Wobbly Studio Denture Pot

Earthenware Pot

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Handcrafted by Marie Chanteur 🇸🇪

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Order today, get it within 3-5 working days

Order today, get it within 3-5 working days


Celebrate the lighter side of life and embrace the joy of creativity with this funny Denture Pot. With its toothy grin and playful design, this pot adds a dose of humour to your living space and serves as a perfect planter for your beloved little green friends. Picture your favourite succulents, cacti, or small plants nestled comfortably within this amusing pot by your windowsill, on your shelf, or any focal point in your home.
Note: There are no drainage holes.

As the product is meticulously crafted by hand, it is important to note that there could be slight variations in the finish of each individual piece. These may include small bubbles, dimples, and other subtle quirks, adding to the unique charm of the product.


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L10cm x W10cm x H10cm


Handmade in earthenware, covered in shiny pink glaze, and adorned with hand-drawn illustrations


Handle with care, clean gently, no dishwasher


Wobbly Studio

Wobbly Studio is the brainchild of Marie Chanteur, a talented French illustrator and self-taught ceramist currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. You might recognise her as "ilikemakingstufff" on social media, the catchphrase for the exciting journey she embarked on in 2017. Before the birth of Wobbly Studio, Marie Chanteur enjoyed a successful career as a print designer in the fashion industry, spanning a fruitful seven years. However, driven by her creative spirit and an unyielding desire for personal expression, she decided to carve her own path and establish her own brand by combining her passion for bold illustrations and with her love for handcrafted ceramics. Her artistic expression knows no bounds, be it through drawings on paper, textile prints, or meticulously crafted handmade ceramics, all of which add a touch of joy and playfulness to our living spaces. Marie's signature style is a delightful blend of playfulness, quirkiness, and strong graphical elements. She has a unique way of celebrating imperfections and embracing the beauty of diversity. Whether it's saggy boobies, peculiar feet, humorous curse words, or an array of mixed emotions, she finds inspiration in the distinctive traits that make each individual interesting and unique.