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Hillington Green

45 Hillview Avenue • Singapore 669613

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 999Completion: 2002
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
92 sqm / 990 sqft
$1,212 psf
$304 / mo. Maintenance

Wake up to the sound of birdsong and fresh air wafting in the breeze. Lush greenery at your doorstep and a feeling of living in a personal resort. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped paths winding around swimming pools. Everyone can get a dose of that holiday feel without leaving Singapore.

At Hillview, Singapore’s Green Lung is at your doorstep. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the highest elevation in Singapore is just near the road. Joggers love the fresh air around Bukit Batok Park. The recently revamped Dairy Farm Nature Reserve and Chestnut Trail are also nearby for trail and biking lovers. Kids love the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, all within a bus/car ride away.

If social activities are your interest, then Hillview Community Club across the road has many classes to sign up for and an established child care centre. Head down for food and drinks at HillV2 Shopping Mall, a mere 5 mins walk. A rare large green open field is just nearby for dogs and kids to run wild just across the road.

There are cover walkways leading from the estate to the nearest bus stops and only 5 minutes walk to Hillview Station (Downtown Line) , which will take you to the CBD in 20 minutes. Jurong East Shopping District is easily accessible and PIE/AYE all within reach.

Our 2 bedroom unit is now for sale in a well-maintained, low populated development. Inviting families, couples and people who want to get away from it all and yet have convenient amenities at your disposal. Great investment potential or just to occupy and feel rejuvenated within an exclusive community.

Come and view Hillview’s best-kept secret.

Selling at 1.11 million, negotiable.

Contact owner Alvin at 94360259 to arrange for viewing.

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      Recent Sales

      DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
      2 October 2017HILLINGTON GREEN06990$1,050,000$1,060
      4 September 2017HILLINGTON GREEN101335$1,450,000$1,086
      24 August 2017HILLINGTON GREEN061356$1,380,000$1,018
      23 August 2017HILLINGTON GREEN091356$1,450,000$1,069
      15 August 2017HILLINGTON GREEN011776$1,580,000$890
      22 June 2017HILLINGTON GREEN031528$1,625,000$1,063
      20 June 2017HILLINGTON GREEN091528$1,615,000$1,057
      7 June 2017HILLINGTON GREEN011776$1,600,000$901
      20 April 2017HILLINGTON GREEN091528$1,608,000$1,052
      7 April 2017HILLINGTON GREEN031356$1,350,000$995
      26 January 2017HILLINGTON GREEN011927$1,748,000$907
      30 December 2016HILLINGTON GREEN051356$1,430,000$1,054
      23 December 2016HILLINGTON GREEN071528$1,600,000$1,047
      1 December 2016HILLINGTON GREEN091755$1,760,000$1,003
      11 November 2016HILLINGTON GREEN081755$1,760,000$1,003
      18 October 2016HILLINGTON GREEN051356$1,380,000$1,018
      14 October 2016HILLINGTON GREEN031356$1,390,000$1,025
      22 September 2016HILLINGTON GREEN081528$1,650,000$1,079
      13 September 2016HILLINGTON GREEN041356$1,350,000$995
      3 August 2016HILLINGTON GREEN05990$1,028,000$1,038
      3 August 2016HILLINGTON GREEN041356$1,440,000$1,062
      23 June 2016HILLINGTON GREEN091356$1,400,000$1,032
      21 June 2016HILLINGTON GREEN011927$1,350,000$701
      8 June 2016HILLINGTON GREEN10980$1,025,000$1,046
      22 April 2016HILLINGTON GREEN03990$1,030,000$1,040
      18 March 2016HILLINGTON GREEN102594$2,018,000$778
      15 March 2016HILLINGTON GREEN04990$1,008,000$1,018
      7 March 2016HILLINGTON GREEN102347$1,820,000$776
      11 February 2016HILLINGTON GREEN051356$1,370,000$1,010
      1 February 2016HILLINGTON GREEN102347$1,900,000$810
      6 January 2016HILLINGTON GREEN051356$1,300,000$959
      30 November 2015HILLINGTON GREEN031528$1,590,000$1,040
      20 October 2015HILLINGTON GREEN101335$1,335,000$1,000
      7 October 2015HILLINGTON GREEN081528$1,650,000$1,079
      2 October 2015HILLINGTON GREEN05990$1,025,000$1,035
      1 October 2015HILLINGTON GREEN021356$1,262,000$930
      12 August 2015HILLINGTON GREEN021356$1,285,000$947
      27 July 2015HILLINGTON GREEN03990$1,028,000$1,038
      8 June 2015HILLINGTON GREEN011410$1,220,000$865
      29 May 2015HILLINGTON GREEN021356$1,250,000$922
      25 May 2015HILLINGTON GREEN091356$1,380,308$1,018
      20 May 2015HILLINGTON GREEN041345$1,365,000$1,014
      12 May 2015HILLINGTON GREEN061528$1,490,000$975
      5 May 2015HILLINGTON GREEN081528$1,490,000$975
      30 April 2015HILLINGTON GREEN021755$1,720,000$980
      8 April 2015HILLINGTON GREEN05990$1,030,000$1,040
      24 March 2015HILLINGTON GREEN061528$1,500,000$981
      16 March 2015HILLINGTON GREEN012228$2,100,000$942
      10 March 2015HILLINGTON GREEN051755$1,738,888$991
      9 February 2015HILLINGTON GREEN041755$1,738,000$991
      2 February 2015HILLINGTON GREEN09990$1,040,000$1,050
      23 January 2015HILLINGTON GREEN071356$1,375,000$1,014
      14 January 2015HILLINGTON GREEN081356$1,360,000$1,003
      28 November 2014HILLINGTON GREEN071356$1,400,000$1,032
      17 November 2014HILLINGTON GREEN091528$1,650,000$1,079
      18 August 2014HILLINGTON GREEN081356$1,380,000$1,018
      14 July 2014HILLINGTON GREEN021528$1,650,000$1,079
      23 June 2014HILLINGTON GREEN101345$1,450,000$1,078
      2 June 2014HILLINGTON GREEN051755$1,800,000$1,026
      17 January 2014HILLINGTON GREEN071356$1,510,000$1,113
      28 October 2013HILLINGTON GREEN031356$1,500,000$1,106
      23 October 2013HILLINGTON GREEN061356$1,518,000$1,119
      22 October 2013HILLINGTON GREEN051356$1,510,000$1,113
      6 September 2013HILLINGTON GREEN08990$1,088,000$1,099
      7 June 2013HILLINGTON GREEN061356$1,548,888$1,142
      5 June 2013HILLINGTON GREEN081356$1,418,000$1,046
      20 May 2013HILLINGTON GREEN071528$1,685,000$1,102
      17 May 2013HILLINGTON GREEN061755$1,877,850$1,070
      14 May 2013HILLINGTON GREEN091528$1,670,000$1,093
      14 May 2013HILLINGTON GREEN091528$1,680,000$1,099
      21 March 2013HILLINGTON GREEN061356$1,450,000$1,069
      4 March 2013HILLINGTON GREEN05990$1,050,000$1,060
      3 January 2013HILLINGTON GREEN011776$1,776,000$1,000

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