Reuben and Dawn

EP. 11 18 JAN 2021 | 47:54

What Makes a Good Investment Property + Property Course ‘Scams’?

We begin with Dawn's journey and what led her to become the SGBudgetBabe. Thereafter, Dawn shares a little about her parent's housing journey - and how a sale that turned out to be 2x the price of the home's original value almost culminated as a 'negative sale'.

Through the episode, we discuss a certain 'property guru' course and its legitimacy, before wrapping up with 5 key factors that you should look out for when purchasing a property as an investment asset. 

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RDReuben is the producer and talkshow host of the Stacked Podcast Series.


DCBudget Babe is Singapore's most popular and fastest-rising female financial lifestyle blogger. Her website has received over 12 million visitors since starting in December 2014, and has also been awarded the world's top 60 budget blogs for its valuable content contributions.


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