November 2, 2022
November 2, 2022

6 Gorgeous Korean Aesthetic Interior Instagram Accounts To Get Inspiration From

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6 Gorgeous Korean Aesthetic Interior Instagram Accounts To Get Inspiration From


6 Gorgeous Korean Aesthetic Interior Instagram Accounts To Get Inspiration From 1
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It seems that everything coming out of Korea can do no wrong.

From music to food, to Netflix shows (who can forget the wildly popular Squid Game), and even movies – everything from South Korea is taking the world by storm.

So much so there’s even a term coined for it – the term “Hallyu” or Korean Wave, which first appeared in reference to the global craze for Korean culture.

Unsurprisingly, this has also translated down to an interest in Korean interior design.

If you are on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you may have seen popular Korean home interior accounts pop up over the last few years. Much like the trend in Singapore, these accounts showcase homes with a Korean minimalist aesthetic.

It’s hard to really describe what it’s about, but let me try my best. There’s definitely a preference for minimalist white or neutral tones. But unlike what you might traditionally think of a minimalist home, these modern Korean homes are actually quite cluttered when you look at it, but artfully styled in a nonchalant way.

They’re great at putting together different home and living items, designer lamps, and artwork. It’s all done very cohesively, and it’s just very soothing to look at.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite Korean aesthetic IG accounts that showcase their home design.

Let’s get to it.

1. @yenni.hom

Looking for inspiration for a monochromatic home? Yenni, the owner of this IG and this home, aptly describes her place as a “white house with lights.” It’s not always easy to pull off an all-white look, but she’s done it really well.

It’s all remarkably manicured, and the collection of home products here comes together really nicely. From the Samsung Serif TV, to the USM Haller Credenza (F2), to the iconic Louis Poulsen PH5 pendant lamp hanging over the dining, it’s all very chic indeed.

2. @fantastic_table

In this account, you’ll find an organised mishmash of design. What you get is a home design typical of K-dramas where the setting focuses on ease and fun.

While this home definitely employs more colour, it’s all still very aesthetically put together. The ever-popular Samsung Serif TV makes another appearance here (Samsung have really cornered the aesthetic TV crowd with the frame TV too), and I like the addition of the Louis Poulsen Panthella mini too. Furniture aficionados will no doubt also recognise the iconic Vitra Eames armchair, with the yellow providing a pop of colour to the space.

3. @ogre_home

While not exactly a home IG account, there’s still lots of inspiration you can get from this account to achieve a Korean aesthetic home. This feed functions as an online showroom for O’gre Home, a South Korean online retailer selling affordable basic interior furniture.

If you’re into a mid-century theme or particularly interested in modular furnishing, you can get some inspiration and have it custom-made.

4. @iriskim.cozy

One thing I noticed about most Korean home accounts on IG is that they don’t religiously stick to a specific school of style only. And this is a great thing especially if the homeowner is creative. Take this feed for instance. Yes, most pieces of furniture are mid-century modern, but the theme of the home is not.

You won’t see clean and defined lines here, instead, the priority is on smart comfort. There’s an abundance of white but the home is not monochromatic at all. In fact, the white walls, ceiling, and floor all act as a canvas, highlighting each piece of furniture.

If you want to mimic the couple’s home design in this feed, there’s an important factor you need to take into consideration. Each piece of furniture and appliance is carefully selected and can stand in beauty on its own. There’s no cheerleader effect here.

You may have spotted the same few iconic pieces here too – the Eames House Bird, Samsung Serif TV, and Louis Poulsen PH 2/1 table lamp.

5. @joeum_log

Not every home needs to have iconic design pieces to look good, and this home has incorporated affordably priced pieces together very well. Again, the colour white is a constant theme throughout, so much so that the sofa is draped over with a white cloth.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to justify foregoing built-ins so that you can rearrange your home as things changes, then this is the feed for you.

What really strikes me about Joeum’s home is the creative use of such limited space, the same dilemma most of us face here in Singapore. Admittedly, the style of the home isn’t for everyone. But for those who have a small space and are challenged creatively on how to make the most of it, this IG account serves as a great source of inspiration.

6. @hamnehome

Here is a home that I believe is more aligned with the usual Singaporean design themes. The boho-inspired theme mixed with mid-century modern furnishings gives the house a cosy yet functional atmosphere.

While decorative table lamps dotted the place to provide ambient lighting and additional accent, you’ll find the Model 2065 pendant light from the 1950s one of the centrepieces, particularly in the dining area. The chairs here are also particularly iconic (like the Fritz Hansen Ant chair), even when they aren’t uniformly all the same.

The imaginative placement of various indoor plants also helps to ensure that the house always feels vibrant and fresh.