Condo Reviews Parc Rosewood Review: 10 Swimming Pools On A Budget

  • September 11, 2020
  • 21 min read
parc rosewood review

Our Verdict


Overall Rating

Our Considerations

Transportation Links 3.5/5
Upkeep of Property 2.5/5
Surrounding Amenities 3.5/5
Quality of Finishings 2.5/5
Development Facilities 4.5/5
Price 4/5

Parc Rosewood is a leasehold condo perfect for those who enjoy spacious condo grounds and a full range of condo facilities.

Reviewed by Reuben on September 11, 2020

What we like
  • Abundance of swimming pools
  • Spacious carpark
What we don't like
  • Shoddy maintenance at parts
  • Narrow corridors
21 min read
Project: Parc Rosewood
District: 25
Address: Rosewood Drive
Tenure: 99-year Leasehold
No. of Units: 689
Developer: Kensington Land Pte. Ltd.
TOP: 2014

Of late, condos outside of upmarket districts have been garnering quite a bit of attention. Jurong Gateway, Treasure at Tampines… the list goes on.

Parc Rosewood is no different. Despite its setting in Woodlands, the condo caught the attention of a large pool of buyers long before it was launched.

Upon its launch back in early 2012, a good 120 of the 236 units offered at the time were snapped up within 4 hours.

A good reason for this would be its price tag at that point of time, which ranged from $925 to $998 psf. An attractive prospect, considering its resort-like aesthetics and liveability attributes.

Perhaps more than anything else in Singapore, condos are still seen as the ultimate status symbol. And while it may seem like every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you know are staying in one – the truth is that only 16.2% of the population (as of 2019) are private property dwellers.

Which brings me to my point – Parc Rosewood’s claim to fame. Its biggest selling point is no doubt its price – those who bought early in 2012 would have managed to snag a unit for just over $400,000 (although it is admittedly a rather small space).

For now, though, let us dive into the condo tour and see what exactly the grounds of Parc Rosewood have in store for us.

Parc Rosewood Insider Tour

Facilities in Parc Rosewood
25m Lap Pool 2x BBQ Area 2x Hammock Bay
2x Lounge Bar 2x Pavilion 2x Serene Garden
2x Spa Pool with Jacuzzi 2x Sunken Lounge 50m Lap Pool
6x Meeting Pod 9x Changing Room 9x Reading Pavilion
Alfresco Dining on Roof Aqua Bed Aroma Therapy Pool
Aromapeutic Garden Children Pavilion Children’s Playground
Chill Out Deck Clubhouse Clubhouse Lounge
Clubhouse Pavilion Clubhouse Plaza Dip Pool
Fern Valley Function Room Hydrotherapy Jet Pool
Indoor Gymnasium Jogging Track Kids Adventure Zone
Lake Deck Lounge Pavilion Lounge Pool
Meditation Pavilion Outdoor Fitness Garden Outdoor Fitness Station
Pool Deck Reflective Pool Relaxation Pavilion
Riverstroll Scent Garden Splash Corner
Sun Deck Tennis Court Wading Pool
Water Jets Wellness Garden Wet Deck
Yoga Pavilion Zen Garden
parc rosewood entrance

Parc Rosewood is located at the end of Rosewood Drive, which can be both a positive and negative. For one, you are going to get slightly more privacy here – but given it is flanked by Woodlands Avenue and the SLE, this might really be just a moot point.

parc rosewood entrance

It isn’t the most spacious of entrances, but that’s also because the drop off point is tucked further in.

parc rosewood entrance

The entrance does allow for both a visitor lane and resident lane, which is a good thing in a project that does have 689 units – it is quite a tight fit though if two large cars were to come in at the same time.

Although it is worth noting here that a bulk of the units here (63%) are 1 bedders. This usually means that they are investor-owned so you can expect Parc Rosewood to be highly tenanted – so lesser car usage overall.

parc rosewood drop off

Almost immediately, you’d reach the drop-off/clubhouse area. Whether by accident or design, it’s great that there is a dedicated sheltered drop-off plus a waiting area as well – especially since Grab/taxis should be a common sight.

