It can be easy to buy and sell a home
We can show you how.

How it works step 1
step 1

Tell us about your home.

This is your time to shine. Tell us about your property. Is it close to the MRT? Does it have an amazing view? Was the place recently renovated? Don’t be shy. Set your guide price and add a brief description.

How it works step 2
step 2

Prospective buyers reach out to you

This is when it gets exciting. Buyers will contact you through our messaging platform to book an appointment with you. Show your prospective buyers around and highlight the amazing aspects of your home.

How it works step 3
step 3


Negotiate on one central platform. Our intuitive negotiation tool allows you to easily add and keep track of additional conditions to your offers.

How it works step 4
step 4

Follow our online guide

Whether you're selling an HDB flat or your private residences, Stacked guides you through each selling milestone. The guide is a step-by-step process so you can track your progress through the selling stage.

How it works step 5
step 5


Well done! You've empowered yourself by using Stacked to sell your home the smart way (while saving money!)

What every Stacked listing comes with

360° Tour & Photography

If you're going to sell your home, why not put it in the best light? At Stacked, we help you take professional photography to make your home stand out even more.

Instantly know what to price

We take the guesswork out of pricing your home by providing transaction details within your home or surrounding areas. We also take into considerations certain factors specific to your place to help you more accurately price your home.

A hand-holding experience

With a comprehensive online step-by-step guide, we give you the confidence of selling your home quickly while saving on expensive agent fees. Take the guesswork out of paperwork!

Verified listing

At Stacked, we verify ownership of the listing as well as the size and tenure. This gives prospective buyers greater confidence in contacting you.


Have a problem with your listing or just have a question in mind? We're here to answer your queries or direct you to the appropriate channel.