CondoHere’s What Property Prices In 2010 Can Teach You In 2020

  • by
  • February 16, 2020
  • 5 min read
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Sean has a writing experience of 3 years and is currently with Stacked Homes focused on general property research, helping to pen articles focused on condos. In his free time, he enjoys photography and coffee tasting.


No matter what, you’ll always need a roof over your head. High prices or not, it has to be paid. If you’re buying for first home, never wait for lower prices for it may never come!


Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how prices always look higher. The same can be said today, but this time I do think prices are really too high. The oversupply and recent outbreak of covid-19 will have an effect on our property market given the cooling measures in place.

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