It could be due to the Coronavirus situation, hence the lack of seating (less touching of surfaces, less cleaning). But the area is strangely sparse – it’s almost as if the space is incomplete. If anything, welcoming is one of the last words I’d use to describe the space.

You do get a drinks vending machine + the now increasingly common Gardenia machine as well. It’s a good thing, but given there is a mini-mart here too it does seem like an overkill.

parc rosewood clubhouse

The second level does feature a function room that overlooks the main swimming pool. It is quite nondescript, and is as bare bones as they come.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a shot of the gym, and while it did have the usual equipment, it isn’t a great size considering the number of units in the development.

parc rosewood viewing deck
Roof deck

On the top floor of the clubhouse is a roof deck, with various outdoor seating. It isn’t a luxurious space by any means, but you do get a nice wide-open view as most of the area is pretty low-lying. In fact, on the opposite of Parc Rosewood is an open sprawling space, so it really bumps up that feeling of serenity here.

However, the space could really have been that much better with more well-kept landscaping (the hedges on the planters were sparse and looked parched), and more comfortable outdoor furniture.

parc rosewood view

Although the pretty sweet view of the main swimming pool at the Parc Rosewood from this spot does save it a little.

parc rosewood design

At this point, let me just touch a little bit on the design. Yes, this is a totally subjective topic – but at this price point, you really can’t be expecting much from a design standpoint.

It isn’t a modern edge cutting design by any means, but it certainly isn’t ugly either.

parc rosewood main swimming pool

If there’s anything you’d take away from this review – it’s probably the fact that Parc Rosewood has ten swimming pools. Which means you can swim in a different pool for every day of the week, and still have three leftover to choose from.

They are all rectangular in shape though, so I’m not really sure how exciting it can get by trying out each pool one by one. I think most residents would probably just dive right into their nearest one for convenience sake.

parc rosewood main pool deck chairs
Deck chairs

I’ve always liked pools with shallow areas that allow you to place your deck chair over it. It just seems so resort-like, and tranquil to lie down but yet has blue waters surrounding you.

Couple that with the palm trees, and you’ve got a picture-perfect postcard right here. If you were to judge Parc Rosewood on just the photo above, there’s no doubt that it would be a highly positive one.

parc rosewood swimming deck chairs

If anything, I’d rescind my earlier comment about using the nearest pool to you. On hindsight, I think most people would rather much just swim and relax in the biggest pool in the development.

parc rosewood deck chairs swimming pool

One of the perks of staying here is definitely the openness of the area. Everything in the immediate vicinity is low-rise, so there’s no tall neighbouring building peering into your space (other than your immediate neighbours). If you’re planning to make the move from a dense city location this could be quite a breath of fresh air.

parc rosewood main pool view

So given that this is the biggest and widest swimming pool, the setback here from your neighbouring block is pretty decent, so those residing in these blocks will enjoy a greater sense of privacy.

parc rosewood main pool view

But this brings me to the problem of the general layout of the site. It consists of 6 long rows of residential blocks, with the pools and water features set in between each of them.

Granted, it is quite unique, and what it does is allow the majority of the units to enjoy a swimming pool view.

But on the other hand, it does mean that with the exception of the exterior blocks, most blocks will be facing their neighbours – with some in much closer proximity than others. If you value your privacy greatly, you’d either have to keep your blinds shut most of the time, or perhaps more drastically, not even consider this development at all.

parc rosewood open deck

And here’s another problem privacy-related – since most common areas are situated between blocks, it does mean that whatever you do will be in full view of those living on both sides.

Take the above deck chairs, for example, it is smack in the middle of the blocks – so sun tanning here will definitely not be a private affair.

parc rosewood stairs

So if privacy is really a concern, you could look at the outer facing blocks, or look for stacks that face a gap between the blocks – such as the above.

parc rosewood spa pool

Below the open deck is the spa pool, along with the jacuzzi and aqua beds.

parc rosewood kids pool

Before I get to the kids’ pool, notice the two cones in the middle?

parc rosewood tiles

Its placement is basically there to prevent people from tripping over dislodged tiles – something that seems to be a worrying trend in different parts of the development. For a condo that is only 6 years old at this point, it is quite a cause for concern.

