Stuart and Reuben

EP. 1 18 JUL 2020 | 30:52

Property Tips + Life Advice for Real Estate Agents

In this episode, Stuart shares some inspiring flashbacks from his past, and how it's inadvertently moulded him into the person he is today.

Along the way, he takes the time to impart some invaluable advice for homebuyers and agents just starting out - together with some tips on how you can find the right agents to supplement your home buying journey.

Towards the end of the show, Stuart also shares some personal insights on the current Covid 19 situation we find ourselves in, as well, as the seemingly bright spots that we can expect out of this pandemic.

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SCStuart Chng is the Co-Founder of Navis Living Group, Senior Associate Executive Director of OrangeTee & Tie and a Partner at Stacked.


RDReuben is the producer and talkshow host of the Stacked Podcast Series.


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