June 24, 2022
June 24, 2022

50 Local Instagram Accounts With Beautiful Interiors To Inspire Your Home Renovation

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50 Local Instagram Accounts With Beautiful Interiors To Inspire Your Home Renovation


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If you’re looking at a home renovation project soon, you’d no doubt have been constantly browsing through Pinterest and Instagram to pin and save any little inspiration that you can find for your home. (and hopefully, you’ve been using our Living in series as a source too). 

But did you know, that the Instagram home community in Singapore actually is the perfect place to start looking for such design inspiration? Many homeowners have now very helpfully chosen to capture their renovation journey on Instagram – and there’s a ton to learn too. From sourcing tips, budget constraints, potential pitfalls, and thrift finds. It’s frankly a great community, there are lots to glean from the comments, and everyone is more than happy to share their experience. 

The trouble is, it’s hard to find all these accounts in one place (not everyone updates consistently too). 

And so we’ve decided to put together a list of 50 Singaporean to peruse for the best local design inspiration. Do note this is by no means an exhaustive list or ranked for that matter! (We’d be doing a part 2 for sure). 

1. @mareenah

Mareenah’s creative spirit overflows from the shawls and apparel she creates at her ‘maqayla.’ store to her home reno. If you’re aiming for calm, muted colours combined with a simple and classy vibe, you’ll find her home a great source of inspiration. As Mareenah puts it, “Less house, more home.”

2. @foongfamilyflat


Wes and Ange share their reno journey as they incorporate dark wood in their home’s interior to create a classy and mature vibe. Aside from the couple’s cosy home design, you’ll also find a lot of helpful videos, including tips on keeping the house clean and valuable home decorating tips.

3. @ochre.home

Proponents of following a general ‘3 colour rule’ to maintain cohesiveness, Geraldine and Vincent share the changes their home continues to go through. The couple prioritises home design that speaks more to how they live their life instead of forcing a beautiful space to make it look like an upscale staycay. We’ve covered their home before in our Living In series which you can view here!

4. @hellohomebodies

Aside from joining Ruby and Kenny in the steady unfolding of their home design, you’ll also find practical tips on making your home interior look better. If you’re into wall artworks, this feed will not disappoint you. Recently, they’ve been changing their home decor with unique and sculptural homewares. If you want a closer look at their lovely home, it’s been featured in our Living In series here

5. @ourslowhouse

Are you planning to decorate your house with an urban boho design? Find inspiration from this feed, where you’ll find rattan furnishings and brightly coloured accents everywhere. Their IG, ‘ourslowhouse’, is aptly named because it took them 2.5 years to complete their master’s bedroom makeover. But as they said, not rushing is all worth it – you’ll understand what they mean when you see their rattan headboard. 

6. @hometrulee

Designing a 3-room BTO is quite a challenge, but the Lee couple was able to pull it off despite the space restriction. If you’re looking for inspiration to open up a limited area and planning to go with a minimalist approach, be sure to follow this feed.

7. @flat_bahru

Clutter can be subjective. If there are things you just can’t do away with, why not try to organize them and create a whimsical home decor instead? Lauren and Lloyd self-designed their home with inspirations coming from speakeasy bars and homes they visited in the past. This is the IG feed to follow if you want to create an ‘endearing sort of mess’, as Lauren and Lloyd have put it. For a closer look at their home, we have featured it before in our Living In series here

8. @ourfookinhouse


In this feed, couple Jo and Kin share their journey in renovating a resale flat they bought. You’ll learn how they converted a heavy, purplish design into a light and airy space. To top it off, they only hired a contractor and didn’t bother to get an ID. So if you’re going the same route, you’ll find lots of valuable tips and information here.

9. @stayingonthehill

If you’re into monochromatic colours, you’ll find a lot of inspiration in this IG account. What makes @stayingonthehill unique compared to most feeds is that every post is filled with heartfelt stories. And if you want to get the full details of the reno, you’ll enjoy reading the series (An Introvert Renovates) which Dan writes here at Stacked.

10. @1076sqft

Julius and Caryne share their reno journey as they transform the 4-room HDB flat they bought in Tampines from cluttered and gloomy to open and bright. The style of interior they aimed for is Japanese-inspired with a touch of local decor. They also share a lot of valuable tips since Caryne is an Interior Designer herself. For more on their home, we’ve featured it on our Living In series here

11. @ourseaofgreen

Are you into plants but afraid to turn your home’s interior into a jungle? Then it’s best to get inspiration from plant-obsessed couple Marvin and Chong. They successfully brought some of the nature outside their flat into their home with indoor plants combined with modern mid-century decor.

