3 Bedrooms,2 BathroomsCondofor $3,000,000
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Caribbean At Keppel Bay

22 Keppel Bay Drive • Singapore 98646

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 99Completion: 2004
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
202 sqm / 2174 sqft
$1,380 psf
$550 / mo. Maintenance

The ONLY Duplex Penthouse in the Tower - 2174sqft!

Rare Penthouse with private lift and roof terrace for sale at Caribbean @ Keppel!

3bedrooms + helper’s room + store room

Breezy, Partial Sea View and water channel view

Excellent Condition / renovated roof terrace

Full condo facilities, waterfront resort living

Minutes walk to VivoCity / Telok Blangah MRT / Bus Interchange

Within 10 minutes drive to Sentosa / Shenton Way / CBD / Alexandra Food Village / Mapletree Business Park

Rare project in Singapore with a water channel that flows into the development !

* Serious seller ! Don’t miss buying this unit at the lowest psf amongst recent transactions ! *

Don't miss it.

Co-broke welcome!

Please call 8333 0360 for exclusive viewing now!

Features & Amenities

Development Facilities

Recent Sales

DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
20 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,000,000$1,498
19 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021216$1,780,000$1,463
6 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,740,000$1,358
5 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,530,000$1,546
28 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY09893$1,399,000$1,566
20 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,340,000$1,596
18 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051206$1,800,000$1,493
8 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06872$1,400,000$1,606
11 August 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,850,000$1,508
7 August 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,722,500$1,345
12 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051206$1,780,000$1,476
10 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,950,000$1,624
10 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041216$1,750,000$1,439
7 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,305,000$1,554
3 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,410,000$1,578
19 June 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,800,888$1,468
7 June 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071216$1,700,000$1,398
31 May 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,100,000$1,573
30 May 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,880,000$1,532
28 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,360,000$1,522
26 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,815,000$1,479
25 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081206$1,750,000$1,452
20 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101313$1,738,000$1,323
10 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061206$1,790,000$1,485
7 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071356$2,230,000$1,644
4 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,180,000$1,633
27 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011830$2,800,000$1,530
27 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$3,800,000$817
20 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031249$1,720,000$1,378
16 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,085,000$1,537
13 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031873$3,200,000$1,709
25 January 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,438,000$1,490
16 January 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,700,000$1,338
21 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031281$1,820,000$1,421
15 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,680,000$1,312
9 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032390$3,950,000$1,653
4 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,750,000$1,378
28 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,900,000$1,603
21 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02883$1,400,000$1,586
13 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03883$1,400,000$1,586
12 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071281$1,690,000$1,319
11 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,750,000$1,378
11 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,120,000$1,588
6 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$1,963,900$1,471
26 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061216$1,840,000$1,513
19 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011335$1,850,000$1,386
16 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011141$1,630,000$1,429
9 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY063208$3,100,000$966
6 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071647$2,255,000$1,369
2 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,700,000$1,338
2 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,380,000$1,545
24 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,795,000$1,463
8 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,850,000$1,457
5 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071356$2,060,000$1,519
14 July 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,060,000$1,387
7 July 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,388,000$1,460
24 June 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,400,000$1,438
6 June 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061356$2,040,000$1,504
18 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,800,000$1,467
10 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071281$1,755,000$1,370
6 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,850,000$1,583
4 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,780,000$1,451
28 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,778,000$1,400
25 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$3,020,000$1,169
13 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$1,990,000$1,491
11 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061356$2,000,000$1,475
30 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,348,000$1,606
21 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011475$2,000,000$1,356
10 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,780,000$1,451
29 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,177,000$1,631
24 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06840$1,490,000$1,775
24 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041647$2,240,000$1,360
14 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$1,930,000$1,423
14 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY012691$4,500,000$1,672
10 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,050,000$1,536
4 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,658,000$1,593
29 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,550,000$1,559
26 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,000,000$1,498
23 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031324$1,970,000$1,488
21 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091356$2,170,000$1,600
13 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011378$1,800,000$1,306
8 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$4,401,180$946
1 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,850,000$1,457
19 August 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,870,000$1,460
12 August 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02893$1,380,000$1,545
10 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$1,950,000$1,461
9 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032077$3,120,000$1,502
6 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,860,000$1,516
1 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,950,000$1,522
8 June 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011572$2,280,000$1,451
5 June 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$1,950,000$1,461
29 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071206$1,830,000$1,518
15 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051281$1,900,000$1,483
8 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,845,000$1,504
5 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021206$1,850,000$1,535
4 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02840$1,468,888$1,750
30 April 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY012691$4,398,000$1,634
17 April 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,790,000$1,409
31 March 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,830,000$1,429
16 March 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,580,000$1,577
17 February 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,880,000$1,532
12 December 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041206$1,900,000$1,576
10 December 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,000,000$1,475
26 November 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,873,250$1,475
14 November 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06883$1,570,000$1,779
23 October 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081227$1,930,000$1,573
2 October 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,200,000$1,648
24 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101281$1,880,000$1,468
19 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY07893$1,535,000$1,718
3 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$2,175,000$1,630
21 August 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$3,380,000$1,308
6 August 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061227$2,000,000$1,630
14 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051324$1,880,000$1,420
8 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021227$1,870,000$1,524
2 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,765,000$1,657
28 May 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011464$2,450,000$1,674
12 May 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071249$1,950,000$1,562
31 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,320,000$1,738
31 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,158,000$1,617
27 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031259$2,100,000$1,667
10 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,860,000$1,464
7 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011582$2,320,000$1,466
1 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,210,000$1,656
28 February 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,820,000$1,724
27 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$2,715,000$1,051
20 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,850,000$1,508
7 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031281$1,853,000$1,447
23 December 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011582$2,300,000$1,454
12 December 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021636$2,680,000$1,638
26 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,320,000$1,711
20 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,550,000$1,735
13 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041206$1,920,000$1,593
7 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081227$1,950,000$1,589
7 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021206$1,880,000$1,559
6 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,130,000$1,596
24 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,730,000$1,669
22 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04893$1,550,000$1,735
3 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,590,000$1,780
2 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,520,000$1,701
20 September 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY10904$1,625,000$1,797
23 August 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021647$2,600,000$1,579
29 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051249$1,980,000$1,586
26 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02893$1,523,000$1,705
19 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$5,800,000$1,247
10 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,220,000$1,637
1 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06893$1,550,000$1,735
27 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071335$2,290,000$1,716
21 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,200,000$1,648
13 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$2,006,600$1,580
5 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,450,000$1,649
4 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061335$2,200,000$1,648
28 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04893$1,550,000$1,735
23 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021636$2,700,000$1,650
20 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081206$1,950,000$1,617
2 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,183,000$1,636
26 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051270$1,900,000$1,496
12 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04883$1,550,000$1,756
9 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,900,000$1,548
26 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$2,150,000$1,611
25 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY063208$3,750,000$1,169
7 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,300,000$1,548
6 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101313$2,050,000$1,561
28 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041894$3,550,000$1,874
28 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071270$1,860,000$1,464
25 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,130,000$1,596
25 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03883$1,545,000$1,750
24 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,950,000$1,535
24 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,300,000$1,723
22 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,880,000$1,480
15 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06904$1,520,000$1,681
8 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032390$4,650,000$1,946
8 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,920,000$1,565

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S$ 10,208 / Month
S$ 5,333 Principal
S$ 4,875 Interest
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