Every En Bloc sale in 2017/2018 (Updated)

en bloc sale 2018

Since late 2016, en bloc sales in Singapore have been spiking up. In 2017 alone there has been 26 successful en bloc sale projects, with seemingly many more in the pipeline.

en bloc sale

Source: SBR

This chart from RHB research shows that in 2017, en bloc deals in Singapore reached a nine year high of S$8.5 billion. Of which it still falls short of the massive glut of en bloc sales in 2007. However, if you believe in property cycles and that history will usually repeat itself, 2017 looks to be a precursor to a booming 2018. This will mirror the rise in en bloc sales from 2006 before peaking in 2007. Which probably explains why so many older properties are trying to push for an en bloc sale this time round, as the cycles seem to run every ten years.

​Why should i care about any En Bloc sale?

All this en bloc sale talk can have knock on implications on many other things in Singapore. For example, in 2018 the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) projected that up to S$31 billion in construction contracts could be awarded out. Prices of homes in Singapore are also set to rise by up to 17% in the next few years, partly due to the increase of en bloc sales and more money flowing in. For most owners that are receiving this sum of cash, the en bloc sale will be for their primary residence and they will have to look towards purchasing another home. For example, when a big development like Normanton Park goes en bloc, those who received the money from the sale will most likely look to purchase other units in the area around them. This will prop up prices around the area slightly due to the additional demand. Of course there will also be some older people that will take the cash and downgrade to a HDB, which will in turn contribute towards demand in resale HDBs.


List of completed en bloc sale projects in 2017/2018

MonthProject NameTenureSize (SF)PricePSF PPR
July 2018Phoenix Heights99 leasehold42,753$33.1m$556
July 2018Casa MeyfortFreehold85,249$319.88m$1,580
June 2018Teck Guan VilleFreehold42,290$60m$1,300
June 2018Kemaman PointFreehold43,825$143.88m$1,111
June 2018Park HouseFreehold46,984$375.5m$2,910
May 2018Chinatown PlazaFreehold33,953$260m$1,915
May 2018Chancery Court99 leasehold259,134$401.78m$1,610
May 2018Peak CourtFreehold57,378$118.88m$1,558
April 2018Dunearn GardensFreehold267,239$468m$1,914
April 2018Asia GardensFreehold72,059$343m$1,722
April 2018Tulip GardenFreehold316,708$906.94m$1,790
April 2018The EstorilFreehold84,600$223.94m$1,654
Mar 2018Ampas ApartmentsFreehold30,239$95m$1,073
Mar 2018FairhavenFreehold16,660$57m$1,629
Mar 2018Makeway ViewFreehold41,582$168m$1,626
Mar 2018Pacific MansionFreehold128,352$980m$1,806
Mar 2018Katong Park Towers99 leasehold140,758$288m$1,280
Mar 2018Goodluck GardenFreehold360,130$610m$1,100
Mar 2018Eunos MansionFreehold111,735$220m$1,118
Mar 2018Toho MansionFreehold47,660$120.43m$1,805
Mar 2018HollandiaFreehold53,505$183.38m$1,703
Feb 2018Brookvale Park999 leasehold373,008$530m$932
Feb 2018Cairnhill MansionsFreehold43,103$362m$2,311
Feb 2018Riviera PointFreehold14,579$72m$1,461
Feb 2018Pearl Bank Apartments99 leasehold$728m$1,515
Feb 2018City TowersFreehold104,532$401.9m$1,847
Jan 2018Park West99 leasehold634,000$841m$850
Dec 2017Vista Park99 leasehold319,000$418m$1,096
Dec 2017Apartment 8Freehold9,665$21.5m
Dec 2017Parkway MansionFreehold39,000$147m$1,536
Dec 2017Derby CourtFreehold19,000$74m$1,390
Dec 2017Jervois GreenFreehold27,000$53m$1,601
Dec 2017RoyalvilleFreehold174,000$478m$1,960
Nov 2017Crystal TowerFreehold60,000$181m$1,840
Nov 2017How Sun ParkFreehold55,000$81m$1,092
Nov 2017Mayfair Gardens99 leasehold208,000$311m$1,244
Nov 2017Casa ContendereFreehold38,000$72m$1,638
Oct 2017Dunearn CourtFreehold19,000$36m$1,371
Oct 2017Changi GardenFreehold200,000$249m$888
Oct 2017Florence Regency99 leasehold389,000$629m$842
Oct 2017Normanton Park99 leasehold661,000$830m$969
Oct 2017Amber ParkFreehold214,000$907m$1,515
Sept 2017Jervois GardensFreehold34,000$72m$1,373
Sept 2017Nanak MansionsFreehold110,000$201m$1,409
Sept 2017Sun RosierFreehold146,000$271m$1,325
Aug 2017Yio Chu Kang99 leasehold14,000$8m
Aug 2017Tampines Court99 leasehold702,000$970m$676
July 2017Serangoon Ville99 leasehold297,000$499m$835
July 2017The AlbraccaFreehold23,000$69m$1,409
July 2017Lotus at Pasir PanjangFreehold89,000$121m
June 2017Eunosville99 leasehold377,000$766m$909
May 2017Rio Casa99 leasehold396,000$575m$706
May 2017One Tree Hill GardensFreehold39,000$65m$1,664

Updated as of June 2018

If you are looking for property with en bloc potential that are freehold you can do so here, if you are looking for leasehold property with en bloc potential we have the ultimate list for you here.

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