That said, the fact that these cones have been placed at the defective parts do show that the management is aware of these issues. On the ground, I’ve also heard that rectifying works are underway – so it’s a positive sign of proactiveness and willingness to upkeep the space.

parc rosewood kids pool

Beyond the main swimming pool is the kids’ pool.

parc rosewood kids pool

It is actually quite a well-sized pool, along with the usual brightly coloured water fountains. There’s plenty of space for kids to frolic about in the shallow waters.

parc rosewood barbecue pit
Barbecue area

The barbecue area is strategically placed next to the kids’ pool, so it is an ideal spot to hold family-oriented activities.

On a separate note, I find the furniture used here to be too no-frills for my liking. While I know you can’t expect much at the price point Parc Rosewood is going for, I don’t feel it takes too much to elevate these common spaces either.

parc rosewood barbecue pit

Weirdly enough, while there is a shelter, it doesn’t extend all the way to cover the barbecue pit itself – which can be rather inconvenient should the weather take a turn for the worse.

parc rosewood main road

Not to mention, the barbecue area does face Woodlands Avenue 2, which does have quite fast-moving noisy traffic – so don’t expect this to be a quiet barbecue spot.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, however, there are plenty of other dining pavilions scattered around the development.

parc rosewood seating pavilion

Other than the main pool, between each block you’d find some common features. At least two swimming pools, sheltered pavilions, and different water features.

Normally I would welcome water features as they do elevate the ambience of the space. But in the case of the ones above, I do find the execution of it rather poor. To put it bluntly, it’s basically just a body of water in a rectangular hole in the ground. It’s not attractive to look at and to make matters worse, it is featured quite a fair bit throughout the development.

parc rosewood water feature

It’s the same story with the water features located right outside all the ground floor units. As a casual onlooker, you might assume that these are the private plunge pools of each ground floor unit (which is only a natural conclusion).

But it is actually a common area that belongs to no one. As harsh as it may sound, it seems to be quite a white elephant. It doesn’t look great, you can’t swim in it, and now you’ll have additional maintenance works to contend with for each and every one of them.

parc rosewood pool

Odd water features aside, the swimming pools here are really the saving grace of the development. The tile finishes here are much better too – with the mixed gradients of the blue creating an inviting look on a hot day.

parc rosewood pool shelter pavilion

Another thing they’ve done well is the variation in height at different points of the landscape. In this case, this sheltered pavilion is on a higher ground than the pool below, which allows for an elevated view.

parc rosewood seating pavilion

Moving further out, this section of the development faces Rosewood Suites.

parc rosewood walkway

It does have a decent setback away, plus the thick blanket of trees on both ends of each development does help in ensuring a certain level of privacy.

parc rosewood seating pavilion

As you can see above at the seating pavilion, the maintenance in certain areas leaves much to be desired.

parc rosewood wheelchair access
parc rosewood maintenance

Again, it isn’t great to look at, and it’s certainly not an ideal scenario.

parc rosewood pathway

Let’s move back to the exterior pathway. This encircles almost the entire circumference of the development (save for the side facing the SLE). The plot of land is quite big, so just running up and down this path will be good enough exercise for most people. And yes, it definitely is a usable space for people to walk their dogs.

parc rosewood swimming pool

Let’s move on to another section of the development. I wouldn’t say this is any much different from the last, a long pool, followed by an elevated pavilion, and another swimming pool.

parc rosewood pool pavilion
parc rosewood pool

For those who treat the swimming pool as their second home, this place should merit some serious consideration – it is seriously a swimming pool haven.

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parc rosewood barbecue area
Lounge deck

Above the pool is what is termed as the Alfresco Lounge Deck. While this doesn’t have barbecue facilities, you could definitely still hold a small gathering here.

parc rosewood swimming pool 4

At this point, it should surprise no one that the next facility on show is a swimming pool.

