Sundown & Horizon, 2020, Risograph (30×42)

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Made by local artist Jacelyn 🇸🇬

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Made by local artist Jacelyn 🇸🇬


Sundown & Horizon, 2020:
A pair of riso prints about the sun setting and rising over its horizon.

Note: Variations in Riso printing
As part of the Riso printing process, it is common for there to be some imperfections in the prints.
- Ink smudges: Riso ink is absorbed into the paper as it dries, similar to the way newspaper ink does. This means that the prints never fully cure and can smudge if touched, even after they appear to be dry. This is a common occurrence with Riso prints.
- Roller marks: Roller marks are typically visible as a rhythmic line down the center of the paper towards the top. They are more likely to appear on the second, third, and fourth color passes on a Riso machine, but they can also occur on the first pass.
- Misregistration: Because each color is printed individually, it is rare for the colours to match up perfectly. "Registration" (aligning the overlapping colours to create a new image) may shift during the printing run, resulting in small white gaps between the colors.


L42cm x W30cm





Bbblob is a moniker by Singaporean visual artist and designer, Jacelyn Zhen (b.1993). Her works explore harmony in form and colour. Bright, vivid and organic shapes interacting with one another to represent our relationship with ourselves and others. Making works that capture a sense of balance in the fleeting landscape of emotions. Jacelyn creates across various mediums including murals, printmaking, painting and sculpture.