12. @cnbrr.hm

A visual diary of Corinne and Fazlie’s home interior adventures, this feed is all about a combination of the colours and textures of the Mediterranean and mid-century modern sensibility. You’ll find a lot of inspiration from their posts if you’re looking to incorporate terracotta, deep greens, and bleached whites into your home’s colours. And who can forget that nifty bench seating with storage underneath! For more on their home, we’ve featured it here under our Living In series. 

13. @theheartlandcave

The tropical brutalism you’d commonly experience in resorts is gaining much traction these days as a home interior. If you are inclined to apply this style to your home, you can find lots of inspiration from Shaun and Michelle. And in case you think that having raw concrete design can be too cold, a combination of beautiful indoor plants can instantly create cosiness in the setting. For more on their home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

14. @livingearthy


This home is about ‘elements that will calm your space and soothe your soul.’ If you’re looking for ideas to make your home look clean and cosy, this feed will not disappoint you. There’s even a DIY tutorial on creating your own antique mirror, which surprisingly goes well with their minimalist approach.

15. @coco.hous

Whether you’re living near a waterfront or simply want some ideas on how to implement a minimalist look in your home, you’ll find the result of their reno journey very inspiring. From the beautiful sunset captured through their large windows to the boathouse vibe you get while looking down the waters, something will surely spark your creativity. For more on their wonderfully minimalist home, you can view it here in our Living In series.

16. @thebareloft

Here is a couple who took over their own reno journey themselves. While they had previous experiences, they’re not ID professionals. So if you’re planning to cut down costs on your reno project, you’ll find lots of ideas and tips here. We also recommend reading our extensive interview with Yi Ting and Wen Xiang as they reveal the nitty-gritty details of what you see in their IG account.

17. @loveforourhome

Contemporary Scandinavian with some touches of Bohemian design is what permeates this home design. In this feed, you won’t only find their reno journey well documented, but you’ll also find recommendations on furnishings and indoor plants.

18. @the_bai_house

Loose and built-in furniture have their own set of advantages. And if you’re aiming to go for the former, this is the IG account you should follow. Jia Hong and Pei Ying love the flexibility that loose furniture offers, as you will see from the different versions of their home decor. This is their second home that has been featured in our Living In series, which you can view here

19. @flat_from_uncle

Get ready to be entertained with every post from this charming feed that has a lot of sense of humour. The couple, both in their 40s, had been living in their flat for nine years already. And now, they’re sharing the great transformation after they completed renovating the ageing flat. You’ll find a certain appeal to their open concept floor plan with a mix of industrial-themed settings.

20. @yasumu.home

Are you going for a Japandi aesthetic in your home? You’ll get a lot of ideas here – from a sliding door with light wood shade to a wood wardrobe that seamlessly blends Japanese and Scandi styles. They also have lots of indoor plants and a mix of other styles that add a personal touch to the decor. For more on their relaxing home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

21. @homeofcheangpions

The couple G and K are into clean lines and a mix of muted and bold colours. The result is a classy home interior with a calm and cosy vibe. And since their home is always a work-in-progress, there’s always something new and inspirational in every post should you decide to follow them.

22. @one_treehouse

Here’s a seemingly anti-minimalist approach to home decorating. The couple created a sort of organized chaos out of all the things they love in one part of the house. Then, they designed the other parts to exude a calm and simple aesthetic. The visual contrast formed a healthy balance between the two – it’s a great source of inspo for those who don’t want to throw away or hide their keepsakes and memorabilia.

23. @joosenghouse

We’ve been recommending boutique hotels as a great source of inspiration, and this home in Jooseng has got it down to a tee. It’s like this house stepped right out of a magazine. And the vertical wood panel design they used for the storage room is a creative ingenuity. For more on their home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

24. @houseyoulikethat

A rotating TV console and a walk-in closet concealed behind wardrobe doors are just some of the unique ideas you’ll find in this house. There’s no doubt that this feed will surely spark your creativity. The couple also shares before-and-after posts of parts of their home infused with tips, giving you a good framework on what they did to achieve the function and aesthetics.