This one is pretty unique as it features circular islands with trees in the middle – it’s a far prettier sight and does remind you of vacationing in a resort overseas.

parc rosewood swimming pool

I do think the other pools are missing deck chairs though, something that seems to only be reserved for the main swimming pool.

parc rosewood swimming deck
“Chill-out” deck

Not the coolest of names, but this is basically just another open deck with some seating.

parc rosewood swimming pool

The last swimming pool at the back features a sunken lounge bar, something commonly seen in resorts in Malaysia. It is always shown to be a cool feature to have – swimming up to a bar and seating in the water while sipping on an ice-cold cocktail.

But when there isn’t actually a bar, it becomes a bit of a pointless feature to have.

parc rosewood open deck

Crossing over to the next section…

parc rosewood swimming pool 10
parc rosewood playground

Located almost at the corner of the development is the children’s playground. The colours look strangely muted – which could be due to the harsh sun that it is subjected to each day.

parc rosewood playground
parc rosewood outdoor fitness

Along that row is the outdoor fitness area as well. There is a side gate here as well, but it doesn’t lead to anything noteworthy at this point, so I don’t expect this to be used much.

parc rosewood swimming pool

If anything, you could even almost empathise with them dropping the ball on the upkeep in the other areas, as maintaining all these swimming pools must be quite a taxing task.

parc rosewood swimming pool 8

And to give credit where it’s due, the swimming pools were maintained well – no stray debris, and missing tile pieces (disclaimer: I didn’t do a thorough check).

parc rosewood swimming pool 9
parc rosewood seating

If you have a hard time making that out, those three curved looking objects are actually chairs with a very high back. Quite random additions, if you ask me.

parc rosewood tennis

Last but not least, the furthest end (towards SLE) is where you’ll find the tennis court.

parc rosewood tennis court

One tennis court for 689 units doesn’t sound like a good ratio, and rightfully so. But given that many new launches nowadays do with far less, it gets increasingly harder to nitpick about these kinds of things.

parc rosewood corridor
Common corridor

Here’s the common corridor at Parc Rosewood. Given the nature of the blocks, it is long and rather narrow, which makes it quite dark even during the day.

Also because most residents would require some space on the outside for shoe racks, the already narrow space becomes an even narrower path.

parc rosewood lift lobby

Moving on to the basement, the lift lobby area for each block is pretty no-frills. It’s a come-and-go type of place, and again, while you don’t expect much given the price – it’ll still be nice if the area was dressed up a little. Just an epoxy coating to the floor area would go a long way.

parc rosewood carpark

The underground carpark at Parc Rosewood is stellar – in terms of space.

parc rosewood carpark

Wide driving lanes, spacious carpark lots, and more importantly, an abundance of carpark space. Having multiple cars here would be no issue at all.

The emptiness of the carpark is a tell-tale sign that the demographics of Parc Rosewood is geared towards tenants.

Parc Rosewood Location Review

Parc Rosewood is situated in one of Singapore’s older districts – District 25, or more specifically, Woodlands.

When most people who live outside of District 25 hear the word ‘Woodlands’, chances are, they automatically think of the Causeway and Johor Bahru.

And while that is understandable, Woodlands is also one of the few regions in Singapore that is rich in amenities despite its lack of proximity to the CBD. Home to a fair number of residential developments, schools and shopping malls, it’s a heartland that boasts all the right avenues. 

As for Parc Rosewood, the condo is conveniently located at an intersection between Woodlands Avenue 2 and Seletar Expressway, meaning journeys via private transport to the rest of Singapore shouldn’t pose too much of a hassle.

Public Transport 

Bus StationBuses ServicedDistance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
’Casablanca’161, 168190m, 2-min walk
’Opp Casablanca’161, 168220m, 3-min walk

Closest MRT: Woodlands MRT – 950m, 11-min walk

To be frank, there aren’t many public transportation options in easy reach of Parc Rosewood residents.

Although, you can expect an abundance of such options over at Woodlands Bus Interchange (accessible via a 2-min bus ride aboard either 161 or 168 across 2 stops), which also happens to be right beside Woodlands MRT Station and Causeway Point.

If you work in the CBD, however, journeys may not be as convenient for you.

Your best option would be a 40-min train ride via the North-South line across 17 stops, alighting at Raffles Place MRT.

Fortunately, upon its completion in 2024, the 43km-long Thomson-East Line is set to further enhance connectivity along its north-south, east-west corridor and the town area.

