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The Hidden Downsides Of Living In A Boutique Condo: 5 Things Owners Wish They Knew Before Buying

  • September 7, 2023
  • 5 min read
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Ryan J

Ryan is an old school print journalist gone digital. He's lived in almost every type of housing in Singapore, from flats to landed homes. Over the past 18 years, he's been a content developer for companies large and small, a co-founder in an education business, and sometimes a voice on the radio. He also spends too much time and money on painting little plastic soldiers.

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27 days ago

I’m living in a boutique condo now and I’m loving it. Here are some alternate views.

  1. It is serene and quiet, with almost nobody at the pool most not the time. Even though there are some babies and kids but don’t see them running around or playing in pool.
  2. I do feel it is private as neighbours don’t bother to “observe” you.
  3. My condo has a decent sized pool and gym (6 machines + weights). Most of the time it feels like private pool and gym as it would be a rare occurrence when two or more people use at the same time.
  4. Low density means the lifts are always empty and available, almost like private lift. Again, it would be very very rare that two residents need to share the lift.
  5. The pool and gym are literally less than 20 steps from most units. No need to walk far. Lift is outside door and pool is less than 10 steps after stepping out from lift. Super convenient and really feels like own private pool akin to Bali pool villa, but way larger pool.
Stacked Homes
25 days ago
Reply to  Wayne

Thanks for sharing!

27 days ago

3 of 5 issues above are related to this non-transparency of ownership structure leading to having weak voting power. But this also applies to large developments dominated by a clique, not so much about the number of units. I believe you previously mentioned a Pasir Panjang Condo and Orchard Plaza and Katong Shopping Centre before in other artcles.

I personally think it would be good if in the future, information regarding the ownership breakdown of the strata be made more public. You can find this information in most public companies annual reports so why not the same for strata? For eg. 40% owned by one single beneficial holder, or 90% owned by family etc…

Lots of improvements that our Commissioner of Building can explore.

Izzie K
Izzie K
25 days ago

1) parking is always an issue; 2) the voices and actions of a few residents can affect the rest of the residents ; 3) single lobby means the lift gets held up if someone holds it but it is always easy to go up by stairs since it is low rise; 4) easy to communicate and provide feedback since each resident and asset can be identified; 5) high sales transaction can be signs of underlying issues or concerns; 6) rigid by-laws or ineffective use of resources since it cater to the mass majority, e.g., no lots catered for residents with motorcycle, contractors can park but not guests.

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