3 Bedrooms,2 BathroomsCondofor $1,701,000
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$1,399 / sqft
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Clover By The Park

2 Bishan Street 25 • Singapore 573973

Property Overview

CondoTenure: 99Completion: 2011
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
113 sqm / 1216 sqft
$1,399 psf
$966 / mo. Maintenance

Within 1km of Catholic High primary and right next to Bishan Park.

Features & Amenities

Development Facilities

Recent Sales

DateCondo NameFloorArea (sqft)PricePrice psf
29 September 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK311249$1,608,888$1,289
30 August 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK311216$1,628,000$1,338
18 August 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK201765$2,010,000$1,139
3 August 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK291744$2,000,000$1,147
5 July 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK241216$1,540,000$1,266
3 July 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK361755$2,200,000$1,254
29 June 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK071281$1,550,000$1,210
23 June 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK321292$1,638,000$1,268
15 June 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK371744$2,150,000$1,233
12 June 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK171765$1,950,000$1,105
9 June 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK251292$1,565,000$1,212
16 May 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK061292$1,380,000$1,068
13 April 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK311281$1,618,000$1,263
24 February 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK361765$2,200,000$1,246
15 February 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK291292$1,600,000$1,239
6 February 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK191733$2,000,000$1,154
31 January 2017CLOVER BY THE PARK121281$1,600,000$1,249
5 December 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK351216$1,540,000$1,266
17 November 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK071604$1,980,000$1,235
16 November 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK021249$1,510,000$1,209
11 October 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK021604$1,730,000$1,079
4 October 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK181765$2,035,000$1,153
5 August 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK011862$1,835,000$985
27 June 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK041216$1,390,000$1,143
31 May 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK261292$1,620,000$1,254
27 May 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK271765$2,150,000$1,218
6 May 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK211755$2,128,888$1,213
4 May 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK392573$2,850,000$1,108
28 April 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK241744$1,920,000$1,101
19 April 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK371765$2,080,000$1,178
30 March 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK311765$2,250,000$1,275
7 March 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK271249$1,612,000$1,291
21 January 2016CLOVER BY THE PARK141755$1,850,000$1,054
7 November 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK251744$2,050,000$1,176
20 August 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK393444$3,400,000$987
27 July 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK021281$1,500,000$1,171
22 July 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK071582$1,850,000$1,169
16 July 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK392573$2,900,000$1,127
14 July 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK021216$1,350,000$1,110
30 June 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK021249$1,618,888$1,297
26 June 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK211281$1,668,888$1,303
23 June 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK161733$2,080,000$1,200
11 June 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK221292$1,660,000$1,285
29 April 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK141292$1,720,000$1,332
28 April 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK321281$1,490,000$1,163
26 March 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK031216$1,300,000$1,069
5 March 2015CLOVER BY THE PARK331744$2,200,000$1,262
26 December 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK091292$1,570,000$1,215
18 December 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK071582$1,880,000$1,188
16 December 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK311292$1,630,000$1,262
6 November 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK291765$2,100,000$1,190
1 September 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK211765$2,030,000$1,150
26 August 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK091216$1,450,000$1,192
12 August 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK271281$1,600,000$1,249
4 August 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK201744$2,340,000$1,342
18 June 2014CLOVER BY THE PARK221765$2,100,000$1,190
11 November 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK131604$1,950,000$1,216
10 October 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK101604$1,950,000$1,216
20 September 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK251733$2,100,000$1,212
31 May 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK121572$2,000,000$1,273
18 April 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK393444$3,600,000$1,045
8 April 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK031249$1,590,000$1,273
28 March 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK301281$1,700,000$1,327
18 February 2013CLOVER BY THE PARK091249$1,550,000$1,241

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S$ 3,024 Principal
S$ 2,764 Interest
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