Speaking of which, a ride from Woodlands South MRT to Orchard Mrt would take no longer than 35 mins across 12 stops.

Private Transport

Key DestinationsDistance From Condo (& Est. Peak Hour Drive Time)
CBD (Raffles Place)25.9km, 27-min drive
Orchard Road20.5km, 24-min drive
Suntec City26.2km, 30-min drive
Changi Airport 30.5km, 33-min drive
Tuas Port (By 2040)33.3km, 38-min drive
Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030)23.7km, 25-min drive
Mediapolis (and surroundings)23.2km, 25-min drive
Mapletree Business City25.9km, 29-min drive
Tuas Checkpoint 26.7km, 29-min drive
Woodlands Checkpoint4.1km, 9-min drive
Jurong Cluster (JCube)20.0km, 22-min drive
Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point)2.0km, 5-min drive
HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City)29.8km, 31-min drive
Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point)16.6km, 19-min drive

*Note that Drive Times are calculated during Peak Hours

Immediate Road Exit(s): 1 Exit along Rosewood Drive

parc rosewood driveway

Summary: The presence of just 1 road exit is still reasonable for the 689-unit condo. Unfortunately, traffic at that single road exit along Rosewood Drive could get congested during peak periods. SLE also runs adjacent to the residence and intersects with BKE a little to the west – allowing greater connectivity to residents who prefer private transport.


Name of Grocery Shop Distance From Condo (& Est. Walk Time)
Fairprice Finest – The Woodgrove680m, 8-min walk OR 750m, 4-min drive
FairPrice – Blk 570B1km, 12-min walk OR 2.1km, 7-min drive


Educational TierNumber of Institutes
Preschool (within 1km walk)2
Primary (3km-drive)9
Secondary (3km-drive)9
International School (3km-drive)1
Junior College (5km-drive)0
University (5km-drive)1
Polytechnic (10km-drive)1

Additional Pointers

  •  Renowned Educational Institutes

To start things off, Singapore Sports School, a Specialised Independent School offering an integrated sports and academic programme for both secondary and post-secondary students, is merely across the road from Parc Rosewood.

Another renowned school would be the Singapore American School (SAS), which offers an American education-based curriculum for students in preschool through high school. 

This makes SAS a popular choice for American expats and the families, making them a significant demographic for residents in the area.

Apart from that, Woodlands is also home to a multitude of schools offering primary and secondary-education, and the tertiary institute Republic Polytechnic.

  • Proximity to the Causeway

When it comes to living in Woodlands, residents are blessed with good proximity to Woodlands Checkpoint. A huge bonus for frequent travellers to Johor Bahru for its shopping scene and (much-more-affordable) dining delights – as soon as the borders reopen that is!

Additionally, if you are an investor, it may interest you to know that Parc Rosewood boasts some impressive rentability, with a key demographic being Malaysians who travel to Singapore frequently for work (we’ll touch more on this in our appreciation analysis).

Parc Rosewood Development Site Review

parc rosewood site plan

At first glance, Parc Rosewood yields a somewhat intriguing site-plan compared to most other residences.

Here we see that there are no shortages of swimming pools – with at least 2 swimming pools within each aisle of residential blocks. 

Naturally, that makes it easier for parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids who may be playing in the pool, and from the comforts of their home.

They also add a sense of structural/vibrant diversity to the condo’s grounds.

Apart from the abundance of pools, Parc Rosewood features the usual facilities – from BBQ pits and gardens to a clubhouse and well-equipped gymnasium.

For a condo with full facilities, Parc Rosewood also boasts relatively-affordable maintenance fees ranging from as low as $180, to approximately $300 per month.

The location of the sole tennis court in the corner of the development could also be a key (unit-choice) decider for racquet enthusiasts.

Traffic-wise, the adjacent Woodlands Ave 2 tends to experience heavy traffic at its nearby exit into SLE (not shown on the site plan) during peak periods.

As a result, the majority of residents at Parc Rosewood can expect a fair degree of noise disturbances associated with the traffic flow – especially since each block rises to a maximum of 5 storeys here.

That said, Parc Rosewood does make up for the noise pollution with its great livability aspects, which are undoubtedly one of the most important factors when choosing a condo for own stay purposes.

