5 Instagram accounts that you absolutely have to follow for cleaning inspiration

Getting back your rental deposit at the end of your tenancy can sometimes be a hugely contentious issue in Singapore.

One of the biggest tips that you can takeaway is to always keep the apartment in good condition.

That way at the end of the tenancy there will just be less things for the landlord to nitpick about.

With Marie Kondo fever sweeping the world still, there is a ton of information out there on how you can keep your apartment neat and tidy. 

Not to mention, keeping your apartment in spick and span condition at all times is not just good for your wallet at the end of the day (yes, that includes selling all your unwanted items). 

But it is also a great move for your physical and mental health.

If you have watched her program on Netflix, there is something very refreshing about her systematic way of cleaning a place up.

Coming home to an uncluttered space does have a resultant calming effect somehow. 

It’s hard to explain in words, but perhaps a good way to explain the feeling is when you are on holiday.

After a long day out coming back and opening your hotel room door to be greeted by a clean and well-made room.

It really just calms you down and puts your mind at ease. 

However, words from us can only do so much.

Everyone wants a tidy place but sometimes it can be hard to summon the willpower and discipline to consistently be cleaning to keep your apartment clean.

This is why if you are a visually motivated person, perhaps constantly filling your Instagram feed with organised homes could inspire you and keep that fire going. 

Now that we have made our case on why you should tidy up, here are 5 Instagram accounts that you absolutely have to follow for cleaning inspiration!

1. Chicly Organized

When you start browsing this feed, one word comes to mind immediately.


Everything is gloriously laid out, and it is just a sight for the senses.

2. The Organized Guru

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Major pantry goals 🤩

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The Organized Guru has a niche within the neat category which can obviously be seen from the first few seconds of scrolling through the feed.

Everything is neatly organised and labelled, if only everyone had their life in as much order!

3. Life in jeneral

Lifeinjeneral is the big daddy on this list, with (at this point in writing) 181,000 followers. 

We love how even soft drink cans are so carefully displayed!

4. A Life Better Organized

A Life Better Organized even has tips for you for DIY projects to prevent wastage.

What more could you really want?

5. The Orderly Space

We are big fans of the Orderly Space, where you are treated to picture after picture of immaculate cupboards and wardrobes.

This will definitely get you to raise your standards of cleanliness in your home!


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