25. @habitamp

Home owners Marcus and Zoey shared how they transformed their 990 square feet 4-room HDB home in Tampines into a more spacious living space. From the open plan kitchen with Mediterranean-inspired backsplash to a bedroom with a unique yet beautiful rattan headboard, there’s plenty of inspiration here to help get you started. For more on their home you can view it here in our Living In series. 

26. @bkt.btk


If you’re aiming for a clean, cultivated look, you’ll find this feed well worth following. Natalie and Sean converted a 25-year old flat Executive HDB home in Bukit Batok into a minimalist’s dream house. They created a home that’s seamless throughout – even the floor has no grout lines but just smooth and sleek sophistication. For more on their minimalist home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

27. @februarynest


Couple Jolene and Yi Peng share not only the reno journey of their modern mid-century Bohemian home but also other interior design projects as well. There are a plethora of ideas here. From their marble flooring to their wall gallery, you’ll see how they infused every part of their home with their personality. As they aptly put it, it’s all about living with what you love. To see more of their home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

28. @ameijinghome

If you’re into bold yet complementary colours, you’ll find numerous ideas from this feed. From the bedroom to the kitchen and even the living room, the home gives off a vibe like you’re staying at a luxe hotel. Don’t forget to check their master’s bathroom tiles and fixtures for that opulent look.

29. @btostory

As the feed name explicitly says, it contains a beautiful story about a couple’s journey in renovating their BTO home. They even shared the source of most of their inspiration, which was when they lived in a campervan in New Zealand. Their incredible adventure in nature helped them bring the same experience to their home decor.

30. @tfthishouse


If you’re into exotic and organic decors combined with the rawness of New York lofts, you’ll find the home design choices of Farrah and Ee Loong to your liking. Aside from mixing Balinese and Industrial design, they made their home a Smart Home with the use of Google and Samsung products. And if you’re planning for an open concept wardrobe, you can get great ideas here as well. 

31. @thewoodyhome

Warm, earthy colours with accents of a bright colour palette are what you’ll be seeing in Matt and Alee’s home. There are a lot of organic wooden furnishings here that can help bring about the cosiness in any place. If you want to make your home a collection of your life experiences, follow this feed and get some ideas on how to turn them into home decor. For more on their home you can view it here in our Living In series. 

32. @a.homewithyou

Do you prefer to go with bohemian designs such as rattan furnishings and brightly coloured accents mixed in with modern and sleek elements? This HDB from a couple in Bedok Reservoir will provide you with lots of inspiration, including their custom-made dining table, which exudes a lot of their home’s boho-chicness. For more on their home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

33. @stayhomenotice

Aside from the allure of European homes, couple Marcus and Beatrice also drew their inspiration for their home from the cleanliness and uniformity of Japanese design. From the kitchen to the living room, their decor is dominated by warm tones – which radiate a cosy atmosphere. Interestingly, the couple only slowly added their furnishings as they lived in the house to ensure they are aligned with what they do at home.

34. @ohkur.house

This couple wanted a warm and cosy house. And after renovation, their home turned out to be more than that. The earthy colours and design choices all combine to make their home emanate a classic vintage feel. If you’re going for an eclectic boho design for your house, you can gather lots of ideas here.

35. @calebs.hideout

Compared to other feeds on our list, this is all about a journey in decorating a rental room. His home design is geared toward the Korean minimalist style, but with a big difference of having lots of indoor plants. While he did not necessarily renovate the room, adding a pine wood vinyl flooring certainly was the foundation for the makeover.

36. @wonglethome

Most of the decor you’ll find here screams boho design. The place is adorned with lots of rattan furnishings and brightly coloured rugs. But since the couple also loves vintage and classy looks, they mixed them in as well – what they got is a house filled with eclectic charm.

37. @aulait.home

Are neutral hues your kind of palette? Are you planning to add some wood accent to your interior as well? This feed provides lots of inspiration that captures both elements. You’ll find that the result is a calming vibe mixed in with a classy look.

38. @hausonthehorizon

Boho decor is here to stay not just because it’s trendy but because it also serves many purposes. From creating a calming and soothing vibe to livening up a place with its natural look. In this house, it mixes well with the old-school approach, exuding a vintage and classy vibe. Whether you’re looking for a mini home bar inspiration or want to have an elegant yet functional island dining table, this feed is undoubtedly worth following.

