3 Bedrooms,3 BathroomsCondofor $2,100,000
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Caribbean At Keppel Bay

32 Keppel Bay Drive • Singapore 098651

Property Overview

CondoTenure: Completion:
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
112 sqm / 1206 sqft
$1,741 psf

5min walk to Harbourfront Cente/MRT. Bus stop in front of Condo to city / Orchard etc. Jogging path to Labrador Park. Highest floor on the block, full sea view of Sentosa, Southern Islands. Breezy and quiet, away from main entrance, near BBQ and pool. Private lift direct to unit, intercom, security, 8 swimming pools, tennis court, minimart. Renovated, good condition

Features & Amenities

Development Facilities

Recent Sales

DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
20 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,000,000$1,498
19 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021216$1,780,000$1,463
6 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,740,000$1,358
5 October 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,530,000$1,546
28 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY09893$1,399,000$1,566
20 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,340,000$1,596
18 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051206$1,800,000$1,493
8 September 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06872$1,400,000$1,606
11 August 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,850,000$1,508
7 August 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,722,500$1,345
12 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051206$1,780,000$1,476
10 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,950,000$1,624
10 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041216$1,750,000$1,439
7 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,305,000$1,554
3 July 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,410,000$1,578
19 June 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,800,888$1,468
7 June 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071216$1,700,000$1,398
31 May 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,100,000$1,573
30 May 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,880,000$1,532
28 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,360,000$1,522
26 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,815,000$1,479
25 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081206$1,750,000$1,452
20 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101313$1,738,000$1,323
10 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061206$1,790,000$1,485
7 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071356$2,230,000$1,644
4 April 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,180,000$1,633
27 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011830$2,800,000$1,530
27 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$3,800,000$817
20 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031249$1,720,000$1,378
16 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,085,000$1,537
13 February 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031873$3,200,000$1,709
25 January 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,438,000$1,490
16 January 2017CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,700,000$1,338
21 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031281$1,820,000$1,421
15 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,680,000$1,312
9 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032390$3,950,000$1,653
4 November 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,750,000$1,378
28 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,900,000$1,603
21 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02883$1,400,000$1,586
13 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03883$1,400,000$1,586
12 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071281$1,690,000$1,319
11 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,750,000$1,378
11 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,120,000$1,588
6 October 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$1,963,900$1,471
26 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061216$1,840,000$1,513
19 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011335$1,850,000$1,386
16 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011141$1,630,000$1,429
9 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY063208$3,100,000$966
6 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071647$2,255,000$1,369
2 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,700,000$1,338
2 September 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,380,000$1,545
24 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,795,000$1,463
8 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,850,000$1,457
5 August 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071356$2,060,000$1,519
14 July 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,060,000$1,387
7 July 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,388,000$1,460
24 June 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,400,000$1,438
6 June 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061356$2,040,000$1,504
18 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051227$1,800,000$1,467
10 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071281$1,755,000$1,370
6 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY022433$3,850,000$1,583
4 May 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,780,000$1,451
28 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061270$1,778,000$1,400
25 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$3,020,000$1,169
13 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$1,990,000$1,491
11 April 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061356$2,000,000$1,475
30 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04840$1,348,000$1,606
21 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011475$2,000,000$1,356
10 March 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,780,000$1,451
29 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,177,000$1,631
24 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06840$1,490,000$1,775
24 February 2016CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041647$2,240,000$1,360
14 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$1,930,000$1,423
14 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY012691$4,500,000$1,672
10 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,050,000$1,536
4 December 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,658,000$1,593
29 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,550,000$1,559
26 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,000,000$1,498
23 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031324$1,970,000$1,488
21 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091356$2,170,000$1,600
13 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011378$1,800,000$1,306
8 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$4,401,180$946
1 October 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,850,000$1,457
19 August 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,870,000$1,460
12 August 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02893$1,380,000$1,545
10 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$1,950,000$1,461
9 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032077$3,120,000$1,502
6 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071227$1,860,000$1,516
1 July 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061281$1,950,000$1,522
8 June 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011572$2,280,000$1,451
5 June 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$1,950,000$1,461
29 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071206$1,830,000$1,518
15 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051281$1,900,000$1,483
8 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,845,000$1,504
5 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021206$1,850,000$1,535
4 May 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02840$1,468,888$1,750
30 April 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY012691$4,398,000$1,634
17 April 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,790,000$1,409
31 March 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021281$1,830,000$1,429
16 March 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031636$2,580,000$1,577
17 February 2015CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,880,000$1,532
12 December 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041206$1,900,000$1,576
10 December 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,000,000$1,475
26 November 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,873,250$1,475
14 November 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06883$1,570,000$1,779
23 October 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081227$1,930,000$1,573
2 October 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,200,000$1,648
24 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101281$1,880,000$1,468
19 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY07893$1,535,000$1,718
3 September 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$2,175,000$1,630
21 August 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$3,380,000$1,308
6 August 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061227$2,000,000$1,630
14 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051324$1,880,000$1,420
8 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021227$1,870,000$1,524
2 July 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051668$2,765,000$1,657
28 May 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011464$2,450,000$1,674
12 May 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071249$1,950,000$1,562
31 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,320,000$1,738
31 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,158,000$1,617
27 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031259$2,100,000$1,667
10 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,860,000$1,464
7 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011582$2,320,000$1,466
1 March 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,210,000$1,656
28 February 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,820,000$1,724
27 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY082583$2,715,000$1,051
20 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,850,000$1,508
7 January 2014CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031281$1,853,000$1,447
23 December 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011582$2,300,000$1,454
12 December 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021636$2,680,000$1,638
26 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,320,000$1,711
20 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY05893$1,550,000$1,735
13 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041206$1,920,000$1,593
7 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081227$1,950,000$1,589
7 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021206$1,880,000$1,559
6 November 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY031335$2,130,000$1,596
24 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041636$2,730,000$1,669
22 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04893$1,550,000$1,735
3 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,590,000$1,780
2 October 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03893$1,520,000$1,701
20 September 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY10904$1,625,000$1,797
23 August 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021647$2,600,000$1,579
29 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051249$1,980,000$1,586
26 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY02893$1,523,000$1,705
19 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY094650$5,800,000$1,247
10 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081356$2,220,000$1,637
1 July 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06893$1,550,000$1,735
27 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071335$2,290,000$1,716
21 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,200,000$1,648
13 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$2,006,600$1,580
5 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,450,000$1,649
4 June 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY061335$2,200,000$1,648
28 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04893$1,550,000$1,735
23 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021636$2,700,000$1,650
20 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081206$1,950,000$1,617
2 May 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041335$2,183,000$1,636
26 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051270$1,900,000$1,496
12 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY04883$1,550,000$1,756
9 April 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,900,000$1,548
26 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY021335$2,150,000$1,611
25 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY063208$3,750,000$1,169
7 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY011485$2,300,000$1,548
6 March 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY101313$2,050,000$1,561
28 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041894$3,550,000$1,874
28 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY071270$1,860,000$1,464
25 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,130,000$1,596
25 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY03883$1,545,000$1,750
24 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY091270$1,950,000$1,535
24 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY051335$2,300,000$1,723
22 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY081270$1,880,000$1,480
15 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY06904$1,520,000$1,681
8 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY032390$4,650,000$1,946
8 January 2013CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY041227$1,920,000$1,565

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S$ 7,145 / Month
S$ 3,733 Principal
S$ 3,413 Interest
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