3 Bedrooms,3 BathroomsCondofor $1,488,000
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$1,115 / sqft
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Hazel Park Condominium

21 Hazel Park Terrace • Singapore 678946

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 999Completion: 2000
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
124 sqm / 1335 sqft
$1,115 psf

Selling my Hazel Park condo (Owner stay)

- 3 bedroom + utility room (1335 sqft)
- 999 Leasehold
- low floor
- full condo facilities
- Covered walkway to Cashew MRT(5min)
- Within 1km of Bukit Panjang Primary school
- With/without lease (I'm open to lease back to stay)

Refer this link to floorplan,

Check out facilities picture at

Only serious buyer welcome.

No call. Whatsapp to discuss 8753.O23O. I don't pick up ☎

Features & Amenities

Development Facilities

Recent Sales

DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
12 October 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM02980$1,000,000$1,021
4 October 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM071335$1,290,000$966
2 October 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM071378$1,350,000$980
26 September 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM02980$1,068,000$1,090
30 August 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM051012$1,002,888$991
11 August 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151378$1,380,000$1,002
31 July 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151335$1,320,000$989
24 July 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011938$1,818,000$938
21 July 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM091335$1,300,000$974
10 July 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM03980$980,000$1,000
28 June 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM131335$1,335,000$1,000
18 May 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011206$1,098,000$911
17 May 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM04980$1,010,000$1,031
5 May 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM04980$935,000$955
4 May 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151324$1,298,000$980
25 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM111335$1,230,000$922
21 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM131518$1,520,000$1,001
21 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM071518$1,650,000$1,087
18 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM121335$1,295,000$970
17 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM031335$1,070,000$802
7 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM111345$1,338,000$994
3 April 2017HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM111335$1,360,000$1,019
15 December 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM141378$1,330,000$965
7 December 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM131324$1,380,000$1,042
10 November 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM091378$1,280,000$929
2 November 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM121335$1,280,000$959
21 September 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM051550$1,480,000$955
8 August 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM111528$1,548,000$1,013
28 July 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM091518$1,560,000$1,028
1 July 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM131518$1,515,000$998
1 July 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM161335$1,313,000$984
22 June 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101389$1,300,000$936
6 June 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011938$1,710,000$883
28 March 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101378$1,290,000$936
24 March 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM121324$1,315,000$993
4 February 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM061378$1,285,000$933
20 January 2016HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM04980$980,000$1,000
30 December 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM04980$1,090,000$1,113
2 December 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011206$1,088,000$902
9 November 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM181324$1,330,000$1,005
2 October 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101528$1,520,000$994
15 September 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM071335$1,280,000$959
14 August 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM192874$2,360,000$821
31 July 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM041324$1,250,000$944
23 July 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM091324$1,350,000$1,020
22 July 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM081335$1,300,000$974
9 July 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM041518$1,408,000$928
10 June 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM031518$1,430,000$942
25 May 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM161528$1,520,000$994
25 May 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM061389$1,295,000$933
15 April 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151335$1,338,000$1,002
14 April 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101335$1,210,000$907
25 March 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011206$1,050,000$871
3 March 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101324$1,288,000$973
25 February 2015HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM031335$1,005,000$753
5 December 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011755$1,550,000$883
5 December 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151335$1,180,000$884
13 November 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM091389$1,450,000$1,044
13 October 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM041335$1,200,000$899
25 September 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101335$1,300,000$974
16 September 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM031378$1,250,000$907
5 September 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM141389$1,400,000$1,008
25 August 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM051012$1,075,000$1,062
6 August 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101378$1,328,000$964
13 June 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM081335$1,380,000$1,034
7 May 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM051550$1,538,000$992
20 January 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM081518$1,620,000$1,067
16 January 2014HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101324$1,325,000$1,001
13 November 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM181324$1,468,000$1,109
12 November 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM041378$1,338,000$971
31 October 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM151528$1,580,000$1,034
8 October 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM02980$1,210,000$1,235
30 September 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM071378$1,400,000$1,016
16 August 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM03980$1,100,000$1,123
22 July 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM041335$1,330,000$996
5 July 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM081335$1,460,000$1,094
17 June 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM02980$1,070,000$1,092
14 June 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM061389$1,450,000$1,044
29 May 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM111345$1,360,000$1,011
17 May 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM161528$1,490,000$975
26 March 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM04980$1,028,000$1,049
20 March 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM061378$1,400,000$1,016
1 March 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM021335$1,200,000$899
15 February 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM101324$1,335,000$1,008
28 January 2013HAZEL PARK CONDOMINIUM011206$1,138,888$945

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S$ 5,063 / Month
S$ 2,645 Principal
S$ 2,418 Interest
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