in both Whistler Grand and Parc Riviera as opposed to the open-kitchen concept of the 3-bedroom executive unit at Twin Vew. 

Finally, let’s have a look at the other condos around.

Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)Total Number of Units
Twin Vew99-year Leasehold2021$1,495 psf520
The InfinitiFreehold2008$1,077 psf315
Botannia956-year leasehold2009$1,176 psf493
Monterey Park999-year leasehold2005$1,190 psf280
Carabelle956-year leasehold2009$1,332 psf338
Hundred Trees956-year leasehold2013$1,375 psf396
Regent Park99-year leasehold1997$1,050 psf276
Park Clematis99-year leasehold2023$1,632 psf1,450

I’ve provided a full list of the condos worth mentioning in the relative vicinity of Twin Vew.

To give some context location-wise, The Infiniti, Botannia and Monterey Park are the condos closest to Twin Vew.

Carabelle is just beyond that and is the closest condo in this list to the NEWest shopping mall.

Now the reason I’m using the shopping mall as a location benchmark is really due to the lack of amenities here, making it a prized asset in the general area (you can observe this through Carabelle’s higher average PSF value).

The above-mentioned 4 condos are essentially ‘freehold’ given their massive leases, so do take that into account when comparing them with the 99-year leasehold Twin Vew

As for price comparisons, it is also important to note that these are older condos with bigger unit spaces on average.

As a result, total unit quantum prices of similar unit tiers at these older condos are naturally going to be higher than units at Twin Vew even though they have lower average PSF values on paper.

On the other end of the shopping mall, we have Hundred Trees, and just across the road from that, Park Clematis and subsequently Regent Park.

While the feedback at Hundred Trees has been great thus far, there is the concern about it being too close to the AYE.

From what we’ve garnered, the developers have invested in proper sound-proofing so once the windows are shut here you get barely any traces of noise from the highway.

Not to mention the fact that you get a massive 100m lap pool here.

It is also right next to the NEWest mall, so you get quite a bit of convenience here as well.

As for Park Clematis, it’s the other New Launch condo in the area which spans over 400,000 square feet of facilities with over 1,468 units to boot. It is technically across the highway from NEWest, so it does take a bit of effort to get there. (You can read the full review here).

Finally, Regent Park is just behind that.

Boasting 276 units across 161,228 square feet of land, it is the most affordable ‘older’ development in the area on paper average when looking at PSF value alone.

Of course, it’s an aging 99-year leasehold project, so be sure to bear that in mind when considering capital appreciation down the road.

Appreciation Analysis

Twin vew JLD

The area’s high appreciation potential is one of the biggest reasons why units in all these developments have been snapped up so quickly from launch. 

At first glance, you see a relatively undeveloped surrounding, but if you look at its surroundings, you’ll observe the entire Jurong East community complete with over 250,000sqm of retail, entertainment and lifestyle options just 8-minutes drive from the condo. 

What’s more, this will soon be the home of the massive Jurong Lake District – which is set to bring over 9million sqft of office space, and with it a ton of new jobs and homes in the area come 2026 and beyond. 

And if that isn’t enough, you have the Jurong Innovation District set to hit completion in 2022. 

It’s a 15-minute drive away and the area is set to combine ideas between researchers, students and tech industries in a one-stop tech/growth hub. 

twin vew masterplan

Let’s also not forget the entire business parks/districts to the north-west and south of Twin Vew where I feel the bulk of initial renters will come from before the JLD/JIH wave. 

It also serves as a fallback just in case the HSR does not materialise by 2026.

What’s more, there are still two residential plots just behind Twin Vew that have yet to be snapped up.

Chances are, given their adjacency to the Sungei Pandan River and distance from the AYE (ie. no highway noise), we can expect winning land bids to cross $800 psf ppr here in the future –  especially in light of the impending JLD, JIH and HSR.

When combined, these upcoming new launch prices are bound to exceed the prices of what we currently observe at Twin Vew.

twin vew construction

Our Take

What we like
  • Great landscaping
  • Solid range of facilities
What we don’t like
  • No immediate amenities
  • Not near MRT

Personally, I like the idea of living next to a waterbody from a homeowner’s perspective. 

The amount of work that has been put into creating an innovative condo environment should also not go unnoticed. For a maiden project, I think it is a rather impressive showing – great landscaping, solid facilities, and a well rounded offering (private lifts, marble floorings and good furnishings). Safe to say, it’s quite clear that there are others that see its potential, given the fantastic response so far.

What does detract from the general liveability for me though is the lack of any immediate amenities. Even though the development is geared towards own-stay family living, its current surroundings (industrial areas) aren’t best suited for it.

I’ve said it earlier, and I’ll say it again. 

Due to the further lack of public transport in the area at this juncture, I wouldn’t recommend looking at this area if you rely heavily on public transport. 

On the bright side, those working in the west will have relatively quick access to the JLD and JID sectors when they eventually come to fruition.  

As for investment potential, it’s clear that rentability in the area will soar in the coming years, even if the initial periods after the condo TOPs in 2021 might not necessarily see rental demand booming as yet. 

What this means for you

You might like Twin Vew if you:

  • • Are a Young/New Investor Looking to Hop to a New Project in the Future:

    There are a number of exit points for the surrounding projects down the road. This is based on the impending JLD, JIH, HSR and (more expensive) private housing supply coming into the area in the coming years.

  • • Find Yourself Frequenting Malaysia:

    Whether it’s the Tuas Checkpoint to Johor Bahru or the HSR to Kuala Lumpur come 2026, this is a great place to reside if you intend to travel across borders frequently.

You might not like Twin Vew if you:

  • • Prefer Central Areas:

    Whether it’s for work or for convenience, Twin Vew is very much a west-sided condo, and the public transport options to central areas are relatively lengthy.

  • • Like conveniently located amenities:

    With most of its surrounding areas being industrial, you will need a car to get to most commonly used amenities.

End of Review
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Reviewer: Reuben

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