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Rivervale Crest

5 Rivervale Crescent • Singapore 545084

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 99Completion: 2002
4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
106 sqm / 1141 sqft
$0 psf
$220 / mo. Maintenance

Cosy and scenic limited choice poolview unit with full wallpaper and aircon with built-in wardrobe, and dedicated/attached bathroom for personal hygiene and common toilet/bathroom.

All Poolview 1141sf, 3+1 bedrooms with built-in closet and full wallpaper renovation. Beside Sengkang RUMBIA LRT STATION and 1-min to SENGKANG MRT STATION.

Excellent layout with good NE facing, spacious bedrooms/study room good for king/queen-sized beds, ample kitchen (cabinet) and utility space for laundry and maid's room!

Full condo facilities mixed development with attached sheltered way Rivervale Mall where carpark income contributions to lower condo management fees!

Potential en-bloc development with big land area.

Bicycling distance to Sengkang-Punggol Waterway for weekend fresh air and exercise.

Beside Rivervale Mall (NTUC Fairprice/Foodcourt, bank ATMs, coffee outlets, Mcdonalds/KFC/Long John Silver/Subway, ..etc), good schools (Nan Chiau High/Pri, CHIJ), Sports Complex, New Sengkang Hospital, Seletar Aerospace Centre...etc

Free condo shuttle bus to MRT/LRT, and IKEA/GIANT/COURTS Tampines bus, Bus routes to Changi and Seletar airports, Changi Business Park, AMK, Tampines, Pasir Ris interchanges!

Future Punggol SMART/SIT/Business Integrated District, New Sengkang Hospital/Medical, Indian International School, Changi Regional Business Parks/Exhibition Halls, Seletar Aerospace Centre, Changi Airport.

Contact for price.

Pm for genuine viewing and discussion.

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      Recent Sales

      DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
      6 October 2017RIVERVALE CREST111206$803,000$666
      29 September 2017RIVERVALE CREST141173$810,000$690
      29 September 2017RIVERVALE CREST101389$1,038,000$748
      20 September 2017RIVERVALE CREST131163$810,000$697
      15 September 2017RIVERVALE CREST011496$1,082,500$724
      24 August 2017RIVERVALE CREST10990$700,000$707
      11 August 2017RIVERVALE CREST041206$820,000$680
      1 August 2017RIVERVALE CREST071206$790,000$655
      5 May 2017RIVERVALE CREST161453$865,000$595
      13 April 2017RIVERVALE CREST13969$790,000$815
      13 April 2017RIVERVALE CREST011184$772,000$652
      7 April 2017RIVERVALE CREST031216$850,000$699
      8 November 2016RIVERVALE CREST131163$815,000$701
      17 October 2016RIVERVALE CREST011130$788,000$697
      3 October 2016RIVERVALE CREST141173$860,000$733
      28 September 2016RIVERVALE CREST111389$1,030,000$742
      29 August 2016RIVERVALE CREST041206$825,000$684
      15 August 2016RIVERVALE CREST071216$853,000$701
      11 August 2016RIVERVALE CREST011098$788,000$718
      5 August 2016RIVERVALE CREST031216$838,000$689
      22 July 2016RIVERVALE CREST121195$870,000$728
      14 July 2016RIVERVALE CREST061206$835,000$693
      1 July 2016RIVERVALE CREST141507$1,020,000$677
      6 May 2016RIVERVALE CREST091206$850,000$705
      22 April 2016RIVERVALE CREST091464$1,005,000$687
      20 April 2016RIVERVALE CREST06936$725,000$774
      1 April 2016RIVERVALE CREST041206$815,000$676
      21 March 2016RIVERVALE CREST041216$830,000$682
      26 February 2016RIVERVALE CREST151163$822,000$707
      4 February 2016RIVERVALE CREST161668$980,000$587
      23 December 2015RIVERVALE CREST141163$850,000$731
      9 December 2015RIVERVALE CREST03936$720,000$769
      4 December 2015RIVERVALE CREST04990$728,000$735
      24 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST051206$854,000$708
      20 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST12958$750,000$783
      19 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST161163$775,000$667
      6 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST141173$845,000$720
      5 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST121195$900,000$753
      4 November 2015RIVERVALE CREST101216$880,000$723
      25 September 2015RIVERVALE CREST041216$830,000$682
      21 August 2015RIVERVALE CREST101206$870,000$722
      17 August 2015RIVERVALE CREST04936$725,000$774
      11 August 2015RIVERVALE CREST081216$850,000$699
      22 July 2015RIVERVALE CREST03936$708,000$756
      10 June 2015RIVERVALE CREST06990$770,000$778
      27 May 2015RIVERVALE CREST051206$885,000$734
      23 March 2015RIVERVALE CREST051206$850,000$705
      4 March 2015RIVERVALE CREST161141$880,000$771
      6 February 2015RIVERVALE CREST071206$880,000$730
      4 February 2015RIVERVALE CREST121184$910,000$769
      2 February 2015RIVERVALE CREST161442$980,000$679
      9 October 2014RIVERVALE CREST141195$922,000$772
      3 October 2014RIVERVALE CREST131195$938,000$785
      15 September 2014RIVERVALE CREST111206$850,000$705
      29 July 2014RIVERVALE CREST131195$915,000$766
      2 July 2014RIVERVALE CREST111206$910,000$755
      3 June 2014RIVERVALE CREST101206$915,000$759
      25 March 2014RIVERVALE CREST05936$833,000$890
      21 March 2014RIVERVALE CREST05936$835,000$892
      18 March 2014RIVERVALE CREST081206$910,000$755
      17 March 2014RIVERVALE CREST151141$930,000$815
      11 March 2014RIVERVALE CREST061141$900,000$789
      28 February 2014RIVERVALE CREST101206$925,000$767
      27 February 2014RIVERVALE CREST101216$930,000$765
      19 February 2014RIVERVALE CREST051195$915,000$766
      24 January 2014RIVERVALE CREST14936$860,000$918
      8 November 2013RIVERVALE CREST141367$1,130,000$827
      3 September 2013RIVERVALE CREST151141$950,000$833
      30 August 2013RIVERVALE CREST081216$988,000$812
      22 July 2013RIVERVALE CREST06936$830,000$886
      27 June 2013RIVERVALE CREST021421$1,100,000$774
      14 June 2013RIVERVALE CREST071195$960,000$803
      23 April 2013RIVERVALE CREST02990$840,000$848
      18 April 2013RIVERVALE CREST121141$1,030,000$903
      28 January 2013RIVERVALE CREST061216$1,000,000$822
      25 January 2013RIVERVALE CREST12936$855,000$913

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