Best Stacks

Unit Mix

Unit TypeNo. Of UnitsSize of Units (sqft)
1-Bedroom PES94506 – 560 sqft
2-Bedroom PES42743 – 818 sqft
3-Bedroom PES12969 sqft
1-Bedroom282431 sqft
2-Bedroom133581 – 603 sqft
3-Bedroom36829 sqft
2-Bedroom Penthouse241,259 – 1,346 sqft
3-Bedroom Penthouse371,625 – 1,916 sqft
3-Bedroom + Study Penthouse91,711 – 1,798 sqft
4-Bedroom Penthouse51,787 sqft
5-Bedroom Penthouse152,250 – 2,390 sqft

For those wondering, PES stands for Private Enclose Area – which is the outdoor patio area for ground floor units. Most of which are directly in front of a swimming pool.

The 1-bedder shoebox units – which are also the most abundant unit type in Parc Rosewood, are just 431 sqft large. 

It’s also interesting to observe a variety of penthouses types here, with some going as small as 1,259 sqft for the 2-bedders.

Considering the sizes of the smaller-tiered units here (ie. 1/2-bedders), I would say that unlike most older developments, they’re best suited for either singles or couples not looking to have children anytime soon.

Parc Rosewood Price Review

parc rosewood price

As we’ve done for most of our other reviews on resale condos, we’ll be including two sets of price list comparisons here.

The first will be a comparison between the prices of Parc Rosewood and its immediate resale neighbours in Woodlands (which are no more than 700m from Parc Rosewood).

The second price list will have a twist to it – since Parc Rosewood is one of the few fortunate condos to be situated near a road exit into SLE, we shall compare it with other similar condos also sitting near such an exit.

Project NameTenureTOPAverage Price (PSF)
Parc Rosewood99-year Leasehold2014$999 psf
Woodgrove Condominium99-year Leasehold1999$688 psf
The Woodgrove 99-year Leasehold1998$702 psf
Rosewood99-year Leasehold2003$703 psf
Casablanca99-year Leasehold2006$725 psf
Rosewood Suites99-year Leasehold2011$783 psf
Woodhaven99-year Leasehold2015$971 psf

In general, residential developments in Woodlands have been shown to be relatively-affordable, as you can see from the price list.

However, while it may seem that Parc Rosewood has the most expensive PSF on this list, it is worth noting that the case is different if we bring in unit quantum value comparisons.

Let us take Parc Rosewood’s adjacent neighbour, for instance – Rosewood Suites.

Parc Rosewood may exhibit a higher PSF value compared to Rosewood Suites, but 2-bedders at the former cost upward of $620,000, while those at the latter cost upward of $800,000 – (a vast difference of $220,000 in starting prices).

The same can be said for Woodhaven as well.

While 3-bedders at Parc Rosewood cost at least $800,000, 3-bedders at Woodhaven boast much higher price tags – costing almost $1.3 million!

Even 3-bedder unit prices over at Woodgrove Condominium start at $820,000.

That said, what about other condos similarly located near an expressway entrance?

Project NameTenureTOPNearest ExpresswayAverage Price (PSF)
Parc Rosewood99-year Leasehold2014SLE$999 psf
Sunrise Gardens99-year Leasehold1998CTE$740 psf
Savannah Condopark99-year Leasehold2005PIE & TPE$772 psf
The Warren99-year Leasehold2004KJE$837 psf

It is somewhat surprising that Sunrise Gardens features the most affordable psf price tag on this list, considering its great connectivity (its location along the CTE is also nearby an intersection between SLE and TPE).

If we do think about it though, one of the possible reasons for its lower psf ratio could be the heavy noise pollution effect from the adjacent Yio Chu Kang Flyover (CTE) for residents of this mid-rise development. It’s also surrounded by a number of other aged residences.

Savannah Condopark is another condo which shares a similar situation to Sunrise Gardens.

Savannah Condopark is conveniently (or not-so-conveniently) located at an intersection between PIE and TPE, which would also result in much-unwanted noise disturbances due to the heavy traffic flow.

