10 Stunning Condo Pools in Singapore That Will Rival Any Luxury Hotel

scotts square condo pools

There is just something about a crystal clear body of water that seemingly reaches out to infinity that is so appealing. Whether it is the tantalising blue or the allure of a cool dip, stunning infinity swimming pools are no longer reserved for the top luxury hotels as many upmarket developments have taken their condo pools to a new level. With fierce competition for buyers in Singapore and our country’s hot climate, developers have upped their game in creating the perfect swoon-worthy condo pools. Even if you do not fancy swimming, just sitting by your condo pool is a great way to kick back and enjoy a well-deserved day off. Seeing as we have visited quite a number of condominiums this year, here are our top 10 condo pools so far!

10 Stunning Condo Pools in Singapore

1. Scotts Square

scotts square condo pools

Although this list isn’t arranged in any particular order, the infinity pool at the Scotts Square condo is still one of, if not, our favourite condo pool of this year. Perched 30 over floors above Orchard Road, the view here is absolutely amazing and in our humble opinion, beats even many of the top hotel swimming pools in Singapore. It is an entirely luxurious experience and is perfect to take a plunge and relax in the cool waters on a hot weekend in Singapore.

2. Centennia Suites

Centennia Suites condo pool

Even though this is not situated on the highest floor of the Centennia Suites (which would be amazing), this is still one of the top condo pools in Singapore in our books. In a city centre location, this swimming pool is about as private as it would get and the ambience here is second to none. Given that the development has only 97 units, you can be sure that you get to enjoy your pool time in relative peace and quiet. 

3. D’Leedon

d leedon condo pool

To be completely honest, the design of the swimming pool at the D’Leedon condo isn’t the best that we’ve seen. In fact, it isn’t even an infinity pool. Where it makes up for it, however, is the sheer size of it. Against the backdrop of the curvy blocks, the almost lagoon-like swimming pool is a great respite after a long hard day at work.

4. Cyan

cyan condo lap pool

The swimming pool at the Cyan is one of the highlights of the development, with regards to the size and how beautifully constructed it is. As there aren’t many high rise developments surrounding it, swimming here feels quite private and is truly an oasis in the area.

5. Parvis

parvis condo swimming pool

If we had to compare the swimming pool at the Parvis condo, it would be like a resort swimming pool in a valley. The infinity pool here ranks right up there with some of the best condo pools we have seen, with the lush landscaping surrounding it. The best part is, no surrounding neighbouring condos peeking in, you truly have the whole area to yourself.

6. Cosmopolitan Condo

cosmopolitan condo swimming pool

For a development that was built in 2008, the Cosmopolitan condo has a swimming pool that was ahead of its time, Even now in 2019, it still looks very modern and upmarket. It reminds us of a minimalist luxury resort and looks the perfect place for an invigorating dip after work.

7. Rivergate Condo

rivergate condo pool

Without a doubt, the Rivergate condo has one of the most unique condo pools in Singapore. It commands a sweeping view of the Singapore River and even mimics the curvature and bend of the river itself as it has a mini “river” leading from the main pool. We love the layout and the peaceful surroundings really help solidify it as the centrepiece of the Rivergate development.

8. Echelon

echelon condo pool

Designed by SCDA architects, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the company behind luxurious settings such as the Soori Bali, or the Park Hyatt Maldives. The swimming pool at the Echelon condo is a gorgeous one with comfy cabanas by the poolside, a cosy place for you to relax after swimming a few laps.

9. Wallich Residence

wallich residence pool

It would be tough to leave the Wallich Residence out here, particularly after the news of the most expensive penthouse being sold in Singapore. Standing at 290m tall, the Wallich Residence is the tallest residential building in Singapore. As such, the commanding views that you can over the Singapore skyline from the rooftop infinity pool is simply breathtaking. If you enjoy sky-high city views, this is one of the condo pools that you do not want to miss!

10. Duo Residences

Duo Residences condo pool

Located in the Bugis area, the Duo Residences actually has two swimming pools. Both offer its own distinct advantages, and if you are living here, you would be faced with the first world headache of deciding which pool to go for your swim! The pool on the first floor has the advantage of its large size and relaxing landscaping around it. While the sky pool is smaller but offers stunning views around the Singapore city centre. 

After much debate, we will have to go for the sky pool here. After all, not many developments can boast of such views from their condo pool in Singapore!

Have any other stunning condo swimming pools that you feel can rival these? Feel free to let us know at hello@stackedhomes.com!


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