39. @scandi_kovan

In this feed, the couple initially started with a contemporary Scandinavian design for the 30-year-old maisonette they purchased. As the reno journey went on, the house became a little more eclectic – leaning more towards a Scandi-Boho look, and it ended up becoming more charming as a result. Don’t forget to check their beautiful balcony and the view it offers. For more on their home, you can see it here in our Living In series. 

40. @sixthfloor.revival

Mixing Scandinavian design with other styles never gets old. While most people go for a Scandi-Boho look, this couple aimed for a Scandi-Rustic decor, and they were able to pull it off well. Earthy tones mixed with a sparse, clean look are what you’ll find in this feed, resulting in a warm and classy effect.

41. @atinymodernluxe


Are you aiming for a modern look with a luxurious style? You’ll find plenty of inspiration and guidance in this feed. For Firdaus and Shahrina, marble mixed in with brass or gold are the key designs – and they didn’t even break their bank to achieve this. Plus, they did this under the classic definition of a renovation, sprucing up their current home after living there for a year.

42. @home.swee.home

Blacks and greys never go out of style. And if properly implemented in home decor, it truly brings out a very opulent look. With a renovation devoid of wall-hacking, the couple converted what seemed to be a dull and ordinary 4-room BTO into a home similar to boutique hotels. And their master bathroom is what sums up their overall theme.

43. @sangreen.haus

Do you prefer mixing rattan furnishings with Bohemian style? This feed from Sam and Joce features the exciting renovation journey of their home in the east of Singapore – all under the influence of a Bali-Boho home design. Varying colours and motifs of nature dominate the home’s design. And since Boho is not a restrictive style, the couple chose to add vintage and classic highlights.

44. @thatmonochromehome


A luxurious monochromatic home in white and black, Gigi and Kabir offers a lot of inspiration with their home decor. From the wall’s wainscotting to the elegant chandelier hanging on their high ceiling, all you’ll see are bright, open, and opulent designs all throughout. If you’re aiming for the same design in your home, there’s something here that will surely spark your creativity. For those looking on how to get a projector setup right, this is one to look at too. For more on this home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

45. @i_wanna_stay_home

Are you leaning towards a Japanese-style home design but afraid that it feels too minimalist for you? You don’t have to let go of your inclination but embrace a variation of it instead – similar to what Herman shares in his feed. Dubbed Zakka-style, you’ll find inspirations on how to mix casual home decor, indoor plants, and Japanese design to create a joyful and happy atmosphere. For more on his unique home, you can view it here in our Living In series. 

46. @the.hmebdy

If you’re planning to add more colours to your home but are afraid to do so, you’ll find this feed spurring your potential creativeness into action. The home offers a lot for the eyes to sink into, from bold and solid colours to pronounced geometrical shapes. Here you’ll find a unique take on how to apply simple designs to bring out the charm in a home.

47. @ho_me_space

Couple Sha and Jim Ho described their home as an indoor jungle, and it is rightfully so. What they have is a living and breathing space that’s constantly growing and changing – and their plants contributed a lot to this. If you’re a green thumb yourself and want to incorporate a healthy amount of indoor plants in your home, this is the feed to follow.

48. @aloft.1352

There are many ways to go minimalist, and it doesn’t always have to be Scandinavian. Join this feed to experience the first-time reno journey the couple went through. You’ll get a lot of ideas, such as the floating nightstand effect for the bedside table and a seamless and symmetrical look for the kitchen. They were even bold enough to create a suite that links the bathroom to a walk-in wardrobe to their bedroom.

49. @kohlony

Are you into creating a nostalgic and vintage charm in your home? Let the home decor in this feed be your guide. From Jean Prouvé-inspired porthole panels to an 80s McDonald’s Grimace chair, you’ll find a lot of these old-school vibes blending together well to create a house full of character. A mix of Mid-century Modern decor is not hard to pull off if you have the right inspiration.

50. @nurfish

Here is one of the best implementations of an open concept floor plan. The living, dining, kitchen, and balcony are all fused together into one seamless space. The homeowner didn’t follow a specific design trend but prioritized decor and furnishings with clean lines highlighted with a good diversity of colours.

Get Those Creative Sparks Flying With These IG Accounts

Inspiration for home design is aplenty these days, but you need to look in the right direction. The list we provided is nowhere near exhaustive. However, it provides you with a good headstart on which Instagram feeds can considerably help you in designing or redesigning your home. We will be doing a part 2, as there are a whole lot more of IG home accounts that can inspire your future home renovation.