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Springdale Condominium

49 Hindhede Walk • Singapore 587976

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 999Completion: 1998
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
107 sqm / 1152 sqft
$1,389 psf

Springdale Condominium is a 999-years leasehold development, located at the fringe of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bukit Batok Nature Reserve is just round the corner.It is in district 21 and minutes walk from Beauty World MRT Station(DT5). Anak Bukit planning subzone. Completed in 2000, it is 10 stories high and consists of 480 units with full condo facilities like 24 hour security, children's pool, pool, barbecue, gym, tennis and squash courts, putting green, sauna and playground.

Several feeder bus services are available near Springdale Condo, while local and international schools such as Canadian International School, Methodist Girls School and the Dutch school, are a short distance away.

Restaurants and food outlets are within a short walk or drive away at Cheong Chin Nam Road and Chun Tin Road. Residents have a number of services in the nearby malls like Beauty World Plaza, Beauty World shopping centre and and Bukit Timah Plaza.

Driving from Springdale Condo to the CBD or the shopping district of Orchard Road takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Features & Amenities

Development Facilities

Recent Sales

DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
25 October 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061130$1,220,000$1,079
20 October 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM071109$1,200,000$1,082
22 September 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM071109$1,150,000$1,037
22 September 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101119$1,200,000$1,072
18 September 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061109$1,080,000$974
11 September 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM05926$1,030,000$1,113
11 August 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM01926$926,000$1,000
10 August 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM071130$1,240,000$1,097
28 July 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031345$1,220,000$907
21 July 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101227$1,250,000$1,019
21 July 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101130$1,265,000$1,119
4 July 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031109$1,120,000$1,010
23 June 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM021130$1,080,000$956
16 June 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM02926$930,000$1,005
1 June 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM03926$980,000$1,059
17 May 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081152$1,118,000$971
12 May 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM011216$1,268,000$1,042
11 May 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101119$1,245,000$1,112
4 April 2017SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091119$1,300,000$1,161
14 November 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091227$1,220,000$994
5 October 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091163$1,120,000$963
29 September 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM071119$1,139,888$1,018
9 September 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM09926$980,000$1,059
22 August 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091130$1,138,000$1,007
22 August 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081109$1,200,000$1,082
15 August 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091130$1,120,000$991
20 July 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081184$1,200,000$1,013
19 July 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM071152$1,180,000$1,025
26 May 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081152$1,185,000$1,029
1 February 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM011259$1,220,000$969
28 January 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061130$1,100,000$973
21 January 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM021109$1,150,000$1,037
15 January 2016SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM051152$1,170,000$1,016
30 October 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM021119$1,200,000$1,072
24 August 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031152$1,250,000$1,085
31 July 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM041109$1,080,000$974
6 July 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031152$1,188,888$1,032
27 April 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM06926$1,090,000$1,177
8 April 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091163$1,238,000$1,065
13 January 2015SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101130$1,030,000$911
26 November 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061345$1,450,000$1,078
21 August 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM041119$1,318,888$1,178
7 July 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM091119$1,090,000$974
2 June 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM011227$1,330,000$1,084
30 April 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM08926$1,015,000$1,096
30 April 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM101389$1,575,000$1,134
25 April 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081130$1,200,000$1,062
30 January 2014SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061130$1,280,000$1,133
12 December 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM06926$1,060,000$1,145
1 November 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM011076$1,230,000$1,143
25 October 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081184$1,300,000$1,098
19 September 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031119$1,338,000$1,195
3 September 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM07926$1,055,000$1,140
27 August 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM011259$1,350,000$1,072
24 July 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061130$1,300,000$1,150
24 July 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM081152$1,360,000$1,181
1 July 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM061119$1,330,000$1,188
10 May 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM10926$1,054,000$1,139
30 April 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM031119$1,268,888$1,133
18 March 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM10926$1,130,000$1,221
19 February 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM021152$1,050,000$912
7 February 2013SPRINGDALE CONDOMINIUM07926$1,020,000$1,102

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