Boyhood Ballon D’og Small

1 x Wooden Figurine

Designed by Boyhood 🇩🇰

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Boyhood Ballon D'og Small
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Back in your childhood days, owning a dog probably topped your list of ultimate wishes. Coming in a close second was likely the thrill of watching a grown-up inflate and mold a vibrant balloon into the playful form of a dog, or better yet, the satisfaction of mastering the art yourself.

With the charming Balloon d’og, we’re reawakening the joy of setting your imagination free to craft whimsical fantasy animals. These delightful creations are meticulously carved from solid European FSC certified oak wood, ensuring their enduring beauty remains untouched over time – just like a balloon that never loses its air.


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L16.5cm x W5.5cm x H13.5cm x Weight: 0.162kg


European FSC White Oak


Solid wood should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight as this will discolour and dry out the wood. Therefore, the product must be kept away from wood-burning stoves, radiators, etc.

Should it get wet or dirty on the surface, dry quickly with a slightly damp lint free, light-colored, absorbent cloth. Never use soap or solvent. To clean your wooden object, use a slightly damp soft cloth to gently remove any surface dirt.



Nestled in Denmark, Boyhood stands as a testament to family values and creative passion. The brainchild of Jakob Burgsø, the brand is dedicated to crafting exquisite wooden objects that serve as a tribute to the joys of childhood while rekindling the treasured memories of yesteryears. In Jakob's own words, 'It is critical – and it lives in the Boyhood DNA – that all our designs are rooted in happy memories. All our designs tell a story. It can be mine, my wife’s, or our children’s. Every Boyhood figurine should make you smile and reminisce. It is created to make you think of a fond memory that you shared with loved ones.' Every piece from the collection is meticulously handcrafted, embracing the beauty and authenticity of natural wood finishes.