As for The Warren, while residents may also experience noise pollution coming from the nearby KJE, what attributes to the higher price tag would be the presence of Choa Chu Kang MRT Station – which is barely 100m from the residence.

To sum it all up, while residents at Parc Rosewood may not reap the benefits of an easily-accessible MRT, it merely takes a short bus ride to get to Woodlands MRT, which also happens to be near a bus interchange amidst a number of other shopping opportunities.

Appreciation Analysis

parc rosewood appreciation

Before we move on to the topic of Parc Rosewood, here are some thoughts on the Woodlands region in general (from a capital appreciation standpoint).

While this is all rightly speculation, here are 4 prime factors that contribute to potential capital gain growth in Woodlands alone.

First off, as we mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of schools across most educational levels – including widely-renowned ones like Singapore Sports School and Singapore American School.

Secondly, the area around Parc Rosewood is filled with a rich platter of amenities, including shopping malls like Causeway Point, and public transportation options at Woodlands MRT Station and the nearby bus interchange which greatly enhance connectivity.

(Side note – If you are an investor, the next two pointers may pique your interest.)

Third of all, it is a known fact that the presence of an MRT station near a residence does have positive effects on its potential for capital gains.

Parc Rosewood has 2 nearby MRT stations running on two separate lines – Woodlands South MRT Station which now runs along the Thomson-East Coast Line, and Woodlands MRT Station which runs along both the Thomson-East Coast Line and North-South Line!

Of course, most of the Thomson-East Coast Line is still under construction, but you can count on reaping the full benefits of this extra amenity once the entire line is eventually opened and functioning.

Last but not least, Woodlands is known for its proximity to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Prior to the Covid-19 situation, this popular landmark not only saw a daily flow of Singaporeans flocking to Johor Bahru for shopping opportunities, but it also saw a great deal of Malaysians travelling back and forth daily for work in Singapore.

This brings me to my next point – once the Covid-19 restrictions on travel between Singapore and Malaysia are lifted, it is safe to assume that Malaysian nationals will be scouring for affordable rentals near Woodlands Checkpoint.

That being said, here is a rental comparison between Parc Rosewood and its resale neighbours.

parc rosewood rental

Just to clarify, this image does not reflect rental yield percentages, but rather the typical monthly rental earned per square foot per month (psf pm).

As shown above, the monthly rental for Parc Rosewood is the highest compared to its neighbours – $3.1 psf pm, outperforming the average rental at $2.7 psf pm.

The only other close competitor is Woodhaven, which features a rental of $2.9 psf pm.

Our Take

parc rosewood review

It isn’t a huge residence by any stretch of the imagination, but thanks to its quite well-thought-out site plan (and its numerous pools), the grounds of Parc Rosewood offers a fair degree of spaciousness that families can enjoy. 

Units though are a tad of the smaller side. As we’ve seen, the 1-bedder shoebox units and lesser-bedroom penthouses are not a terribly great size.

It is also worth noting that while the closest MRT is accessible, some might not be too thrilled at the thought of a daily 11-minute walk time. 

At the end of the day, if you are willing to sacrifice distance to the MRT and relatively small units for the presence of quality amenities, accessibility to SLE, and close proximity to the Causeway, then Parc Rosewood might just be worth a second glance.

What this means for you

You might like Parc Rosewood if you:

  • • Prefer a Spacious ResidenceSitting on a relatively spacious 294,721-sqft plot of land, Parc Rosewood boasts a neat layout of its 15 blocks, with swimming pools decorating each block aisle.
  • • Enjoy the Luxury of Full FacilitiesFrom BBQ pits, gardens and a clubhouse, to a well-equipped gymnasium, a tennis court and play areas for the kids, Parc Rosewood offers a wonderful spread of facilities.

You might not like Parc Rosewood if you:

  • • Prioritise a Closer Proximity to the MRTBoth Woodlands and Woodland South Stations are still about a kilometre away from Parc Rosewood, so commutes to the MRT station may not be the most convenient.
  • • Work in the CBDWhile Parc Rosewood is situated right beside a road entrance to SLE, journeys to the CBD (even by private transport) often take a period of time – considering that Woodlands is situated in northern Singapore.
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